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					    March                                                Webelos activity badges: athlete/engineer
                                                                                                  baloo skies

T   his month Cub Scouts will learn how weather affects their lives. Visit a weather
    station and find out what meteorologists are doing to make better weather predic-
tions; or watch the weather on radar via the Internet or on TV. Learn about tempera-
                                                                                          Some of the purposes of Cub
                                                                                          Scouting developed through
ture and barometric pressure, and what makes clouds and rain. Make a rain gauge.          this month’s theme include:
See how the wind affects the land and oceans. Build and fly a kite with your den
                                                                                          • Respectful Relationships.
or pack. Build a tornado in a bottle. Learn what birds do to “weather” the storms.
                                                                                            Respecting the weather at all
Invite a science teacher or meteorologist to come to your pack meeting. Earn the
                                                                                            times is a good lesson for
Cub Scout Academics belt loop and pin for Weather.
                                                                                            Cub Scouts.
                                                                                          • Preparation for Boy Scouts.
PACk PlAnning                                                                               An introduction to the weather
  This month’s pack meeting will feature dens contributing songs, skits, run-ons,           around us helps Cub Scouts
and demonstrations about the weather. A guest speaker could emphasize the impor-            learn to respect the outdoors
tance of respecting the weather and being prepared. This talk will add exciting vari-       as they prepare to become
                                                                                            Boy Scouts.
ety to the pack meeting.
  Appoint the following committees to help with the meeting:                              This theme is designed to pro-
  Decorations Committee. Decorate the room with weather posters and the boys’             mote character development by
experiments.                                                                              emphasizing these core values:
  Program Committee. Coordinate with the guest speaker and find out whether he            • Honesty. Boys learn through
or she needs special equipment. Finalize details on the recognition ceremonies.             den interactions that honesty is
                                                                                            the best policy.
                                                                                          • Resourcefulness. Many
                                                                                            resources surround us; knowing
                                                                                            how to use them well is the key.
                                                                                            Boys will learn how to respect
                                                                                            the weather and resources
                                                                                            around them at all times.

                                                   Pack Meeting
before       the Meeting                     from Cub Scout Ceremonies for Dens         Song
  The program committee should               and Packs.                                   The pack song leader leads “If It’s
arrive early to set up tables for the many   Prayer                                     Raining and You Know It” (Cub Scout
den displays, arrange chairs, and pre-         A predetermined Cub Scout shares the     Songbook).
pare gathering period materials. Sup-        Respect the Weather Prayer (2 MAR).        Den Demonstrations
plies and materials for a guest speaker                                                    Each den presents skits or demon-
need to be placed and arranged.              Icebreaker
                                                An assistant Cubmaster or volunteer     strations on how the weather affects
gAthering                                    leads the Weather Observer Icebreaker      their lives. Scatter the presentations and
   Greeters welcome Cub Scout fami-          (2 MAR). Perform the Rainstorm             demonstrations throughout the pack
lies and direct them to the den dis-         Applause (3 MAR) for everyone who          meeting agenda. Include cheers at the
play area to leave projects and exhibits.    successfully recalled the answers.         end of each den’s performance.
Den chiefs set up games from the Den         Welcome and Introductions                  Game
Chief Handbook and invite Cub Scouts                                                     Play Dress for the Weather Relay (3
                                               The Cubmaster might stand in front
to participate in the activities. Prepare                                               MAR).
                                             of a map of the United States with tem-
name tags in the shape of various types
of weather elements (2 MAR); give one
                                             peratures marked on it, like a weather     Recognition
                                             forecaster. Welcome everyone to the          Conduct the Weather Observations
to each pack member as they arrive.          meeting and thank those who helped         Advancement Ceremony (2 MAR) or
MAin PArt         of the     Meeting         set up. Also thank people who volun-       choose another from Cub Scout Cer-
                                             teered for additional activities during    emonies for Dens and Packs.
Opening Ceremony                             the past month. Introduce guests.
  Use the Four Winds Opening Cer-
emony (2 MAR) or choose another

1 MAR 07
   Make announcements brief. Use a                                  Cubmaster Corner
monthly newsletter to eliminate lengthy
details at the pack meeting. This is a        bAloo trAining             And the        PACk overnighter
time for reminders of upcoming events            The pack overnighter can be a highlight in the annual program for boys and
                                              parents. It’s an opportunity for all pack members to interact on a relaxed, enjoy-
and to verify plans for attending day
                                              able basis. The first step for planning this activity is to have the individual who
camp and resident camp. Share plans
                                              will give leadership to this program complete BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor
for the next pack meeting so that fami-       Orientation) training offered by your district or council training team. As Cubmas-
lies can plan ahead.                          ter, you may take part in the planning, and certainly the event. Take care that
Cubmaster’s Minute                            • The camping facility is secured in advance. File the proper tour permit and site
   Share the Weather Control Cubmas-             approval forms.
                                              • Plenty of fun outdoor activities are planned.
ter’s Minute (3 MAR).
                                              • Adequate programming is available for siblings of Cub Scouts.
Closing                                       • All pack families have the opportunity to attend.
  Conduct the Colors of a Rainbow                Some families may not have proper or adequate camping gear. Be sure to
Closing Ceremony (3 MAR) or choose            identify, possibly through your local Boy Scout troop, someone who might lend a
another from Cub Scout Ceremonies for         family some supplies such as tents and stoves. Your district roundtable person-
Dens and Packs.                               nel may be of assistance for places to rent objects.
                                                 Above all, as Cubmaster have fun getting to know the pack families. Relax and
                                              have a great time!

