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C   O   M   E   S   H   A   R   E   O   U   R
                                                  F   U   T   U

                                                                  Skilled Migration
                                                                  Western Australia

Western Australia
a better place for work and business,
a great place to live


                                                  Port Hedland




                                                                 Kalgoorlie - Boulder

                                                             Esperance                  0km   100km   200km


    Government Assistance
    The State Government, through Skilled Migration Western Australia, assists and
    supports qualifying skilled migrants relocate to Western Australia.

    Skilled Visas                                          Information and assistance on living, working
                                                           and establishing a business is available from the
    The Government of Western Australia has
                                                           Regional Development Commission based in the
    established Skilled Migration Western Australia to
                                                           Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne, Mid West, Goldfields,
    provide prospective skilled migrants with up to
    date information on employment opportunities,          Esperance, Wheatbelt, Peel, South West and Great
    the economic outlook and quality lifestyle in this     Southern.
    State.                                                 For further information on regions and the contact
    Skilled Migration Western Australia will assist        details and office locations of the State’s Regional
    qualifying skilled migrants make their home in         Development Commissions go to
    Western Australia and support applications with
    State sponsorship for the:
    • Skilled Sponsored visa and                           Business and Industry
    • Skilled Regional Sponsored visa.                     Western Australia’s diversified industry and strong
    For further information on skilled migration to        economic outlook provide migrants with a broad
    Western Australia go to                                range of business and employment opportunities.                               The State’s services, technology and specialist
                                                           manufacturing sectors continue to grow, while
    International Trade and                                its traditional resources, mining and primary
    Investment Offices                                     industries’ products are in demand worldwide.
                                                           Strong economic conditions and growth have
    The Government of Western Australia has
                                                           translated into many new business investment
    international Trade and Investment Offices in China,
                                                           and business opportunities throughout the State.
    Europe, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Dubai,
                                                           Employment growth and a low unemployment
    South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and the Americas.
                                                           rate have created skill shortages across many
    These offices provide assistance and information on
                                                           industries generating a wide range of jobs in
    Western Australia and its migration programs.
    For further information on the State’s overseas
                                                           The Government of Western Australia has a
    offices including contact details and locations go
                                                           number of business and industry assistance
                                                           programs in place to support the creation of
                                                           new business and employment opportunities for
    Regional Development
                                                           migrants coming into the State.
                                                           For further information on State government
    Western Australia is made up of nine non
                                                           business and industry assistance programs go to:
    metropolitan regions. A measure of their economic
    importance is that while they have only around         • Small Business Development Corporation
    25% of the State’s population, they contribute 
    some 82% of its exports.                               • Department of State Development
    There is great diversity between each region   
    in terms of their economy, lifestyle, business
    opportunities and employment potential.
C   O   M    E        S    H    A    R    E        O     U   R         F    U     T    U     R     E

    Useful Links                                             Western Australia at a Glance
    Useful contacts and links for further information        Size
    on Perth and Western Australia in general include:       Area                                 2,532,400 sq km
    •                                          Coastline                                    12,500 km
    •                                      Perth Climate
    •                                      Average Temperature January           17.8º to 30.8º C
                                                             Average Temperature July                  6.5º to 18.8º C
                                                             Average Sunshine                      8 hours per day

                                                             State                                      2.237 million
                                                             Perth                                      1.602 million

                                                             Employed                                      1,169,400
                                                             Unemployed                                         62,700
                                                             Unemployment Rate                                   4.4%

                                                             Average Weekly Earnings
                                                             Males                                          $1421.10
                                                             Females                                        $1077.40

                                                             Highest Employment Sectors
                                                             Wholesale and retail trade                      126,000
                                                             Construction                                    125,000
                                                             Health and community services                   114,000
                                                             Manufacturing                                      97,400

                                                             Annual Tourist Visitors
                                                             UK and Ireland                                     23.9%
                                                             Singapore                                            17%
                                                             Rest of Europe                                     14.1%

                                                             Exports and Imports
                                                             Exports                                $86.880 billion
                                                             Imports                                $33.097 billion

                                                             Source: ABS, Western Australia at a glance 2010,
                                                             cat. no. 1306.5, ABS, Canberra

    Strong Economic Outlook
    Western Australia, with its diverse and internationally competitive economy,
    leads the nation in economic growth, productivity, investments and exports.

