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									                                         RANGER REVIEW
                                       Dufur Elementary and High School

    Volume 17, Issue 8

        May 2011

Inside this issue:

Senior Plans             2

Billboard Contest        3
JWD Solicitations

Ranger Read. & Lit.      4
                                                             Graduating Class of 2011
Students in the Spot-    5    2011 Graduates (left to right; front to back) are: Jack Devlaeminck, Angel Trujillo, Evan Fissell,
light                         Melina Culps, Agatha Jim, Dayna Sauter, Sarah Erland, Ailee Aschoff, Janette Oon, Angelina
Dufur’s Got Talent            Johnson, Cole Wilson, Derrick Anderson, Grant Meanus, Jason Begay, Wesley Walsey, Kory Lepinski,
                              Dakota Grandstaff, JD Rhodes, Steven Begay, Dalton Rumbolz, Briahna Warmsbecker, Chelsea Keys,
                              and Matt Madson.
Library News             6

Spelling Bee Winners 7
Low Balance Notify
                              Senior Plans
Uke Club                      Derrick H. Anderson—‖I plan on attending Columbia Gorge Community College and major in the
                              Renewable Energy Technology Program.‖
Track                    8
Walk-A-Thon                   Ailee Rae Aschoff—‖I plan to attend Oregon State University to major in Biology/Pre-Veterinary
DHS Cheer!                    then Veterinary Graduate School.‖
Mathaletes                    Jason J. Begay—‖My plans are to work over the summer and save money to go to Mount Hood Com-
                              munity College and major in Fisheries.‖
Calendar                 9    Steven Begay—‖I plan to attend Mount Hood Community College to study Fisheries for two years
                              then transfer to Oregon State University or University of Oregon.‖
Conquer Chiari           10
                              Melina Marie Culps—‖I am going to attend Yakima Valley Community College and I’m unsure what
                              I am going to study.‖
Page 2                                                                                                       Ranger Review

                      Senior Plans, continued
                      Jack DeVlaeminck—‖I will be attending Linn Benton Community College in the fall. I will be getting
                      my Associate Degree in Business with a goal of coming back and working for my dad’s business, Devco
                      Sarah Elizabeth Erland—‖My plans for the future are to attend Central Washington University in
                      Ellensburg Washington in the fall.‖
                      Evan Burnard Fissell—‖I will go to Columbia Gorge Community College to get basic requirements
                      out of the way, and then I plan to transfer to a music college.‖
                      Dakota Grandstaff—‖I plan on going to Columbia Gorge Community College next fall, then transfer
                      to finish my Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. I want to come back and become a cop in The
                      Agatha Sue Jim—‖I am going to attend Yakima Valley Community College in the fall of 2011 to re-
                      ceive an Associate Degree and maybe transfer to the University of Montana to major in journalism.‖
                      Angelina Maria Johnson—‖Next fall I am going to continue my education in The Dalles in a vocation-
                      al training program and will look for a job.‖
                      Chelsea Anne Keys—‖I will be attending Western Oregon University in Monmouth, Oregon to major
                      in Education with a focus on English at the high school level.‖
                      Kory Lepinski—‖I plan to go to college at Clackamas Community College for Track and will take clas-
                      ses to become an electrician.‖
                      Matthew Madson—‖My future plan is to attend a two year business course then enter into a general
     High School      construction apprenticeship.‖
   Graduation 2011    Grant Meanus—‖I will be starting college at Montana State University to get a Bachelor’s in Photog-
   Saturday, June 4
       7:00 pm        Yen Huay Oon “Jeanette” - ―I will be attending an eighteen month pre-university program in Malaysia
                      before I further my education in the medical field.‖
                      J.D. Rhodes—‖I want to be a writer. I also want a secondary career in computers. To accomplish these
                      career goals, I’m going to attend college after high school.‖
                      Dalton J. Rumbolz—‖I will be starting college at Linn Benton in September to study Fish and Wild-
                      life, or start and apprenticeship to be a lineman.‖
                      Dayna Ann Sauter—‖I plan to attend Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon in the
                      Angel Trujillo—‖I plan to attend college at OSU for a Bachelor’s degree through the Air Force to be-
                      come a pilot and eventually work for Life Flight.‖
                      Wesley Nekywima Walsey—‖My future plans are to get a job while attending Northwest Indian Col-
                      lege majoring in Technical Engineering.‖
                      Briahna Warmsbecker—‖I plan to attend community college for two years and then transfer to study
                      Photography possibly. I also plan to get a job.‖
                      Cole Wilson—‖I plan on working at local motorcycle shops while attending college in The Dalles. I
                      want to continue to race motocross as a passion. After attending at least two years at CGCC, I will
                      then decide what future path I will take.‖
Volume 17, Issue 8                                                                                                                       Page 3

