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					 1        Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

School Facilities

         14 well equipped classrooms allowing for specialist
         separate year group teaching

         Large attractive Foundation Stage unit to give children
         the best start to their school lives

         Numerous small group activity areas

         Two large halls for P.E, assemblies, drama and school

         Computer suite with 16 pcs linked to the internet and
         laptops linked to a wireless network

         Interactive whiteboards in all classrooms

         Generous out door play areas including a large
         ‘astroturf’ play area used at playtimes and for games
         and an outdoor apparatus play area

         Separate and secure outdoor play area for Foundation
         Stage children

         Nurture room

         Healthy school meals cooked on site to suit all tastes
         and diets and a healthy tuck shop open at morning

         Attractive grounds including a wild life pond

         Children’s Centre on site incorporating ‘Sure Start’
         We are members of the Alderman White/Bramcote
         Park/Bramcote Hills federation of extended schools
         with shared provision for all children
        2         Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

                 We are a partner school with New College Nottingham
                 and can offer courses for adults held in school and at
                 the Children’s Centre

                 Instrumental music tuition available based in our music

                 Children attend Bramcote Leisure Centre for swimming

                 The school is a ‘partner school’ with the Nottingham
                 Trent University taking advantage of the most up to
                 date support and training offered to staff and children

                 Weekly school book shop

                 Residential visits for older children

                 After school clubs and sporting activities

So you can see we have a lot to offer your child – and there are many other
exciting opportunities too such as visiting speakers, groups and workshops.
Please take the time to read through our prospectus. We think you will enjoy
what you read and what your child will experience during their time with us.
 3         Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

           The aims of our school

          We will provide a positive atmosphere in classrooms
          and around school that promotes co-operation and
          respect for all, enabling everyone to reach their full

          Our school will raise standards of achievement through
          an exciting curriculum based on national initiatives
          with relevant learning objectives shared with our pupils
          and their carers

          We will forge a successful partnership with parents and
          develop our role within the community

          We will expect high standards of behaviour from all
          pupils at all times and expect a commitment to our
          school’s values

          A strong team of staff will work together to support
          children and each other to fulfil these common aims.

Mission Statement

           Our school mission is to encourage all who work in it
           to achieve their full potential, everyone to contribute
           towards the success of the school and everyone to
           strive for a community which is respectful. We will
           work with parents, children and others to ensure the
           happiness, welfare and achievement of all our
 4         Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

A welcome from the Head Teacher

     Beeston Fields is a happy and friendly school and we are
     looking forward to having your child join us soon. The staff
     at Beeston Fields work hard so children can learn and play
     in a happy, friendly atmosphere. We encourage every child
     to do their best and to play as full a part in the life of the
     school as they can.
     If things go wrong we will do our best to put them right and
     we look forward to working with parents to make sure your
     child’s primary education is fulfilling and memorable.
     We are always looking for ways to improve the service we
     offer you. This is your community school and together we
     can build on our strengths and make Beeston Fields a school
     we are all proud of.
     Welcome to Beeston Fields Primary School from the staff,
     children and head teacher.

            What OFSTED have to say about us……..

           “ the quality of education, teaching and learning is
           good and the rich and interesting curriculum meets the
           varied learning needs of the children well…”

           We were last inspected in October 2009. The inspection
           highlighted a lot of our strengths as a school. The
           inspectors said we are a ‘good’ school.
      5         Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

                             General information

School Dress

                We take pride in the appearance of our children and very
                strongly encourage them, and their parents, to follow our
                school dress code.

                This incorporates our school’s colours and a uniform (clothing
                in the school colours with our school logo.)
                Our dress code is:

               ‘tops’ – sweatshirts, pullovers, cardigans etc – navy blue
               blouses, shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts etc – white
               ‘bottoms’ – trousers, skirts, shorts, leggings – black or

          You may purchase items directly from our suppliers, Morleys,
          Bramcote Avenue, Chilwell.
           Tel 0115 9258046
          In addition, we ask that children wear a white t-shirt with black or
          white shorts and plimsolls for PE; this kit should be kept in a bag
          which is kept on your child’s peg.
          This bag should be brought into school each Monday and taken
          home each Friday so the kit can be washed for the following week.
          We insist that pupils wear sensible shoes for school, properly laced
          and secured at all times.
          PLEASE label your child’s clothing and kit – you’d be amazed at the
          amount of lost property we get each term.