    The State’s world class infrastructure and strong     Access to Markets
    economic outlook have created a dynamic
                                                          Western Australia offers business the unique
    business environment attracting high levels of
                                                          opportunity of access to markets in Australia, Asia
    investment and generating positive employment
                                                          and the Indian Ocean region. Perth is situated
                                                          four hours flying time from the eastern seaboard
                                                          of Australia and five hours from Singapore and is
    All the Ingredients for Success
                                                          Australia’s face on the Indian Ocean. Comprehensive
    Historical economic strengths in agricultural and     air, land and sea transport facilities and services
    mineral commodities and more recently oil and         mean job opportunities. People and freight move
    gas dominate the State’s exports. Western Australia   efficiently within the State, around Australia and
    is, however, taking a more powerful place in the      overseas. Perth also shares the same time zone as
    Australian and global economy, developing and         many major Asian cities.
    exporting a diverse range of value added goods
    and services.                                         Affordable Business Costs
    Its thriving manufacturing sector contributes         Commercial and industrial land and buildings are
    around 10% of the State’s exports. The products       available for sale or lease and the State Government
    it sells to the world include high speed              ensures there is access to industrial sites near
    ferries, chemicals, mining and rail equipment,        Perth and in regional centres for new investments.
    communication devices and processed foods and         Another major benefit of being in business in
    beverages.                                            Western Australia is that it is very affordable with
    Western Australian industry has earned a              office, warehouse and factory costs being amongst
    competitive advantage by incorporating                the lowest in the country and around the world
    innovative advanced technologies into its             when compared to locations of a similar standard.
    products and the processes by which they are
    produced. This clever approach has also won           Modern Telecommunications
    international success for developers in many          Telecommunications are advanced, reliable and
    different fields.                                     very cost effective. They incorporate the latest

    The service sector accounts for around 70% of         technology to provide rapid access for business via

    the State’s economic activity. Western Australian     telephone, facsimile, data transfers and national

    based businesses are exporting their expertise        and international audio and video conferencing.

    in health, education, building and construction,      Western Australia has direct access to satellites
    communications, tourism, business services and        over both the Indian and Pacific Ocean regions
    resources engineering.                                and there are also fibre optic cable links to national

    Strong economic conditions and sustained growth       and international networks. Competing national

    are creating many new job opportunities in            network carriers provide public communications

    metropolitan and regional locations.                  including efficient and economical mobile phone

                                                          More than 95% of Western Australian homes are
                                                          connected to a telecommunication system. The

C   O   M     E        S    H    A    R     E         O   U   R       F    U      T   U    R     E

    explosion of internet connections means the cost          Global Business Zone
    of doing business or communicating with the rest
                                                              A stable system of government, a political
    of the world is reducing dramatically. Western
                                                              commitment to free enterprise and a sound legal
    Australia is well served by internet providers and
                                                              framework make Western Australia a reliable and
    multi media design specialists.
                                                              secure place to work and do business. More than
                                                              100 years of parliamentary democracy and rule
    Abundant Energy Supplies
                                                              of law provide the basis for a confident
    High quality energy supplies are available to             investment culture.
    industry in the Perth metropolitan area and major
                                                              Western Australia has a sophisticated business
    regional centres. Rich gas fields in the North West
                                                              infrastructure. Numerous Australian and
    of Western Australia and a massive interconnected
                                                              international financial institutions, legal and
    electricity grid create a competitive market with
                                                              accountancy firms and a broad range of
    abundant supplies allowing industry to negotiate
                                                              consultants offer all the services required by
    lower energy prices.
                                                              business. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is only
                                                              10% and death taxes have been abolished.
    Skilled Workforce
                                                              The best features of Australia can all be found in
    Western Australian business has a million strong
                                                              Western Australia. It is dynamic, fresh thinking
    workforce with levels of education and technical
                                                              and modern, with an exciting future. For further
    skills amongst the highest in the world. Almost
                                                              information on Western Australia’s economic
    half the workforce has post secondary or tertiary
                                                              advantages visit:
    qualifications and two thirds have completed the
    highest level of secondary education. Employees 
    can access the State’s comprehensive education and
    training system to develop and upgrade skills.  

    Quality Lifestyle
    Western Australia has managed the seemingly impossible, combining a friendly,
    secure, uncomplicated way of life and a clean, spacious unspoilt environment
    with a low cost of living.

