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October 26, 2010                                                                            Vol. 86, Issue 3

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                                   A Libertarian’s Point of View :Chris Dwyer
by Whitney Gibler                                      “I believe that my views have never changed, I              interest as a state, now they are influenced by
Editor-in-Chief                                        just jumped from one party to another party for             other special interest group.” Dwyer moves on
        Elections are coming soon, and many            various reasons.” Chris Dwyer is not only a stay-           to explain, “The Fair Tax system is a tax system
parties and candidates are fighting for positions.     at-home dad, farmer, and land lord in Boone’s               which takes power away from the elected offi-
Campaigns are put into the air, and one detail         County, but is also involved in his area in many            cials, where they can no longer give tax incentives
each candidate usually emphasizes is what party        ways including with his sons’ Cub Scouts.                   to business for whatever reasons. It basically puts
they belong to. As of this time and date, stu-                 When asked why he was running for the               everybody on a fair and level playing field.” He
dents realize that there are major parties that        House of Representatives, he explained, “I’m                also believes in balanced budget amendment and
each candidate runs for. Republican and Demo-          running because I do not like what I see that’s             term limits. Dwyer believes term limits are nec-
cratic Party seem to be obvious to many students       going on in my country. I see a government that             essary, because “we have a lot of individual that
on what they represent. As students probably           is becoming too big and too powerful, and it’s not          have made being a politician a lifetime career.
have heard of the Libertarian party, since it is a                                                                 You are suppose to go up and serve your country
larger party, they might not know exactly what                                                                     and then come back home to your community
the Libertarian party represents.                                                                                  and live with the laws you have passed.” He con-
       Chris Dwyer who is a Libertarian candi-                                                                     cludes by talking about our crisis with the econ-
date for U.S. House of Representatives District                                                                    omy. Dwyer states, “In order for us to get our
9, came to Culver-Stockton College on Octo-                                                                        economy on track, we need to reduce our size of
ber 13th for a Town Hall Meeting. He treated                                                                       government because the more it grows, the more
us with an appearance on the KCSW school                                                                           burdensome it is on businesses. The more rules
radio station and informed us what a Liber-                                                                        and regulations the federal government puts out
tarian is and what his platform was all about.                                                                     makes businesses freeze until they figure out
Speaking on the behalf of the Libertarian party,         Chris Dwyer at Town Hall Meeting in Meader’s Lounge       these new rules and regulations and how they
Dwyer explains, “Libertarians believe that you         where the founders of this country wanted our               affect them. As long as the government inter-
have complete control over your life. We believe       country to go. They wanted our country to be                feres with the free market, the more we’ll have
that the individual is responsible enough to take      a small federal government where more control               this slow down because businesses won’t know
care of themselves. We also believe in smaller         was given to the local people.” Chris Dwyer’s               how they will affect them. Therefore to get our
government.” To explain further, Dwyer states,         platform revolves around the return of power                economy on track, we need to give our free mar-
“We believe that as a person you know how to           back to the states and the people, the “Fair Tax”           ket confidence.” If you would like to learn more
live your life better than the government does.”       tax system, jobs and the economy. Dwyer em-                 about Christopher Dwyer go to http://www.
        Chris Dwyer was born and raised as a           phasizes that, “when the 17th amendment was       
Democrat and then became a Republican and              passed it took the states voice away from them. .           voters-guide-christopher-dwyer/.
finally jumped to being a Libertarian. He states,      . the senators instead of having their own special

                    What is an Absentee Ballot?
 A Lesson that should be in every high school teacher’s lesson plans
by Brittany Hilderbrand                                Students who are attending a college away from              registration form online at the Secretary of State
Features Editor                                        their native states are eligible to receive absentee        website. Once your voter registration has been
                                                       ballots.                                                    verified, you may proceed to see if you are eli-
                       It is a known fact that                 According to the New Oxford Dictionary,             gible for an absentee ballot. Only under three cir-
                   there are certain years desig-      “an absentee ballot is typically completed and              cumstances are you eligible to vote by absentee
                   nated for elections. Presiden-      mailed in advance of an election by a voter who             ballots in Missouri:
                   tial elections and governor         is unable to be present at the polls.” With this be-                1. Voter will be absent from your voting
                   elections are every four years,     ing said, how many college students know that                       jurisdiction on election day.
                   and the senate and the house        this option is available and has taken advantage                    2. Voter is incapacitated or confined due
of representatives elections are held every two        of it? Well, Jerica Exum, a Junior Arts Manage-                     to illness or physical disability,
years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statis-        ment major from Chicago, IL., did in fact know                      or caring for an incapacitated person.
tics, “In October of 2009, 70.1 percent of 2009        about absentee ballots, and as a result, was able                   3. Voter is restricted by religious belief or
high school graduates were enrolled in colleges        to vote in the 2008 presidential election. On the                   practice.
or universities, and in October of 2008 68.6 per-      other hand, Shannon Reed, a Media Communi-                  You may also download and complete the Mis-
cent of high school students were enrolled in col-     cations major from San Franscisco, CA, did not              souri absentee ballot application online or have
leges or universities.” This shows that over half      know about the option of an absentee ballot and             it mailed to your preferred address. The absen-
of the American population is legal and eligible       was not able to vote in the 2008 presidential elec-         tee ballot has to be received by 5 p.m. on the
to vote during election periods, which means           tion. In this case, students who are registered to          Wednesday before the election.
that over half of our country’s voice will not be      vote should contact their Local Election Officials                  According to, regis-
heard if they were to be excluded from the vot-        to find out protocol, which varies by state. The            tered voters do not need to a reason to request an
ing process. The question at hand is what are          rules vary even from Missouri to Illinoi,s despite          absentee ballot. This Public Act went into effect
college students expected to do when these elec-       the fact Culver-Stockton College is right across            August 17, 2009. This means that if college stu-
tion years roll around? Are they excluded from         the border.                                                 dents are from the state of Illinois, all they have
voting because they go to school away from the                 According to the Missouri Absentee Vot-             to do is register to vote and request an absentee
state they are residents of ? The answer is No.        er Guide, you can fill out your Missouri voter              ballot.

                          GET INVOLVED! It’s Time to TAKE AMERICA BACK!
                                  A Republican’s Reason to Vote
by April Dowell                                        meaning heavy taxes, while Republicans believe              ing U.S. citizens an arm and a leg. Healthcare
Guest Writer                                           in taking care of oneself, going to school, getting         premiums would decrease because uninsured
                                                       a job, and becoming a successful citizen. Republi-          people would not receive as much coverage. A
It is time to take America back! Take American         cans are strong believers of a smaller federal gov-         cap and trade bill would not punish businesses
back from whom? From the Democrats. Ever               ernment and more power returned to the state                with fines during one of the nation’s worst eco-
since the 2008 Presidential elections, Congress        government. Republicans focus more on Chris-                nomic recessions, especially when small busi-
has been overtaken by Democrats. The most re-          tian values, such as pro-life, anti gay marriage,           ness are such an important part of our economy.
cent United States deficit was announced to be         pro gun control, opposing illegal immigration,              A plan would be created to produce more jobs
$1.29 trillion; about two times the deficit in 2008,   and privatized health care. All Republicans don’t           for citizens and not illegal immigrants. Military
which was $410 billion after the end of former         agree with other Republicans on every single is-            would remain in Iraq to ensure that Iraq will de-
President George W. Bush’s terms. Why is the           sue occurring in the United States, but are along           velop into a stable country and become less de-
deficit of the United States such a big issue for      the same lines of the same book. Why should                 pendent on the United States. Do a big part in
Americans? The way to pay off the debt owed            you vote Republican in the 2010 election? Voting            helping the United States of American and vote
is by producing more taxes, causing Americans          Republican would open up opportunities to turn              Republican in the 2010 elections!
more money to pay to the government each year.         the economy around. Instead of a $1.29 trillion
Democrats believe the government should take           deficit, Republicans would regulate Medicare,
                                                                                                                       (This article does not represent the views of the Megaphone)
care of the citizen from born and until death,         social security, military, and taxes, without cost-
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October 26, 2010
                                                     Editorial/Opinion                                                                                                2

