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									TE-17 List of Applications, Systems, and Networks Requiring Certification and Accreditation (Systems)

                                                                                                    Major       System        Mission
                                                                                     General Suport Application Version (if   Critical                                                        OS (WinNT/2K/XP, UNIX,                                  Development
Agency/Field Office   System Name                               System Acronym       System (Y/N)   (Y/N)       applicable)   (Y/N)    Description                                            Mainframe)                # Servers           # Users   Platform/Languages
Forest Service        Automated Lightning Mapping               ALMS                 N              N           2.4.0         Y        Standalone PC application. Enables user to             Windows 2000              NA                  UNK       UNK
                      System                                                                                                           download near real time lightning location information
                                                                                                                                       from the BLM lightning data server via the Internet.
                                                                                                                                       Interfaces with ArcView 3.2 s.w. application for
                                                                                                                                       mapping lightning data.
Forest Service        Automated Land Project                    ALP                  N              Y           1.5.0         Y        An interagency project to create efficient and            AIX                                  300 UNK         Oracle/ESRI
                                                                                                                                       effective automated tools for Lands business
                                                                                                                                       functions, and to provide internal and external users
                                                                                                                                       with standardized and current land survey, status,
                                                                                                                                       and realty information.
Forest Service        Aviation Management Information           AMIS                 N              Y           5.0.0         Y        AMIS is a Web-based application for entering              WEB Based/NITC                            1 UNK      UNK
                      System                                                                                                           and storing information from the FS-6500-122, Flight
                                                                                                                                       Use Report. Aircraft use
                                                                                                                                       information is required to be reported by each
                                                                                                                                       Region. Aircraft use statistics are
                                                                                                                                       entered into the National Interagency Fire
                                                                                                                                       Management Integrated Database
                                                                                                                                       (NIFMID), the database for aircraft use information.
                                                                                                                                       The data is then reported
                                                                                                                                       into GSA’s Federal Aviation Interactive Reporting
                                                                                                                                       System (FAIRS), as
                                                                                                                                       mandated by the Office of Management and Budget.
Forest Service        All Service Receipts                      ASR                  N              Y           1.6.2         N        The ASR application provides data entry and               AIX                    UNK                 UNK       Oracle
                                                                                                                                       transmission capability of National Forest and
                                                                                                                                       Grasslands receipts to the National Information
                                                                                                                                       Technology Center (NITC) for batch processing. The
                                                                                                                                       output is returned to the reports browser ("View Edit
                                                                                                                                       Reports") within the ASR application.
Forest Service        Automated Timber Sale Accounting          ATSA                 N              Y           16.0.0        N        Provides timely and accurate bills for collection and     AIX                                  300 UNK         Oracle
                                                                                                                                       statements of account for purchases of National
                                                                                                                                       Forest timber.
Forest Service        BehavePlus Fire Modeling System           BehavePlus           N              N           2.0.0         N        BehavePlus is used to predict the behavior of             Windows 2000, NT, XP   UNK (This           UNK       UNK
                                                                                                                                       ongoing fires, to plan prescribed fires, and to                                  application is
                                                                                                                                       examine fuel treatment options. Fire behavior                                    freely available
                                                                                                                                       prediction is critical in fire management decision-                              to the public)
                                                                                                                                       making and influences safety of firefighters and the
Forest Service        Claims Information System                 CIS                  N              Y           1.0.0         N        This is an Oracle application that keeps a database       AIX                                  300 UNK         Oracle
                                                                                                                                       of claims filed by/against the Forest Service.
Forest Service        Dispatch Utilities (All Modules           Dispatch Utilities   N              N                         N        ADaM is a personal computer application sponsored         Windows 95/98/2000     UNK                 UNK       Visual Basic
                      Included in A Single Release)                                                                                    by USDA Forest Service Fire and Aviation
                          Dispatch Utilities -- Aircraft Data   AdaM                 N              N           2.0.4         N        Management. The application is a tool for flight
                          Manager                                                                                                      planners to determine the optimum aircraft-flight
                          Dispatch Utilities --Sunrise -        SRSS                 N              N           2.0.1         N        combination to fill a request(s) for aircraft services.
                          Sunset                                                                                                       Included with ADaM is the Sunrise-Sunset time tables
                          Dispatch Utilities -- Computer        CAN                  N              N           2.0.1         N        for calculating daylight hours for flight time and CAN
                          Aided Navigation                                                                                             (Computer Aided Navigation). ADaM, CAN, and
                                                                                                                                       Sunrise-Sunset will be loaded on the personal
                                                                                                                                       computer as Dispatch Utilities.
Forest Service   Equal Employment Opportunity   EEOCTS     N   Y   1.0.11        N    The Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints           AIX                      300 UNK   Oracle
                 Complaints Tracking System                                           Tracking System (EEOCTS pronounced “oc-tus”) is
                                                                                      the application used to capture, maintain, and report
                                                                                      information associated with each complaint. EEOCTS
                                                                                      maintains a complete electronic folder for each
                                                                                      complaint. In this folder, EEOCTS users store
                                                                                      images, electronic files, e-mails, and other
                                                                                      information collected in the processing of the
Forest Service   Emergency Equipment Rental     EERA       N   Y   2.1.0         N    Provides field users with the ability to track Rental     AIX                  300 UNK   Oracle
                 Agreement                                                            Agreements, search across administrative
                                                                                      boundaries, and provide upward reporting
Forest Service   FIREFAMILY Plus                FFP        N   Y   3.0.3         N    capabilities.
                                                                                      FFP is the computational cornerstone for the S-491        Windows 2000   UNK      UNK    Microsoft Access
                                                                                      Fire Danger Rating Calss. It generates Fire Danger
                                                                                      Rating Pocket Cards required in the 30-mile
                                                                                      abatement plan.

