Remembrance Day

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					Remembrance Day
     What is Armistice Day?

       Armistice Day is on 11 November.
      A two minute silence is observed at
      11am on 11th day of the 11th month
            because this is when the
Great War, or World War 1, came to end in 1918.
        What is Armistice Day?

Now, this anniversary is
used to remember all the
  people who've died in
wars since World War 1.

 This includes World War 2,
the Falklands War, the Gulf
War, and conflicts in Bosnia,
    Rwanda and Kosovo.
Why hold a two minute silence?

            The first two minute silence
                     was held on
               11 November 1919,
            when King George V asked
              the public to observe a
                  silence at 11am.
            This was one year after the
                        end of
                    World War 1.
   Why hold a two minute
         He made the request so:
    "the thoughts of everyone may be
concentrated on reverent remembrance of
            the glorious dead".
  Why do people wear poppies?
The week before 11 November, you'll see people on
   the TV and in the streets wearing a poppy.

Poppies are red flowers which are worn to show
others that you are remembering those who died
                for their country.
Why do people wear poppies?
 The reason poppies are used is because they
are the flowers which grew on the battle fields
         after the World War 1 ended.
Why do people wear poppies?

Poppies are also used to raise money for all the
        old soldiers who are still alive.
The organisation in charge of looking after older
       soldiers, or veterans, is called the
                British Legion.
Why do people wear poppies?

Each year, volunteers will sell these poppies in
          the street all over Britain.
 You can decide how much money you want to give to the poppy
     What is Remembrance Day?

The second Sunday of November is Remembrance
    Sunday, also known as Remembrance Day.
At 11am men, women and children all across Britain
hold a two minute silence to remember the millions
               who have died in war.
The silence is usually observed at war memorials, cenotaphs and religious
          services and shopping centres throughout the country.
   What is Remembrance Day?

 The Royal Family, along with top politicians and
            religious leaders, gather at
The Cenotaph in Whitehall, London for a service.
         A Soldier’s Cemetery
         by John William Streets
(killed and missing in action on 1 July 1916 aged 31)
Behind that long and lonely trenched line
To which men come and go,
where brave men die,
There is a yet unmarked and unknown shrine,
A broken plot, a soldier’s cemetery.
There lie the flower of youth,
the men who scorn’d
To live (so died) when languished Liberty:
Across their graves flowerless and unadorned
Still scream the shells of each artillery.
When war shall cease this lonely unknown spot
Of many a pilgrimage will be the end,
And flowers will shine in this now barren plot
And fame upon it through the years descend:
But many a heart upon each simple cross
Will hang the grief, the memory of its loss.

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