by Josh McGhee
                                                Trickling the Support
                                         “It’s an organization that is helping               “The intensity picks up on          think we would perform better, just
Ed/Op Editor                             all athletic programs move in the           the floor with the intensity in the         like any other team. It worked at
                                         right direction,” in explanation of         stands, and the closer we play the          the volleyball game and I’d love to
        C u l ve r -                     the groups ideals. “It’s a good idea        more hyper the fans are,” quotes            see that at a soccer game,” Jackie’s
Stockton has a new-                      to have a group of students who can         volleyball member, Ashley Tourza.           teammate Kaylie Erickson adds.
ly inspired school                       help make decisions as well with the        It seems like a cycle; athletic sup-                High Schools have great
spirit that seems to have been           faculty,” stated Steven Crawford,           port adds to the intensity, and the         fan support systems because there
sparked out of nowhere. There            another S.A.L.T. member.                    intensity adds to the fan support.          smaller communities and everyone
have been big changes in the athlet-             Mr. McVay also created a            We’re making strides in the right di-       knows everyone which is very simi-
ic system and other extracurricular      mandatory “Pack the Gym” night              rection but it’s not everywhere yet.        lar to the small school system Cul-
events, and I would assume the ath-      for volleyball where all athletes                   Jackie LeGrand, a senior            ver- Stockton has. It would be great
letic support is stemming from the       must be in attendance wearing blue          on the soccer team, tells me “Soc-          to see that same support that you
new look of the athletic department      Culver-Stockton t-shirts stating “to-       cer game attendance is up, probably         remember from high school and
lead by Athletic Director, Greg Mc-      gether,” provided by the athletic           because we’re doing better and the          Mr. McVay is making strides to cre-
Vay. Greg McVay has made huge            department. There was mixed dis-            boys are doing better. I think that all     ate that atmosphere but he cannot
changes in the athletic department       cussion outside the gym, but once           sports attendance is still not where        force the whole idea; we must also
and should be applauded.                 inside a whole sea of blue was doing        it needs to be. At my high school           embrace it. I think of the shirt hang-
        He has changed the whole         the wave in applause for the volley-        everyone went to everything, and I          ing in our bookstore, “If you can’t
outlook of Culver’s athletic depart-     balls team’s performance. I am not          think football is the worst.”               be an athlete, be an athletic support-
ment in his short tenor. He created      ashamed to say that this was one of         “As far as fan support it’s just par-       er,” lets add to that “and if you are
a voice connecting all athletic teams    the most animated Culver-Stockton           ents, ball persons, and the men’s           an athlete be an athletic supporter
and himself by creating S.A.L.T.         cheer sections I had been a part of         soccer team. It would be cool to            too.”
(student athletic leadership team).      and the most fun I have had at an           get community or other teams sup-
One member of S.A.L.T. stated,           athletic event.                             port. If we did have fan support, I

                   What are you wearing for Halloween?
                                                                        by Brittany Koetters
                                                                            Photo Editor

                                                                           Paul Clark
  Carrie Gerberding                                                                                                                      Catie Shue
       Hooters Girl                                                                                                                         Indian

                                                                       Danielle Hauer
                     Lisa Platt                                                                                                Nick O’Brien
                          nerd                                                                                                   Lil Wayne

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October 26, 2010
                                                  Editorial/Opinion                                                                                        3

                    An Idea . . .                                               Album Review- Bruno Mars
by David Lee                            Culver students certainly thought      by Rylan Swank
Guest Writer                            that being involved in the mix of      staff writer
                                        news and events around the world
        I am curious about how          was the best way to maximize the                              As this is my first review, I will take this spot to
many people were aware of World         use of our abilities and resources                    describe my reviewing process. Albums will be reviewed
Food Day that took place last Sat-      that we each possessed in order to                    on a 5 paw print scale, with 1 paw print being the worst
urday. I am going to be honest and      work towards a more unified soci-                     review possible and 5 paw prints being the best review pos
admit that I was one of the many        ety and become examples for fu-                       sible. Qualities that I examine while listening are indi-
who did not know, and to some ex-       ture generations. From this group’s    vidual track structure and production quality, consistency of the tracks
tent, did not care too much about       ideas, the organization IDEAS was      throughout the album, vocal performance, album organization, and origi-
such a day. I was shocked to read       formed. The International and Do-      nality. At the end of each review, I provide “Rylan’s All-Stars”, which
about the harsh reality of world        mestic Events Awareness Society is     are my favorite songs on the album, and “Predicted Hits”, which are
hunger when I visited the World         the organization’s name which our      songs that I predict will be successful on radio and/or in sales.
Food Program website on Saturday.       group’s President, Brant Beckman,
Just as the other numerous times        came up with by himself. The mem-                               Doo-Wops & Hooligans
that I hear about the millions of       bers of IDEAS share the common                                     by Bruno Mars
children dying every year because       goal of spreading news of worldly
of hunger, I came to a quick real-      affairs to Culver’s campus in order
ization, once again, about the igno-    for events such as world hunger or
rance that I exercised sometimes in     poverty to become much more con-
my life. I would’ve been watching       scious in the minds of people. The
television or doing anything be-        organization welcomes any new
sides writing about world hunger        members or anyone who wishes
at this current moment if it had        to drop by our meetings to be in-
not been for CNN telling me that it     cluded in the weekly publishing of
was World Food Day on Saturday.         our IDEAS pamphlet. This pam-
Should people rely on awareness         phlet will include the week’s brief-
days to find out about such prob-       ings of the world’s happenings and             With one of the most impressive voices introduced in the last
lems and events that seem to show       will be set on cafeteria tables and    decade, newcomer Bruno Mars has put together a satisfactory debut.
up everyday in our world? If hu-        on various other locations in cam-     Doo-Wops & Hooligans opens with “Grenade”, a gem of a pop song
manity is to be achieved, is it not a   pus. I attempt to remind myself of     characterized by an intense rhythmic drive and a monster of a chorus
duty for one to be aware of worldly     a quote from the Japanese writer       that would easily find home in Max Martin’s (songwriter/producer:
issues out of compassion for co-ex-     Ryunosuke Satoro, “Individually,       Britney Spears, *NSYNC, P!nk) catalogue. His 1st single, “Just the Way
isting human beings? Professor De-      we are one drop; together, we are      You Are”, gives light to Mars’ charming side. Armed with an epic cho-
Waard and a couple of your fellow       an ocean.”                             rus dominated by the power of melody and simple production, and with
                                                                               adoring lyrics that would make any girl melt, “Just the Way You Are”
              Sportsmanship 101:                                               has already skyrocketed Mars’ career and taken him straight to the top of
                                                                               the charts. “Our First Time” is the most awkward song in Mars’ arsenal.
 Not in the Curriculum at Lindenwood University                                Granted, it is a very smooth, almost torch ballad that draws comparisons
                                                                               to Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke...well...that is its issue. It is a
by Andrew Redmon                                                               sexy song on a cute album, a sex scene in a Disney movie; best to mature
Staff Writer                                                                   at the appropriate times in the future, Bruno. “Runaway Baby”, a hybrid
                                                                               of The Kinks and the cast of Hairspray, is a whirlwind of liveliness that
                        On Saturday, October 16th Culver-Stockton traveled     is destined to be heard in the next Ford commercial. “The Lazy Song” is
                 to St. Charles, Missouri to take on the Lindenwood Li         a fun little ode to relaxation and draws musical comparisons to the Jonas
                 ons. This was a true test for the Wildcats and Coach Cam      Brothers’ “Lovebug” and Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”. “Marry You” is a
                 Keller. Lindenwood was the defending runner up in last        feast of musical energy that is refreshing and just plain fun. “Talking to
year’s NAIA championship game and is also leading the Heart of Amer-           the Moon” is, by far, the weakest track on the album. It sits in a state of
ica Athletic Conference for the Division Two level of football. Coming         musical apathy, reminiscent of a bad Backstreet Boys B-side. “Liquor
into the game the Lions scored on their first possession. Going into half      Store Blues” is probably the most mature track on the album, featuring
the score was 48-3; clearly the more experienced Lindenwood team had           an exceptionally tasteful and authentic appearance by Damian Marley.
the game under control at this point so they could let up and just coast.      “Count On Me” is a great piece of Caribbean-singer-songwriter-pop, but
This was not in the game plan for Coach Patrick Ross; he came out, guns        lacks originality, easily blending into the songbooks of Jason Mraz and
blazing, for the end zone against the Wildcats in the second half. Not until   Plain White T’s. “The Other Side” is a nice closer to a nice album, car-
the score was run up to 62-10 did Coach Ross take his starters out. This       rying a sense of importance, and lifted to a new level by Cee Lo Green’s
had no effect on the game scheme however as the Lions kept trying to get       smooth, effortless vocals.
into the end zone.                                                                 Bruno Mars’ debut is exactly that: a debut. Doo-Wops & Hooligans
        Even the people from ESPN.COM thought that this story was im-          has given the world insight into the refreshing art that Mars has the abil-
portant enough to express their input about it, as it made TMQ’s column.       ity to create, and the diversity of which he can. Well done, Bruno, but next
Quotes from the article read, “Coach Patrick Ross, does bullying a weak        time eliminate boring (“Talking to the Moon) and unoriginal (“Count On
opponent make you feel like a man? Lindenwood president James Evans            Me”) tracks if you want to reach a higher level of consistency.
-- your school owes collegiate athletics an apology.” How can anybody
argue with these statements? Doing play-by-play announcing for the Cul-
ver-Stockton radio KCSW, I was a front-row witness to Lindenwood’s un-         Rylan’s All-Stars: “Grenade”, “Just the Way You Are”, “Runaway Baby”, and
necessary scoring throughout the second half.                                  “Marry You”
        Schools and coachs such as Lindenwood’s are the exact example          Predicted Hits: “Grenade”, “Just the Way You Are”, “The Lazy Song”, and
of poor sportsmanship. We all know that our program is rebuilding; it’s        “Count On Me”
no secret. As a runner up in a NAIA championship game you would think
that this team had class, but that’s obviously not the case here. So con-
gratulations Lindenwood, you’ve convinced us all that you have less class
than a junior varsity high school football team.