Forest Service   FIRESTAT                       FIRESTAT   N   N   5.2.0         N    Firestat is an application to electronically enter    AIX                UNK      UNK    Oracle
                                                                                      information from the FS-5100-29 (Individual Fire
                                                                                      Report form) and store it in NIFMID (Nation
                                                                                      Interagency Fire Management Integrated Database)
                                                                                      at NITC-KC (National Information Technology Center
Forest Service   Hardware Management System     HMS        N   Y   3.0.3         N    The Hardware Management System is designed to         AIX                      300 UNK   Oracle
                                                                                      enable individuals who are involved in equipment life
                                                                                      cycle management to easily manage and track the
                                                                                      equipment through its life cycle. All facets of
                                                                                      equipment management are addressed including
                                                                                      equipment acquisition, receiving and receipting of
                                                                                      equipment, property management, as well as the
                                                                                      ability to perform systems diagnostics and inventory
                                                                                      status queries.The Hardware Management System
                                                                                      was designed to be used by Forest Service
                                                                                      Equipment Managers in support of equipment order
                                                                                      planning, inventory management, WCF accounting,
                                                                                      etc.This also provides us with a mechanism to easily
                                                                                      report our current environment and configurations.
Forest Service   Interagency Cache Business     ICBS       N   Y             2.21 N   ICBS is the common automated cache inventory              AIX                  300 UNK   Oracle
                 System                                                               system designed to assist in inventory control and
                                                                                      cost accounting for all items stocked in the National
                                                                                      Fire Equipment System (NFES). The application is
                                                                                      intended for use by the USDA, Forest Service and
                                                                                      USDI, Bureau of Land Management National
                                                                                      Interagency Support Caches.
Forest Service   Interagency Situation Report   SIT/209    N   Y   2.04.13       Y    The Interagency Situation Report (SIT) Program
                                                                                      automates Incident Command System Form 209. It is
                                                                                      a web-based application that captures incident
                                                                                      activity and resource status information in summary
                                                                                      form intended for use by managers. Once the
                                                                                      information has been submitted via the web site, it
                                                                                      can be accessed and utilized at local Dispatch
                                                                                      Offices, Geographic Area Coordination Centers
                                                                                      (GACCs) and the National Interagency Coordination
                                                                                      Center (NICC) to produce summary reports to be
                                                                                      used by agency managers as a decision making tool.

Forest Service   Infrastructure                 Infra      N   Y                 Y    Infra is an integrated data management system of           AIX                 300 UNK   Oracle/ESRI
                                                                                      more than 20 applications with the purpose of
                                                                                      gathering, maintaining and reporting on all data
                                                                                      pertaining to Forest Service constructed features, as
                                                                                      well as real property accounting, permit
                                                                                      administration, and billings. Infra provides a uniform
                                                                                      data structure to support business functions for field
                                                                                      personnel and to facilitate FS upward reporting
                                                                                      needs. The data are essential for sound decision
                                                                                      making and management of National Forest lands,
                                                                                      the constructed features on the land, the permits and
                                                                                      contracts that alter the land, and the fiscal items
                                                                                      necessary to assure accountability. The majority of
                                                                                      data in Infra are core data, required by all field offices
                                                                                      in conducting normal daily business
Forest Service   Law Enforcement Investigations      LEIMARS     N   Y   2.0.0     N   LEIMARS purpose is to track envorecemnet an               AIX         UNK               UNK         UNK
                 Management and Attainment                                             investigations activity on National Forest Lands. The
                 Reporting System                                                      system has GIS capab ility

