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									                                            STEM Coalition of Coalitions – First Planning Meeting – Jan. 7, 2010

   First Name       Last Name                Affiliation                                      Title                               E-mail
Marion          Blakey          Aerospace Industries Association          President & CEO                
Daphne          Dador           Aerospace Industries Association          Manager, Workforce             
Fred            Downey          Aerospace Industries Association          Vice President, National Security
                Joos De Ter                                                                              
Chantal         Beerst          Aerospace Industries Association          Administrative Assistant
Alexis          Allen           Aerospace Industries Association          Assistant VP, Communications   
Steve           Goldstein       Aerospace Industries Association          Director, Executive Communications       Steve.goldstein@aia-aerospac.eorg
Charles         Huettner        Aerospace States Association              Executive Director             
Ralph           Coppola         Aerospace States Association              Consultant                     
                                AIAA - Career and Workforce                                              
Supriya         Banerjee        Committee                                 Vice President
Laine           Martens         Air Force Association                     Membership Operations/NCAE Rep 
Buck            Buckwalter      Air Force Association                     AFA Executive VP               
                                American Association for                  Head of the Directorate for Education
Shirley         Malcom          Advancement of Science                    and HR Programs
James           Brown           American Chemical Society                 Co-Chair, STEM Education Coalition
                                Associated General Contractors of                                        
Liz             Elvin           America                                   Director, Workforce Development
                                Association of Schools of Allied                                         
Ashley          Rasmussen       Health Professions                        Programs Director
                                BAE Systems/AIA Industrial Base &                                        
Susan           Lavrakas        Workforce Committee                       AIA IB&WC Chair
Steve           Barkanic        Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation           Senior Program Officer
Paul            Hanle           Biotechnology Institute                   President                      
Elane           Scott           Birth2Work                                Co-Founder                     
Chris           Roe             Business Higher Education Forum           Deputy Director                
                                Center for Energy Workforce                                              
Valerie         Taylor          Development                               CEWD Education Consultant
                                Center for the Study of the                                              
Dana            Martin          Presidency and Congress                   Chief of Staff
Kevin           Raum            Cordium Advisors                          President                      
Amy             Kaslow          Council on Competitiveness                Fellow                         

                                    STEM Coalition of Coalitions – First Planning Meeting – Jan. 7, 2010

Josh        Wertheimer   Council on Competitiveness               Research Assistant             
Ann         Graham       Department of Defense                    National Security Space Office 
Alan        Dunham       Department of Defense                    Consultant                     
                                                                  Special Assistant, Elementary and
Michael     Lach         Department of Education                  Secondary Education
Tony        Fowler       Department of Education                  Director of Interagency Affairs
Tom         Kowalczyk    Department of Homeland Security          Office of University Programs  
Brad        Wiggins      Department of Labor                      Business Relations             
Brian       Dyak         Entertainment Industries Council         President & CEO                
Erik        Huey         Entertainment Software Association       Sr. VP, Govt Affairs           
Sarah       Hudgins      Entertainment Software Association       Manager, Federal Government Affairs
John        Duckwitz     Home Front Communications                Director, Client Services      
                         Information Technology Industries                                       
Lori        Prater       Council                                  Director
                         Inst. Competitive Workforce,                                            
Lydia       Logan        Chamber of Commerce                      Executive Director
Carlos      Contreras    Intel                                    Director                       
David       Mcreavy      Lockheed Martin                          Washington Operations, FLDP    
Mike        Byrne        Lockheed Martin                          Director, Corporate Staffing   
                                                                  Manager, Corporate Community   
Dianne      Butler       Lockheed Martin                          Relations
                         Lockheed Martin/AIAA                                                    
Katherine   Black        Career/Workforce Dev                     Sr. Manager, Global Security Policy
Joyce       Winterton    NASA                                     Assistant Administrator of Education
Carl        Person       NASA                                     Manager, MUREP                 
Greg        Pearson      National Academy of Engineering          Program Officer                
Catherine   Didion       National Academy of Engineering          Senior Program Officer         
                         National Association of                                                 
Jennifer    McNelly      Manufacturers                            Sr. VP, Manufacturing Institute
                         National Association of                                                 
Emily       DeRocco      Manufacturers                            President, Manufacturing Institute
                         National Cable &                                                        
Frank       Gallagher    Telecommunications Assn                  Sr. Director, Cable in the Classroom
Holley      Slabaugh     National Defense Industrial              Meeting Planner                
                                       STEM Coalition of Coalitions – First Planning Meeting – Jan. 7, 2010

                          National Defense Industrial                                                
Britt     Bommelje        Association                                Director, Operations
Angela    Baber           National Governors Association             Senior Policy Analyst           
                                                                     Director, STEM Education & Outreach
Shelley   Duguid Spears   National Institute of Aerospace            Development
                                                                     Deputy, Division of Undergraduate
Karen     Oates           National Science Foundation                Education
Allison   Glatfelter      Northern Virginia Technology Council       Public Policy, Manager          
                          Northrop Grumman/NDIA STEM                                                 
Ed        Swallow         Division                                   Chair, NDIA STEM Division
Rich      Leshner         Office of Science & Technology Policy      Policy Analyst                  
                          Joint Interagency Cyber Task Force -                                       
                          Office of the Director of National
Peggy     Maxson          Intelligence                               Education Manager
                                                                     Director, Washington Operations,
Bruce     Mahone          SAE International                          Aerospace
                                                                     Strategic Alliances & Workforce 
Pam       Hurt            Society of Manufacturing Engineers         Development, Manager
                                                                     Director of Program Development &
John      Bramer          Software Engineering Institute             Transition
                          Teaching Institute for Excellence in                                       
Buzz      Bartlett        STEM                                       Senior STEM Consultant
                                                                     Sr. Vice President, Commercial Policy &
Josh      Lamel           TechAmerica                                Govt Affairs
                          Textron/AIA Workforce Steering                                             
Julie     Bloxom          Committee                                  AIA Steering Committee Member
                          The Boeing Company/AIA Workforce           Sr. VP of HR & Admin./Chair of AIA
Rick      Stephens        Steering Committee                         Steering Committee
Donna     Gleason         The Boeing Company                         Director, Legislative Affairs   
Paul      McNeil          The Boeing Company                         Public Policy Advocacy          
Dianna    Peterson        The Boeing Company                         Director                        
Vance     Ablott          Triangle Coalition                         Executive Director              
Arthur    Rothkopf        U.S. Chamber of Commerce                   Sr. Vice President              


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