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 October 26, 2010                                                         Sports                                                                                                4
Quest for Conference Tournament Men’s Basketball: A Lot to Prove
by Shayla Chalker                                                                      by Anna Grgurich                             game to have a better season than last
Assistant Volleyball Coach                                                             Sports Editor                                year,” stated Witherspoon.
                                                                                                                                             By focusing on the little things,
         The Wildcat vol-                                                                        With basketball                    the men’s basketball team hopes to
leyball team has played 13                                                              season less than a week                     find victory. They also look to seniors
matches since my last ar-                                                               away, the Culver-Stock-                     Steven Crawford and Nick O’Brien to
ticle and have only won                                                                 ton men’s basketball team continues         help lead the team to a winning season.
half of them going 6-7. The                                                             to work and prepare for the upcom-          “Being a senior is my responsibility to
Wildcats took a long trip                                                               ing season. Returning ten players and       be a leader on and off the court. With
to Springfield, MO to take                                                              bringing in ten new, the Wildcats are       that leadership I take it upon myself
on Evangel only to fall in                                                              working to improve their 7-23 record        to teach the new guys what they need
three sets. The Wildcats spilt                                                          from last year.                             to learn to be better in the future. I’m
matches at the Hannibal La                                                                       The Wildcats are trying to sim-    not just looking at our season this year;
Grange Tournament. They                                                                 ulate their practices to game-like situ-    I’m also looking at their basketball ca-
won matches against Mount                                                               ations as much as they can in order to      reers while they’re at C-SC. I really
Mercy University and Ste-                                                               prepare for the competitive Heart of        expect us to be a competitive team in
phens College, but lost to                                                              America Athletic Conference. Los-           our conference; we have all the pieces
William Penn University                                                                 ing the three leading scorers from last     to the puzzle, it’s just a matter of put-
and Viterbo University. The                                                             season won’t be easy to overcome, but       ting them all together,” stated O’Brien.
Wildcats came out strong                                                                they are making strides to create a more    Crawford also added to the season ex-
against Graceland Univer-                                                               team motivated offense. The Wild-           pectations and said that he is “looking
sity and won in five sets.                                                              cats also have a new Assistant Coach,       forward to proving people wrong who
On a big night for Wildcat                                                              Brad Witherspoon, who is a former           say that since we lost Phil we lost ev-
volleyball, student-athletes                                                            basketball player for the University        erything. I finally want to make it to
were in attendance to watch                                                             of Kansas and was a member of the           the conference playoffs and shock a lot
them beat Iowa Wesleyan                                                                 2008 National Championship Jayhawk          of people.”
in a non-conference match.                                                              team. Witherspoon feels that the team                Their hard work and prepara-
At the Lindenwood Tourna-                                                               is moving in the right direction. “I’ve     tion will soon be tested as they face
ment, the Wildcats finished                                      photo by Anna Grgurich only been here for three months, but I      Mount Mercy for their first game on
the weekend ahead beating                   again saw many positives and things we can already see tremendous improve-              November 1st. Game time is sched-
Trevecca Nazarene University, Clarke        can continue to improve on. The team ment on and off the court. They’re                 uled for 7:00 p.m. in the Joe Charles
University and Bryan University, but        suffered losses to Highland Commu- really working hard in practice, in the              Field House.
falling to Ashford University. The          nity College, Lincoln Land Commu- weight room, and in all aspects of the
Wildcats finished the last two confer-      nity College and Kankakee Commu-
ences with disappointment. The Wild-        nity College. The shining light of the
cats put their season in jeopardy after     weekend was the win against South-
losing to MidAmerica Nazarene Uni-          eastern Community College, who the
versity and Benedictine College. The        JV Wildcats had previously lost to in
Wildcats are currently 11-18 overall        a extremely tight five set match, that
and 3-6 in conference.                      unfortunately didn’t go their way at the
         The JV Wildcats have contin-       time. After a tough week of practice,
ued to improve throughout the year          the JV Wildcats took on Benedictine in
although the results don’t necessar-        a tight battle to the very end, winning
ily show that. The JV Wildcats lost a       in five sets. It was the first best of five
hard fought battle to Evangel Univer-       matches the JV Wildcats had played in
sity, but managed to take a lot of posi-    conference, but the weekend previously
tives out of the match. After a well de-    had prepared them for the fight and the
served weekend off, the JV Wildcats         JV Wildcats managed to pull through
had the chance to bounce back against       for the win. The JV Wildcats will host
two Graceland teams, the JV Wildcats        Hannibal La Grange in a tough non                                                                 photo by Communications Office
managed to come away with wins in           conference match on Wednesday Oct.
both matches. This was a great night,
                                                                                       High Hopes in Women’s Hoops
                                            27th at 7pm then they will face off in
because every player was able to con-       the HAAC JV tournament this week-
tribute and play in front of a big home     end. The JV Wildcats are going in
crowd! The JV Wildcats had a tough          seeded #3 and will face Lindenwood by Nick O’Brien                                      winter with severe knee injuries but
weekend traveling to Springfield, IL to     and Missouri Valley on Friday, before guest writer                                      will be returning to the hardwood this
take on four Junior College teams. The      being seeded again on Saturday to de-                                                   season. Guymon, a three-year letter
JV Wildcats had lost players to varsity     termine the Championship round! The                  This winter oppo-                  winner, averaged nearly eight points a
throughout the year, but the girls pulled   JV Wildcats are currently 7-11 overall      nents and spectators will                   game in 2009-10.
together and although we were having        and 4-3 in conference.                      see a different manner in                            First year Coach Seth Minter
players play different positions, we                                                    the Lady Wildcat basketball program         has revamped the program with the
                                                                                        than they did in 2009-10.                   help of his assistant coaches, Meleia
                                                                                                 With a completely new coach-       Niemann and Tyler Tomlinson. As ex-

