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					                 Tampa Bay Skating Club
                   USFS Test Session
                  Sunday, June 13, 2010
                        South Rink

6:55am   Warm Up Pre Preliminary MIF/FS
         Jordan Carlson            MIF
         Saskia Hennecke           MIF & FS
         Danielle Carvella         MIF & FS
         Katherine Roberts         MIF & FS

7:00     Tests

7:30     Warm Up Preliminary MIF
         Jennifer Duncan      Preliminary MIF
         Deanna Bowman        Preliminary MIF
         *Saskia Hennecke     Preliminary MIF

7:35     Tests

8:05     Warm Up Pre Juvenile    MIF
         Christine Allston        Pre Juvenile   MIF
         Mariya Karpenko          Pre Juvenile   MIF
         Elizabeth Zeng           Pre Juvenile   MIF
         Sarah Jenkins            Pre Juvenile   MIF

8:10     Tests

9:00     Warm Up Juvenile MIF
         Ali Stipe            Juvenile MIF
         Amanda Cattel        Juvenile MIF

9:05     Tests
9:25       Warm Up Free Skate
           Trent Wintermeier        Preliminary
           Sara Davidson            Preliminary
           Ali Stipe                Pre Juvenile
           Amanda Cattel            Pre Juvenile
           *Elizabeth Zeng          Pre Juvenile

9:30       Tests

9:40       Warm Up Free Skate & Dance
           *Sara Davidson       Pre Juvenile
           *Trent Wintermeier   Pre Juvenile
           Brittany Rossow      RB, SW

9:45       Tests

       Please be at the rink ½ hour prior to your scheduled
       test time, ready to skate….

       Any questions, please contact the test chair, Lyn
       Edens by email: sk8sunl@aol.com

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