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					HSD HOCKEY SCHOOL                                  Drew Callander                                 Address:_______________________________
                                                   11 years professional hockey experience        EMAIL________________________________
PURPOSE:                                           including NHL, AHL, IHL and European           Code ________
To provide fun environment to develop skills       Elite.15 years coaching experience             Tel:________________________
required for hockey. Skills taught include:        including 5 years SMAAAL and 7 years           Daytime Contact Phone:
skating, passing, shooting, team play, defense/    WHL - Coach CIAU                               ____________________
offence play, video analysis used as learning      Todd Strueby                                   Birth Date: Day ___ Month ___Yr ____
tool. Low student/teacher ratio. Conditioning      10 years pro experience including 2            Male ___ Female ___
part of daily on and off ice program.              years Canadian National Team, NHL,             Position: Forward / Defence / Goalie
Introduction to body contact using safe            AHL, IHL and European Elite.                   Please indicate group playing in Fall 2009:
progressive methods.                               Darrin McKechnie
                                                   Playing experience in WHL, CIAU.               AGE GROUPS:
TIMES                                              Coaching experience - 4 years CIAU.            Novice               O
8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.                               Byron Witkowski                                Atom                 O
Monday, Aug 23 Saturday, Aug 28 2010               Playing experience in SJHL, NCAA and           PeeWee               O
                                                   European Elite. 3 years coaching               Bantam               O
LOCATION:                                          experience SJHL.
WICKENHEISER ARENA                                 Leanne Davis / Brent Bobyck                    SUMMER SCHOOL
1127 Arnason Street                                Professional power skating instructor.         $ 450.00 per entry
                                                                                                  $ 300.00 goalies
DAY LONG SUPERVISION                               Students include players from                  $ 50.00 discount for siblings
COURSE ACTIVITY                                    NHL,AHL,IHL,WHL,NCAA.                          $ 150.00 deposit will confirm your spot
Ice - 2 times daily
Dryland - daily                                    Guest Instructors include                      DAILYLUNCHES INCLUDED
Classroom - daily                                  •Bob Lowes (Brandon WHL)                       JERSEY SIZE
Recreation - daily                                 •Chad Mercier (Sask Blades WHL)                YOUTH M___ L ___ XL ___
                                                   •Curtis Hunt (Pats WHL)                        MENS M___ L ___ XL ___
PROFESSIONAL GOLF LESSONS                          •Gerad Adams (AHL) - Europe
LACROSSE LESSONS                                   •Boyd Gordon (Washington Capitals)             PROFESSIONAL GOLF LESSONS
                                                   •Garth Murray (NHL)                            Players are encouraged to bring their own clubs
COST:                                              •Al Dumba (WHL)                                if they have them.
$ 450.00 per session                               •Troy Edwards (WHL,CIAU)
$ 300.00 goalies (limited spots)                   •Shane Barber (Fitness Instructor)             LACROSSE LESSONS
$ 50.00 discount for siblings                      •Guest Regina Pats Instructors                 Players are encouraged to bring their own stick
       - includes Jersey & daily lunch             •Other special guest instructors               if they have one.
       - video analysis optional                   •Jim Pederson (Dallas Stars)                   To Register - send your cheque
                                                   •Ross Mahoney (Washington Capitals)            and a signed waiver form to:
 Register before JULY 1st to be eligible for the                                                  HSD Hockey School Ltd.
                early bird draw.                   Instructor’s appearance will be according to   11 Edenwold Crescent, S4R 8A6
           Win hockey equipment!!                  availability
                                                   REGISTRATION                                   MORE INFORMATION, FULL DAILY
INSTRUCTORS                                        APPLICATION FORM                               PROGRAM AND REGISTRATION FORMS
                                                   Name:________________________________          AVAILABLE AT
                                                   Parents Name:__________________________        www.hsdhockey.com
Drew Callander (306) 949-6861
Todd Strueby (306) 924-2935
Darrin Mckechnie (306) 545-9223
Byron Witkowski (403) 529-1566

PHONE: (306) 545-8812
FAX: (306) 949-0722
                                                     program and in respect of any damages, loss
HSD HOCKEY SCHOOL LTD.                               or injury incurred by him during or as a result
2010 PROGRAM                                         of such participation, including all costs and
HSD SUMMER CAMP                                      expenses incurred in defending any and all
AUGUST 23-28 2010                                    such claims, demands, actions and
WICKENHEISER ARENA                                   proceedings.

                                                     Dated this ______ day of ___________, 2010
We at HSD understand the difficulty in
forecasting family activities for summer.            _____________________________________
Therefore we extend a request for refunds to         Signature of Parent or Guardian
August 1st, 2010 in case of injury and/or
sickness, unused portion of fees will be credited
towards next year’s registration. A $20
administration fee will be charged on all refunds
after August 1st.

REGISTRATION CONFIMATION                                     HSD Hockey School Ltd
SUNDAY, AUG 22 2010                                              2010 Program
7:00 P.M.- 9:00 P.M.                                          HSD Summer Camp
1127 Arnason Street                                            August 23-28 2010
Regina, Sask.                                                 Wickenheiser Arena

In consideration of the acceptance of my child,
________________________________ as a                           HSDHOCKEY.COM
participant in the HSD Hockey School Ltd.,
I, the undersigned parent/guardian hereby
release and discharge HSD Hockey School
Ltd. from any and all claims, demands, actions
and causes of action which I may have for any
damages, loss or injury suffered by my child or
incurred by me and resulting directly or
indirectly from the participation of such child in
such program. I hereby undertake to indemnify
HSD Hockey School Ltd. and its servants,
agents and employees and hold them
harmless from and in respect of any and all
claims, demands, actions and proceedings
which may be brought by or on behalf of my
said child against HSD Hockey School Ltd.
arising our of his participation in the aforesaid

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