Football Struggle Continues                                                             ing staff, the women roundballers of
                                                                                        Culver-Stockton will look to increase
                                                                                                                                    pected, the coaching staff has realized
                                                                                                                                    that it will take some time for the team
                                                                                        their win total and make a name for         to adjust and consistently execute the
by Anna Grgurich                             nior Jamartae Jackson, and a personal
                                                                                        themselves in the Heart of America          new system. Minter is looking to bring
sports editor                                foul on the Ravens gave the Wildcats
                                                                                        Athletic Conference.                        a completely new style of play to The
                                             the ball on Benedictine’s 11-yard line.
                                                                                                 This year’s squad will consist     Fieldhouse by taking the inside-out ap-
         Wildcat football                    Quarterback Dan Wernick was able to
                                                                                        of 21 players, eight newcomers and          proach to the half court set.
records another loss for                     run the ball in for a touchdown mak-
                                                                                        13 returners. Fortunately, most of the               “We must take high percentage
the season as they fell to                   ing the score 31-17. The Ravens scored
                                                                                        returners saw significant playing time      shots and if we can establish our inside
Benedictine College 45-17 last Satur-        two more touchdowns on the Wildcat
                                                                                        last season, while six of the eight new-    game that will open up the outside for
day. The Ravens jumped to an early           defense and brought the game to an
                                                                                        comers saw junior college action before     our shooters,” said Minter.
lead with a halftime score of 31-10,         end.
                                                                                        coming to Culver, which will be helpful              Coach Minter feels that the
and the Wildcats just weren’t able to                 The Wildcat offense was led by
                                                                                        to the team’s experience level.             preseason has gone smoothly so far
recover the deficit.                         Wernick who had a personal best of
                                                                                                 Among the top returning            with the mix of newcomers and return-
         The Wildcats made a comeback        134 yards on 21 carries and helped gain
                                                                                        players are Breezy Guymon (5-6, SR,         ers, and he has high expectations of
after Benedictine scored and made a          191 yards on the ground. Freshman,
                                                                                        Guard), Lisa Plattner (5-7, SO, Guard),     what the women can achieve once the
56-yard drive that allowed sophomore         Dylan Braden, led the defense with 11
                                                                                        April Dowell (5-11, SO, Forward), Ra-       season gets going.
Michael Camargo to convert on 32-            tackles, and freshman Brett Rookstool
                                                                                        chel Larson (6-1, JR, Forward), and Ja-              “I’m very happy with our
yard field goal. They had no answer          contributed with nine tackles, seven of
                                                                                        mai Letcher (6-0, SR, Center). Plattner     team’s progression thus far and have
for the Ravens offense after they scored     which were solo tackles.
                                                                                        was the team’s leading scorer last sea-     challenged them to keep getting better
three consecutive touchdowns until ju-                The Wildcats remain winless
                                                                                        son with nearly nine points per game        every day,” Minter added. “If we con-
nior Blake Jackson pushed his way into       as they move to 0-8 on the season and
                                                                                        and Larson grabbed five rebounds per        tinue this mindset it will show through-
the end zone and finally put C-SC back       0-7 in the HAAC. They face Grace-
                                                                                        contest to lead the team.                   out the season with our team’s progres-
on the board again.                          land University next Saturday, October
                                                                                                 Returning to this year’s line-up   sion and also in wins.
         A sack by senior Adrian Allen       30th at 1:30 p.m. in Lamoni, Iowa.
                                                                                        are three Lady Wildcats that experi-                 The women open up the regu-
in the third quarter forced a fumble that                                               enced season ending injuries last year.     lar season on November 2nd as the take
was recovered by Wildcat freshman                                                       Letcher saw action in only five games,      on Missouri Baptist in St. Louis. The
Josh Barber.      A 17-yard run by Se-                                                  before being sidelined for good with        squad’s home opener is on November
                                                                                        a serious shoulder issue. In those five     23rd versus Clarke College. Come sup-
                                                                                        games she almost averaged a double-         port the Lady Wildcats this season and
            Culver-Stockton College                                                     double, with 8.6 points and 10.6 re-
                                                                                        bounds. Guymon and Junior forward
                                                                                                                                    watch their hard work pay off.

            Wildcat Athletic Schedule                                                   Danielle Harper both went down last

10/27/2010 @ 6:00 PM WomensSoccer Missouri Valley
10/27/2010 @ 6:30 PM Volleyball Hannibal-LaGrange
10/27/2010 @ 8:00 PM MensSoccer Missouri Valley
10/29/2010 @ (TBA) Volleyball HAAC Tournament (at Avila)
10/29/2010 @ 3:00 PM Volleyball Millsaps
           (Washington U. Tourney)
10/29/2010 @ 5:15 PM Volleyball Washington Univ.
           (Washington Tourney)
10/30/2010 @ (TBA) Volleyball HAAC Tournament (at Avila)
10/30/2010 @ 10:00 AM Volleyball Dominican
            (Washington U. Tourney)
10/30/2010 @ 12:15 PM Volleyball Hanover
           (Washington U. Tourney)
10/30/2010 @ 1:00 PM WomensSoccer Baker
10/30/2010 @ 1:30 PM Football Graceland
10/30/2010 @ 3:15 PM MensSoccer Baker                                                                                                          photo by Communications Office
Volleyball in Action   5
October 26, 2010
                                                                      News                                                                                    6

