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					Question 5: Lib 680 Communication Theory


    No matter what kinds of learning, they are all a process of communication. How

to make the learning more effective could be considered how to make a

communication more effective. There are many communication theories offer us

different ways to make a communication more effective.

    One of the important communication theories is schema theory. This theory

organized knowledge as a network of the abstract mental structures which represent

people’s understanding of the world. During the communication, we use the concrete

words which are within the receiver’s schema, from which they can link the concrete

words to the schema, and then make a referential connection, can subsequently build

up new schema. Therefore this is more effective way of communication. That is one

of the important reasons field trip makes learning more effective. For example, when

we are trying to teach children to know some animals, if we just simply describe what

the animal looks like, the children may not understand. However, if we tell them a

tiger looks like a big cat, a wolf looks like a big dog, the children will understand

easier because they know what is cat and dog in their schema and we give the

relational connection between the new animal and the animal they already known so

that they can constructed the image by themselves based on the old schema.

    Another important communication theory that can make learning more effective

is called cognitive load which refers to the load on working memory during problem

solving, thinking and reasoning (including perception, memory, language, etc.).The
mind has limited processing capacity. So you have to reduce cognitive load as much

as possible to ensure that it is within a person’s capability to process. Human beings’

memory is more easily to memorize less than 7 chunks of information at one time. So,

reduce the cognitive load is the key point to make learning more effective. Keeping

the learning in the field is one way to reduce cognitive load because it avoid unless

necessary information. In addition, make the reference to the learner’s previous

schema and reduce extrinsic cognitive load can also reduce their cognitive load.

    The third important theory is dual coding theory which refers both visual and

verbal information are processed differently and along different pathway. For example,

when we visit an airplane museum, a guide gave us detail explanation to the exhibits,

at the same time. We have both the real airplane exhibited, as well as the illustration

to each specific plane. Therefore, the same meaningful semantic overlapped through

both visual and verbal pathway to enhance the learning happening than through only a

single pathway.

    One more theory helps to make communication more effective is Expectancy

Value Theory.

E = expectancy for being able to achieve outcomes from behavior.

V = value of outcomes

B = behavior

B=E x V

The key of EV theory is in a communication we should lower the cost of participants

and higher the benefit that participants will gain as much as possible so that the
participants tend to involve and stay in the communication longer. The cost include

cognitive load. So, we keep our study in the field and presenting the information by

visual and verbal are all the ways to reduce cognitive load. Meanwhile, the

participants will see their benefits clearly. That make the learning process better and

more effective than just tell them what the information is based on the textbook.

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