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									                        Queen Creek Elementary School
                               PTO Newsletter
Sept. 2010                                                                     

   Ready for an exciting PTO meeting?
                                                                          Cookie Dough!
                                                                  Thank you to all the participants in our
                                                                  Cookie Dough Fundraiser! Over 150
                                                                  students participated in selling dough to
                                                                  help our school, teachers, classrooms and
Wednesday September 15th at 5pm in our school library.            students! As a school, we sold over 766
There will be a short presentation from our reading               boxes of dough! The money raised will be
specialist Ms. Linne! Find out how to help your child
                                                                  used for teacher requests for classroom
 excel in reading! Additional information will be sent
    home via snap grades as the date approaches!
                                                                  supplies, community outreach programs for
                                                                  families within our school and much more!
 Thursday Sept 16 pickup or delivery!                             Thank you so much for your support and
Twenty percent of all QCE orders will                             participation! The classrooms that sold the
     be donated back to QCE!                                      most cookie dough per grade level receive a
    Two Queen Creek locations:                                    pizza party!

                    Heritage Loop- 480-888-8860

                    Hunt Highway- 480-882-3232

                    The class with the most participation wins
                    a pizza party! Flyers (which must be turned
                    in to Dominos, will be passed out as the
                    date approaches, additional flyers will be
                    in the office).

Grandparents’ day will be celebrated at QCE on                                 PIZZA & DRINKS
           Friday September 24th!
                                                                        We will supply crafts for the kids

                                                                   Bring a game for your family to play (cards,
                                                                            Monopoly, candy Land…)

                                                                        Visit Ms. Pauli at the book fair!

                                                                         Wednesday Sept 22 from 5-7pm

With your help, Queen Creek Elementary School can make this        Watch for more information coming home
year the best ever! To meet our goals, we need to collect 1000                      soon!
Campbell’s points. Please send in your labels!
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                We need your trash!
                                      Grade Level News                   ½ Day Hat Day! 3 of 4
                                                                               School Newsletter
Ready for an easy way to raise money for QCE?
Recycling fundraisers are very attractive because they
cost nothing except trash and leave donors feeling good
                                                                   Wednesday Sept. 22nd
about adding to the school budget. All you do is place
empty juice pouches in a sealed bag and return them to
QCE! We collected 1152 juice bags during the month of
August! Thank You!

                                                                      Students pay just $1 and can wear
                                                                 their favorite hat for the day! The class with
                                                                 the most hats will receive a special surprise!
                                                                   The winning teacher will also get some
                                                                              classroom supplies!

                                                                            Boo Grams are next!
       Diane’s Darlings Daycare
                                                                They will be sold the week of October 18th
                                                                                               Caption describing
                                                                                               picture or graphic.

  I am offering a safe and fun environment for
  your child/children to come to daily and learn                                                              only 50¢
  new things. I use a structured schedule which
includes story time, music crafts and much more.                Please save Tyson A+ labels! Each label is
           Call for availability & pricing.                      worth 24¢ for Queen Creek Elementary!

          Diane 480-231-0902
     Easy bussing to all QC schools.

                                                                        Why is fundraising important?
     Upcoming volunteering opportunities!
                                                               Last month alone we had $875.00 in teacher requests!
     Family Game and craft night (we need help setting
                                                               Our staff requested items such as: electric pencil
      up, and craft table leads) PLEASE contact Amy at         sharpeners, a CD player, math & language classroom                                     charts, classroom library books, colored paper,
     Mrs. Pauli will need lots of help with the Book Fair!    cardstock paper, and a new book cart for our library.
      (set up, sales, clean up) Sept 16-24t. You can contact
      her at .                                If you were unable to participate in our cookie dough
     Santa Shop! (set up, previews, sales, clean up) Dec.     fundraiser but would like to help our fantastic staff,
      6-9 contact Amy at                  donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!
     Our music teacher Ms. Parsons would like parent          Contact Angela at:
      volunteers. She can be reached at

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