    In the City                                             In the central business district and at major
                                                            suburban shopping centres, department stores,
    Take countless blue sky days, fresh air and warm
                                                            speciality shops and boutiques offer consumers
    breezes, throw in a handful of mild winter months
                                                            a wide choice of international brand names and
    and that’s Perth, Western Australia’s capital. The
                                                            locally produced merchandise.
    city, with its magnificent Swan River and nestled
    beneath Kings Park, a 400 hectare (988 acres)           World-class cultural facilities and theatres are home
    botanical showcase, provides facilities on its          to the State’s nationally acclaimed symphony
    doorstep for its population to swim, sail, water ski,   orchestra, ballet, modern dance, opera and theatre
    fish, cycle, walk and run.                              companies. Each year the Perth International
                                                            Arts Festival ( provides
    Despite its new tall buildings, extensive freeway
                                                            a major showcase of international and local
    system and state-of-the-art buses and electric
    trains, Perth is unique among the world’s cities.
    The combination of low-rise suburbs, where most         Residents also have access to many cinemas,
    homes are only one or two storeys, easy living,         numerous public and private galleries and
    Mediterranean style climate and white, sandy            museums, with major touring exhibitions
    beaches make for an enviable lifestyle.                 supplementing local collections. For those with
                                                            more contemporary tastes, Perth hosts many
    With a population of around 1.6 million people,
                                                            major international entertainment tours, while
    Perth is large enough to offer all the services,
                                                            numerous clubs and hotels foster a vibrant local
    infrastructure, shopping and entertainment
                                                            music scene.
    expected of a major city, yet it is small enough to
    retain a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.               Sporting and leisure facilities are first class and
                                                            include the Burswood International Resort Casino,
    The city’s central business district is just 7
                                                            plenty of affordable private and public golf courses
    kilometres from the sea, 15 minutes drive from the
                                                            and host of other sporting activities including
    modern international and domestic airports and
                                                            tennis, football and cricket clubs. You can soak up
    just 30 minutes to the port of Fremantle.
                                                            the sun at one of Perth’s many swimming pools or
    Perth itself is a bustling multicultural city with      enjoy our world famous white sandy beaches. With
    30% of its population born overseas, resulting          more hours of sunshine than any other Australian
    in a harmonious society, where newcomers and            capital city, there is also plenty of time to enjoy
    visitors feel welcome. The city’s many and varied       outdoor activities.
    restaurants reflect this rich cultural heritage and
    the quality and diversity of Western Australian         Around the Regions
                                                            Around 600,000 people live outside Perth in
    Two out of every three Western Australians own or       communities as far from the city as Kununurra,
    are in the process of buying their own home.            2300 km to the north and Esperance, 720 km to
                                                            the southeast. However, well developed transport
    Housing in Perth represents the best value for
                                                            and communications systems provide fast and
    money of all of Australia’s mainland capitals and
                                                            economical links. Regional centres have a complete
    rental accommodation is readily available and
                                                            range of services and offer a high quality of life.
    competitively priced.

C   O   M      E        S   H     A     R   E           O    U   R        F    U     T     U      R   E

    The northern Kimberley and Pilbara regions                   Centred on the city of Bunbury are the southern
    account for most of Western Australia’s mineral,             regions of Western Australia, major producers of
    oil and gas output, nearly half the beef industry,           mineral sands, timber and agricultural products
    cultured pearl production and a developing                   from their orchards. This area also contains
    aquaculture industry. This area is a major tourist           Margaret River, one of Australia’s premier wine
    destination offering wilderness experiences and an           regions and the most popular holiday and short
    insight into indigenous culture unique to this part          breaks destination in the State.
    of the world. The internationally known tourist
                                                                 For further information on one of the best
    town Broome, is used as the base from which
                                                                 lifestyles in the world visit:
    to access the spectacular environment of these
    More than half the State’s fishing fleet is based in
    the central regions of Gascoyne and the Mid West
    in Carnarvon and Geraldton, specialising in prawn  

    and lobster fishing and processing.                
    Game fishing, coral reefs and national parks,
    such as the world renowned Ningaloo Reef and
    distinctive wildflowers also give this area a thriving
    tourism industry.

    Surrounding Perth is Western Australia’s major
    agricultural area, the Wheatbelt region, producing
    and processing a wide variety of crops and livestock
    products mainly for export. Tourism is also an
    important contributor to this region as it includes
    renowned attractions such as the Pinnacles and
    Wave Rock, which are accessible by day trip
    from Perth.

    South of Perth is the Peel region which encompasses
    130 square kilometres of estuary and inland
    waterways, much of which is a wetland of
    international significance. The region also includes
    50 kilometres of pristine coastline on the Indian
    Ocean. Peel is the fastest growing region in Western
    Australia and in the nation with an economy driven
    by agriculture, mining, manufacturing, building and
    construction, retail and tourism.

    The city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, in the heart of the
    Goldfields Esperance Region, is an internationally
    recognised centre for technology and training for
    the gold and nickel mining industries. This area
    produces most of the State’s gold and nickel and
    supports substantial tourism in the Goldfields and
    the pristine environment along the south coast.

    The Perth average median property price is around $485,000 and for
    approximately $500,000 – $550,000 you can buy a four bedroom, two bathroom
    home with a swimming pool in a quality Perth suburb.

