ELEMENT PROJECT by keralaguest


									                             ELEMENT PROJECT
NAME _________________________ Name of Element _______________________
Your element project will consist of two (2) parts:
        1. A typed 3-4 page report answering specific questions about your element
        2. A visual project of your element.
Paper Requirements - It MUST be typed and in your own words.
The typed potion of your project must be written in paragraph form.
Page 1: Title page – Your name, element, date and class number
Page 2-3: The following information MUST be included:
Periodic Table Information: element name, symbol, atomic number, mass number
History – When it was discovered? By whom?
Early uses – ex. As a weapon, coins, building materials
Family/Group and Period – is it a part of a special collection of elements?
Number of protons, neutrons, electrons
Properties or characteristics – state, density, boiling point, isotopes, melting point,
reactivity, metal, manmade or natural, acid or base, crystal structure, etc.
Practical uses today – weapon, jewelry, raw materials for production, food, medicine
Where it is commonly found on Earth (geographic location).
NOTE: Feel free to include any additional information you find interesting.
        Some elements will have more information than others.
Page 4 Bibliography section – Must use / site a minimum of three (3) sources for
paper using format from English class.

Visual Project Requirements (Must do one (1) of the following A, B, C)
  A. Power Point Presentation
      Slide 1 Title (element), Your name, Period                          0 points
      Slide 2 Element box                                                 10 points
      Slide 3 Electron Configuration                                      20 points
      Slide 4 Discovery/Early History/Uses                                20 points
      Slide 5 Physical and Chemical Properties                            20 points
      Slide 6 Youtube video (longer than 1 min no longer than 5 mins) 20 Points
      Slide 7 References                                                  10 Points
NOTE : See me for power point examples.
  B. One dimensional model of an atom of your element
  1. A poster no smaller than ½ of a poster board and not larger than a full size poster
  2. Label the poster with the element name, symbol, atomic mass and atomic number.
  3. Draw an atom of the element and label the parts. You must have the correct
      number of protons, neutrons and electrons. Make a color key for each.
  C. Three (3) dimensional model of an atom of your element
  1. Size will depend on the element
  2. Design the model using your imagination and ideas.
  3. Use colors to distinguish between protons, neutrons and electrons.
  4. Attach an index card with the element name, atomic mass, atomic number and
                            Rubric for Paper

Requirements                Possible Points    Points Earned
Using 3 sources                       5
Bibliography                          5
Name of Element                       5
Chemical Symbol                       5
Atomic Number                         5
Atomic Mass                           5
Characteristics / Element            10
Practical uses                       10
Family / Group                        5
Period Number                         5
When Discovered                       5
Who Discovered                        5
Where found on Earth                  5
Grammar/Complete                     10
Paragraph Format                      5
Neatness                             10

                    Rubric for Visual Project (B or C)

Visual Project              Possible Points    Points Earned
Element Name, Symbol,                 25
Atomic Number, Atomic
Mass Displayed
Correct number of                     25
Protons, Neutrons,
Color Key                           25
Neatness                            25
Please place your name and class number on the back of your project B
or C, and on one side of project A.

Each part (Paper and Visual) counts as a separate TEST grade.
Projects are due on or before February 19, 2009.

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