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									                                                  North Brookfield Elementary School
                                                 School Goals and Objectives 2009-2010
                                                       School Improvement Plan
                                                                December 5, 2011

District Goal 1: To improve Student achievement resulting in MCAS Scores meeting or exceeding established Performance Targets as
determined by the Massachusetts Department of Education and the No Child Left Behind Act. Ongoing Classroom assessments will be used
to establish continual focus areas for students.

Improvement Objective 1: All students will be at or exceed grade level benchmarks with regard to literacy skills. If the student is in need of
additional support, interventions, and supplemental activities will be provided.

                  ACTIVITIES                        ACTION PLAN                 PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE        TIME LINE            STATUS
1.   Assessments will be given routinely       1. Kindergarten students         1. Building Administration, 1. June 1, 2009.   1. Completed
     throughout the school year to determine   are screened in the spring       Speech therapist, Nurse,                       March 2009.
     needs.                                    prior to entering                School Counselor,
                                               kindergarten.                    Kindergarten staff.
                                               1. Superkids end of level        1. Kindergarten staff.      1. June 30,        1. Materials
                                               tests administered                                           2010.              provided to
                                               throughout school year.                                                         staff.
                                               1. Superkids benchmarks          1. Kindergarten staff        1. June 30,       1. Materials
                                               assessments given twice                                       2010.             provided to
                                               per year.                                                                       staff.
                                               1. Kindergarten letter           1. Kindergarten staff.       1. June 30,       1. Materials
                                               identification test given                                     2010.             provided to
                                               2-3 times per year.                                                             staff.
                                               1. Reading Street                1. Grade 1 – 4 staff.        1. June 30,       1. Materials
                                               Benchmark assessments                                         2010.             provided to
                                               given 7 times a year.                                                           staff.
                                               1. Dibels administered           1. Reading Teacher.          1. June 30,       1. Materials
                                               three times throughout                                        2010.             provided to
                                               school year to grades 1-3.                                                      Reading

                                               1. Weekly unit tests             1. Grade 1 – 4 staff.        1. June 30,       1. Materials
                                               from Reading Street                                           2010.             provided to
                                               administered in grades                                                          staff.
                                               1- 4.
1. Fresh reads used to           1. Grade 1 – 4 staff.           1. June 30,   1. Materials
monitor progress of                                              2010.         provided to
struggling learners in                                                         staff.
grades 1-4.
1. Title 1 support for           1. Title 1 tutors and Reading   1. June 30,   1. Schedule in
students in grades 1-6.          Teacher.                        2010.         place for each
                                                                               grade level
1. Gates-MacGinitie              1. Grades 5 and 6 staff.        1. June 30,   1. Materials
administered to all                                              2010.         provided to
students at the end of the                                                     staff.
year to assess vocabulary
and comprehension
1. Informal teacher              1. Grades 5 and 6 staff.        1. June 30,   1. Materials
created tests and quizzes                                        2010.         provided to
to weekly monitor                                                              staff.
understanding of
classroom material.
1. Enrichment block              1. All staff.                   1. June 30,   1. Schedule in
scheduled to provide                                             2010.         place.
additional support.

District Goal 2: To establish formal curriculum objectives that fully aligns with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. To provide
learning experiences that will allow all children to gain knowledge and skills that will prepare them to become life long learners.

Improvement Objective 1: Curriculum Design will allow students to achieve AYP scores in ELA.

                  ACTIVITIES                       ACTION PLAN                  PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE        TIME LINE                STATUS
1.   Create a schedule that allows for        1. Revise schedule to             1. Building Administration. 1. August 31,          1. Six day
     consistency in time on learning.         create continuity in                                          2009.                  schedule in full
                                              scheduling uninterrupted                                                             implementation.
                                              ELA time each school
2.   Implementation of Writing program in     2. Training of staff in the       2. Reading specialist, Building 2. Full            2. All staff has
     grades 1 – 6.                            use of writing rubrics.           Administration, and staff.      implementation     been provided
                                                                                                                by second          with necessary
                                                                                                                trimester.         materials.
3.   Implementation of benchmark testing.     3. Benchmark testing to           3. Reading specialist,          3. Full            3. Materials
                                              occur in grades 1 – 4.            Building Administration, and    implementation     have been
                                                                                staff.                          for end of unit.   provided to all
                                                                                                                                   1-4 staff.
4.   Implementation of practice that all      4. Author study and               4. Reading specialist, Building 4. Full            4. Ongoing.
     students will be taught at their         literature circles in             Administration, and staff.      implementation
     instructional level versus frustration   grades 5 and 6.                                                   by second mid
     level.                                   Response to Intervention                                          trimester 1.
                                              practice in grades 1-4.
5.   Intervention curricula provided to       5. Fundations,                    5. Reading specialist,          6. Full            6. Materials
     identified students.                     Sidewalks, Read                   Building Administration, and    implementation     have been
                                              Naturally, and routine            staff.                          by second mid      provided to all
                                              progress monitoring                                               trimester 1.       1-4 staff. Grade
                                              tools.                                                                               5 and 6 staff is
                                                                                                                                   in consult with

District Goal 3: To attract and retain high quality professionals. Support district staff by offering high quality professional development
activities and establishing an environment of collegiality and high expectations.

Improvement Objective 1: Professional Development is designed for students to achieve AYP scores in ELA.

