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									ENGLISH 1CP                                                             HONORS ASSIGNMENT
TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD                                                   Due: December 15, 2010

DIRECTIONS: Read To Kill a Mockingbird, attend and contribute to book talks, write an essay of at least
two pages, and develop an epilogue for the novel.

Part One - ESSAY:

Use online databases available through www.rbrhs.org. Each database login and password is RBRHS,
except Proquest, which is RBRBUCS.


      Innocence vs. Experience: Which characters are innocent? Which characters are
       experienced? How do you differentiate between the two? Why is this important thematically?

      Gothic novels: What Gothic elements are present in the novel? How have writers discussed
       the Gothic elements of TKAM?

      Symbolism: Focus your essay on a symbol found throughout the novel? How does Harper Lee
       use this symbol to add to her novel?

      The Role of Women: How are women treated in Maycomb? What is Calpurnia’s role in the
       novel? What roles do the other women of Maycomb play?

      The Great Depression: Although Harper Lee wrote the novel in 1960, TKAM takes place in the
       early 1930’s. How do the social statuses of Maycomb citizens represent The Great Depression?

      Topic of your choice: Develop your own topic related to the novel. You must illustrate a clear
       understanding of the novel in order to place your focus on this portion/aspect of the novel.
       Discuss with Mrs. Kanuga before beginning to write. You will be given five bonus points for
       coming up with your own topic.

Part Two - BOOK TALKS:

      Dates: Monday, 12/7; Tuesday, 12/8; Wednesday, 12/9
      You must attend at least two book talks.
      Take notes as you read, focusing specifically on the essay topics above and plot points.
      Develop a timeline chronicling Scout’s development from a child to a young adult. This will help
       you during book talk discussions.

Part Three - EPILOGUE:

      Consider Scout’s life from the beginning of the story to the end.
      Scout is the narrator of the novel and we assume she is an adult telling the story. What
       happened between Scout’s adult years and her debut in the pageant?
      Choose a specific time at least five years after the end of the novel.
      Questions to consider:
       1. What happens to Jem, Scout, Dill, Boo, etc.?
       2. How does the outcome of the trial significantly affect Maycomb?
       3. What adventures do the children encounter? How old are they during these times?
       4. Does Boo’s life change?
      Must be at least three pages in length.

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