Billboard Contest Winner
This is the third year in which elementary students have
participated in a billboard art contest to advertise for the
Jerri Walker-DePriest Memorial Endowment Fund’s Dinner
and Auction, which will take place on Saturday, September
24, 2011. ―Polynesian Paradise‖ has been chosen for this
year’s theme. Student’s artwork exhibited a lot of blue sky
and ocean, sand and palm trees.
Student’s designs were collected and passed on to Meadow
Outdoor Advertising who selected the winner based on not
only artistic ability, but what would work well for a bill-
board. Congratulations to 7th grader Isabella Karabinas
who found out her entry was the overall winner chosen for
the billboard at an assembly on Thursday, April 21. Her
parents will receive two dinner tickets as a thank you from
the JWD Memorial Endowment Fund committee. Todd
Rodgers and Jeani Hodgen from Meadow Outdoor also
selected winners from each grade. They said they ―had a          Tickets for the JWD Dinner
hard time choosing from all the phenomenal artwork.‖             and Auction will soon be on
Those winners were, 1st grader Aileen Carrillo, 2nd grader       sale for $20 (it will cost $25 at
Savana Holland, 3rd grader Reghan Smith, 4th grader Hay-         the door). Patrons may also
den Clapham, 5th grader Ritchie Stubing, 6th grader Con-         purchase a table for 8 people
nor Uhalde, and 7th grader Casey Hammer.                         for $500 with advertising and
                                                                 pre-function event included.
Isabella’s artwork will be recreated and displayed on two        Please call the school (541-467-
billboards in The Dalles prior to the dinner and auction in      2509) for more information.
September.                                                                                                Isabella Karabinas with her winning
                                                                                                          billboard entry.

JWD Annual Scholarship Dinner & Auction, Saturday, September 24
                      Parents, family and friends—we need your talent, skills and connections! While we are four and a half months out
                      until the ―Polynesian Paradise‖ Dinner and Auction event, committees are meeting, and we are busy behind the
                      scenes to ensure we have a successful auction. Jerri Walker DePriest was an active member of the Dufur Community
                      and a big supporter of the students at Dufur School and we are asking you to help carry on her legacy.
                       How can you help or get involved? We will be calling upon all parents to help with auction solicitations in the next
                       few months. In the past, favorite items that have been donated are tickets to the Blazer’s, OSU and U of O football
                       tickets, group dinners or donated labor such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry or house painting to name a few.
Donated gift certificates to your favorite restaurant or retail store (which supports our local businesses), kids swimming and tea parties,
hay, firewood and timeshares are also auction favorites.
In the middle of May, high school students will be out and about seeking donations from businesses. If you work in a professional office,
donated gift certificates or cash donations to the scholarship fund would be greatly appreciated. All items collected before August 31, will
be recognized in the newspaper insert in The Dalles Chronicle. To date the JWD Endowment has awarded almost $140,000 grant dollars
to graduating Dufur seniors who are seeking to further their education at an accredited trade school or college.
We need all of you to be successful! Please contact Mindi Macnab at mindi.macnab@gmail.com if you would like to help with solicitations
or if you have an item to donate.
Page 4                                                                                                                       Ranger Review

                                    Ranger Reading & Literacy Program
                                                             K-3 Ranger Ready
         Is your child learning to love books? Learning that books are a great way to spend time is a crucial step towards reading
         independently. Here are five questions that you want to answer yes to.
         1. Do you spend time reading with your child every day?
         2. Do you choose books your child likes– even if it means reading the same book over and over?
         3. Do you read enthusiastically, using different voices for the different characters?
         4. Do you talk while you read, allowing your child to ask questions and point out pictures?
         5. Do you visit the library with your child regularly?
Volume 17, Issue 8                                                                                                                        Page 5

Students In The Spotlight
Freshman, Sam Cameron has            around town, or at the Wasco          light for the 3rd quarter of the
won this award based on her          County Fair. Cassidy is the           2010-2011 school year. Kylie
great attitude shown to coach-       daughter of Diane McCartney           has played a vital role in or-
es, administrators, and staff.       and Scott Lepinski.                   ganizing and carrying out
She has always been very re-                                               fundraisers and events for the
                                     Bo Anderson, sophomore, was
spectful, punctual, and gra-                                               junior class. As junior class
                                     chosen Spotlight student for
cious in school. One of her                                                vice president Kyle has lead
                                     the third quarter by the high
coaches has described her as
                                     school staff. He is a very con-
                                                                           class meetings and coordinat-           Congratulations to
having good leadership skills                                              ed efforts with fellow students,
as well because she does such
                                     scientious student, who is
                                                                           staff, and community mem-
                                                                                                                     the High School
                                     responsible about his work
a good job of staying steady,
                                     and takes school very serious-
                                                                           bers to put together a carnival           Students In The
stable, and respectful to all.                                             for kids and their families.
                                     ly. His effort level is unsur-                                                  Spotlight. These
Additionally, her academic                                                 Currently Kylie’s organization-
                                     passed. Beyond school work,
work has been above average                                                al prowess and hard work is            students are selected
                                     Bo is very involved in extracur-
in most academic areas. Sam                                                going toward prom prepara-
                                     ricular activities as he is a                                                  by the faculty for
is the daughter of Susan                                                   tions to make this years prom
                                     member of the Dufur Football
Knapp.                                                                     a success. Kylie is the daughter            academic or
                                     team and The Dalles wrestling
                                                                           of Heather Anthony and Marc                  behavioral
Cassidy Lepinski, sophomore,         team. He is also always willing
was chosen as a 3rd Quarter          to volunteer for fundraising                                                     improvement,
student in the spotlight. Over       activities for his class or other     Senior, Jeanette Oon always
the course of the past school        activities. Outside of school,        comes to class well prepared            citizenship, service,
year we have seen Cassidy            Bo continued his thoughtful-          and enthusiastic about the                 leadership, or
improve her dedication in            ness by researching places to         subject. She is always cheerful
class, serve as the Secretary for    donate money for Japans               and respectful toward her              academic excellence.
the FFA chapter, and partici-        earthquake victims. He then           teachers. In fact, Jeanette
pate on our track team here in       posted flyers to inform people        always thanks Mr. Donahue
class and on the field. Cassidy      in Dufur about good places to         for instruction after class. She
has shown great strides in           assist with the disaster relief.      is a pleasure to have in class
proving herself as a leader,         Bo is the son of Charles and          and serves as a good model for
and a positive impact on our         Leona Anderson.                       other students. Jeanette is an
school and community.                                                      exchange student from Malay-
                                     Kylie Reed, junior, was select-
Watch for her as she expands                                               sia and her host parents are
                                     ed as a student in the spot-
in her roles here at school,                                               Margaret and David Brewer.