             McDonald on Fire?                                                      Don’t Catch the Whooping Cough
by Whitney Gibler                                                               by Courtney Spann
Editor-in-Chief                                                                 Managing Editor
                                                                                                        Last year it was the Swine Flu, and now students are
       McDonald Hall residents were woken up by fire alarms around                                  becoming infected with whooping cough. Whooping
2 p.m. during the night of October 15, 2010. As the residents rushed                                cough, also known as Pertussis, is a highly contagious
outside, they soon realized by the debris and what could be mistaken as                             bacterial disease. It can cause an uncontrollable, violent
smoke in the lounge, that this was no drill or pulled fire alarm. Waiting                           cough. In severe cases, the coughing spell may lead to
outside McDonald until the coast was cleared by staff, the buzz was that                            vomiting or a short loss of consciousness. The name
someone had used the fire extinguisher.                                         whooping cough comes from the deep “whooping” sound that is heard
                                                                                when an infected individual tries to take a deep breath.
        The rumor was soon proven when students found out one of their                   According to the Centers for Disease Control, a whooping cough
own McDonald residents was the reason for the cold night get together.          outbreak this year in California has already infected more than 5,270 in-
This incident was part of a “prank” on a McDonald Suite as the resident         fants and killed nine. From KHQA, the Adams County Health Depart-
decided to operate the fire extinguisher. McDonald Residents did not            ment has confirmed its third case of whooping cough in the area. It’s the
find this prank funny, especially members of the football team who had          first time in two years the county has experienced what the state now
to wake up and play a conference game at Lindenwood University in St.           considers an outbreak. Currently, there have not been any outbreaks on
Charles, Missouri the next day. As residents walked back to their rooms,        college campuses. Colleges are the perfect breeding ground to the disease
they realized that the smoke was actually the chemicals and debris let out      because of the close living quarters, community bathrooms and the re-
from the fire extinguisher. The fire alarms were set off about an hour later    duced immune system caused by lack of sleep and poor eating and fitness
when the mess was trying to be maintained, and staff waved the tired resi-      habits.
dents back to bed.                                                                       An individual can become infected by inhaling impure saliva from
                                                                                an infected individual’s cough or sneeze. Although most infants in the
        Three days later the resident wrote apology letters to the residents    United States are now immunized against whooping cough, this protec-
of McDonald Hall that were slipped underneath the suites’ doors. This           tion usually decreases as a person enters early adulthood. This means
letter stated, “I was messing around with the fire extinguisher, which I        that most American adults and teenagers are potential targets for whoop-
should have never been doing, and accidentally set it off which, in turn,       ing cough. According to, currently, 25 percent of
set off the fire alarm.” The resident proceeded to explain, “As it was just     whooping cough cases in the United States occur among adolescents and
a result of my immaturity and horseplay, I never intended for it to make        adults
a mess, and certainly did not intend to have it affect you, the residents of             Be on the look out for the following symptoms: first stage symp-
McDonald Hall. For that I am greatly sorry.”                                    toms include nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, red and watery eyes,
                                                                                mild fever, and a dry cough. If symptoms are still occurring the dry cough
        Mike Bringer, Director of Campus Safety, brings up a good and           could lead to a wet cough that brings up thick, stringy mucus. This wet
valid point when he states, “ Fire extinguishers are important if there is a    cough spell could continue constantly for a minute and then repeat later
fire and it is important that we do not tamper with any of our fire equip-      on. At the end of a coughing spell an individual gasps for air with a char-
ment because they are life saving devices.” Campus Safety tries to prepare      acteristic “whooping” sound.
students if there is an actual fire by not only checking the equipment, but              Treatments can consist of antibiotics, usually erythromycin. This
having two fire alarm drills, one unannounced and one announced. Resi-          antibiotic inhibits the growth of bacteria and is often prescribed to treat
dent Hall staff are also educated about fire safety through fire training .     rather common bacterial infections. The treatment is most effective when
This includes a smoke room, ladder climb, how to use a fire extinguisher        it is caught early on. According to Google Health, cough mixtures, expec-
properly, and a burn room (which can be seen on YouTube). It is impor-          torants and suppressants are usually not helpful and should not be used.
tant for students to realize that fire can take lives, and without the right
equipment to put out fires, a person is endangering another’s life. If this     No one likes being sick so here are some tips to help prevent whooping
was a real fire, McDonald Hall did act promptly to evacuate the building,       cough.
and the right authorities acted just as quickly to solve the problem which      •	     Get	vaccinated
would be a positive to this disappointing event.                                •	     Wash	your	hands	frequently
                                                                                •	     Get	enough	rest
                                                                                •	     Eat	fresh	and	nutrient-rich	foods	as	much	as	possible	

                                           C-SC Hosts Political Debate
by Brittany Koetters
Photo Editor
        On October 18, 2010, Culver-Stockton College held a political debate in Meaders Lounge. The forum was between the two First District Repre-
sentative candidates, Keri Cottrell and Craig Redmon. The forum was set up by questions from the audience, and it was moderated by Dean Campbell.
The debate was sponsored by The American Association of University Women. This was a great opportunity to be personally involved in the working
of our great democracy.
        Many of the audience had questions about education and health care, and this is what Kerri Cottrell and Craig Redom thought of these issues:
for the education side of things Cottrell stated, “As a teacher in Canton, I believe it is essential for every Missourian to have the opportunity for a quality
education. Through ensuring access to technology and excellent teachers in classrooms, we can give children the necessary tools for success in the fu-
ture. We need to keep class sizes small and make sure money allocated for education actually makes in into the classroom. Higher education is also the
key to success in the workplace, and I will work to lower college tuition costs for Missouri families.” Craig Redom followed by stating, “I am passionate
about improving the quality of our public schools. Accountability and high standards are paramount. I will work to ensure that all children have access
to a quality education. I am also a strong advocate for any program, which provides lower income students with broader educational opportunities. I
will work hard to make sure our rural schools will receive equal funding from the state and that our tax dollars are used to improve our schools.”
        Also there was also a lot to say about Health Care as Cottrell commented, “I believe every Missourian deserves access to quality, affordable
health care. Unfortunately, this is not the case today. Insurance premiums continue to go up year after year, businesses are struggling to provide health
care to their employees, seniors are paying too much for their prescription drugs and parents are choosing between health care for their children and
themselves. Our medical research facilities aren’t getting the resources they need to move forward. I will make it a priority to fix our broken health
care system, including maximizing access to federal funds to limit the burden on Missouri’s budget. Every Missourian should have access to quality
health care.” Redom came back by stating, “I believe that all Missourians and Americans deserve health care coverage, but I am currently opposed to
the health care legislation that is currently being proposed in our United States Congress right now. I support strengthening the existing private market
system with policies that will drive down costs and make it easier for people to purchase affordable health insurance. While in Jefferson City I will fight
for our Missouri values and help to make health care affordable and available to all of the great citizens of Missouri.”
        Dean Campbell stated, “The debate went very well. The audience submitted a wide range of well thought-out questions. Candidates did not
try to avoid hard questions. The result was a civil and informative discussion of key issues facing Missouri voters.” The forum was great publicity for
Culver-Stockton College