    Skilled migrants on obtaining permanent                suburbs includes the satellite city of Joondalup,
    residency in Western Australia also qualify for        only 30 km from Perth and close to the freeway
    the Australian Government’s first homebuyer’s          and express trains. This area includes the suburbs
    grant. The grant is available on application to all    of Kallaroo, Mullaloo and Ocean Reef and features
    permanent residents to assist with the purchase        many new housing estates. For a home in the
    of their first home in Western Australia. More         forest or semi-rural lifestyle there is the Hills area
    information can be found on the Department of          on the outskirts of Perth and the wine growing
    Treasury and Finance's website       region of the Swan Valley, all within easy reach
                                                           of the central business district. Midland is the
    Perth Suburbs                                          business centre for this area.
    The choice of where to live in Perth is varied and     South of the Swan River are the southern suburbs,
    there are many alternatives based on cost and          which offer very comfortable family orientated
    proximity to the city, river and beaches. For those    housing. Suburbs in this area include Applecross,
    looking for an inner city lifestyle there is central   Attadale, Bicton, Bull Creek, Mount Pleasant,
    Perth and the surrounding suburbs of East Perth,       Murdoch and Willetton. Fremantle, the State’s
    Subiaco, Northbridge and West Perth and south of       working port city is located 19 km from Perth and
    the river, Como, South Perth and Victoria Park. All    contains a mix of traditional working class homes,
    of these areas offer a range of housing from luxury    trendy renovated cottages, apartment blocks and
    townhouses to more affordable apartments.              expensive new inner city style housing.
    From Kings Park to the coast and along the Swan
    River are the western suburbs. These feature some
                                                           Purchasing a Home
    of the most exclusive properties in Perth taking       In Western Australia, the majority of properties
    in the suburbs of Claremont, Cottesloe, Nedlands,      are on freehold land and are sold and purchased
    Peppermint Grove and Dalkeith.                         under a process of offer and acceptance. There is,
                                                           however, a trend developing in Perth to buy and
    The northern coastal and surrounding suburbs
                                                           sell homes by auction.
    follow the coast and freeway with the most
    expensive areas being those closest to the beaches.    Properties are advertised for sale and generally
    These suburbs include Swanbourne, City Beach,          open for inspection for an hour or so on weekends
    Hillarys and Duncraig and all offer quality and        or by appointment during the week.
    attractive housing. Mount Lawley, Leederville and
                                                           Holders of temporary residency visas seeking
    Mount Hawthorn in the north-eastern suburbs
                                                           to purchase residential property in Australia
    feature many restored character homes. Other
                                                           require the approval of the Foreign Investment
    popular suburbs in the northern area which offer
                                                           Review Board (FIRB). There are no restrictions on
    good properties are Woodvale and Kingsley.
                                                           permanent residency visa holders. For further
    The Joondalup Wanneroo region and surrounding          information visit

C   O    M     E       S    H    A     R    E           O   U   R        F    U    T    U     R    E

    Perth Rental Market                                         The State is divided into nine regional areas. Each
                                                                region has its own Development Commission who
    Availability of rental properties tends to be
                                                                can provide you with a wealth of information on
    seasonal with the highest demand for rental
                                                                living in regional Western Australia. Links to the
    properties being in the summer months of
                                                                Regional Development Commissions websites are
    November through to March. On average, around
                                                                available at
    half of the available properties are usually rented
    out within two weeks of being advertised.                   Searching for Property
    There is a wide range of rental options available in        Properties for sale are listed in newspapers and
    Perth – from basic units to luxury mansions, short          property magazines and you can use the services
    or long term and furnished or unfurnished.                  of a local real estate agent. For a listing of agents
    The median rent for a three bedroom house in                visit There are also
    Perth is around $375 per week.                              many websites listing properties for sale allowing
                                                                you to go house hunting online:
    Information and advice about renting is available
    from the Department of Commerce website at
    Living in Regional Areas
    Perth is just a small part of the vast State. You
    would cover more than 2,400 kilometres if
    you travelled from north to south and see the
    countryside change from the red rugged terrain of
    the north to the cool green forests of the
    South West.

    Regional Western Australia offers its residents a:
    • Unique and unparalleled way of life
    • Relaxed and friendly lifestyle
    • Strong sense of community
    • Pristine environment with little or no
    • Fantastic recreational experiences

     Outstanding Education Facilities
     There are 5 universities and more than 1000 schools and colleges in
     Western Australia. The State’s education system is recognised worldwide
     attracting around 40,000 foreign students per year.