          We do not allow any sort of jewellery in school unless it is worn for
          religious or ethnic reasons. This reflects the Local Authority policy
          which is designed to maintain the health and safety of all pupils.
          If a child has to wear earrings, only studs are allowed and these
          should be removed or covered for P.E sessions.
6          Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

     Working in partnership with parents

          Communication – How we will let you know what is
    happening in school…

            Newsletters are sent home regularly giving you a variety of
    information about what is happening in and around school.
    In addition, each year group produces a termly newsletter which will
    tell you about the learning opportunities for your child over the
    following weeks and how you can help your child at home.
    There is a programme of Open Evenings throughout the year when
    you will have a chance to meet your child’s teacher and to discuss
    their progress and become involved in setting targets for their future

    This is the pattern
           Autumn Term: October
           Spring Term: February or March
           Summer Term: July

    And if you want to contact school….

    We understand that there may be the odd occasion when you are
    concerned about your child whilst they are with us – don’t hesitate to
    contact school immediately.
    It is likely that your first point of contact will be your child’s class
    teacher – they will always be pleased to meet with you as quickly as
    possible although an immediate discussion might not be possible.
    To avoid this happening, a telephone call to school (tel: 0115
    8440100) to arrange a mutually convenient time would be
    The Head Teacher or Assistant Head Teacher may be more
    appropriate people to meet with you – again a phone call to arrange a
    meeting would be appreciated.
 7         Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

Parental involvement in the life of the school

     We are committed to developing a partnership between us and those
     who care for our pupils at home.
     This partnership is vital because we know that by working together
     children will enjoy real long term benefits.
     We are always pleased to welcome parents into school – regular ways
     in which you can be involved in school life include:-

          Helping with activities set by teachers in the classrooms
          – perhaps by hearing readers, playing maths games or
          reading games with small groups, or by supervising

         Parents also help with swimming observation,
         transportation to school team games and even DIY jobs
         around school.
     We are always pleased to hear of any other offers of help.

          Attending open evening

          Joining us at our special Bee award assemblies and
          class assemblies

          Joining us at special events, such as Christmas
          concerts and sports day activities

          Special fund raising events

          Working at home with your child

          Ensuring your chid completes their homework

          Talking to your child about their life at school and
          sharing their successes
       8         Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

Attendance and punctuality


           It is also vital that children arrive in time for school at the
           start of the school day. Foundation and KS1 Children must be
           collected by an adult.


            If your child is not able to attend school, please telephone us
           to explain the reason for their absence.
            On their return to school, please send a note to school with
           your child for their class teacher to explain briefly the reason
           for the absence. These notes are essential if the school is to
           authorise your child’s absence.
           Families with regular or unexplained absence will be
           referred to the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) for
           additional support. The EWO will make home visits and if
           necessary involve other agencies.

            School meals and how to pay for them

           Children are able to have a school meal or packed lunch if
           they prefer. School meals are cooked on the premises and
           conform to Government healthy eating guidelines. There is
           always a vegetarian option available and children whose
           religious or ethnic needs demand special arrangements, can
           be catered for.
           All meals for the week ahead should be ordered and paid for
           on Monday morning.
           Money for school lunch should be brought to school in an
           envelope clearly marked with the child’s name, class and the
 9         Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

     amount enclosed. We can no longer accept cheques in
     payment for school lunch.
     It would be appreciated if the exact amount of cash could be
     When meals are paid for, but not taken, the amount is
     credited to the next week.
     All meals must be paid for in advance. No meals will be given
     without payment.

Free School Meals

     If parents are in receipt of benefits including income support
     or income based job seekers allowance, children are entitled
     to free school meals. Parents can alternatively give their
     child a packed lunch.
     The school office will give advice on anything to do with
     school meals.
     We are very keen that all children have a healthy meal at
     lunchtime including those bringing a packed lunch from

Lunchtime arrangements

     At lunchtimes a senior Mid-Day Supervisor is in charge,
     helped by a team of several assistants. (MSAs)
     If a child behaves badly at lunchtimes, the school has the
     right to exclude him/her during the midday break. In normal
     circumstances, parents will be alerted to this possibility by a
     series of letters.
 10         Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

The schools behaviour policy

       Our behaviour policy is based on co-operative behaviour and
      rewards. The vast majority of our pupils work and play together
      well. Our policy offers a clear set of sanctions for those few children
      who do not behave as we would wish.
       Our basic rules are displayed around school and they apply to
      children, adults and visitors to school. Our rules are:-

         Smile be friendly and polite.

         Look after our school and each other.

         Do the best you can and feel proud of yourself.

         Listen and learn.

         Make good choices.

         Sort your problems out with and adult.

         Keep your temper under control.

