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                                                      DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS
                                                     IS 380: Database I - Schedule for Fall 2002
                                                      A. M. Thomason (Monday- Wednesday )

WK     Date                              Database Book                           Oracle Book         Lab Topic/ Portfolio of inclass
1    1/26/04        Course Introduction, syllabus, outline                                     No lab
     1/28/04        File Systems & Database – Chapter 1                                        No lab

2    2/2/04         Relational Model – Chapter 2                                               No Lab
     2/4/04         ERD Modeling – Chapter 3, Team Project Assigned                            ERD BASICS : In Class Assign. #1
                                                                                               Hospital CASE Part I

3    2/09/04        ERD Modeling –– Chapter 3                                                  ERD BASICS : In Class Assign. #1
     2/11/04        ERD Modeling – In Class Assignment Hosptal Case                            Hospital CASE Part II and Part III

4    2/16/04        President’s Day ~ No School

     2/18/04        Review of ACCESS – Create Tables, relationships and         Access Book    Access – Set-up database, tables &
                    queries                                                     (optional)     query, ACCESS : In Class Assign. #2

5    2/23/04        Normalization – Chapter 4
                    Homework Assignment One: Normalization Assigned
     2/25/04        Introduction to Oracle, creating, editing and running       Ch. 1          Introduction to Oracle
                    Script Files, set-up of spool files. Logging into Oracle.                  Creating Oracle Script files:
                                                                                               In class assign# 3

6    3/1/04         Team Project Presentations (Teams 1,2,3,4) 10 min.                         No lab
                    each team.
     3/3/04         Team project Presentations (Teams 5, 6)                                    No lab
                    Introduction to SQL – Chapter 5
                    Homework Assignment #1- Due

7    3/8/04         Midterm on Chapter 1,2,3,4 and 5 from the Database                         No lab
                    book, Homework Assign. #2-Oracle Queries assigned
     3/10/04        Oracle Lab- Creating and Altering tables with Key and       Ch. 2          In class Assignment #4 on Creating &
                    Foreign keys defined.                                                      altering-Tables- Oracle

8    3/15/04        Oracle Lab: SQL Basics                                      Ch. 3          SQL Basics: In class assignment #5 ,
                    Homework Assignment #2-Oracle Queries assigned                             Select, Sorting & Simple queries
     3/17/04        Transactions and Concurrency Control – Chapter 9

9    3/22/04        Oracle: Oracle Joins                                        Ch. 4,5,6      Oracle joins: Inclass #6

     3/24/04        Distributive Processing – chapter 10

10   3/29/04        Oracle Lab: Oracle Dates & Text Manipulation,               Ch. 10         Oracle- Text Manipulation
                    Columns and Alias                                                          In class assignment #7 on Text

     3/31/04        Cesar Chavez Day ~ No School

              REVISED 12/5/2011
                                                        DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS
                                                      IS 380: Database I - Schedule for Fall 2002
                                                       A. M. Thomason (Monday- Wednesday )

 WK                                        Database Book                            Oracle Book                       Computer
                                                                                                                      Lab Topic

 11     4/5/04 ~      Spring Break ~ No School
 12     4/12/04       Homework Assignment #2 – Due,                                                  Oracle Reporting
                      Homework #3 on computes Assigned                                               Break Compute and simple Reports,
                      Oracle Lab – Reporting, Break and compute                                      In class Assignment #8 on Computes

        4/14/04       Oracle Lab - Oracle reporting, Break and compute for         Ch. 9             Oracle Reporting - continued
                      calculations (continued)

 13     4/19/04       Oracle Lab :Nested queries (subqueries):                     Ch. 7             Nested queries: In class assign. #9

        4/21/04       Oracle Lab: User Prompt                                      Ch. 9             User Prompt: In Class #10
                       Homework #3 on Computes – Due
 14     4/26/04       Data Warehouse – chapter 13
        4/28/04       Oracle Lab – meet in the lab workshop for final project                        Oracle final project workshop
 15     5/3/04        Database Administration – chapter 16
                      In Class Assignments Portfolio – Due
        5/5/04        Oracle Lab : Final Project Testing Only
 16     5/10/04       Final Project Due and Database Design – chapter 6 :          Oracle – Ch.      Oracle DBA
                      Lifecycle of DB – Summary of all phases of database          18, 32
                      development, ,

        5/12/04       Wrap-up, exam review

 17                   Final Exam Week: Final Exam- All material covered                              scantron
                      since the Midterm. See Schedule of classes for time

Portfolio of In Class Assignments
           In class assignments are worked on during class as well as outside of class time. These assignments are used to re-enforce
           new concepts learned during the class. The final project will require that these concepts be applied and proficiency
           demonstrated. These assignments are not collected until the end of the semester. They are not homework assignments,
           rather they are part of our lecture-hands on approach. You will be responsible for keeping each inclass assignment and feel
           free to go back and make changes to them as you learn more oracle. They will be collected on May 5, 2004, No late Portfolios
           will be accepted. Each assignment must be clearly labeled, it will be helpful for you to attach the original instructions and use
           labels to separate each assignment. A disk must be turned in with all the assignments. This portfolio will be beneficial to you in
           other courses it will be returned to you on finals.

Withdrawel from Class

               You must formally withdraw from this course to avoid a failing grade. Failure to attend class or complete work is not
               enough. Information about formal withdrawal is contained in the Schedule of classes.

               REVISED 12/5/2011

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