     The education system in Western Australia is made     School hours vary between schools and from
     up of government and private schools, with a wide     primary to secondary classes. In Perth, classes
     choice of specialities. There are                     begin between 8.30 am and 9.00 am and finish
     co-educational and single gender schools, schools     between 3.00 pm and 3.30 pm. Generally, schools
     with a particular religious focus and schools         allow for a 15 to 20-minute break mid morning
     providing specialty programs such as music, sport     and mid-afternoon and a 45-minute lunch break
     and vocational training.                              around midday.

     There are around 300 non government schools in        The cost of attending a government school is
     Western Australia ranging from kindergartens and      around $250 per year while the cost of attending
     small community schools to exclusive high fee         a private school can be as low as $1,350 rising to
                                                           around $10,500 per year. Permanent residency
     private schools. Approximately 70% of students in
                                                           business migrants have access to all schools,
     Western Australia attend government schools and
                                                           colleges and universities under the same
     30% attend private or independent schools.
                                                           conditions as Australian citizens. Temporary
     Education is compulsory from the year in which        residency business migrants are required to pay
     children turn 6 to the end of the school year in      fees in advance for university courses and some
     which they are 15 years of age. Primary school        private and government schools.
     commences at year 1, with children aged from 5
                                                           If you are arriving in Western Australia on a
     and a half years eligible to attend and concludes
                                                           temporary residency visa and want to enrol
     at year 7. Non compulsory pre-school is available
                                                           children in schools, it is suggested you visit the
     for 2 years prior to primary school with programs     Department of Education website at www.det.
     offered through government and private schools to clarify your status and determine
     and privately operated child care centres.            your obligations.
     The secondary school system begins at year
     8 and runs through to year 12. Students who           Preparation for Attending
     do not intend going on to university, but wish        University
     to complete their secondary education, can            At senior secondary school level, students intending
     select from a wide range of vocational subjects.      to enter university select at least four Tertiary
     Performance is assessed internally by the school      Entrance Examination (TEE) subjects. TEE subjects
     and students who meet the requirements for            are assessed through a combination of class work,
     graduation receive the Western Australian             assignments and examination. These subjects
     Certificate of Education. Students can pursue         contribute to a student’s Tertiary Entrance Rank
     their area of qualification through university or a   (TER). University places are usually offered on the
     Technical and Further Education (TAFE) college.       basis of a student’s TER, although in some courses
                                                           additional requirements may apply.
     The school year commences in February each year
     and is divided into four terms. There is usually a    Most schools offer a balance of both programs
     two-week break between the first three terms and      for Year 11 and Year 12 students, however, some
     a seven-week break over Christmas at the end of       schools focus on providing a syllabus for university
                                                           entrance and others on providing practical
     the school year.
                                                           vocational training.

C   O   M     E        S    H     A    R    E         O     U   R         F    U    T   U       R   E

    Kindergarten                                                For further information on Western Australia’s
                                                                world class education system visit:
    Kindergarten programs are available to children
    who have turned or will turn four by 30 June                • Western Australian Department of Education
    in any given year. Kindergarten programs run          
    for the equivalent of four half days per week.              • Office of Non Government Education
    Kindergarten programs are structured differently                Department of Education Services
    within individual government schools. They may,       
    therefore, also be offered as two full days or one
                                                                • Association of Independent Schools of
    full day and two half days.
                                                                    Western Australia
    While many kindergarten programs are offered on       
    the school site, some programs are run off-site in
                                                                • Child Inclusive Learning and Development
    close proximity to the school.
                                                                    Australia Inc


    Pre-primary programs are available to children              • Catholic Education Office of Western Australia

    who have turned or will turn five by 30 June in       

    any given year. Pre-primary programs run for five           • Training WA
    full days. With very few exceptions, pre-primary      
    programs are available on the school site.
                                                                In addition, a listing of Western Australian private
                                                                schools and universities can be found at
    Selecting a School
    Selecting the most appropriate school is very much
    based upon the personal needs of the child and

    A major decision is whether to enrol in a
    government or non government school. Many
    factors influence this decision including cost,
    religion, culture and academic or sporting talents
    of students.

    There are no restrictions regarding attending
    a government school in any area. However,
    enrolments at government schools outside your
    residential boundaries are subject to availability of
    student places.

    School selection will be one of the major decisions
    made in the relocation process for business
    migrants. It will have considerable influence over
    where to live, therefore warrants some research
    before settling into permanent accommodation.

     Excellent Health Services
     With more than 50 private and public sector hospitals, a Government health
     system and the availability of comprehensive private health cover for around
     $3,000 annually per family, Western Australia offers an excellent level of health
     and medical services.