                              Ceremonies, Games, Songs, Stunts
nAMe tAgs                                    oPening CereMony:                            AdvAnCeMent CereMony:
   Name tags are important to encour-        four Winds                                   WeAther observAtions
age all pack members to get to know             CUBMASTER (holding arms straight             Personnel: Cubmaster acts as if he is a
each other better. Calling a new friend      in front): To our Father, the Great          weather forecaster.
by name is the first step. Cut out shapes    Spirit, (extends arms upward), who has          Materials: Helium balloons for each
of weather objects, such as a rain drop,     given us so many blessings.                  rank that receives awards; cutouts of
clouds, a shining sun, a tornado, snow-         To our Mother, the Earth (extends         raindrops, snowflakes, and shining sun
flakes. The selected shape may be drawn      arms downward), who has given us the            Arrangement: Tie balloons to weather
on construction paper or computer-           rich harvest.                                table before the meeting begins. Awards
generated; if using a computer, print           To the North Wind (extends arms           are in a paper basket under each balloon.
onto cardstock for a sturdier name tag.      toward the North), with its cold breath         CUBMASTER: Well, folks, it’s time to
iCebreAker:                                  of winter teaches us to endure.              get the reports from high above Earth.
                                                To the East Wind (extends arms            (Calls forward boys who will receive the
WeAther observer                             toward the East), from the land of the       Bobcat badge. One boy slowly pulls bal-
   The leader gives a three-minute           rising sun, sending the morning light        loon down to the Cubmaster.)
weather report on weather activity           across the plains.                              CUBMASTER: Looks like some boys
around the country—snow in the Rock-            To the South Wind (extends arms           had a rainstorm up there, but they
ies, tornadoes in Oklahoma, muggy hot        toward the South), and warm sunshine.        worked hard and earned the following
weather in Florida, rain in Pennsyl-            To the West Wind (extends arms            awards. (Reaches in basket and pulls out
vania, clouds in Maine, mudslides in         toward the West), from the land of the       Bobcat badges attached to raindrops.)
California, etc.                             tall mountains.                              (Repeats with the ranks of Tiger Cub,
   While giving the report, the leader          I now declare this pack meeting open.     Wolf, and Bear. Awards may be attached
mops his or her brow, buttons his or her     Please join us in saying the Pledge of       to different weather-related pictures.)
shirt, scratches an ankle, rubs his or her   Allegiance.                                     (Calls forward Webelos Scouts receiv-
chest, and does other unrelated things.                                                   ing awards. One Webelos Scout pulls
At the end of the forecast, boys (with       PrAyer: resPeCt                              down the last balloon. Awards are on
the help of their parents) are asked to      the WeAther                                  sunbeams.)
write down not what the forecast was            As we gather this evening as a pack,         CUBMASTER: As our Webelos Scouts
but what the leader did during the           we hope to remember to always be             work to earn the Arrow of Light Award
report and the order in which he or she      respectful and prepared for any weather      with its seven rays of the sun, we see
did them.                                    situation, and to always be safe with        that they spread sunshine in every direc-
                                             people we love. Amen.                        tion, too. Congratulations to all our fine
                                                                                          Webelos Scouts who work hard.
                                                                                                                          2 MAR 07
Cloud gAMe                                   have little control over the weather—we        Weather Satellite Cheer. Move right
  Materials: 20 to 30 cotton balls,          just adjust to what nature brings us.        hand around in a circle over your head,
spoon, blindfold, shallow bowl               But we do have control over what we          opening and closing fist while saying in
  Boys sit in a circle on the floor around   bring to other people. We can bring          a high voice, “Gleep-gleep, gleep-gleep.”
the bowl. Blindfold one Cub Scout and        people sadness and hurt feelings with          Ice Cube Cheer. Pretend to hold up
hand him the spoon. Scatter the cotton       our mean words, or we can make peo-          an ice cube, Say, “Coool . . .”
                                             ple happy with kind words. Although
balls all around the bowl. Time him for
                                             we can’t control the weather, we can         run-on
30 seconds to see how many cotton balls                                                     CUB SCOUT 1 (running onstage
he can spoon into the bowl. He can’t feel    control the kinds of words we use when
                                                                                          shouting): It’s all around me, it’s all
around with his free hand or the back of     we talk to each other.
                                                                                          around me.
his spoon hand. Because the cotton balls     Closing CereMony:                              CUB SCOUT 2: What’s all around
are so light, he won’t have any idea how
many he has collected until the blind-       Colors of A rAinboW                          you?
                                               Materials: Boys hold a banner of a           CUB SCOUT 1: The air … it’s all
fold comes off and you count.                                                             around me.
                                             rainbow and take turns reading lines.
gAMe: dress for             the                You can find the colors of a rainbow         CUB SCOUT 2 walks offstage shaking
                                                                                          his head.
WeAther relAy                                in our pack.
  Setup: Six chairs for each den (or two       Red is the color of the Wolf badge.        AudienCe PArtiCiPAtion:
                                               Orange is the Tiger Cub color.
dens), spread out over as long a distance
                                               Yellow is the color of the Arrow of        WeAther tAlk
as you can in your pack meeting place                                                       Divide the audience into group and
  Materials: Two each of snowsuit, boots,    Light.
                                                                                          assign each one a part to shout out
hat, and mittens (for winter); raincoat,       Green is the color of the Bear badge.
                                                                                          when the corresponding word is read.
galoshes, and umbrella (spring); and           Blue is found in the Webelos badge.
                                                                                            Rain: “Drip, drop!”
colorful swim trunks or shorts, baseball       Indigo, or dark blue, is the color of
                                                                                            Sun: “Keep on shining!”
hat, and sunglasses (summer)                 our uniform.
                                                                                            Clouds: “Flying high!”
  Divide the dens into two teams; line         Violet is the color of the World Crest
                                                                                            Wind: “Who-o-o-osh!”
up half of each team at each end of their    we wear on our uniform.
                                                                                            People (all groups): “That’s us!”
row of chairs. Have boys remove their          Cub Scouting is a rainbow of colors
                                                                                            One day the SUN had a talk with the
shoes so they are in their stocking feet.    representing the best of everything!
                                                                                          CLOUDS and the WIND. PEOPLE were
Put the winter gear on the first chair,      APPlAuses                                    complaining because the CLOUDS kept
then an empty chair, spring gear on the         Rainstorm. Start by gently patting        covering up the rays of the SUN. The
third chair, then an empty chair, sum-       knees alternately to simulate light rain.    WIND started blowing the CLOUDS.
mer clothes on the fifth chair, then an      Increase the noise by patting harder and     The CLOUDS starting bumping
empty chair.                                 harder. Then switch to clapping, begin-      together, creating a RAIN storm. The
  The first Cub Scout on the winter          ning slowly and increasing to a heavy        RAIN fell hard all day and all night. The
end runs to the chair, puts on all the       rainstorm. Then gradually decrease the       next day the CLOUDS, the WIND, and
clothes, runs to the second chair and        hand clapping and finally return to pat-     the SUN were all happy that the RAIN
takes it off, runs to the spring chair,      ting the knees softer and softer until the   was gone, and the WIND blew the
puts all the raingear on, then runs to       storm is over.                               CLOUDS away. The SUN shone brightly
the next chair and takes it off. Then he        Frozen Cheer. Wrap your arms              and all the PEOPLE were happy.
runs to the summer chair, takes off his      around yourself and say, “B-r-r-r-r-r.”
socks so he is barefoot, put the shorts
over his uniform and puts on the rest
of the clothes, runs to the last chair and
removes it all, puts on his socks and                                 What Is Weather?
runs to the first team member on that            Weather is the state of the atmosphere with regard to temperature, cloudiness,
end. The next Cub Scout travels the line      humidity, and storminess (wind and rain). Temperature is the degree of heat in
of chairs doing the same things, only in      the air. The tilt of the Earth toward the sun affects temperature: When the Earth’s
reverse order.                                axis is tilted toward the sun, the days are long, the sun rises high in the sky, and
                                              temperatures are warmer. When the Earth’s axis is tilted away from the sun, the
CubMAster’s Minute:                           days are short, the sun is low in the sky, and temperatures get colder.
WeAther Control                                  Precipitation is crystals or drops that fall from clouds to the ground in forms
   We often hear that no one can do           such as rain and snow. Wind is the air in movement. Clouds are formed by parti-
anything about the weather, and that is       cles of water or ice suspended in air. Humidity means the amount of water vapor
                                              in the air. Air pressure is the amount of force of air over an area. Low pressure
probably true. Except for some attempts
                                              usually means a storm is coming, and as the skies clear, pressure rises.
at “cloud seeding” to make it rain, we

