COLLEGE UNIFORM for KS3/KS4 students (September 2010) by Vi91bie8


									COLLEGE UNIFORM for KS3/KS4 students (September 2010)
All students must wear the college uniform. The Education Welfare Service administers a scheme of
Emergency Clothing Allowances, which can help with the cost of a child‟s college clothing and is
available to parents experiencing severe financial hardship. For details of this assistance apply to the
Educational Welfare Services, Benefits Office, County Hall, Aylesbury, HP20 1UZ.
Details of the college uniform are given below.

      Skirts/trousers       Plain black. The material should not be denim, brushed cotton or corduroy.
                            Trousers must be full length and skirts should be knee level.
      Shirt                 Plain white with collar. Shirts should be tucked in and fully buttoned up.
      Blazer                Black with the college badge and maroon piping.
      Jumper                Black „V‟ neck jumper under blazer is optional.
      Tie                   College design, worn by all students. The correct length is a minimum of
                            300mm (the length of a piece of A4 paper).
      Socks/Tights          Neutral/dark coloured socks/tights.
      Shoes                 Sensible black shoes with no markings/logo. Trainers may be worn
                            outside at break or lunch-time, but must be changed before re-entering the
                            college buildings.
      Jewellery             For security and other reasons jewellery should not be worn. Apart from
                            wrist watches, one small plain stud or sleeper in each ear, not jewelled.
                            No other facial rings or studs are acceptable.
      Make-up               If worn it must not be obvious.
      Nail Varnish          Clear only.
      Coat                  Students will need a sensible and warm waterproof coat at certain times of
                            the year.
                            The following cannot be worn to college:
                            Lightweight tracksuit type jackets, denim, brushed cotton or corduroy
                            jackets or hooded fleeces.
      Hair                  No extreme hairstyles are permitted.


      Girls P.E. Kit                             Boys P.E. Kit
      Maroon polo shirt                          Royal blue polo shirt
      Maroon sweatshirt                          Black sweatshirt
      Shadow stripe black shorts                 Shadow stripe black shorts
      Long maroon football socks                 Long maroon football socks
      Trainers                                   Football boots and trainers

College blazers, „V‟ neck jumpers, ties and skirts are available by application to the college.
PE kit can be purchased locally from “FastBreak” in Chesham town.

Tracksuits may be worn, they should be plain grey, black or maroon. All P.E./Games Kit should be
clearly marked, preferably stitched lettering. All jewellery (i.e. wrist watches, clearly named and
earrings) must be removed for all P.E. lessons.


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