Forest Service   National Fire Management Analysis   NFMAS       N   Y   2.01      N   NFMAS calculates the Most Efficient Level (MEL) of AIX                UNK               UNK         Oracle
                 System                                                                funding for fire-fighting resources based upon
                                                                                       average historic fire activity. Analysis of historical
                                                                                       data develops key numbers that reflect the historical
                                                                                       fire occurrence base for a fire planning project area.
                                                                                       Output from the analysis becomes a part of the basic
                                                                                       input for other portions of the NFMAS process.
                    NFMAS Interagency Initial Attack IIAA                1.2.12        IIAA99 is a tool used to develop budget requests as                                                 Oracle
                    Assessment Module                                                  part of the National Fire Management Analysis
                                                                                       System (NFMAS) process. IIAA99 is intended to help
                                                                                       the fire planner analyze different scenarios, or
                                                                                       "Program Options", which describe mixes of fire-
                                                                                       fighting resources and other budget items. This
                                                                                       analysis will primarily focus on finding MEL - the
                                                                                       "Most Efficient Level" of funding.
                    NFMAS Personal Computer          PCHA99              1.1.21        Allows the user to analyze historical wildland fire    Windows 2000   UNK               UNK         Microsoft Access
                    Historical Analysis 99                                             occurrence for wildland fire planning. PCHA99 allows
                                                                                       the user to import fire and weather data for the
                                                                                       desired planning unit, review and edit the data,
                                                                                       generate fire summaries for further fire planning, and
                                                                                       use the data in various other ways. Also users can
                                                                                       look at local data for review and correction.
Forest Service   Natural Resource Information        NRIS        N   Y             N   Combines a standard corporate database and            AIX                         300 UNK           Oracle/ESRI
                 System                                                                computer applications designed to support field-level
                                                                                       users. NRIS databases contain basic natural
                                                                                       resource data in standard formats built to run within
                                                                                       the Forest Service computing environment. This
                                                                                       system provides employees, partners, and the public
                                                                                       with access to essential natural resource data needed
                                                                                       to support the management decisions that form the
                                                                                       core business of the Forest Service.
Forest Service   Paycheck                            Paycheck    N   Y   5.19.01   Y   Allows employees to enter hours worked and leave          AIX                     300         30,000 C++
                                                                                       taken. Transmits information to NFC.

Forest Service   Purchase Order Normal Tracking      PONTIUS     N   Y   2.2.1     Y   An interim agency tool that provides minimal               AIX                    300 UNK           Oracle
                 Inventory Utilization System                                          automated processing of requistions and purchase
                                                                                       orders until the USDA Integrated Acquisition System
                                                                                       (IAS) is implemented.
Forest Service   REDCARD                             REDCARD     N   Y   4.0.0     N   REDCARD is a PC client/server application used for AIX                            300 UNK           Oracle
                                                                                       tracking fire certifications (training, experience,
                                                                                       qualifications, task books, target positions, and
                                                                                       fitness) for Forest Service and non-Forest Service
Forest Service   Resource Ordering and Status        ROSS/DPS    N   Y   1.2.5     Y   ROSS/DMS is an interagency web-based software              AIX        2 ( one           UNK         Oracle, Java
                 System/Dispatch Message System                                        application which provides automated support to                       redundant) at
                                                                                       interagency and agency dispatch and coordination                      NITC
                                                                                       offices within the wildland fire organization. The
                                                                                       system will: 1) provide current status of resources
                                                                                       available to support all-risk activities such as wildfire,
                                                                                       flood, ; 2) enable dispatch offices to exchange and
                                                                                       track resource order information electronically; and
                                                                                       3)enable dispatch offices to rapidly and reliably
                                                                                       exchange mission-critical emergency electronic
Forest Service   Timber Information Manager/Forest   TIM/FACTS   N   Y             Y                                                             AIX                     300 UNK           Oracle
                 Service Activity Tracking System