3 MAR 07
                         March Pack Program Page: Baloo Skies
ACAdeMiCs And                               Hands-on projects help Cub Scouts             Finalize the assortment of decora-
                                            realize that everyone can do things to     tions boys made this month to add to
sPorts ProgrAM                              care for the environment. Suggested        the fun of the pack meeting. Arrange to
Academics                                   projects:                                  have them dropped off at the meeting
  Weather. Watching a weather fore-         • Plant grasses, trees, shrubs, and        place ahead of time.
cast on television is one of the require-     groundcover to stop soil erosion.           Find out whether any special guest
ments for the Weather Academics belt        • As a den or pack, adopt a park or        have needs for tables, chairs, electrical
loop, as is making a poster that explains     favorite neighborhood recreation         outlets, a speaker system, etc.
the water cycle. Boys’ posters could be       area, removing litter.                      Review all den contributions so that
informative additions to the pack meet-     • Organize or participate in a recycling   they can be arranged for a fun evening
ing place this month.                         program in your neighborhood or          of entertainment. Add extra applauses
                                              visit a recycling center.                and run-ons between songs and skits.
                                                                                       Weather is a magical happening; perhaps
   Baseball. Spring is around the cor-      bsA resourCes                              there is an amateur magician who would
ner, and so is recruiting season for
baseball. Boys will enjoy the fun of
                                            highlight                                  be willing to share his or her talent.
                                              Advancement Charts. Use the differ-         The pack trainer leads the group in
learning the ways and strategies of this
                                            ent program level advancement charts       unit leadership enhancement 14, “Pro-
all-American sport.
                                            as a tool at your den meeting place.       gram Evaluation.” This is an opportunity
fAMily ACtivity                             Boys can record their advancement for      to evaluate the condition and status
  Encourage families to choose an           everyone to see. This can help moti-       of the pack. Review past activities for
activity from the “Being Prepared”          vate both boys and parents to work on      effectiveness, use of volunteer help, and
section in Cub Scouting’s BSA Family        advancement.                               boy fun. Also evaluate whether all pack
Activity Book. The activities will help                                                members are getting information about
boys explore how to be prepared for                                                    events and activities in a timely manner.
any emergency, including those related
to weather. Have Cub Scout help pur-                                                   looking AheAd
                                                                                          Start implementing plans for upcom-
chase supplies and assemble a home
                                                                                       ing day camps and Cub Scout and
survival kit.
                                                                                       Webelos Scout resident camps.
did you knoW?                                                                             Discuss special arrangements for the
                                                                                       pack’s end-of-year transition ceremony.
World Conservation Award
                                                                                          Make plans for spring recruiting of
  This is an
                                                                                       new Tiger Cub dens.
award that all
                                                                                          Now is the time for final prepara-
Cub Scouts can
                                                                                       tions for a pack overnighter campout,
earn. Each age
                                                                                       directed by an adult who has completed
group has dif-
                                                                                       BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor
ferent require-
                                                                                       Orientation) training.
ments to earn
the      “panda                                                                        outdoor ideAs
patch.” Boys discover information that
                                                                                       for everyone
helps them be more environmentally
                                                                                          Tiger Cubs. Visit a local weather station.
aware as they explore the world around
                                                                                          Wolf Cub Scouts. Wolf Cub Scouts
them. This is the time to plan a den or
                                                                                       will have great fun making and flying a
pack conservation project so that all
                                                                                       kite in a safe open area.
boys can have the opportunity to com-
                                                                                          Bear Cub Scouts. Explore the weather
plete this award.
                                                                                       during a hike in the woods.
good turn        for AMeriCA                PACk leAders’                                 Webelos Scouts. Explore cold weather
  Cub Scout conservation                    PlAnning Meeting                           gear for camping (sleeping bags for
projects should involve                       Pack leaders meet one to two weeks       lower temperatures, using noncotton
the entire Cub Scout                        before the pack meeting to finalize        clothes, weatherproof boots, etc.).
pack—dens, adult lead-                      details of this month’s meeting.
ers, and family members.