  Greek Life Not What it Used to Be, but Getting Better
by Andrew Redmon                        head of Greek life on campus and        or she fits into the best,” says Bob
Staff Writer                            has been re-shaping the way Greek       Dudolski. After only three years,
                      Greek      life   organizations do their recruiting.      Bob has completely changed the old
               here at Culver-          The original way of recruiting for      style that Culver-Stockton has been
               Stockton      College    Fraternities was through a system       doing; some are for it and some are                LEWIS COUNTY
               is not what it used      called “Rush,” where all recruiting     against.                                              MUTUAL
               to be.      Back in      would be held on Sunday through                 Numbers now days are down                    COMPANY
1996 you couldn’t go somewhere          Wednesday. On Wednesday, bids           from what they were back in 1996
throughout campus without seeing        were given out to all new members       when there were up to 75 members
someone who belonged to a Greek         and they would have to sign their       in a Fraternity alone. We may not
organization. Now days it seems         bid the same day to become a mem-       have those numbers right now, but
                                                                                                                                      106 East Main
like the numbers are down, but          ber of that Fraternity. Sororities      the increasing numbers throughout                       PO Box 37
are they? Some people have their        have stuck with the same system as      each Greek house makes it seem                     Lewistown MO 63452
doubts about a new system of re-        they have always been doing. In-        like every house could possibly                       Fax (573)215-2347
                                                                                                                                   Toll Free (866) 522-6768
cruiting and how it’s going to work.    stead of this, Bob has changed our      have 75 members. The bottom line
However, the stats don’t lie when       recruiting system to a year round re-   is that change is not always great
you actually view the total number      cruitment and no limit on when you      at the beginning, but over time this
of students who joined a Greek or-      can give out bids for both Fraternity   change could be very positive for ev-
ganization.                             and Sorority. “This system really       ery Greek organization, not just one.
       Greek life has taken on a        helps new members make up their
whole new identity here in the past     minds and evaluate each organiza-
three years. Bob Dudolski is the        tion carefully to see which one he
October 26, 2010
                                                                  Features                                                                                 9

                          Who is the Big Man On Campus?
by Brittany Hilderbrand
Features Editor
                               On October 14, 2010, the event Big Man on Campus sponsored by Campus Programming Council occurred for the second
                           year. It was hosted by Patrick Parson and Adam Lee. There were eight contestants which includes Brent Beckman, senior
                           history major, Travis Dahlhauser, senior speech/theatre major, Dillian Green, freshman biology major, Brent Holtrop, senior
                           English major, Ernest Humphrey, freshman education major, Sean Mitchell, freshman criminal justice major, Rylan Swank,
                           freshman theatre major and Alex Thulle, junior education major to perform in the categories of sports wear, swim wear, tal
                           ent and formal wear. Along with six judges which includes Bob Dudolski, Heather Keller, Dr. Scott Gitlner, Kate Gutheil, Dr.
                           Lee Hammer and Brian Richardson. The first place winner for Big Man On Campus this year was Brent Holtrop, the second
place winner was Travis Dahlhauser, and the third place winner was Ernest Humphrey. This year’s attendance of turnout of 230 people made the event
even more enjoyable.
         To jumpstart the event off all of the contestants performed a 45 second choreographed piece to a compilation mix of “I like to move it” by
Reel 2 Real, “It’s a Party in the USA” by Hilary Duff, Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child and ended with a song by N’Sync. It was a real attention getter as
the guys, some with rhythm & others without, showed the audience that any real man can dance to any kind of music. For the first category of sports
wear each of the contestants came out in costume and did a mini re-enactment to coincide with their costume. For example, the first contestant Brent
Beckman, who is a senior history major, came out in jogging gear, which looked rather comfortable accessorized by a duffle bag that contained a lap
top & mouse, a CD, an IPOD and a bottle of water. The scenario that he re-enacted was that he was the super video gamer. His fingers were moving at
ultimate fast pace with occasional water breaks, where more water landed on him than in him. The first place winner Brent Holtrop awed the crowd by
going from a back flip into walking on his hands and even standing on his head, dressed a green singlet that said Texas. These kinds of performances
varied for each of the categories. While preparing for each of the categories Travis Daulhauser states that “I just tried to keep the concept of what could
be funny to the audience in mind, while putting together my costumes and performances with things that were conveniently around”.
        Before transitioning into the second category of swim wear, there was a slide show of last year’s Big Man On Campus. There were pictures that
will no doubt be memorable times for the contestants especially for Brian Richardson, senior sports management major, who had the pleasure of win-
ning last year. The category of swim wear brought many more laughs on in the audience as most of the guys came out showing off their beach bodies
accessorized with other swim wear. Travis Daulhauser, second place winner of Big Man on Campus, came out showing off his beach body accessorized
with Hawaiian lays hanging from his head and neck. Freshman theatre major, Rylan Swank, came out also showing off his beach body except it was
covered in half rubbed in tanning lotion. This particular costume raised a lot of peoples eyebrows and brought a lot of giggles.
        As the event transitioned into the last two categories of talent and formal wear the audience’s anticipation rose. Everyone started to almost rush
Patrick and Adam to bring the contestants out for the next category. There were two talents that stood out from the others. The first one was Dillian
Green’s, who is a freshman biology major, street magic performance where he picked a random audience member out, which wound up being Mindy
Smith who is a senior business major, asked her to write her name down on a piece of paper. The paper was folded and burned. He swore that he will
be able to the audience her name. To end the trick he slid his arm sleeve up and read the name was there. It read Derek. This was the most hilarious
because people expected his trick to be a success instead of falling through as it did. He states that “despite the fact that I did not win, I had a lot of
fun participating in this event. The second one that stood out most was Brent Holtrop’s re-enactment of “saving Lois Lane”. He was first dressed in a
nerdy outfit complimented by high water khakis and all of a sudden a big green bear, played by Kyle Haberlein, came out and kidnapped Lois Lane,
played by Holtrop’s escort Danielle Hauer. Holtrop disappears and comes back out in a flash dressed in a superman shirt and briefs as he wrestles the
bear down for the three count pin.
                                                                    The talents presented at this year’s Big Man on Campus were definitely worth watch
                                                                ing. For the most part, all of the contestants were rather smooth about their costumes as
                                                                they each answered a question presented by the emcees of the night, Patrick and Adam.
                                                                Third place winner, Ernest Humphrey wore a grey sweater with a blue collared shirt un
                                                                derneath, along with a black bow tie and khakis and the question that he was asked was
                                                                “What was his favorite quote?” His response was “Live. Love. Laugh.”, which fit his very
                                                                easy going demeanor perfectly. Even as Holtrop, wearing a pink prom dress with the back
                                                                out and nicely shaven legs, answered his question of “What was the greatest compliment
                                                                you have ever received?” really held a high rapport and sense sincerity as he answered the
                                                                question in which he referred to youth in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, who stated
                                                                that he makes a difference in their lives. This year’s Big Man on Campus not only seemed
                                                                to be enjoyed by the contestants but also by the audience members. Jesse Davis, who is
                                                                a senior math major, stated that “I did not attend this event last year, but I like it, and its
                                                                really cool to see the guys so into their performances”. Katy Carl, who is a freshman el
                                                                ementary education major, had initially escorted contestant Sean Mitchell out stated that
                                                                “this event was hilarious, I’m glad I got a chance to be here tonight”. So to all who missed
                                                                it this year, be sure to come through next year in order to see who the new Big Man on
 Big Man on Campus, Brent Holtrop, showing off his sportswear.
                                                               Campus will be.
October 26, 2010
                                        Arts and Entertainment                                                                                               7

Culver-Stockton Gets Artsy
by Jamie O’Brien                        favorite works, I questioned Robby
A&E Editor                              Schmerber about
                                        his favorite piece. “ My favorite
         Upon walk-                     would have to be ‘ City Art’ . It
ing into the gal-                       expresses me and who I
lery in downtown                        am the most because it is a picture
Canton, I could                         of graffiti, and I am a graffiti art-
tell it was going to be another one     ist.”
of Culver’ s infamous desolate          Though there weren’ t many people
turn-outs.                              there to enjoy it, everything was
         “ It should have been an       quite
ACE event,” says Patrick Parsons,       excellent. The different works of
a Culver-Stockton student. “There       art spanned from paintings to pot-
should definitely be more people        tery to pictures, each with their
here. It makes my heart sad.”

