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									The Declaration of
   What philosophical
  movement occurred in
Europe during the 17th and
     18th centuries?

• The Enlightenment
What new ideas developed in
     Europe during the

• Ideas about the rights of
  people and their relationship
  to their rulers
     What 17th century
   philosopher led the
  British Enlightenment?

• John Locke
Whose ideas influenced the
American colonists’ belief
  in self-government?

• John Locke
  What “natural rights” did
  Locke believe all people

• Life
• Liberty
• Property
 What did Locke mean by the
  term “social contract”?

• The people voluntarily agree
  among themselves to form a
  government to protect their
• The people promise to obey the
  laws made by this government.
 According to Locke, how
  were the government’s
     powers limited?

• Limited to those powers
  which the people decided to
  give the government
According to Locke, whenever
government becomes a threat
to the people’s natural rights,
   what right do the people

• The right to change or
  overthrow the government
  How were John Locke’s
 ideas radical or extreme?

• Challenged the idea of
  dictatorial rule by kings
     When did colonial
 resistance against British
    rule reach a climax?

• When the Continental
  Congress adopted The
  Declaration of Independence
    What types of ideas
       inspired the
   American Revolution?
• Ideas about natural rights
• Ideas about political
  (governmental) authority
What pamphlet did Thomas
 Paine publish in 1776?

•Common Sense
   What did Common
   Sense challenge?

• The rule of the American
  colonies by the King of
 What was the effect of
  the publication of
  Common Sense?

• A growing American
  desire for independence
  from England
  When did the Continental
    Congress adopt The
Declaration of Independence?

• July 4, 1776
 Who wrote the final draft of
   The Declaration of

•Thomas Jefferson
  Whose ideas did Thomas
 Jefferson borrow, when he
  wrote The Declaration of

• Thomas Paine and
• John Locke
  Who wrote that all men
  have the right to “life,
  liberty and property”?

• John Locke
Who wrote that all men have
the right to “life, liberty, and
 the pursuit of happiness”?

• Thomas Jefferson
   What ideas did Thomas
   Jefferson borrow from
       Thomas Paine?
• Grievances against the King
• In other words, the ways
  King George III had
  mistreated the American
    What two realities of
    American life in 1776
conflicted with the promise of
equality in The Declaration of
• 1) African-American slavery
• 2) Most Americans could not
  vote in 1776
  How has the United
  States expressed its
search for equality since

• By the right to vote
  What has been a major
theme in American history
       since 1776?

• Expansion of
 How has the United States
 expanded the right to vote
       since 1776?
• From only adult white males
  who owned property and
  belonged to a particular
  church to all Americans who
  were at least 18 years-old
 What two constitutional
 amendments guarantee
  due process of law?

• The
    5th  Amendment
• The 14th Amendment
What two things does the
  right of due process
• That a person accused of
  a crime receives a fair trial
• That the state does not
  take away a person’s life,
  liberty, or property
  without following proper
  As part of the United States’
search for equality, what right do
   all fifty states guarantee to
        America’s children?

• The right to a free public
In what two ways have the
   key principles of The
      Declaration of
 Independence increased
   liberty for American
• Ending African-American
  slavery by the 13th
• Giving civil rights to
  American minorities
  What did “the pursuit of
  happiness” mean for the
 Revolutionary generation?

• The chance to benefit
  from America’s free
  enterprise system
  With what belief of John
Locke did Jefferson equate
“the pursuit of happiness”?

• The belief in property
What are all Americans
supposed to possess a
  chance to achieve?

• Financial success
  through hard work
    What principles have
 become the unifying ideas
  of American democracy?

• The key ideas of The
  Declaration of Independence
In what three ways has the
 U.S. government followed
    the principles of The
       Declaration of
  Independence as a road
   map for the American
• Given more people the right
  to vote
• Provided equality of
  opportunity to all Americans
• Guaranteed all Americans
  “unalienable rights”
 What term means the
    right to vote?

• The franchise
   What does the term
“unalienable rights” mean?

• Rights that cannot be
  given away or taken away

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