VOCABULARY Vocabulary LOOK FORs ASK ABOUTs • Vocabulary is by dandanhuanghuang


LOOK FORs                                                   ASK ABOUTs
  • Vocabulary is content driven                              • How are students aware of current
  • The visual representation of vocabulary is                   vocabulary?
     well organized, easy to use, and graphic                 • What vocabulary strategies do you usually
  • Uses research-based strategies and direct                    use?
     instruction to preview vocabulary at the                 • How is your current vocabulary organized
     beginning of lessons and units                              for learning?
  • Vocabulary is built through writing, reading,             • How do students use vocabulary for reading
     discussion, etc. throughout the lesson                      and writing?

Previewing, Activating,
                             Teaching Words In Context                               Effective Word Wall
and Providing Multiple                                           Summarizing
                                 During the Lesson                                         Activities

          5-3-1                                                Draw a Picture or
                                     Word Swaps                                        Possible Sentences

   Possible Sentences                Word Graffiti                 Act It Out       Visual Synectics / 4 Box

       Word Rating                Vocabulary Chains             Synonym Webs             Hot Seats Plus
                                                                  Suffixes /           Inner/Outer Circle
  I Have…Who Has…                 Word Associations
                                                                   Prefixes                Consults
        Key Word                 Brainstorm and Sorts            Concentration          Meet the Expert
                                                                 Question Quiz
                                   Making it Strange
                                                                 Word Sagacity

                                                                 Concept Maps

What Makes Vocabulary Instruction Effective?
      Students should NOT be given a list of words and be asked to look up definitions and to write sentences
       for each word. Research shows that this is a non-learning activity.
      Used to preview new words or terms before instruction, to teach words in their context during
       instruction, and to summarize what was learned at the end of instruction.
      Integrated into all content areas so that it becomes an intentional part of instruction.
      Interactive and social for stimulating connections between new learning and prior knowledge.
      Creating mental connections that bridge short-term and long-term memory.
      Should not rely on definitions but on descriptions and examples.
      Students must represent their knowledge of words in their own words and use graphic representations,
       pictures and pictographs.
      Involves the gradual shaping of word meaning through multiple reading, writing and speaking
      Teaching word parts (affixes/root words) enhances students’ understanding of terms.
      Different types of words require different types of instruction and strategies.
      Students should discuss the terms they are learning, as collaborative pairs, and use them in conversations
       and in their writing.
      Students should play with words—games!

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