Surfing and Yoga rejuvenating visitors on retreat in Kona, Hawaii by mockerfab4


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									Surfing and Yoga rejuvenating visitors on retreat in Kona, Hawaii.
Surfing and yoga- the new power combination welcomes beginners and advanced disciples in Kona.


April 30, 2009 – Rejuvenate and ride the waves in Kona. The combination of yoga and surfing is a natural pairing. Balance, breath work and flexibility are interchangeable between the two sports. Surfing has long been a popular sport in Hawaii but now locals and tourists alike are enjoying both activities at Yoga Hale in Kaluia Kona at retreats held every month led by SaiFon Woozley. The ashram style retreat located just steps away from Kona’s famous Magic Sands beach, has been attracting visitors that want a much more meaningful and athletic Hawaiian holiday. The retreat is situated on lush and tropical grounds with 7 rooms, a salt water swimming pool and a yoga studio with an amazing view which all contribute to Yoga Hale’s unforgettable spiritual ambiance. The seven-day retreat gives attendees an opportunity to advance their flexibility, strength and stamina on the waves and during the yoga sessions. Yoga and surfing share the same timelessness. They both strengthen and cleanse the human energy system. Each tones the body and relaxes the mind. Yoga Hale allows for full immersion into the retreat experience; all meals are provided and delicious with a menu featuring the best of local ingredients such as mahi mahi, fresh roast coffee and a delicious coconut dessert called halpia (vegetarian/vegan menus available). There is a massage therapist on site to help if the yoga and surfing causes one to reconnect with muscles they forgot they had. Besides the good surfing waves, taking silent walks on beautiful palm fringed black sand beaches, and walking around the active volcano, the retreat also offers the opportunity to snorkel with Hawaii’s amazing marine life such as turtles and trigger fish. The zodiac tour around the island is bespoke for the retreat allowing participants to meditate alongside humpback whales, celebrate the sunset with manta rays and witness the amazing lava flow hot ponds. The retreat truly allows participants to take advantage of all that Kona has to offer such as experiencing all 11 of the islands climate zones, including the snow cap peaks of Mauna Loa – which is one of the tallest peaks in the world if the mountain was measured from the ocean floor upwards. The retreat is extremely reasonably price, Woozley explains, “ I feel so blessed to have had yoga and surfing come into my life after retiring as a professional skier, I want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to experience the wholeness that yoga and surfing can bring to them. I am also blessed to witness how a retreat can offer stressed and tired souls the passion retread that the daily grind has slowly drained out of them. Some participants have said that the retreat was truly ‘transformational’ in their lives.” Even before the economy slowed Woozley was careful to ensure that the retreat was priced so it would be affordable for all. The retreat is also very personal, all classes are led by Woozley or her team of certified teachers assuring a safe and professional yoga experience. "We have a true cross section of people coming to the retreats" says Mark originally from Baltimore, who teaches Bikrams or hot yoga at the retreat, "so many retreats are limited by gender or age but at Yoga Hale we welcome everyone – and because it is such a personal experience we can customize it as certain groups require." The Yoga Hale retreat brings your surfing holiday a great mix of the benefits of both yoga and surfing. If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, take advantage of what's on offer on Kona and visit Yoga Hale -just as celebrities such as Lance Armstrong and Kelsey Grammer have. Yoga Hale is located a 15 minute drive from Kona Airport, transportation to the retreat centre can be arranged. For reservations please visit the website

For more information or an interview: Contact: SaiFon Woozley

77-6530 Naniloa Dr. Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 Email: Phone: 808-938-9980
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