                                                        FACTS            1.0.1         FACTS is an activity tracking system for the field
                                                                                       level. It supports timber sales in conjunction with TIM
                                                                                       contracts and permits modules; tracks and monitors
                                                                                       NEPA decisions; tracks KV and other trust fund plans
                                                                                       at the timber sale level, reporting at the National
                                                                                       level; and it generates National, Regional, Forest
                                                                                       and/or District Reports.
                                                        TIM              1.3.3B        TIM is a family of integrated applications that support
                                                                                       the business of managing National Forest lands. TIM
                                                                                       supports the Timber Sale, Forest Products Permits,
                                                                                       and land management activities business processes
                                                                                       at the field level while capturing information for
                                                                                       service-wide reporting needs.
Forest Service   Travel                           Travel     N   Y   2.2.0   Y   The Travel application allows Forest Service             AIX                                       300         30,000 C++
                                                                                 employees to enter travel reimbursement information.
                                                                                 When the traveler issues the “Mail/Print” command,
                                                                                 the travel voucher is sent to a Domino server where it
                                                                                 is stored in the Travel Inbox database. An agent
                                                                                 which runs against the database recognizes new
                                                                                 vouchers and issues an e-mail message to the
                                                                                 approver. The approver receives the e-mail message
                                                                                 and clicks on a link in the e-mail, to take him/her to
                                                                                 the travel voucher inside the Travel Inbox database.
                                                                                 Approving the travel voucher alters the view of the
                                                                                 document so it can be seen by a travel administrator,
                                                                                 and collected for transmission to NITC. The NITC
                                                                                 travel edit program generates a report identifying
                                                                                 success or failure of each voucher in the
                                                                                 transmission. Accepted vouchers are collected at
                                                                                 NITC and transmitted to NFC for final processing.
Forest Service   Weather Information Management   WIMS       N   Y   1.1.0   Y   The Weather Information Management System is             IBM 390X Mainframe at NITC -- 1 of each         UNK         Oracle, Java
                 System                                                          used to collect, store and manage current weather        Oracle DB
                                                                                 information, and to provide access to historical data.   IBM RISC 6000/AIX --
                                                                                 Data is supplied by the Forest Service, Bureau of        web/application server
                                                                                 Land Management, National Weather Service, and
                                                                                 the EROS Data Center in Sioux Falls, SD. This
                                                                                 weather information is necessary for planning for, and
                                                                                 responding to, incidents.
Forest Service   Working Capital Fund             WCF        N   Y   3.2.1   N   The Working Capital Fund application provides a          AIX                                       300 UNK           Oracle
                                                                                 method for entering data and generating reports
                                                                                 related to the service and supply operations of the
                                                                                 Forest Service. In semimonthly cycles, users transmit
                                                                                 the records to NITC using the Transmit utility. NITC
                                                                                 returns edit reports, which the users view with the
                                                                                 View Edit Reports utility. Users edit incorrect records
                                                                                 and retransmit all valid records.
Forest Service   Workplan                         Workplan   N   N   1.1.0   N   Workplan provides unit-level personnel with the          AIX                                       300 UNK           Oracle
                                                                                 ability to input and manage planned work at the
                                                                                 project level and compile activity based cost
                                                                                 estimates. This process revolves around four
                                                                                 elements: 1) creating a project; 2) identifying
                                                                                 resources (i.e., personnel, equipment, supplies, etc.)
                                                                                 which will be applied to the project; 3) identifying the
                                                                                 funding sources which will finance the project; and 4)
                                                                                 specifiying planned outputs or accomplishments of
                                                                                 the project.
                                                               Method (VPN,
Date        Date Last    Organization(s)     Interconnection   INTERNET. Leased
Installed   Updated      Interconnected      MOU (Y/N)         Line, etc.)
   07/22/03     07/22/03 Interface allows    N                 Internet
                         connection to BLM

   09/23/02     09/23/02 None                NA                NA

   04/01/03     04/01/03 None

   07/17/03     07/17/03 None

   03/04/99     04/11/03 None

   07/11/03     07/11/03 None

   10/05/01     10/05/01 None

   07/22/03     07/22/03 None
 02/10/03    03/18/02 None

 09/27/02    09/27/02 None

 08/05/99    04/16/03 None

 3/9/1999   2/25/2002 None

11/4/1999   7/30/2003 None

2/18/1999   4/23/2003 None

8/27/1998   7/14/2003 None
 9/28/2001    1/21/2003 None

  3/9/2001     3/9/2001 None

 10/5/1999   10/11/2002


  4/2/1998    1/14/2003 None

12/29/1998    12/6/2002 None

 2/22/1999    6/20/2003 None

 4/13/2002     7/8/2003 NITC     UNK   VPN?


  08/22/02     04/08/03

 8/21/1998    5/28/2003
 10/5/2000    10/22/2002 None

UNK          UNK        NITC    UNK   UNK

 11/6/2000     7/17/2003 None

 3/27/2003      8/1/2003 None
TE-17 List of Applications, Systems, and Networks Requiring Certification and Accr
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ng Certification and Accreditation (Systems)

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