                                                    photo by Jamie O’Brien
Senior Bekah Mathieson and Junior Ashley Jameson observe some of their fa-
vorite works
                                                                                 MLB: Major League Broadcasting
                                                                                 by Rylan Swank                          claimed Cardinals manager, Tony
         Every year the senior art      own story and originality behind         staff writer                            Larussa. Thurston responded by
students of Culver-Stockton are         them. When I asked Ashley Jame-                                                  saying that being coached by Tony
given a chance to experience what       son what she thought of the whole                 The                            was an “awesome experience” and
it will be like to display their work   experience, she replied, “ I cannot      KCSW radio                              that he “wishes Tony was still his
in a professional setting. This year,   wait to grow up and just do this all     show, “This is                          coach.” Thurston described life
seniors Robby Schmerber, special-       of the time.”                            How We Do It”,                          in the Cardinals locker room to be
izing in graphic design, Bekah                   This gallery opening was        had an exciting                         dependent on “where they were in
Mathiesen, specializing in paint-       one of two; the second one being         guest on Monday, October 11th:          the division...but for the most part
ing using natural elements, Jac-        in the spring semester. It will be the   minor league baseball player, Joe       it was all business...(with) their fair
queline Kauffman, specializing in       same idea, but on campus and big-        Thurston. Thurston is a former in- share of fun.” Terrell asked Thur-
painting, and junior Ashley Jame-       ger pieces of work. Comparatively,       fielder for the St. Louis                              ston to give advice to
son, specializing in clay, presented    it will be a much larger ordeal          Cardinals and current                                  young baseball play-
works spanning from their fresh-        more important to the seniors            infielder for the Atlanta                              ers trying to follow
man to present years. They chose        involved. “ I will be doing a series     Braves. Andre Terrell,                                 in his footsteps and
what they thought was their best        about releasing energy in firestones     host of “This is How                                   make it to the Big
work, had to mat and frame said         at the next show,” explains Bekah        We Do It”, approached                                  Leagues. Thurston
works, and display them in a way        Mathiesen.                               Thurston to appear on                                  said, “Work hard
they thought was appropriate. The                I encourage everyone to         the show to discuss                                    and never give up,
lighting was there for them to          attend the show next semester,           his life as a Cardinal.     photo courtesy of http:// because you never
work with, and each artist feaured                                                                     
                                        because if it is anything like what I    Thurston, a close fami-                                know who is watch-
their art how they thought it           saw at the smaller show, everyone        ly friend of Terrell’s family, happily ing.” So, for all of you aspiring
should be.                              will be in for a treat.                  agreed. After a welcoming greet-        ball players, you never know...a
         Since this was a gallery of                                             ing on the air, Thurston was asked      leaf from Joe Thurston’s book may
                                                                                 about being coached under ac-           be all that you need!

Silly Games or Social Event
by Bobby Burnett                        of Action Role
guest writer                            Playing) this year, and because
                                        participation was so high, the talk
         As the sun comes creeping      of an annual Battle Royal may be
over the horizon, the sound of a        in the works. I had the chance to
single battle cry is bellowed out to    talk to a fellow classmate, Wil-
queue the beginning of Battle Roy-      liam Cooper, about his views on
al. Alliances were quickly made “ is a way
between classmates and friends.         of expressing your inner child, I’m
The fighting started off strong,        sure at least one time in your child-
but after approximately half of the     hood you wanted to swing swords
competitors were wiped out, the         like a knight.” I also had the
competition became more difficult       chance to talk to another student,
to conquer. The fighting continued      Scott Baker, about his views on the
until only two people were left.        subject, “I feel that, although this
After a draw, the remaining two         is viewed as a childish and infantile                                                    photos by Brittany Koetters
shook hands and decided to split        way to spend ones time, that this        (Above) Wildcat Willie joins in the action.
the prize.                              is both fun and entertaining. To         (Below) Students participating in the Battle on the Hill.
         This is not a story from me-   a certain extent, what others do
dieval times like you may be think-     should not be looked down upon
ing. Battle Royal was held on Mon-      or judged, because in all actual-
day, October 11th of this year. Of      ity there is no difference between
course the participants did not use and playing any sort
actual weapons during this mock         of R.P.G. Video game.”
war. All weapons were constructed               As you can see a lot of stu-
of either foam or ribbon so that no     dents on campus feel that this is a
one was to get hurt, and weapons        fun way to spend one’s time, and it
ranged from a variety of different      brings people that might never see
styles including short swords, two      each other in all four years of col-
handed swords, a joust, a fluggle       lege together to meet and interact
stick, staffs and many other inter-     in this unique activity.
esting creations by Culver students.
         Somewhere around fifty
students participated in the practice
October 26, 2010
                                                                 Features                                                                                         8