                 ACTIVITIES                        ACTION PLAN               PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE        TIME LINE           STATUS
1.   Meeting the needs of diverse learners.   1. Differentiated              1. Building Administration, 1. February 1,   1. June 25 PD
                                              Instruction Coaching to        Consultant.                 2010.            addressed the
                                              teachers.                                                                   topic and the
                                                                                                                          coaching will
                                                                                                                          build on June
                                                                                                                          25 outcomes.
                                              1. October 9 workshop          1. Building Administration   1. October 9.   1. AYP data has
                                              day designed to target         and staff.                   2009.           been released
                                              specific learners who                                                       and we have our
                                              need response to                                                            AYP status.
                                              intervention strategies.

District Goal 4: To provide a wide range of services to students including early intervention, special education, developmental guidance,
enrichment opportunities, extra-curricular offerings, and school to career connected activities.

Improvement Objective 1: Implementation of positive behavior and intervention strategies.

                  ACTIVITIES                      ACTION PLAN                PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE   TIME LINE                STATUS
1.   Full year implementation of PBIS.        1. Kickoff for entire          1. PBIS building team. 1. September          1. Kickoff
                                              school.                                               30, 2009.             planned for 9-
                                              1. Presentation at             1. PBIS building team.       1. September    1. Completed
                                              Curriculum Night.                                           30, 2009.       9-16-09.
                                              1. Monthly incentives          1. PBIS building team.       1. June 30,     1. Incentive
                                              for students in grades                                      2010.           posters are
                                              K- 6.                                                                       being created
                                                                                                                          for each
                                                                                                                          classroom at
District Goal 5: To build a positive relationship with families and community members. This relationship will be established through clear
communication, community and family outreach, and a transparent district planning and budgeting process.

Improvement Objective 1: Increase communication with parents and community.

                  ACTIVITIES                     ACTION PLAN                PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE        TIME LINE                STATUS
1.   Increase parent and community           1. Monthly newsletters         1. Building Administration. 1. June 30,           1. The first
     communication.                          from school, coffee with                                   2010.                 newsletter has
                                             the Principals, and                                                              gone out, coffee
                                             visibility at community                                                          hours have been
                                             events.                                                                          scheduled.
2.   Involve community in decision making.   2. Create fall survey to       2. School Council.               2. November 1,   2. Drafting the
                                             be sent to all parents,                                         2009.            fall survey at
                                             guardians and staff                                                              the September
                                                                                                                              School Council
3.   Increase volunteerism in the school.    3. Schedule volunteer          3. Building Administration and   3. November 1,   3. Five
                                             trainings throughout the       School Counselor.                2009.            trainings held to
                                             school year.                                                                     date.

District Goal 6: To support improved student achievement by providing sound resource decisions, strong management skills, and a safe and
healthy school environment.

Improvement Objective 1: Maintain adequate plant and facilities.

                 ACTIVITIES                        ACTION PLAN                 PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE           TIME LINE      STATUS
1.   Maintain Safe Playground.                 1. Schedule safety              1. Building Principal, Head of 1. TBD.      1. Ongoing.
                                               inspections twice during        Maintenance.
                                               school year.
2.   Conduct periodic review of physical       2. Schedule safety              2. Building Principal, Head of   2. TBD.    2. Ongoing.
     plant to ensure safety.                   inspections throughout          Maintenance.
                                               school year.
3.   Conduct periodic review of physical       3. Schedule security            3. Building Principal, Head of   3. TBD.    3. Ongoing.
     plan to ensure security.                  inspections throughout          Maintenance.
                                               school year.

Improvement Objective 2: Preparation of budget that meets central office guidelines.

                   ACTIVITIES                      ACTION PLAN                 PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE   TIME LINE              STATUS
1.   Meet budget guidelines as set forth by    1. Prepare budget.              1. Building Principal. 1. TBD.              1. Ongoing.
     central office.
2.   Survey staff to determine budget needs    2. Survey staff prior to        2. Building Principal.           2. TBD.    2. Ongoing.
     necessary to teach curriculum.               budget preparation.
3.   Communicate budget process with           3. TBD.                         3. Superintendent and Building 3. TBD.      3. Ongoing.
     stakeholders.                                                             Principal.

Improvement Objective 3: Use of data to drive decision making.

                  ACTIVITIES                      ACTION PLAN                  PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE  TIME LINE                STATUS
1.   Survey stakeholders for important issues 1. Create, implement,            1. School Council.    1. November 1,        1. September
     to inform school council and building    and collect data from fall                             2009.                 meeting began
     administration.                          survey.                                                                      to draft
2.   Review and revise mission statement.      2. Using the NEASC              2. Building Principal, school    2. TBD.    2. Ongoing.
                                               standard NBES will              staff.
                                               determine core values
                                               and beliefs.
3.   Link decisions to mission statement and   3. Surveys, student             3. Building Principal, school    3. TBD.    3. Ongoing.
     data.                                   work, input from              staff, and community
                                             community.                    members.
4.   Use of communication devices to share   4. Provide information        4. Building Principal.   4. TBD.      4. Sign in sheets
     process.                                through school                                                      are on record in
                                             newsletter, Principal’s                                             the Principal’s
                                             coffee hour, school                                                 office in the
                                             committee, school                                                   evidence box.
                                             council, faculty senate
                                             and faculty meetings.

District Goal 7: To refine and expand technology use and integration at all levels.

Improvement Objective 1: Increase technology use in and out of the classroom.

                  ACTIVITIES                     ACTION PLAN               PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE    TIME LINE       STATUS
1.   Implementation of Smart Board           1. Seek grant                 1. Administrative team. 1. June 30,   1. Grant
     technology in grades 3-6.               opportunities.                                        2010.         application
                                                                                                                 October 2009.


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