                                                                                                                          4 MAR 07
                           Baloo Skies: Tiger Cub Den Meetings
                                Each Tiger Cub and his adult partner should attend all meetings as a team.
                                            Dens may meet in the evenings or on weekends.

   WHEN                 FIRST WEEK                    SECOND WEEK                      THIRD WEEK                     FOURTH WEEK

                               The Tiger Cub den leader shares leadership with a Tiger Cub adult partner.
                            This team should review plans before each meeting and check equipment needed.

BEFORE THE Have materials for Rain      Have U.S. flag, materials for Call the Go See It destination If needed, host team writes a
MEETING    Sticks (6 MAR) and bird gar- Bubbles Wands (6 MAR) and to confirm arrangements,           thank-you note to the desti-
STARTS     lands (Elective 32).         Homemade Bubble Solution times, fees, etc.                   nation of the Go See It.
                                        (6 MAR), weather wheel for
                                        Wacky Weather (6 MAR).

                                                      Den leader may collect dues.
                      Den leader checks boys’ books for completed advancement requirements and records them on
                        Den Advancement Chart. Boys record own advancement on den doodle, if den has one.

GATHERING       Play Shadow Tag (6 MAR)         Use bubble solution to blow
                outdoors.                       bubbles outside with vari-
                                                ous Bubble Wands. Observe
                                                how the wind makes bubbles
                                                move and what direction
                                                the wind is blowing. Catch
                                                bubbles on a paper plate and
                                                count how many each boy

OPENING         As the den meeting host calls Recite the Pledge of Alle-           GO SEE IT: Visit a radio
                roll, each Tiger Cub team     giance. Tiger Cubs take turns        or TV station and learn
                responds with a loud roar.    repeating the Cub Scout            about how they forecast the
                                              motto.                              weather (Achievement 4G)

                                                                                             OR                  Participate in the monthly
SHARE           Ask Tiger Cubs to share what    Tiger Cubs and their adult                                        pack meeting by sharing
                their favorite weather is and   partners share stories about a                                     Rain Sticks, “What Do
                why. Briefly discuss good       time when they were caught              Visit a park.            Birds Do in the Rain?” skit,
                things about different kinds    in bad weather and how they                                      and information about the
                of weather.                     felt.                            At the end of the trip, lead          den’s Go See It.
                                                                                 a reflecting discussion with
DISCOVER        Start Rain Sticks. Practice     Finish Rain Sticks. Play           boys and adult partners       Tiger Cubs and adult part-
                “What Do Birds Do in the        Wacky Weather. Practice the           about their outing.       ners sign the thank-you note.
                Rain?” skit (6 MAR). Make       skit for the pack meeting.
                garlands to feed birds (Tiger                                       A totem bead may be
                Cub Handbook.)                                                     presented for participa-
                                                                                 tion in and completion of
                                                                                      Achievement 4G.
SEARCH          Briefly discuss weather fore-   Finalize plans for next week’s
                cast programs on TV and         Go See It.
                radio. Plan a Go See It to a
                radio station.

CLOSING         Do Closing Prayers (6           Sing “If It’s Raining and You
                MAR).                           Know It” (Cub Scout Song-

                                        This month’s shared leadership team reviews the meeting.
        The den leader should meet briefly with the Tiger Cub and adult partner who will share leadership at the next den meeting.

AFTER THE       Den leader files tour permit    Talk to Tiger Cub team in     Den leader fills out den          Den leader mails the thank-
MEETING         with local council service      charge of next month. Offer advancement report for the          you note.
                center for Go See It.           resources or ideas as needed. pack leaders’ meeting.

