Transitional Words and Phrases - Dacula High by dandanhuanghuang


									                              Transitional Words and Phrases
Transitions are used in writing to guide a reader through the relationships among facts, to coherently link
sentences or paragraphs together, to show the intention, direction, or flow of the materials being presented,
and to indicate the next logical step in the piece of writing. Below are some transitional words and phrases,
grouped according to how they might be best used.

Addition or             again, also, as follows, besides, furthermore, in addition, let us define, likewise, may
Development of          be divided into, moreover, progressive (-ly), successively, to constitute, to limit to,
Ideas                   too, first, secondly, in the second place

                        accordingly, and so, as a result, because, by means of, consequently, effect (-ively,
Cause and Effect        etc.), for this reason, hence, result (-ing) from, since, then, the reason for, therefore,

                        after, afterwards, and, before, finally, first, following, formerly, in conclusion, in the
Chronological or
                        first/second/etc. place, lastly, later, meanwhile, next, now, once, presently,
Ordered                 previously, second (-ly), subsequently, then, thereafter, ultimately

                        as, as well as, at the same time, but, compared to, conversely, despite, differs from,
Comparison              distinct from, however, in like manner, in the same way, likewise, may be
and/or Contrast         distinguished from, nevertheless, on the contrary, on the other hand, similarly, still,
                        though, yet

                        accepting that, albeit, although, despite (the fact that), granted that, notwithstanding,
Concession              of course, though, whereas

Example and
                        as follows, for example, in other words, that is, for instance, to illustrate
Repetition or           above all, again, as previously stated, briefly, indeed, in fact, in other words, more
Emphasis                important, that is (to say), to repeat

                        about, above, around, as we move, as you go, at the right/left/side of, behind, below,
Space                   beside, close by, down from, following, in front of, in the background, in the
                        distance, near, next to, proceeding, straight ahead

                        for these reasons, in brief, in conclusion, in summary, judging from this viewpoint,
Summary                 the resolution/result/conclusion/etc. of the above stated facts, to sum up.

Clarification: that is to say, to clarify, in other words, to rephrase, to explain, to put it another way

Intensification: indeed, undoubtedly, doubtedly, to repeat, in fact, certainly, by all means, surely,
without doubt, of course, in fact, yes, no

Purpose: in order that, to that end, to this end, so that, for this purpose

Time: while, immediately, never, after, later, earlier, always, when, soon, whenever, meanwhile,
sometimes. in the meantime. during , afterwards, now, until now, next , following, once, then, at length,
simultaneously, so far, this time, subsequently

Place: here, beyond, adjacent to, there, wherever, neighboring on, nearby, opposite to, above, below

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