      Each class has a ‘Bee chart’ that shows which children have made a
      Big Extra Effort each day. Children are able to gain bronze, silver
      and gold certificates as they continue to collect their ‘Bee stars’.
      Children are given levels in our behaviour policy – the higher the
      level (level 1 is top) the better the range of rewards that the
      children are able to receive.
      Parents are informed each half term about the progress of their
      child under this policy and each week one child from each class will
      have their achievements celebrated in our Bee Assembly on Friday
      The vast majority of our children behave well.
       If children behave in an anti-social or bullying way we will deal
      firmly and consistently with them as outlined in our behaviour
        11        Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

Special Educational Needs

Staff and Governors are committed to an understanding and appreciation of the
special educational needs (SEN) of children in school.
Those needs will be met through an appropriate teaching programme in an
environment which will allow children to grow in self esteem and fulfil their
natural potential.
The objectives of the school’s SEN policy are:

             To use a range of staff and strategies to provide a support
      structure for SEN children.

            Early identification of SEN through informal and formal
      methods of assessment.

             To develop personalised programmes of work, to involve
      parents, support staff and external agencies where appropriate.

             To regularly monitor and review SEN pupils and their

      The school has identified a teacher as it’s SENCO (Special Educational
      Needs Co-Ordinator) and the Governing Body have appointed a Governor
      as it’s representative for SEN matters.
      We cater for children who are Gifted and Talented by providing extension
      material within their lessons and more demanding homework tasks. We
      also ensure that where possible the curriculum is extended and
      personalised so all children have an opportunity to reach their potential in
      academic, social, sporting and creative fields.
           12         Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010


   We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all those who
   work in the school.
   The grounds and building are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day.
   All visitors to school, including parents must report to the main school office, this
   is at the main entrance in the middle and at the front of the building.
   Entry into the school by anyone through any other door is not allowed.
   We have a security devise at the main entrance which allows us to restrict entry
   to our school building.
   Any visitors in school must wear a visitors badge whilst on the school site ( these
   are available from the main school office).
   Anyone without a badge on the school site will be challenged by a member of
   staff and escorted off the school site.
   Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the school site.
   Dogs are not allowed on the school site.
   Parents or children who ride bikes must dismount at the school gates.
   We do not have pedestrian only access available in school. We keep
   vehicle access to a minimum and try to organise movement of traffic so
   pedestrians and vehicles are kept apart as far as possible. For this
                  Parents must not bring cars on to the school site

We also ask for parents’ co-operation by parking away from the school gates,
especially on Boundary Road. Please respect the road markings.
       13        Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

The school curriculum

  The school’s curriculum is broad and balanced and includes all the subjects in
  the National Curriculum. These include the ‘core’ subjects of English, Maths,
  Science, ICT and RE.
  Other non core subjects taught are Art, Design and Technology, Geography,
  History, Music, PE, Modern Foreign Languages (KS2) and Personal, Social
  and Health Education.
  The curriculum is based on the National Curriculum. Every class has a
  Literacy and numeracy lesson daily, usually in the morning. Foundation
  classes and Key Stage 1 classes also have additional phonics lessons daily.
  Other subjects are taught through lessons, topics or themes. Teaching styles
  include a mixture of whole class teaching, group activity and individual work.
  The most appropriate style of teaching is used to suit the needs and maturity
  of the children and the subject matter.
  Foundation Stage children are introduced to the six main areas of

                               Communication – Language and Literacy
                               Mathematics
                               Physical
                               Creative
                               Personal Social and Emotional
                               Knowledge of the World

  Their experiences and learning within this curriculum is the ‘foundation’ on
  which future learning is built.

  Assessment is built into the daily lesson activities allowing children to work
  at their own pace and towards known and challenging targets. Learning is
  personal to all the children and they are encouraged to take responsibility for
  their own learning. Formal assessments take place at the end of each Key
  Stage. Parents take part in the target setting process and are informed of
  formal and informal assessment results at parents evenings throughout the
  year, end of year reports and other informal meetings organised as required.
 14       Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

Other important information

       Discrimination statement

       The school will not tolerate discrimination against any individual
       on grounds such as race or ethnicity, gender, ability or age. Our
       full discrimination policy is available in school.

       Racism Policy

       The school has a policy regarding racism confirming that it will
       not tolerate discrimination against any individual on the grounds
       of race or ethnic origin. We recognise that we must promote racial
       equality, support harmonious race relations and do all we can to
       eliminate racial discrimination.
       Incidents of racism are recorded and sent to the local authority
       and school governors who monitor and make recommendations on
       appropriate actions to help combat racism.
       Parents and visitors to school are welcome to view our Racism
       policy which is available in school.

       Religious Education

       Religious education forms part of the curriculum and the school
       follows the syllabus issued by Nottinghamshire LA in line with
       the terms of the National Curriculum.
       The school will, if requested, make arrangements for parents to
       exercise their right to withdraw their children from religious
       The school is not affiliated to or connected with a particular
       religious denomination.

       Violence or abuse towards members of staff.