                                     CHECK WITH YOUR PACK TRAINER OR CUBMASTER

5 MAR 07
                                           Tiger Cub Den Activities
     This month Tiger Cubs and their adult partners are going to have fun pretending they are in different kinds of weather.
  The Go See It may be to a radio or TV station to learn about their weather program. The den may elect to go to a park to fly
  homemade kites. While at the park Tiger Cubs and their families can watch the weather (Achievement 5F). They can also
  look at cloud shapes and make up stories about them. This is a good time for Tiger Cubs to start working on the require-
  ments for the Weather belt loop with their adult partners. The Tiger Cub and his adult partner might take a short walk in the
  rain. Encourage them to see how animals and birds act in the rain. Tiger Cub families can make bird feeders (Elective 32)
  so that birds will always have food regardless of the weather.

hoMe-MAde                                        What do tigers do in the rain? They go     gAMes
                                               inside and have a den meeting!
bubble solution                                  (Tiger Cubs run away; the adult part-      Wacky Weather
   Materials: Water, 5 T. sugar, 1 t. dish-    ners stand up, open umbrellas, and follow
washing liquid                                 the boys.)
   Heat 1 C. water and the sugar in a
microwave oven until the sugar is dis-         rAin stiCk
solved (approximately 1 minute). Care-           Materials: Cardboard tube (wrapping
fully remove and add the dishwashing           paper tube or mailing tube), aluminum
liquid. This solution creates more “sta-       foil, unpopped popcorn or dry rice,
ble” bubbles that don’t break as easily        brown paper (grocery bag), glue, scissors,
and last longer.                               crayons or markers, construction paper
bubble WAnds
   Create bubble wands from lots of dif-
ferent objects. The key is making sure
that the opening is large enough to lay
                                                                                              Prepare a weather wheel spinner
in the bubble solution. Suggestions:
                                                                                            ahead of time from tag board and a
• Take a supple twig and tie or tape it
                                                                                            brad fastener. Divide the den into two
   together to make a loop.
                                                                                            teams. Teams take turns spinning the
• Plastic berry baskets with the many
                                                                                            weather wheel. When the wheel stops,
   holes create a large quantity of bubbles.
                                                                                            boys act as if they are in the weather
• Plastic cookie cutters
                                                                                            indicated on the wheel. Encourage them
   Dip your wand into the bubble solu-
                                                                                            to be creative and dramatic. If the topic
tion, raise it gently, and blow gently            Cut a piece of construction paper         repeats, they can spin again.
through the hole.                              to fit around the tube. Glue paper to
                                                                                            Shadow Tag
skit: WhAt do birds                            the tube, holding in place with rubber
                                                                                               This game is best played outdoors in
                                               bands until dry. Trace around the end
do in the rAin?                                of the tube onto a piece of brown paper
                                                                                            the sun, but you can play it anywhere as
   Props: Rain Sticks (see below),                                                          long as there are shadows. “It” tries to
                                               (or construction paper). Draw a bigger
umbrellas                                                                                   step on the shadow of another player.
                                               circle around that circle and then draw
   Divide the den into those asking                                                         The one whose shadow is stepped on
                                               a lot of spokes between the two circles.
questions and those giving answers. (Or                                                     becomes “It.” Players can make their
                                               Cut along the spokes, Put glue on the
have the adult partners ask the ques-                                                       shadow smaller by squatting or can
                                               spokes and glue the cap onto one end
tions and the Tiger Cubs answer.) Tiger                                                     obscure their shadow by going into the
                                               of your tube.
Cubs can make rain sounds with their                                                        shadow of a tree or a building. Players
                                                  Cut a piece of aluminum foil that
Rain Sticks.                                                                                must keep moving.
                                               is about one and one-half times the
   What do birds do in the rain? They
hide in trees.
                                               length of your tube and about 6 in.          Closing PrAyers
                                               wide. Crunch the aluminum foil into a          Each Tiger Cub team gives thanks for
   What do dogs do in the rain? They
                                               long, thin, snakelike shape. Then twist      one thing that is related to the weather.
stay in the doghouse.
                                               the foil into a spring shape. Put the alu-   For example:
   What do rabbits do in the rain? They
                                               minum foil spring into your tube. Pour         We give thanks for the sunshine. It
curl up in their burrow.
                                               ¼ C. rice or popcorn into your tube.         makes everything bright.
   What do lizards do in the rain? They
                                               Make another cap from brown paper              We give thanks for the rain. It helps
go under a rock.
                                               and cap your tube. Decorate as desired.      plants grow.
   What do fish do in the rain? I don’t
                                                  Turn rainsticks up and down slowly          We give thanks for the rainbow. It is
think they’ll notice.
                                               and listen to the sound of rain.             so pretty to look at.
                                                                                                                            6 MAR 07
                               Baloo Skies: Wolf Den Meetings
                                    Dens may meet after school, in the evenings, or on weekends.
                                      Review the theme pages before planning den meetings.

   WHEN              FIRST WEEK                     SECOND WEEK                       THIRD WEEK                     FOURTH WEEK

                 Den leader, den chief, and denner review plans before each meeting and check equipment needed.

BEFORE THE Prepare Weather Jokes (8           Have materials for Pie-Tin       Call the destination of your Have materials for writing
MEETING    MAR) to hand out to boys;          Washer Toss (Elective 4a),       field trip to confirm arrange- notes, for Tornado in a Bottle
STARTS     have materials for Weather         Create-a-Song templates for      ments, times, fees, etc.       (8 MAR), and for Hail Storm
           Observation Charts (8 MAR)         boys (8 MAR), materials for                                     (8 MAR).
           and Puddle Jumpers (Elec-          Clothesline Relay (8 MAR),
           tive 7b).                          U.S. flag.

