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									Class 14. COLT. Two + three year old. Not necessarily licensed

40 LITTLE BIGNOR JULIUS                              s Kerswell Fairylight d.Shadowplay Moon Shadow           Mrs S Petre
44 TAWNA GAMBLE                                       s. Kerswell Musketeer d Tawna Giddy        Mesd Pickett & Sargeant
57 KERSWELL SOCKS                                   s. New Park Chieftain d. Spritely of Berry          Mr & Mrs A Dennis
72 EIGER ALADDIN                                  s Tyros Storm of Lambridge d Athelney Acorn              Mr Simon Read
89 LISCOMBE PARK SAMSON                                s Kerswell Sinbad d L/Scomb Pk Queen of the May Miss N Andrews
93 AMARIGES DELIGHT                                     s Vorden Elfin Pieris d Dean Row Amarige             Mrs A Bowen
153 AHELNEY PRANCER                                      s Tyros Storm of Lambridge d Athelney Caroline       Mrs P White

Class 15. MARES, without Foal in 2000. 11. CLAPHAM PRINCESS                   s Earlsdon Prince William
d.Clapham Mayqueen Sequal E Howe & J Hecks Esq
34 FAIRY CAMILLA                    s. Fairy Flicker d. Fairy Chevette                           Countess De La Warr
68. FENLAND ANNE-MARIE                        s Helza little boy blue d Wenlock Amy                 Mrs Carina Lewis
78 IVYLEIGHS SWEET ROMANCE                           s Clarence of Southfieldgate d B/flat Flame    Mr & Mrs C Wady
97 BRANDON FESTIVAL                      s Tawna Bumble bee d Fairy Fashion                      Countess de la Warr

Class 16. MARES, With this year's foal at foot. Sponsored by BALKLANDS ROSETTES

14. QUAKERS CARRAWAY                               s. Kerswell Doublet d. Cwmnant Toyah Mesdames Mair & MairJeffery
69 BIRCHWOOD KEEPSAKE                                 s Little Jo of Greenmeadows d Birchwood Biscuit Mrs Carina Lewis
79 NEW PARK CARRIE                              s Kerswell Kingfisher d New Park Charisma             Mr & Mrs C Wady
83 WINCHCOMBE DEAR MAIDIE                                s Cinnebar of Chyenhal d Winchcombe Clare     Mr D K O'Meara
94 BRAYWOOD EVITA                            s Barflat Golden Perfection d Braywood Jasmine               Mrs D Brown
98 BUXTED EVANGELINE                              s Family Fortune d. South Sands Evita            Mr & Mrs R D Jones
154 VIOLA of GLEBE                         s. New Park Burlington Bertie d. Pansy of Glebe                 Mrs P White

Class 17. FOAL born this year. from the mare above. (Society Rosette)
         Sponsored by THIMBLEBY & SHORLAND (READING)

15. QUAKERS MALLOW                              s.Sage of Glebe Farm d.Quakers Carraway Mesdames Mair & MairJeffery
41 LITTLE BIGNOR SAPPHIRE                                s Kerswell Fairylight d Kerswell Pearl            Mrs S Petre
70 DONABI'S JOES LITTLE GEM                                s Birchwood Malibu d Birchwood Keepsake    Mrs Carina Lewis
80 BALMEDIE CHLOE                            s New Park Emeritus dNew Park Carrie                     Mr & Mrs C Wady
84 EVERLANDS MOONBEAM                                 s Kerswell Renown Winchcombe Dear Maidie         Mr D K O'Meara
95 BRAYWOOD SKIPPY                              s Sillion Bouncer d Braywood Evita                        Mrs D Brown
152BUXTED ENDEAVOUR                                s Brandon Alexander d Buxted Evangeline         Mr & Mrs R D Jones
155 HUCKERBY VIKING                            s Kerswell Morston d Viola of Glebe                         Mrs P White


20. STARFIRE STORM                                 s. Kerswell Minnow d. Kerswell Pippa                        Mrs W.J.Hedley
26. FIRTH SUNNY GLEN                                s. Firth Glencova d. Firth Sunbeam                           Mr C Aldridge
49 KERSWELL MAGNET                                  s. Newpark Chieftain d Kerswell Martini                        Mr F Hodder
58 KERSWELL REBEL                                s. New Park Chieftain d. Fairy Roselle                      Mr & Mrs A Dennis
73 KERSWELL MULBERRY                                    s New Park Chieftain d Kerswell Martel                  Mr Simon Read
85 KERSWELL RENOWN                                   s New Park Chieftain d North Wells Rose May               Mr D K O'Meara
156 CRANFORD GORDON                                       s. Hippominimus Teddy Bear d Christle                    Mrs P White
163 NEWPARK EMERITUS                                s New Park Commander d Kerswell Camilla                   Mr & Mrs C Wady
                             10 minute break FOLLOWED BY MINIATURE CHAMPIONSHIPS
                    Reserve junior………Receives Society Rosette. & £10 Kindly donated by Eqvalan
          Junior Champion……Receives, Sash, Society rosette & £20 Kindly donated by Eqvalan
          Reserve Champion receives…… Society rosette, and £15 kindly donated by Eqvalan.
          Champion receives…… Sussex Sash, Society Rosette, The ''KERSWELL SUSSEX" silver perpetual
          platter, trophy kindly redonated by Mr + Mrs Dennis, having been outright winners 3 times
                      An engraved tankard kindly awarded by Show Presidents, Mr & Mrs Eric Larcombe,
                                                   and £30 kindly donated by Eqvalan
                                 WILL RECEIVE A ROSETTE & £5 APPEARANCE MONEY
You will find the following studs, ON THE INTERNET WEBSITE                  www.shetland-pony.com AVOMLIE, BALMEDIE,
BIGNOR, WAULKMILL, SOUTH PARK, TRANSY, TOP ROCK, WRENS to date, and growing. Check website regularly
for the latest news from these studs, South East Group, and affiliated show results, stock for sale and much much more.
Don't be left behind. If you would like your stud on the internet, contact Gerry Hart.

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