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									                           Prairie Trail Middle School
                           Physical Education Policies
I. PE Uniform:
      A. Navy shorts and our Prairie Trail Physical Education t-shirt is the recommended
          PE uniform. Socks and athletic shoes tied correctly are required. Each student will
          also be required to have a swimming suit. Uniform cost is $20.00.
      B. All PE uniforms are required to be marked with a permanent marker. First initial, last
          name should be marked on the block provided on the uniform. Uniforms should be
          taken home at the end of the week and laundered.
      C. The Physical Education uniform should be worn in the way it was designed.
      D. Clean uniforms are available for students to borrow.

II. Daily Procedures:
        A. Students need to be in the locker room when the bell rings. Roll will be taken 5
            minutes after the tardy bell rings. Anyone not in their designated roll area will be
            counted tardy.
        B. Please bring your planner and I.D. card to PE every day. Your planner is your pass
            and you may need your I.D. if you have to borrow PE clothes.
        C. Ample time will be given at the end of the class period to dress and shower
        D. No one is to leave the activity area or the locker room until dismissed by a teacher.
        E. No PE class equipment is to be used at any time unless teacher directed.

III. Showering Procedures:
        A. Showers are available for student use if desired.
        B. One towel is allowed per student per day.
        C. Showers are required after swimming.

IV. Temporary Excuses:
       A. If unable to participate fully in physical education please send a note explaining what
          the student is capable of doing and we will work with your child’s situation.
       B. If there is a need for your child miss more than three days of activity a doctor’s note
          is required. Ask your doctor not to write “NO PE” on the note, instead; ask what
          limited activities your child may do, so they are getting some physical activity daily.
       C. In the event that no physical activity is possible, then an alternative assignment may
          be given.
V. Lockers:
       A. Keep all items locked in the locker assigned. DO NOT share locker combinations.
       B. Tampering with a lock, locker or other’s belongings is a violation of school policy.

VI. Grading Procedures:
       A. Much of physical education depends upon participation. It is important that the
          student be present, dressed in proper uniform and participate to the best of their
           ability each day. Effort, attitude, behavior, sportsmanship, fitness activities, fitness
           assessment, skills assessment and written tests are part of the grading process.

VII. Absences from Class:
       A. Unexcused absences will result in a loss of daily points and tests given and cannot be
          made up.
       B. Excused absences must be made up. Two weeks are given to make up daily points. It
          is the student’s responsibility to get the make up assignment from their roll call

                               Important Additional Information

               1. Do not bring food, gum or drink into the gym or the locker room.
               2. No jewelry or watches allowed during activity. Leave all valuables LOCKED
                  UP in your locker.
               3. Please bring deodorant, lotion, combs, brushes or any other necessities in non-
                  breakable containers.
               4. For safety keep all electrical appliances away from water.
               5. Take care of all personal care issues before leaving the locker room.
               6. Help keep the locker room clean and neat! Put your towels in the proper towel
                  bin, and trash in the trash cans.
               7. Do not leave the gym, locker room or playing field without permission.
               8. Lost and found will be located in the PE office. Turn in any items you find


If you have any questions, problems or concerns please speak to one of the Physical Education
Team members: Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Herman, Mr. Marks, Mr. Potchad, or Mr. Jones.

Parental Support

I have read and understand the Prairie Trail Physical Education policies and expectations. I will
do my part in upholding and supporting my child, the teachers and this program. I have also read
and understand the attached swimming policies.

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                               Prairie Trail Junior High School
                                     Swimming Policies

I. Daily Grade: 10 pts.

To earn these points they will:

                1. Suit out in the required uniform.
                2. Participate in the activity of the day.

II. Unit Grade: Swim Stroke Assessment: Points to be determined each unit.

Each student earns a unit grade for each physical education unit. These grades are earned in a
variety of ways. Due to the importance of swimming our swim unit points are as follows:

1. The unit is graded daily. Consideration is given for those who are not able to swim on a given
   day. (See excuses below).
2. They will earn daily participation points (10 points) for being in the pool and doing the
   required activity.
3. With individual improvement being the focus, tests will be given to assess that improvement.

III. Excuses:

1. A written excuse explaining why your child is unable to participate and how long this will last
    is required. This will allow the student’s swimming points to be made up.
2. Swimming days can only be made up by swimming. Make up days and times are by
    appointment. It is the student’s responsibility to set up an appointment with their teacher
3. If the student has no excuse they will not be allowed to make up their swimming for that day.
   Exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis.
4. Excuses are limited to menstrual cycle and physical disability.

IV. Alternative Activity:

An alternative activity may be assigned as stated in the Physical Education Policies.

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