                                                        Den leader collects dues

WHILE CUB    Have boys look at the            Collect permission slips.                                        If needed, boys make a
SCOUTS       Weather Jokes for use at the     Hand out Create-a-Song                                           thank-you note to send to
GATHER       pack meeting.                    templates and ask boys to          Collect permission slips.     the TV or radio station they
                                              write their own song.                                            visited last week. Play Hail
                                                                                 Review the importance of
OPENING      Cub Scouts form a Living         Denner leads the boys in the       following directions dur-     The den chief or den leader
             Circle and recite the Cub        Pledge of Allegiance.             ing the trip and encourage     conducts an informal uni-
             Scout Promise.                                                     thoughtful questions from      form inspection. The denner
                                                                                        Cub Scouts.            leads the den yell.

                    Den leader checks boys’ books for completed achievements and electives and records them on
                      Den Advancement Charts. Boys record own advancement on den doodle, if den has one.

BUSINESS     Discuss the “Baloo Skies”        Talk to boys about proper                                        Discuss final preparation for
ITEMS        theme. Boys select Weather       behavior for next week’s field                                   the pack meeting. Practice
             Jokes to perform at the pack     trip. Complete the Character                                     Weather Jokes boys have
             meeting. If they wish to find    Connection on Responsibil-                                       chosen to use in a skit at the
             a new joke to use, tell them     ity (Achievement 9a). Practice                                   pack meeting.
             to bring it to next week’s den   the song boys wrote during         Visit a local TV or radio
             meeting for approval.            the gathering.                    station to learn about how
                                                                                 weather is forecasted and
ACTIVITY     Each boy makes a Weather         Talk about various types of                 reported          Boys share their Weather
             Observation Chart to take        weather instruments. Have                                     Observation Charts and
             home and track the weather.      boys make a Rain Gauge                        OR              review what they observed.
             Make Puddle Jumpers and          (Cub Scout Leader How-To                                      Make a Tornado in a Bottle.
             play Stay Out of the Puddles     Book) or make kites (Elective                                 Whirl the bottle and time
             (8 MAR).                         5). Play Clothesline Relay.       Have a kite-flying outing   how long it takes the water
                                                                               using the kites boys made at to move from one end to the
                                                                                 last week’s den meeting.   other.

CLOSING      Sing “I Hear Thunder” (8         Form a brotherhood circle         At the end of the trip, lead   Denner leads the boys in
             MAR; Elective 11c). Send         with arms around each             a reflecting discussion with   the Law of the Pack. Ask the
             home permission slips for        other’s shoulders. Lead the         boys about their outing.     boys to observe a moment of
             field trip during the third      Scout benediction in repeat-                                     reverence.
             week.                            after-me fashion: “And now,
                                              may the great Master of all
                                              Scouts be with us till we
                                              meet again.”

                                             Denner supervises putting away equipment.
                    Den leader, den chief, and denner review the meeting and check details for the next meeting.

AFTER THE    Den leader files local tour                                       Den leader fills out den        Den leader mails thank-you
MEETING      permit with council service                                       advancement report for the      note.
             center for third week field                                       pack leaders’ meeting.

                                  CHECK WITH YOUR PACK TRAINER OR CUBMASTER

7 MAR 07
                                             Wolf Den Activities
    Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot, we’ll weather the weather whatever the weather, whether
  we like it or not! Try that rhyme out on your Cub Scouts as an introduction to the weather information they will explore this
  month. Making ways to record the weather and ways to create their own whirlpool or tornado will encourage boys to be
  aware of the weather around them.
    Encourage Cub Scout families to work on additional achievements and electives that support this theme such as:
  • Achievement 7e, “Your Living World”: As boys are noticing the weather’s effects on their world, this is a good opportunity
    to also discuss how people protect our world.
  • Elective 3d, “Make It Yourself”: Make a door stop to hold a door in place on windy spring days.