Criminal Justice to Prison                                                       To Intern, or Not to Intern….
by Mike Bradshaw                               From the housing unit, the        by Kelsey E. Vaughn
Guest Writer                            students moved to the gym and            Guest Writer
                                        then out to the recreation yard. The
        When students in Mr. women have a softball field, and                            Hearing about a paid sum-
Bradshaw’s Corrections class first are allowed to play sports, though            mer intern position at the Theatre
arrived at the Women’s Eastern no contact sports are allowed. After              Aspen (Aspen, Colorado), Culver-
Reception, Diagnostic, and Cor- seeing that area, they moved back                Stockton senior, Danielle Hauer,
rectional Center (WERDCC,) inside to the “music room,” which                     promptly decided to apply for the
none of them thought it looked like was really just a large empty room,          incredible opportunity. Hauer had
a prison. An elementary school, a where students sat in a big circle.            plenty of educational credentials       Daniell Hauer interns at Theatre Aspen
barn, or a Bob Evan’s were more The eight inmates that had gone                  with Business Administration and
likely. Once they had gone through with them on the tour then stood up                                                   Artistic Director, Managing Direc-
                                                                                 Arts Management majors and
the metal detectors, and had IDs and introduced themselves. They                                                         tor, Educational Director, Com-
                                                                                 Theatre minor. After sending in a
checked by two different guards at asked the students to go around and                                                   pany Manager, Director of De-
                                                                                 resume with multiple references
separate checkpoints, they made introduce themselves, and guess                                                          velopment and technicians on the
                                                                                 and class experience, Danielle
their way                                                        what each                                               stage. “I also loved meeting all new
                                                                                 continued in the application pro-
into      the                                                    of      their                                           and exciting people such as Tony
                                                                                 cess with an interview session over
prison and                                                       c r i m e s                                             Larussa (Owner of the Cardinals)
                                                                                 SKYPE with the supervisor. The
through                                                          were. Bub-                                              and Lexi Potamkin (a former Miss
                                                                                 next day, Hauer was thrilled to re-
the     visit-                                                   ba      Har-                                            World).”
                                                                                 ceive a phone call informing her
ing room.                                                        ville    was                                                    Hauer was happy to have
                                                                                 that she had gotten the job. “It [the
The      stu-                                                    the first to                                            her experiences at Culver to back up
                                                                                 internship] was very competitive.
dents then                                                       guess mur-                                              her resume, but remarked that being
                                                                                 She [Danielle’s supervisor] could
went into                                                        der, which                                              motivated, hard-working, and set-
                                                                                 have chosen any student from any
a     receiv-                                                    some of the                                             ting high goals for herself was the
                                                                                 school, but she chose me. I thought
ing room                                                         rest were                                               key to being successful. “I would say
                                                                                 that was awesome.”
where they                                                       hesitant to                                             Culver gave me a strong advantage
                                                                                         The Theatre Aspen is a
were met                                                         do.    Ash-                                             to succeeding in the ‘real world’.”
                                                                                 small, non-profit theatre company
by a large                                                       ley Berry                                               Danielle advises students searching
                Eastern Missouri Women’s Prison and Reception                    located in central Colorado. Dur-
group of in-                                                   got into it,                                              for an internship to stay persistent,
                           Center at Vandalia, MO                                ing her three-month stay, the dou-
mates. A few                                                   explaining                                                never underestimate themselves
                                                                                 ble major had many responsibilities
of those inmates stood up, and told the reasoning behind each of her                                                     and believe that anything is pos-
                                                                                 like creating advertisements, man-
them what students would seeing theories. They kept going back to                                                        sible if you work hard. The Cul-
                                                                                 aging the company’s official web-
on the tour. They warned them that Erik Gonsalves, wanting to know                                                       ver- Stockton student agreed that
                                                                                 site, setting up actor interviews,
some of the inmates were going to his theories, but all of the guesses                                                   the internship prepared her for a fu-
                                                                                 filing invoices, budgeting spread-
be staring, and yelling inappropri- were way off on most of them, and                                                    ture professional job. “It helped me
                                                                                 sheets, and working box office for
ate things at them, both male and students were stunned when they                                                        develop awesome connections that
                                                                                 shows. Learning how to manage
female. The students then walked heard some of the stories. Their                                                        will help me get a job of my choice
                                                                                 the theatre company’s website was
outside and headed over to “Two crimes ranged from forgery, to man-                                                      almost anywhere. It also made me
                                                                                 a new skill she learned during the
House,” the housing unit where slaughter, to possession of a con-                                                        ten times more excited to graduate
                                                                                 internship and will take her into
certain inmates and the CHAMP trolled substance. One woman was                                                           and start my career.”
                                                                                 any career she’s interested in. Be-
dogs are housed. CHAMP is a in prison for the first time at age 44,                                                              Anyone looking to step into
                                                                                 sides technical skills, Danielle also
program in which inmates train and another was serving her eighth                                                        the “real world” market today will
                                                                                 learned a few skills she hadn’t ex-
service dogs, and the dogs live sentence, and was just turning 30.                                                       face competition from a lot of bright
                                                                                 pected. “I definitely learned how to
with them in their cells. Each of The most startling story was the one                                                   graduates. Danielle advises job
                                                                                 be a better leader. I feel more con-
these cells is smaller than a room from the kindly older woman who                                                       searchers to “make sure you are not
                                                                                 fident in my work ethic, and I look
in Wood Hall and holds up to six told everyone that she had poured                                                       afraid of putting yourself out there
                                                                                 forward to graduating and getting a
women and one dog. Each woman gasoline on a man and set him on                                                           to meet people. Also, know that in
                                                                                 job that I love.”
is responsible for doing her own fire. That was something no one ex-                                                     order to get ahead in the world you
                                                                                         Along with Travis Dahl-
laundry and keeping her room pected. These women shared every                                                            have to be willing to work hard. If
                                                                                 hauser , (another Culver-Stockton
clean. The women receive $7.50 detail of their crimes, and allowed                                                       you are not pushing yourself now
                                                                                 student who also worked in Aspen
a month from the state, and some students to ask questions. The sto-                                                     in college, you probably won’t push
                                                                                 over the summer), Danielle also
have jobs in the prison to supple- ries they shared were captivating,                                                    yourself in the ‘real world’ either,
                                                                                 had many opportunities to work
ment that income. Most of the jobs and this experience is one none of                                                    and supervisors will notice.”
                                                                                 with professionals throughout the
pay only $0.35 an hour, though the Mr. Bradshaw’s students are likely            business,) she worked alongside the
premium jobs, like the ones in the to forget.
sewing shop, go up to $0.71.

By Josh McGhee
                                     Sold! To the Highest Bidder
Ed/Op Editor

                        Culver-Stockton’s Black Student Union was looking for an original fundraising event to support programs for this year including a
               trip to the Martin Luther King Museum. The BSU member auction on October 21st was a bid farewell (pun intended) to boring fundrais-
               ing. BSU President, Brian Richardson, commented on the approach, “We are allowing people to bid to go on a date with their favorite
               BSU member over a candlelight dinner and learn about their personalities and such.” The goal of the event was to raise one hundred
        The Cat’s Pause was packed, boasting students young and old representing venues of campus life from sorority and fraternity members, foot-
ball players, men’s and women’s basketball players, and non-athletes; a crowd as original as the shows participants. Shannon Reed, a member of the
Women’s basketball team was in attendance, eager to purchase a date with Steven Crawford, “Why? Because he has a sexy `bod’ and a beautiful smile.”
        Jo Stubbs’ Bahaman accent accentuated the microphone as he hosted the event showcasing seven BSU members from a broad spectrum of
Culver-Stockton life. “We’re trying to show a different spin to our group instead of just parties. We’re trying to show our minorities dressed up not just
in jerseys,” says Brian. Moments later, Wayne Morris kicked off the event “pretty boi swaggin’ through the room” as his theme music stated dressed to
impress in a fresh tuxedo. Wayne was eventually purchased by an anonymous donor for 35 dollars.
        Bidding for each member began at two dollars, which could have been reason for the slow starts when the bidding began. Leslie “Scrappy”
Damper was introduced next looking far from scrappy in a stunning blue dress, obviously the crowd felt the same as she started the first bidding war,
which was eventually won by Kurt McKay, a sophomore at Culver-Stockton. “I am ecstatic about my purchase, I want to go out and have a nice, subtle
evening,” he commented on his purchase and Leslie showed mutual feelings, ” I’m Excited for my date with Kurt McKay.”
        Brian added a little more swagger to his presidential status, taking the long way around, licking his lips and shaking hands as he slowly paraded
around the Cat’s Pause to the jubilation of female screams and gentle laughter. The President was also purchased by an anonymous bidder at 20 dol-
lars. Julian Holland pulled in the low bid next, but reminded the charity of the event, “It’s cool. It’s for the cause of the program as long as we met our
        Jasmine Brown, Vice President of BSU, power walked in next to the elations of the crowd where she incited the most active betting. Cindy Van
Zante, a Jasmine Brown supporter and sorority sister, explained her spirited betting, “because I love her.” Cindy eventually bowed to freshman Sam
Mitchell after he surpassed her twenty dollar budget. Sam Mitchell purchased Jasmine for 22 dollars and explained his expectations: “I want a basic
evening, including getting to know her better.” Jasmine was also enthusiastic about the event’s success, saying, “I’m excited to see it all turn out and the
student participation.”
                                                                                   Steven Crawford, a member of the Men’s basketball team and host of
                                                                          the Culver radio show ‘Pillow Talk’, approached the stage showcasing his be
                                                                          loved smile for his devoted supporters. Steven provoked the most activity for the
                                                                          male betting, but was eventually won by Shannon Reed, achieving her goal for
                                                                          the night.
                                                                                   Brandie Starks, a member of BSU and the track team closed the show
                                                                          commented on pulling in 15 dollars for the cause, “It was great. I got over two
                                                                          dollars, so I’m happy. It’s for BSU, so I’m happy with anything.”
                                                                                   The program was a success bringing in 121 dollars plus donations to the
                                                                          voice of Jo Stubbs and music direction of Jamartae Jackson, another member of
                                                                          BSU. It showcased BSU members and the group as a whole, hopefully inspiring
                                                                          a boost in membership and support for the group. Black Student Union meets at
                                                                          9 p.m. on Tuesdays in Johnson Hall.
                Black Student Union Date Night Participants

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