     The Public Health System                                 Private Health Insurance
     The Government health care system, Medicare,             Despite the fact that the Australian national health
     covers all Australians and is financed through           care system is very good, there are still many
     the personal income tax system. The tax system           expenses that are not covered and waiting lists
     includes payment of a Medicare levy, calculated at       for elective surgery in public hospitals can take
     1.5% of your taxable income. You may also elect to       time. You should also be aware that as a resident
     have private health insurance, however, this does        paying tax in Australia, if you earn above the

     not exempt you from the Medicare levy.                   amount nominated by the government and you
                                                              do not have private health insurance, you may
     Medicare is designed to ensure that the Australian       have to pay an additional Medicare surcharge.
     population has access to medical and hospital care       Currently the threshold amount is around $70,000
     while being free to choose private health services.      for individuals and $140,000 for couples with the
     It also provides assistance with most medicines          surcharge being 1% of your taxable income. For
     prescribed by doctors through the Pharmaceutical         more information about the Medicare surcharge
     Benefits Scheme.                                         see the Australian Taxation Office website at www.
     More detailed information can be obtained from
     the Medicare website at www.medicareaustralia.           The cover available under private health insurance where you can download the new arrivals           varies, however, generally you can opt for basic
     information kit from the publications section. You       private hospital cover through to cover that
     are eligible to enrol for Medicare if you are residing   includes a huge range of ‘extras’. The cost of
     in Australia and you have been granted or are            standard private medical cover including the

     applying for permanent residency status.                 Federal Government rebate is around $2,600
                                                              per family per annum. There are a number of
     Australia currently has reciprocal medical               independent health insurance brokers and advisory
     arrangements with some countries. These                  services where you can carry out online policy
     arrangements cover ill health or injury requiring        comparisons such as
     treatment while in Australia and provide for free
                                                              Health insurance is a personal choice and
     treatment at a public hospital as well as subsidised
                                                              you should determine your own individual
     medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits
                                                              requirements. As an incentive to encourage more
     Scheme. Visitors will need to enrol with Medicare
                                                              people to take out private health insurance the
     to access these services.
                                                              government provides a 30% rebate of the cost of
                                                              private health insurance.

C   O   M     E         S   H     A    R    E        O       U   R       F    U     T    U    R       E

    Ambulance Cover                                              There are also many excellent private hospital
                                                                 facilities to choose from. They offer outstanding
    Travel in an ambulance is not covered under
                                                                 healthcare services in modern premises. Waiting
    Medicare and may or may not be included in
                                                                 times are far shorter in the private hospital system
    your private health insurance. If it is not covered
                                                                 and this is a key reason why many people elect to
    in your private health insurance, you can arrange
                                                                 take out private health insurance cover to meet
    for ambulance only cover through the St John
                                                                 the cost of private hospital care.
    Ambulance Benefit Fund. Family membership
    costs approximately $72 per year and covers                  Medical centres offering a range of services up to 7
    you for any ambulance trips, including Flying                days per week from general practice to pathology,
    Doctors services, should you have an accident or             X rays, physiotherapy and some specialists are
    emergency whilst travelling.              supplemented by small family orientated practices.
                                                                 A home visit by a doctor is also available.
    Health and Medical Services
                                                                 Western Australia also has an extensive range of
    The Department of Health of Western Australia                alternative medical practitioners. Many private
    is responsible for the delivery of health services           health funds offer insurance that includes cover for
    throughout the State. Information on the services            a wide variety of alternative therapies.
    of the Department is available from their website

    Perth offers a full range of public hospital services.
    These include small community hospitals, major
    teaching hospitals and specialised women and
    children’s hospitals. Generally as a Medicare
    patient in a public hospital you will not have to
    pay any costs associated with your treatment or
    stay in hospital.

     Modern Inexpensive Transport
     The benefits of Perth as a young city include excellent driving conditions, a
     comprehensive network of roads, highways and freeways for ease of motoring
     and a modern, inexpensive and reliable public transport system.

     Motoring                                                 Driving Regulations
     In Western Australia you drive on the left side of       As a visitor to Western Australia you may drive for
     the road. The State is vast and driving conditions       a period of up to 12 months if you hold a valid
     can vary enormously. In and around Perth                 driver’s licence issued in your country. After this
     conditions are very good. With a mild to hot             time you will need to pass a theory test on road
     climate for most of the year, no snow and very           rules to obtain a Western Australian licence. A
     little fog, bad weather conditions rarely affect         practical test may also be required.
     Perth drivers.
                                                              If you become a permanent resident of Western
     Being a relatively young city, most areas are on a       Australia, you have three months in which to
     grid design, which makes it quite easy to navigate       transfer your driver’s licence.
     your way around Perth and its suburbs. Visit www. for maps of Perth and Western             For a comprehensive guide to the road rules in

