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					VLAC SWIM Registration                      VLAC SWIM 2010-2011                 “The main ingredient to
                                                                                stardom is the rest of the
                                            “The next generation of swimming”
Swimmer Information

Name:                                                                           -John Wooden
Summer Team:

HS/MS/ Secondary/Elementary:
                                                                                Join the VLAC Wolfpack
                                                                                family today!!!

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Primary Email:                                      VLAC SWIM
Check preferred sessions:
                                                     8102 Chivalry Rd
Session 1__ Session 2__ Session 3__                 Annandale, VA 22003
Check preferred days of practice:
Sun__ Mon__ Wed__ Sat__

Send $100 deposit to Clayton Joyner, VLAC

8102 Chivalry Rd.

Annandale, VA 22003
                                                                                                       Practice times and location
                                            Coaching staff
                                                                                                       * The team currently practices 4 days a week. They are
                                                                                                       Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights, as well as
                                                                                                       Saturday mornings. The pool is conveniently located at the
                                                                                                       Jewish Community Center of Northern VA (JCCNV).

                                                                                                       8900 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax, VA. 22031. The center
                                                                                                       is well lit and has ample free parking.
                                            Head coach Clayton Joyner founded VLAC in 2008.
                                            Currently he is in his eighth season at Holmes Run
                                            Acres where he has led them to 4 relay and 3 division
                                                                                                       * Saturday morning practices run from 7:30-8:30am. The
                                            titles. In addition he is the head coach of Robinson
                                            Secondary, where the girl’s team in 2010 won district,     team has the whole pool and it is split into a 10+under
History of the team
                                            regional, and state titles. Coach CJ earned a bachelor’s   stroke, and turn clinic and an 11+up sprint group which is
Victory Lane Aquatic Club or VLAC           degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and a         divided into freshmen, junior, and senior levels.
                                            master’s degree in Sports Management from
SWIM was founded in the fall of             Georgetown University.                                     * The practices on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights
2008. It started off as a twice a week                                                                 run from 8:10 pm-9:30 pm and consist of 20 minutes of dry
training program on Monday and              Coach Randy Carroll has been with VLAC for two             land (8:10-8:30) and 60 minutes of pool time (8:30-9:30).
                                            years and at the Belle Haven Country Club for eight        This group is divided into freshmen, junior, and senior
Wednesday nights. Since then it has
                                            seasons. In addition he swam for James Madison
fostered high school, summer team,                                                                     levels.
                                            University swim team where he received his
and NVSL record holders.                    bachelor’s and master’s degrees.                           Average age of levels
                                            Coach Kevin Nolan swam at Frostburg University             Freshmen ages 9-12
 Mission of VLAC SWIM                       where he held several school records and received his
                                            bachelor’s degree. He also coaches with Clayton            Junior ages 12-14
 The principal mission of VLAC is to        Joyner at Robinson Secondary.
 promote a healthy lifestyle for                                                                       Senior ages 15-18
 members by incorporating core social                                                                  *The season runs from September through May and is
 values through swimming. Swimmers                                                                     broken into 3-3month sessions.
 are not only trained to become better     Check us out on                                             Session#1 September 5, 2010- November 24, 2010
 athletes, but are also encouraged to                                                                  Session#2 November 28, 2010- February 23, 2011
 become future leaders in society.
                                           *VLACSWIM.COM (under construction)                          Session#3 February 27,2011- May 25, 2011
 VLAC harbors the ideals of hard work,     *Facebook under VLAC SWIM
 dedication, and perseverance to create                                                                2010-2011 Rates
                                           *Twitter @VLACSWIMCOACH                                     Costs are per session
 an atmosphere where a swimmer can
                                                                                                       1 practice per week $225
 grow physically, emotionally and
                                           *Or watch the VLAC SWIM commercial                          2 practices per week $400
 socially as an individual. Swimmers
                                           on YouTube, key name “VLAC SWIM”                            3 practices per week $550
 are encouraged not only to strive to be                                                               Saturday AM Practice $240
 the fastest, most skilled athletes who
 compete in their sport, but also the                                                                  *A $100 deposit is required per swimmer to reserve a slot
                                                                                                       for each session. The remaining amount can be paid on the
 smartest by applying the knowledge                                                                    first day of practice for that session.
 they have been exposed to through the
 program.                                                                                              Make checks payable to Clayton Joyner, VLAC.

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