Ch 11 Questions by MxF2b1


									Final Exam (Chapters 11 – 16) Prep
Chapter 11 Questions

   1. Why does a technician wear an antistatic wrist strap? 11.2.2

   2. What two dangers exist when working on laser printers? 11.2.3

   3. A user wants to upgrade the video adapter in a computer. What is the first issue the user should
      consider when selecting a newer video adapter? 11.3.5

   4. What is one advantage of a solid state drive? 11.3.6

   5. Refer to the exhibit. ..

       A customer purchased a computer three years ago and needs to add a second hard drive. The
       computer has the internal and external ports listed in the exhibit. Which solution would be the
       best if optimal performance is the deciding factor? 11.3.6

   6. Which external connection technology would a technician choose for a customer who wants to
      connect a device capable of a data transfer rate of 700 Mb/s to a computer? 11.3.7

   7. A technician is helping a customer select additional RAM for a computer. Which two items
      should be considered when updating RAM? 11.4.3

   8. Which would be a reason to update the BIOS of a computer? 11.4.4

   9. A customer requires a computer storage system that uses no more than two drives to provide
      drive redundancy and the highest possible performance. Which type of RAID should the
      technician install? 11.4.5

   10. A technician has been asked to install a second optical drive in a computer. The technician will
       need to configure the drive as slave. How can the technician accomplish this desired
       configuration? 11.4.5

   11. A junior technician finds preventive maintenance very boring and would prefer to fix real
       problems. However, what is the most important reason for the company that the preventive
       maintenance be done? 11.5.1

   12. A technician has been performing routine preventive maintenance on a PC. After maintenance is
       performed and the PC and monitor are turned on, the monitor displays a black screen. The
       technician does a visual inspection and determines that there are two video ports at the back of
   the PC. What possible problem should the technician investigate first? 11.5.3

13. A user is experiencing problems with a new removable external drive. What two checks should a
    technician perform to ensure that a removable external drive will be recognized by a computer?

14. A computer that worked fine yesterday now locks after two hours of use. What is the problem?

15. A computer shows the optical drive under My Computer but fails to read a DVD disc. Which
    three problems could exist? 11.6.2

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