CreAte-A-song:                               Balls that bounce out of the bucket             a tornado.) The vortex makes it easier
                                             don’t count. Keep track of who gets the         for air to get into the top bottle, mak-
WhAtever the WeAther                         most in the bucket. Sing “Hail, Hail the        ing it easier for water to pour into the
   Use the template below to create the      Gang’s All Here” (Cub Scout Songbook)           bottom bottle. You can see the hole in
rough draft of your song.                    in recognition of the high scorer.              the middle of the vortex through which
Tune: Are You Sleeping?                                                                      the air moves.
What’s the weather? What’s the weather?      Fluffy Cloud Relay
It is ______ (temperature description),        Divide into relay teams. The first            WeAther observAtion
                                             player on each team gets a pillow in a
It is ______ (another description).
                                             pillowcase. On a signal, he removes the
We will wear ___________ (clothing),                                                           Each boy prepares his own chart, to
We will eat/drink ______ (food/drink),       pillow from the pillowcase, and then
                                                                                             include a legend to describe each day’s
Then we’ll _________ (activity),             puts it back in. He passes it to the next
                                                                                             weather. Tell boys to record the weather
Then we’ll _________ (activity).             boy in line, who does the same. Play
                                                                                             about the same time each day for the
                                             continues until both teams have com-
song: i heAr thunder                         pleted the relay.
                                                                                             rest of the month. Show the charts at
Tune: Are You Sleeping                                                                       the pack meeting.
I hear thunder, I hear thunder,              Clothesline Relay
Can you, too? Can you, too?                     Materials: Clothesline (or rope to
Pitter, patter, raindrops,                   string between two trees); clothespins
Pitter, patter, raindrops.                   and small hand towels for each team,
I’m wet through, SO ARE YOU!                 stacked beneath the clothesline
                                                Line boys up in two teams, relay style.
WeAther Jokes                                On a signal, the first boy on each team
   What did the one tornado say to the       runs to hang one towel on the line. He
other? Let’s twist again like we did last    runs back and tags the next team mem-
summer.                                      ber, who hangs the second towel. When
   What’s the difference between             all the towels have been hung, team
weather and climate? You can’t weather       members begin removing towels. The              WeAthering        the   WeAther
a tree, but you can climate.                 object is to be the first team to finish get-      The “Baloo Skies” theme presents
   What do you call it when it rains         ting the laundry inside before it rains!        numerous opportunities for discussion
chicken and ducks? Foul (fowl) weather.
                                             tornAdo        in A    bottle                   on how to respond to weather-related
gAMes                                           Materials: Two empty plas-                   situations:
                                             tic soda bottles, water, tape                      Achievement 2c: What is the proper
Stay Out of the Puddles                                                                      procedure for displaying the flag in
   Equipment: Puddle jumpers (Elective          Fill one bottle ¾ full with
                                             water. Tape the other bottle on                 rainy weather?
7b), requiring tin cans and rope
                                             top of the one with water in it.                   Achievement 7f: How can you help
   Using boxes, rope, or other items,
                                             Make sure the spouts are lined                  conserve home energy use in hot and
outline a path for boys to maneuver
                                             up. Turn the bottles over so                    cold weather?
while walking with puddle jumpers.
                                             that the one with water is on                      Elective 16a: Develop a home and den
The goal is to make it “home” without
                                             the top. See how the water has                  meeting plan for the safest place to go
falling off the puddle jumpers and into
                                             a hard time going down.                         if severe weather threatens. Conduct a
the “mud.”
                                                To make the water go down                    practice drill.
Hail Storm                                   into the other bottle, swirl the                   Elective 20b: Discuss precautions to
  Materials: Buckets, table tennis balls     bottles quickly in a circular motion.           take when caught on a lake in a boat
  Each boy in turn gets five table tennis    This creates a vortex. (A vortex in air is      during a storm.
balls (hailstones) to throw into a bucket.
                                                                                                                            8 MAR 07
                            Baloo Skies: Bear Den Meetings
                                 Dens may meet after school, in the evenings, or on weekends.
                                   Review the theme pages before planning den meetings.

     WHEN           FIRST WEEK                      SECOND WEEK                      THIRD WEEK                    FOURTH WEEK

             Den leader, den chief, and denner review plans before each meeting and check equipment needed.

BEFORE THE   Have materials for Make a         Have materials for Ane-        Call the destination of         Denner writes a thank-you
MEETING      Rainbow and Rain Gauges           mometers (Cub Scout Leader     your field trip to confirm      note to last week’s destina-
STARTS       (Cub Scout Leader How-To          How-To Book), pictures for     arrangements, times, fees,      tion. Have Weather Terms
             Book), and Weather Obser-         identifying clouds.            etc.                            cards (10 MAR), ropes,
             vation Charts (8 MAR);                                                                           poster board, supplies for
             have U.S. flag, and ther-                                                                        Weather Vane (Elective 2b)
             mometer.                                                                                         and Water Cycle Observa-
                                                                                                              tions (10 MAR).

                                                      Den leader collects dues

WHILE CUB    Den chief demonstrates            Collect permission slips.                                      Boys sign thank-you note.
SCOUTS       Make a Rainbow.                   Den chief teaches the boys                                     Play Weather Terms.
GATHER                                         the song “Clouds” (10
                                                                                 Collect permission slips.
OPENING      Denner leads opening flag         Denner leads Cub Scout                                         Denner leads Pledge of Alle-
             ceremony.                         Promise.                                                       giance. Learn the Rainstorm
                                                                                                              Applause (Group Meeting

                Den leader checks boys’ books for completed achievements and electives and records them on
                  Den Advancement Charts. Boys record own advancement on den doodle, if den has one.

BUSINESS     Discuss how weather affects       Compare and talk about                                         Conduct Water Cycle
ITEMS        us. Explain how thermom-          boys’ home temperature                                         Observations and make
             eters work and ask boys           observations. Discuss what a                                   water cycle posters (Weather
             to check the temperature          barometer does. Talk about                                     belt loop requirement 1). The
             at home each day (Elective        weather disaster planning in                                   weather also affects animals;
             2a) and watch a weather           your community. Conduct                                        make bird posters Achieve-
             forecast on TV (Weather           the Character Connection                                       ment 5a).
             belt loop requirement 3).         on Courage (Achievement
             Make Weather Observation          11g).
             Charts. Ask boys to learn                                          Visit a local office of the
             about barometers for next                                         National Weather Service
             week (Elective 2d).                                                 or local meteorologist.
                                                                              (Weather pin requirement 6).
ACTIVITY     Make Rain Gauges (Elec-           Make Anemometers. Create a                                  Make Weather Vanes. Play
             tive 2c).                         game that has boys matching At the end of the trip, lead Big Wind Blows (10 MAR).
                                               pictures of clouds to the cor- a reflecting discussion with
                                               rect cloud type (Elective 2e).   boys about their outing.
CLOSING      Denner leads boys in taking       Boys stand in a circle. Tell                                   Den chief leads Friendship
             down and folding the flag.        boys that Cub Scouts do                                        Circle (Den Chief Handbook
             Remind boys to watch the          their best when they stay                                      or Cub Scout Leader How-To
             weather forecast on TV each       aware of the weather and                                       Book).
             day for two weeks (Elective       prepare for weather changes.
             2f). Send home permission         Do the Handshake Closing
             slips for field trip during the   (Cub Scout Ceremonies for
             third week.                       Dens and Packs).