     Australia. There are two freeways running north          Western Australia you should obtain a copy of

     and south and several other major highways to            the Drivesafe handbook from the Department of

     disperse the traffic across the city.                    Transport. The booklet can be downloaded from
                                                              the Department’s website at
     Perth is a car orientated city. Most families own at
     least two cars. Many people use a combination of
     car and public transport to get to work. They drive
                                                              Purchasing a Vehicle
     to a bus or train station with parking facilities and
     complete their journey on public transport. In the       You have the option of purchasing a motor vehicle

     majority of cases this type of journey will take up to   from a licensed dealer, auction or privately. The

     30 minutes.                                              10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) applies to cars
                                                              sold by dealers, but not to privately sold used cars.
     Major arterial roads in Perth tend to carry a heavier
                                                              Government stamp duty, registration and third
     load at peak times. However, you will find the
                                                              party insurance apply to all vehicles. New vehicles
     traffic less congested and the driving style not
                                                              attract dealer delivery charges.
     as intense as in other major cities around the
     world. Speed limits vary from 50 km per hour on          For further information on new and used motor
     suburban streets, up to 100 km per hour on the           vehicles visit and
     freeways and 110 km on the open road.           For information and advice on
                                                              the purchase of motor vehicles visit
     The typical travelling time from home to work is
     around 25 minutes to cover 20 km.              

     Western Australia’s vast area includes more than
     17,000 km of toll free roads. There are major
     highways connecting Perth and all the State’s
     regional centres.

C   O   M     E         S    H       A   R   E          O   U   R       F    U       T     U   R   E

    Public Transport                                            Taxis
    Perth has a modern, reliable and relatively                 There are numerous taxi stands throughout Perth
    inexpensive public transport system made up of              city and the suburbs. You can also telephone or go
    a combination of electric trains, buses and ferries.        online to book a taxi.
    Most train stations cater for a park and ride system
                                                                Most taxis are only licensed to carry four
    for commuters.
                                                                passengers, so if you have five or more passengers
    Transperth is responsible for all public transport          you should advise the taxi company when
    services in Perth. Further information on                   booking. They can arrange a Maxi taxi, which can
    destinations, fares, timetables and journey                 carry up to eight passengers. Maxi taxis operate
    planners is available from the Transperth website           on the same flagfall and rates as normal taxis and
    at                                most have facilities to take wheelchairs.

    As in most cities, Perth is divided into zones              Air Services
    with fares depending upon the number of zones
                                                                Perth is Australia’s western gateway. It is accessible
    you will be travelling in and the period of time
                                                                to most Asian gateway cities by air, making
    required. For example, the cost of a peak hour
                                                                Western Australia an ideal location.
    fare into Perth from an outlying suburb, such as
    Mundaring, would be around $5.00.                           Perth is well serviced by approximately 12 different
                                                                international airlines, some of which operate
    Public transport operates to around midnight on             multiple daily services.
    weekdays and Sundays and through to 2.00 am on
                                                                As Western Australia’s major international gateway,
    Fridays and Saturdays. Tickets for public transport
                                                                Perth is around 17 flying hours from London, 15
    can be purchased on boarding or from main bus
                                                                hours from Frankfurt, 10 hours from Dubai and South
    terminals, train stations and newsagents.
                                                                Africa, 7 hours from Hong Kong and approximately 5
    SmartRider is Transperth's electronic ticketing             hours from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
    system that uses smartcard technology
                                                                From Australia’s east coast capitals, Perth is
    incorporating an embedded microchip and an
                                                                approximately 4,500 kilometres by road or 4 hours
    aerial to enable the smartcard to communicate with
                                                                by air. There are a number of domestic airlines
    processors located on board Transperth buses and
                                                                connecting Perth to every capital city,
    ferries and at train stations.
                                                                the Gold Coast and major regional centres in
    SmartRiders can be purchased from Transperth                Western Australia.
    Info Centres and at any SmartRider retail outlet.           Broome, in the State’s north west, is a major
    These cards can be used on buses, trains, and ferries       gateway to the attractions of the northern region
    and offer up to 25% discount on the standard rate           and enjoys good air access from southern capitals.
    that applies when paying your fare by cash. For             Broome is serviced with regular air services from
    more information on the SmartRider visit: www.              the Northern Territory capital, Darwin, which lies                            approximately 1.5 hours east by air.

    In Perth city, public transport is free of charge on        Major interstate road and rail passenger and
    any bus or train provided you board and alight              freight networks connect Western Australia to the
    within the central business district. There is also a       eastern states.
    free service, the Central Area Transit (CAT) system
    operating around the city centre.

