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					                              For over 50 years, Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) has
                              created business solutions to poverty around the world. Rooted in our faith
                              values, we firmly believe that unleashing entrepreneurship is the best way to
                              alleviate poverty.

We are a recognized leader for establishing best practices in financial services, investment fund development, market
development and solving poverty by responding to each population’s unique needs. MEDA’s competitive edge is to solve issues of
poverty through business solutions that integrate all of our areas of strength.

MEDA has been in a period of unprecedented growth and innovation, developing new products that reach more of the world's

Position Summary
MEDA is currently seeking Technical experts for proposed positions within the Voucher Management Agency for an upcoming
KfW-funded proposal bid in Kenya.

Project description
The Program “Development of the Health Sector, Support for Health Financing” comprises the implementation of an OBA-Voucher
component (Out-put-based Aid) in 4 districts and 2 poor urban areas in Nairobi. The component involves the identification of
beneficiaries through established criteria, issuing a voucher at a highly subsidized price and the beneficiary using the voucher to
access reproductive health services (antenatal care, delivery, postnatal care and family planning including treatment for gender
violence). Services for voucher clients are provided across a network of approximately 100 accredited private, public or faith-
based health facilities which in turn are reimbursed for the services provided on the basis of the vouchers redeemed, at
predetermined rates per service.

The implementation of the OBA-Voucher program is administered through a third-party Voucher Management Agency (VMA). The
VMA is responsible for voucher design, marketing and distribution, recruitment and management of providers’ network, claims
processing and payments and, service quality monitoring on behalf of the Program Executing Agency (Ministry of Public Health
and Sanitation). The Voucher Management Agency will develop and implement requisite systems and prepare to transfer the
systems and skills to within the PEA at the end of project period.

Project Title: Development of the Health Sector, Support for Health Financing - Voucher Management Agency,
Phase 3

National Program and IT Manager (Team Leader)
Job description

    Overall management and oversight of all programmatic aspects of the OBA voucher program. Strategic leadership of all
     program and IT components for the Voucher Management Agency.
    Working closely with the Program Executing Agency (Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation) programme unit to ensure
     program implementation meets requirements and to transfer programme management knowledge to PEA.
    Manage a network of health Voucher Service Providers (VSP) which will accept vouchers in exchange for health services
     provided and ensure program compliance
    Oversee recruitment and management a network of community-based voucher distributors who work to ensure voucher
     availability amongst target group
    Oversee quality service provision, improvement, and the accreditation and re-accreditation process for all VSPs
    Implementation SMS-based reporting technology in the design of the vouchers and the mechanisms for their purchase by
     clients and the use of mobile technology for recording voucher sales, claims processing and payments
    Implement foolproof systems and processes to identify, track, and cease any cases of voucher misuse
    Oversee local office and staffing matters
        Oversee program reporting requirements as needed.

     -      At least 10 years experience as Programme Manager (public health) preferable in reproductive health
     -      Experience working with Donor/Development Banks, and implementation of financial procedures is required
     -      Expertise in Quality Management, Reproductive Health Services, and/or Voucher Management capacities
     -      Experience of facilitation/support to the establishment of Quality Improvement processes in health facilities in
            African countries
     -      Nationally or internationally recognized university or college educational certification.
     -      Experience working with and implementing Management Information Systems, mobile reporting, and GIS mapping tools
     -      Planning, implementation, and maintenance of the supporting IT infrastructure organization-wide
     -      Experience in software based assessment tools to analyze large quantities of data and extract the relevant and
            meaningful trends for action
     -      Develop, implement, maintain and improve processes and procedures for collecting programme data including current
            database structures. Oversee the collection of key indicators ensuring data accuracy and integrity.
     -      Proven reporting and writing skills, including knowledge of budgetary reporting
     -      Experience in providing technical support in the context of German bilateral cooperation would be appreciated
     -      Experience in leadership with different professional groups would be an asset
     -      Previous experience or knowledge of mhealth, e-payment, or e-voucher technologies would be an asset