                                         Denner supervises putting away equipment.
                Den leader, den chief, and denner review the meeting and check details for the next meeting.

AFTER THE    Den leader files local tour                                      Den leader fills out den        Den leader mails thank-you
MEETING      permit with council service                                      advancement report for the      note
             center for third week field                                      pack leaders’ meeting.

                               CHECK WITH YOUR PACK TRAINER OR CUBMASTER

9 MAR 07
                                             Bear Den Activities
    Rain or snow, stay or go—the weather affects everything we do and how we get around. Boys will learn about weather
  and how it is measured. Elective 2 focuses on identifying clouds, learning about weather instruments, and building weather
  instruments so the boys can continue their observances long after the end of the month. The Cub Scout Academics and
  Sports Program Guide will be a helpful resource for this month’s activities.
    Encourage Cub Scout families to work on additional achievements and electives that support this theme such as:
  • Achievements 4a–c, “Tall Tales”: Boys can learn about folk heroes including Pecos Bill who rode a cyclone; Buffalo Bill Cody
    who rode through blizzards, floods, and deserts for the Pony Express; and Febold Feboldson, fogcutter of the Nebraska plains.
  • Achievement 5a, “Sharing Your World with Wildlife”: Learn about how different animals cope with weather changes such
    as extreme cold or heat. Do they hibernate, migrate, or use camouflage?
  • Elective 2a, 2b, 2f, “Weather”: Scout families can keep track of the weather at home for two weeks by recording the wind
    direction with the weather vane they made as a den; watching or listening to weather forecasts and determining their
    accuracy; and keeping track of the outside temperature.

WeAther terMs                                   Condensation. Using oven mitts,            and says “The big wind blows …” Then
   Cut the following into strips and give    hold the cold cardboard horizontally          he must add a description of something
one strip to each boy as they enter. Boy     over a steaming pan or boiling teakettle      true about himself, such as, “The big
finds the Cub Scout who has the match-       until water droplets form on the bot-         wind blows everyone who has blue eyes.”
ing definition to his word or vice versa.    tom of the cardboard.                         Everyone who has blue eyes, including
   Precipitation. Quantity of water depos-      Precipitation. Allow the water drop-       the wind, must stand up and run across
ited by rain, sleet, snow, hail, or mist     lets to fall back into a pan or teakettle.    the circle to a position that is now empty
                                                                                           on the other side. Upon reaching that
   Weather. State of the atmosphere          skit: identifying Clouds                      spot, they sit down. One person will be
with respect to temperature, wetness            Materials: Drawing or photo of
(humidity), storminess, and cloudiness                                                     left over; he is now the wind and the
                                             each type of cloud with boys’ lines on
   Humidity. How damp the air is                                                           game continues. There is no winner or
                                             the back
   Temperature. The measured degree                                                        loser, just a lot of fun.
                                                CUB SCOUT 1: Clouds are little drops
of hotness or coldness                       of water or ice hanging in the upper          WeAther sAfety
   Wind. Movement of air                     atmosphere high above the earth.              (Academics pin for Weather,
song: Clouds                                    CUB SCOUT 2: Cirrus clouds are             requirement 4)
Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat                white and feathery. They are the high-           Discuss weather safety precautions.
We can predict the weather                   est clouds.                                   What kind of violent weather might
Looking at the sky.                             CUB SCOUT 3: Cumulus clouds are            occur in your area? Talk about how
Cirrus, stratus, cumulonimbus,               puffy and look like cauliflowers. They        Cub Scouts can prepare for weather-
Clouds go drifting by.                       are always changing shape and are low         related disasters. Follow by complet-
                                             in the sky.                                   ing Character Connection for Courage
Wispy cirrus means its fair,                    CUB SCOUT 4: Stratus clouds are            (Achievement 11g). Talk about why it
We can play outside.                         low, too. They look like wide blankets        might be difficult to be courageous
Cumulonimbus, dark on the bottom,            of gray and are sometimes call “high          when the weather is frightening. Act out
Time to go inside.                           fog.” Drizzle or snow flurries may fall       how to follow the courage steps during
Stratus clouds like fog up high,             from them.                                    a weather emergency.
Block the sun from sight.                       CUB SCOUT 5: Next time you are
Cumulus clouds are puffy and white,          outside, look at the clouds and notice
                                             the weather. Is it raining, snowing,                 The Cub Scout Leader How-To
The weather is sunny and bright.
                                             foggy, breezy, or sunny?                            Book contains several additional
WAter CyCle                                     CUB SCOUT 6: This month we                     activities on how boys can have fun
observAtions                                 learned that looking at the clouds can           with weather. See Weather, “fun with”
   Materials: Sauce pan, water, sheet of     often tell you what the weather will bring.     and “predicting.” For “Make a Rainbow,”
cardboard, heat source                                                                           for instance, boys see how light
                                             big Wind bloWs                                  refracts to show a spectrum of colors.
   Setup: Put pieces of cardboard in           Boys form a large circle sitting arm’s
your home freezer for about an hour          length apart. One person is chosen to              Also see the Weather Academics
before the meeting.                                                                          area in the Cub Scout Academics and
                                             be the wind and stands in the center of
   Explore the water cycle:                                                                  Sports Program Guide for more ideas,
                                             the circle. The game begins when the
   Evaporation. Heat water in a pan on                                                         which will lead boys toward earning
                                             boy in the middle acts like the wind (by
a stove, following safety precautions for                                                         the Weather belt loop and pin.
                                             turning in a circle and waving his arms)
Cub Scouts. Have boys observe steam.
                                                                                                                           10 MAR 07

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