       All staff have the absolute right to complete their duties in an
       atmosphere free from intimidation or the threat of abuse, be that
       physical, verbal or otherwise. In the event of meeting with actual,
       or the fear of potential abuse whilst dealing with any individual,
       a member of staff will terminate the discussion instantly.
       If difficulties persist, they will contact the police immediately.
         The Governing Body, with the support of the county solicitor,
       may seek to ban from the school site any individual who causes a
       member of staff to be abused in any way.
15       Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010


     Concerns about day-to-day issues such as a child’s work
     behaviour or playground incidents should be raised with the
     child’s class teacher.
     The school has a formal complaints policy available to all. A copy
     of this policy, which outlines all relevant procedures is available
     from the school. In general terms we prefer that there should
     normally be a preliminary informal discussion with the Head
     Teacher or other appropriate member of the school staff, to see if
     the complaint can be resolved without recourse to the formal

     Equal Opportunities

     The Governing Body ensures the school’s commitment to equal
     opportunities. They believe that individuals should be treated
     with respect and enjoy freedom of expression and equal

     Every Child Matters

     All staff in school work hard to ensure all our children are given
     opportunities to achieve the 5 outcomes of the Every Child
     Matters agenda.

        Being healthy
        To enjoy and achieve
        Staying safe
        Making a positive contribution
        To achieve economic wellbeing

     Many of our extra curricular activities are focussed on the above
     outcomes. These outcomes also form an important back bone for
     our planning, policy making, teaching and learning in the daily
     curriculum of the school.

Holiday Dates

     Annual holiday dates are available on a separate sheet.
     The pattern gives 195 work days for staff including an
     administration day at the start of the autumn term. Four further
     staff training days (INSET days) will be taken and pupils will
     therefore attend on 190 days.
     Closures for election purposes will be regarded as unavoidable
     closures and not included in the holiday pattern.
16      Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

     Care of children
     During their time in school the children are under constant
     professional supervision and it is to the individual class teacher
     that all matters regarding the child’s welfare should be
     communicated. Please make contact with the teacher at the start
     or end of the school day or arrange an appointment to see the
     teacher by telephoning the school office.

     Visiting Arrangements

     Parents wishing to visit the school before their child’s admission
     are very welcome. Please telephone the school to make a
     convenient appointment.

     Transfer of school age children

     Parents wishing to transfer their child from another school in the
     County must obtain a transfer request form from their child’s
     present school or contact the area office (South Base 0115
     For parents of children hoping to transfer from a Nottingham
     City School, obtain a form from the child’s school or phone the
     Nottingham City education office (0115 9150716)

     Suspected child abuse

     Every school in Nottinghamshire is required to follow a set
     procedure in cases of suspected child abuse.
     All incidents of suspected child abuse will be investigated and
     reported to the Social Services.
     This procedure is in place to protect children from abuse.

     Extended Schools

     Beeston Fields is part of the Alderman White/ Bramcote Hills/
     Bramcote Park Federation of extended schools. This means that
     activities beyond the school curriculum are organised throughout
     this family of schools. These activities are available to children
     who attend schools in the family and offer a much wider selection
     of activities. Children may get involved in sports, languages,
     drama, I.T or a range of activities at various times throughout the
     year. Some activities may take place in school, others such as
     holiday clubs may take place at one of the secondary schools. As
     an extended school we can also give advice and direction to other
     events and activities available to children and parents within this
      17        Beeston Fields Primary School Prospectus 2009/2010

             Teachers in school also give up their time to organise sports,
             music and science clubs throughout the year. Y.5 and Y.6 children
             have the opportunity to try a residential week at a purpose built
             outward bound centre such as Kingswood.
             All classes have regular outings, trips and visiting specialists to
             extend the school curriculum.
             Specialist instrumental tuition is available in school for the guitar
             and violin at a reasonable cost to parents.

             Governors charging and remission policy

             Schools cannot charge parents for educational activities taking
             place within school hours.
             We do however ask for voluntary contributions to cover costs of
             Like all schools, we recognise the value of educational visits and
             intend to continue to organise them.
             While there is no obligation on parents to contribute, and no child
             will be excluded because their parents are unable to contribute, if
             insufficient numbers of parents agree to support a visit, we will
             have to cancel it.

             The school fund

             The School fund is managed by the head teacher and is used to
             benefit all pupils. School fund is spent on subsidising school trips,
             helping to pay for events, especially over the Christmas period
             and to buy in additional resources that help enrich the children’s
             experience at school.
             Much of its income is generated by fund raising events that are
             held throughout the year.
             We urge all parents and carers to participate in these events.


             The information in this brochure relates to the school year
             2009/10 and was valid at the time of printing. It should not be
             assumed that there will be no changes affecting either the
             arrangements generally described in this brochure or in any
             particular part of them before the start of the school year 2009/10
             or in any subsequent years. Any anticipated changes have been
             included as part of the text.

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