Duty Station : Nairobi, Kenya     Duration 36 months (11.2011 - 10.2014)

National Senior Finance Manager
Job description
    1. Strategic leadership of all financial and compliance components of the Voucher Management Agency role within the
        larger project context
    2. Set up and implement systems for all voucher claims processing and payments to network of approx. 100 Voucher
        Service Providers (Public and Private health care providers)
    3. Develop and implement financial reporting systems for the program stakeholders
    4. Develop and implement financial guidelines and standard operating procedures for the VMA operations
    5. Ensuring that all financial data have been posted in the Accounting system from payment vouchers and other documents
    6. Prepare all the financial reports ensuring that they are error-free and ready for submission to donors
    7. Processing of internal accounting transactions (A/P, A/R and Payroll)
    8. Monitoring compliance with donor requirement and advising management when corrective action is necessary

   - At least 6 years experience as Finance Manager preferable with Development Bank experience
   - Proven knowledge and experience of budgetary reporting
   - Experience in the set-up and implementation of complex payment and accounting systems. Experience in voucher
         payment systems is a plus
   - Experience in managing compliance to donor audit protocol and financial management procedures
   - Previous experience in preparation on monthly financial statements, cash flow, and other financial reporting
   - Previous experience in management of all office and payroll related financial matters is required
   - Must possess good computer application skills and especially any electronic accounting packages.
   - Accredited, nationally or internationally recognized accounting designation
   - Experience in providing technical support in the context of German bilateral cooperation would be appreciated

Duty Station: Nairobi, Kenya      Duration 36 months (11.2011 - 10.2014)
National Field Operations and Marketing Manager
Job description
    1. Strategic planning and oversight of all programme field work completed by Field Managers and by voucher distributors.
        Report regularly to program management on all operational matters.
    2. Lead the recruitment and thereafter management of a sufficient network of voucher distributors to ensure equitable
        voucher distribution to target groups meets program goals.
    3. Lead the team of field level staff at district and community level for voucher marketing and sensitization efforts to
        increase usage and awareness amongst target groups
    4. Monitor all program voucher issuance and redemption data. Manage any suspected voucher misuse and take necessary
        action to immediately stop voucher misuse at the source
    5. Train service providers and monitor performance all field level staff
    6. Develop a marketing and distribution strategy to reach the target population in particular in the rural areas. Ensure
        knowledge of program and utilization rates meet program goals amongst targeted groups

   - At least 5 years experience in Field operations in and oversight of multiple sites
   - Develop, implement, maintain and improve processes and procedures for all voucher programme field operations
   - Fluency in English and Kiswahili is required
   - Experience in leadership and coordination of field staff
   - Expertise in Quality Management and improvement, Reproductive Health Services, Voucher Management
   - Manage and approve field staff monthly plans and budgets. Keen oversight of all field activities to ensure proper usage of
         program resources
   - Proven training, presentation, and report writing skills
         Nationally or internationally recognized university or college educational certification.
   - Ability to analyze and synthesize large quantities of data to identify areas for further follow-up and action
   - High level of computer and technical systems literacy with experience using Management Information Systems
   - Previous experience or knowledge of mhealth, e-payment, or e-voucher technologies would be an asset

Duty Station: Nairobi, Kenya and in the six pilot sites       Duration 36 months (11.2011 - 10.2014)

Additional desired qualities
     Prior experience in leading health projects.
     Kenyan Nationals preferred.

To apply, please send (1) your current Curriculum Vitae, (2) at least three references with current e-mail and telephone contacts,
(3) your salary history, and (4) a cover letter describing your interest in the position.

Send your application to Human Resources at any of the following:
                        386 Toure Drive – Masaki; or
                        PO Box 10817, Dar es Salaam; or
Application Deadline: 20 August 2011 – send in applications immediately. No calls please.
                                          Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

                       (Note : Offers of employment are contingent upon award of donor contract)

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