     Western Australian
     Government overseas offices
     EUROPE – LONDON                            INDIA – MUMBAI                          MIDDLE EAST – DUBAI
     Government of Western Australia            Western Australian Trade Office         Western Australian Trade Office
     European Office                            93, Jolly Maker Chambers No2            Emarat Atrium
     5th Floor, Australia Centre                9th Floor, Nariman Point                PO Box 58007
     Corner of Strand & Melbourne Place         MUMBAI 400 021, INDIA                   DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
     LONDON WC2B 4LG, UNITED KINGDOM            Telephone: +91 22 5630 3973/74 & 78     Telephone: +971 4 343 3226
     Telephone: +44 20 7240 2881                Facsimile: +91 22 5630 3977             Facsimile: +971 4 343 3238
     Facsimile:            +44 20 7240 6637
     Website:                    INDIA – CHENNAI (MADRAS)                JAPAN – TOKYO
                                                Advisory Office – Chennai (Madras)
                                                                                        Government of Western Australia,
                                                1 Doshi Regency
     CHINA – SHANGHAI                                                                   Tokyo Office
                                                876 Poonamallee High Road
     Western Australian Trade and Investment                                            13th Floor Fukoku Seimei Building
                                                Kilpauk, CHENNAI 600 084, INDIA
     Promotion                                                                          2-2-2 Uchisaiwai-cho
                                                Telephone: +91 44 2640 0407
     Shanghai Representative Office                                                     Chiyoda-ku
                                                Telephone/Facsimile: +91 44 2643 0064
     Room 2208, CITIC Square                                                            TOKYO 100-0011, JAPAN
     1168 Nanjing Road West                                                             Telephone: +81 3 5157 8281
                                                INDONESIA – JAKARTA
     SHANGHAI 200041                                                                    Facsimile:          +81 3 5157 8286
                                                Western Australian Trade Office
     PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA                  Jl H R Rasuna Said Kav, Kuningan        Website:
     Telephone: +86 21 5292 5899                JAKARTA 12940, INDONESIA
     Facsimile: +86 21 5292 5889                Telephone: +6221 5290 2860              JAPAN – KOBE
                                                Facsimile: +6221 5296 2722              Government of Western Australia
     CHINA – HANGZHOU                                                                   6th Floor Golden Sun Building
     Western Australian Trade and Investment    MALAYSIA – KUALA LUMPUR                 Chuo-Ku, KOBE 650-0004, JAPAN
     Promotion                                  Western Australian Trade Office         Telephone: +81 78 242 7705
     Hangzhou Representative Office             4th Floor, UBN Tower                    Facsimile:         +81 78 242 7707
     Room 910, World Trade Office Plaza         10 Jalan P Ramlee
     Zhejiang World Trade Centre                KUALA LUMPUR 50250, MALAYSIA            UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
     15 Shuguang Road                           Telephone: +603 2031 8175/6             Western Australian Trade and
     HANGZHOU 310007                            Facsimile:          +603 2031 8177      Investment Office
     PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA                                                          Howard Hughes Center
     Telephone: +86 571 8795 0296               SOUTH KOREA                             6080 Center Drive, 6th Floor
     Facsimile:          +86 571 8795 0295      Western Australian Trade and            Los Angeles CALIFORNIA 90045 USA
                                                Investment Office                       Telephone: +31 0 216 2827
     TAIWAN – TAIPEI                            11th Floor, Kyobo Building              Facsimile:          +31 0 216 5632
     Australian Commerce & Industry Office      1 Jongro 1-Ga, Jongro-Gu
                                                SEOUL 110-714, SOUTH KOREA
     Australian Business Centre
                                                Telephone: +82 2 722 1217
     Suite 2606, International Trade Building
                                                Facsimile:          +82 2 722 1218
     #333 Keelung Road Section 1
     TAIPEI 110, TAIWAN R.O.C.
                                                THAILAND – BANGKOK
     Telephone: +886 2 8780 9118 ext. 216
                                                Australian Trade Commission
     Facsimile:           +886 2 2757 6707
                                                Australian Embassy
                                                37 South Sathorn Road
                                                BANGKOK 10120, THAILAND
                                                Telephone: +66 2 344 6337
                                                Facsimile:         +66 2 344 6360

C   O   M   E   S   H   A   R   E   O   U   R   F   U   T   U   R   E


C   O    M    E       S   H    A      R   E     O   U   R   F   U   T   U   R   E

Skilled Migration Western Australia
Level 2, 123 Adelaide Terrace
PERTH Western Australia 6004
Telephone: +61 8 9218 2100
Facsimile: +61 8 9 218 2160

                                              Skilled Migration
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