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					   Nazar Muhammedov

+90 5533 777744      Management Professional
skype: nazar.muhammedov   Sales - International Trade - Purchasing - Procurement - SCM - Logistics
linkedin profile          Having over 11 years of extensive experience in Sales, Purchasing, Logistics and Interna-
                          tional Trade Management, in my present position I am responsible for selling special steels
                          to Turkey, Egypt and Gulf Countries. In my previous position I was sourcing material from
                          EMEA Region, particularly from Italy, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, China, Egypt
                          and Poland, where I was traveling to on business for 30% of my working time.

                          Building a solid career utilizing knowledge and experience across purchasing, logistics,
                          international trade, supply chain management and business development. Strive to work in
                          teams within dynamic and merit based organizations.

                          Core Leadership Qualifications
                          • Team Building / Leadership
                          • Staff Training & Development
                          • Risk Management
                          • Market Penetration Strategies
                          • Project Management
                          • New Business Development
                          • Budgeting & Cost Control
                          • Operations Management

                          Professional Experience

                          Country Sales Manager, Turkey, Egypt & Gulf Countries (reporting to
                          Export Director)
                          DSS International SA - Istanbul, Turkey
                          April 2009 - present
                          Managing sales of carbon, alloyed, high-speed, bearing, tool and stainless steels to Turkey,
                          Egypt and Gulf Countries. Secured solid sales through the development of strategic
                          partnership with leading stockholding and trading companies.
+90 5533 777744           Purchasing Coordinator (reporting to CEO), Ramatex Metal A.S. Istanbul,      Turkey      May 2007 - April 2009
skype: nazar.muhammedov   Manage a team of four people in Purchasing Department, meeting and exceeding
linkedin profile          purchasing targets of 70.000 tons per year of carbon, alloyed hot rolled and forged round,
                          square bars bars and blocks, carbon plates and flat bars, stainless steels and tool steels in
                          various shapes.

                          Worked out strategy aimed at rationalizing purchasing volume targets and lead times in
                          respective countries of material supply. In 2007-2008 sourced and contracted key supplying
                          factories in China on a long term basis for purchasing requirements and agreed most favor-
                          able payment terms. Developed close personal relations with factories in China and Egypt
                          which helped me to secure orders form key factories at buying prices (hot rolled round
                          bars) lower than raw material market prices (steel billets). Also negotiated purchasing of
                          new products (seamless pipes) adding to our company product portfolio.

                          Oversea Import Policies of the Company: working out best buying and delivery terms.
                          Due to availability of open cargo vessels in 2007 the orders were purchased on CFR bases.
                          I could foresee the container prices dropped down tremendously in the end of 2007. By the
                          time all orders were changed to FOB bases which allowed us to save $50-$60/ton. Since I
                          had a team in China which I trained and managed controlling production and deliveries I
                          could manage delivery risks and delays well.

                          Project Management: Developing purchasing of special grades and tools, such as tool
                          steels grade 1.2344 ESR EFS in rounds, seamless steel pipes, tools for production of
                          welded pipes, flat bars. Working on project inquiries of OEM customers in automotive sec-
                          tor of Turkey, dealing with Supply Chain management, timely deliveries according to cus-
                          tomer specifications.

                          International Trade Manager (reporting to GM), Akcelik Demir Celik A.S.
                          Istanbul, Turkey
                          January 2006 - May 2007
                          As International Trade Manager in Akcelik I was responsible to develop imports from zero
                          for the stock needs and exports from cold drawing and peeling production lines. Total sales
                          capacity was exceeding 80.000 tons per year.
+90 5533 777744           Purchasing Management: developed key factory for supplies of steel round bars from      Russia and Romania. In the beginning of 2007 developed and secured 10.000t of orders      form Chinese factory. Secured and signed an exclusive contract for supplies to Turkish
skype: nazar.muhammedov   market for the whole year of 2007, which allowed constant satisfaction of stock purchasing
linkedin profile          requirements of imported material.

                          Export Management: developed accounts in Romania and Israel for exports of cold drawn
                          and peeled material from production lines of Akcelik.

                          Logistics and Transportation: Managed end-to-end Imports forcing all orders to be on
                          CFR bases to decrease risks in possible shipping costs change in the beginning and mid
                          2007. This allowed us to avoid losses of apprx $50/t losses due to the shipping price in-
                          crease during several months.

                          Purchasing and Import Manager (reporting to CEO), Hascelik A.S. Istanbul,
                          April 2004 - September 2005
                          With annual sales volumes of steel round bars and seamless steel pipes exceeding $100.000
                          I was managing Import and Purchasing of HASCELIK.

                          Project management: Supervising the whole project accounts life cycle througout its all
                          stages from received enquiries, lead generation and project proposal preparation, to project
                          launch, physical participation in negotiations between clients and material source accounts
                          and step-by-step implementation. Due to favorable price negotiation I could increase pipes
                          import in 2005 from 10.000 to 13.000 tons per year.

                          Managed Import Policy: developed key factory in Russia to satisfy stock orders for hot
                          rolled round bars and the biggest pipes producer in Russia for seamless pipes purchasing
                          requirements. Due to close personal relations I could manage to place orders when the ca-
                          pacity we very limited. Due to close personal relations I could manage to set higher priority
                          for our orders and made sure our pipes orders were delivered on time although factory had
                          late deliveries for other customers in Turkey.

                          Managing Logistics and end-to-end Import operation: following up the whole stage of
                          the order including ports surveys, port handling and vessel chartering.
+90 5533 777744           General Manager (reporting to CEO), Globalink B.V. Transportation and      Logistics Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.      April 2000 - April 2003
skype: nazar.muhammedov   Managed offices in Ashgabat and Turkmenbashi cities. Launched an office in
linkedin profile          Turkmenbashi sea port. Implemented and managed marketing and sales activities
                          throughout Turkmenistan. Promoted from Project Manager to Country Manager. Managed
                          supply-chain project logistics. Operations management.

                          P&O Nedlloyd and Air Cargo dept. (reporting to MD) Manager, M&M
                          Militzer und Munch International Transports. Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
                          September 1997 - January 2000
                          Sales of sea & air shipments, developing new accounts. Operations and Logistics
                          Management of deliveries through Bandar Abbas sea port to Turkmensitan and wise versa.
                          Calculation and Presentation the Shipping Offers.

                          State Institute for Transport and Communications, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
                          Bachelors Degree. 1997

                          Advanced skills in Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and Front Page. Lotus Notes and all
                          major Mac OS applications such as Pages, Numbers, iWeb, Aperture, Keynote etc.

                          English - fluent
                          Turkish - fluent
                          Russian - native

                          Miscellaneous and Hobbies
                          My interests and hobbies are Photography, IT and mobile devic-
                          es. I am male, born in 1976, non smoker.
+90 5533 777744           Recommendations      Are available in my linked-in profile at
skype: nazar.muhammedov
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