                                    Dufur’s Got Talent!
                                    Dufur Schools will present Dufur’s Got Talent Season 3 on Thursday, May 26. Student arts and crafts
                                    will be displayed at 12:30 pm followed by the stage talent at 1:00 pm.
                                    Application forms will be available on April 22 for students to fill out and return to be able to partici-
                                    pate. Students in grades 1—5 will need a parent/guardian signature of approval for their participation.
                                    The talent show is open to the public and promises to be a very entertaining afternoon!
                                    For more information or questions, contact Mr. Hodges, Music teacher, at the school.
Page 6                                                                                                                      Newsletter Title

                                     Library News
 On Tuesday, April 12th, Tedd Arnold the author of Green Wilma, Huggly, Fly Guy and many other children’s books, visited Dufur
 School. He conducted two assemblies. In the first session for 4 th -6th grades, we were introduced to Charley and foxy, the stuffed
 animals his children had as toys. He explained how everyday things can give you inspiration for writing. Mr. Arnold also gave an
 interactive demonstration on the number of people it takes to get a book published. In the second session, K-3rd and visiting Maupin
 grade school students were entertained with a lively demonstration on drawing. We learned how you can take the best parts of a draw-
 ing, fit them together and make and entirely different picture. Mr. Arnold gave a third presentation to a delightful group of students at
 Colonel Wright Elementary School in The Dalles.
 Mr. Arnold’s visit was made possible by a grant from The Wasco Co. Cultural Trust Coalition and hosted by Dufur
 School/Community Library, a member of Wasco County Library Services District. Dufur Library would like to thank The Balch
 Hotel, Kramer’s Market, and We3 Deli, all of Dufur for their help in making this event a success.
 Library Week Activities!
 We celebrated National Library Week this year by focusing on characters in Tedd Arnolds books. There were body parts, fly swatters, a
 generous helping of fly’s, and many giggles as the students participated in the games and contests. Our featured reading contest for
 grades K-6th resulted in a total of 31,650 minutes!! That figures out to one person reading nonstop for 22 days.
 We split the contest into two levels this year. In the Kindergarten to 3rd grade contest- Ms. Dawkins 3rd grade class read the most, with
 6,990 minutes, followed closely by Mrs. Bales’ 1st grade class. The top individual readers in this category were: 1 st grader, Vivian Harrah
 with 585 min. and 2nd grader, Tyson Byers with 570 min.
 In the 4th – 6th grade contest, Mrs. Crawford’s 4th grade class took the honors with 5,790 min. The top individual readers in this cate-
 gory were: 4th grades’ Sydnee Byers and Jessica Elam with 600 min. apiece! Tied in second place with 585 min. were 4 th grader Breana
 Kelly and a 5th grader.
 The 3rd and 4th grade classes will celebrate their achievements with an ice cream party.
 The students that read the most in each grade were:
 K - Maggie Lindhorst (435 min.) and Bryce Tierney (375 min.)
 1st – Ashley Clausen (510 min.) and Piper Neal (435 min.)
 2nd – Grace Lindhorst (465 min.) and Wyatt Townsend (450 min.)
 3rd – Riley Brewer, Nic Moe, and Maddy Smith (510 min.)
 4th – Seth Harvey (465 min.) Kayla Bailey and Shailynn Lucas (435 min.)
 5th – Amanda Williams (540 min.) and Kaitlin Moe (510 min.)
 6th – Kolbe Bales (375 min.)

                                                                                                     Mr. Arnold’s drawing of Green Wilma

                  Author Tedd Arnold with a group of 4th—6th grade students
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                         Page 7

Spelling Bee
Students from Dufur School                                                  division, they will ad-
participated again in this                                                  vance to the state level.
year’s local Spelling Bee.                                                  The statewide Spelling
Dufur had a winner in each of                                               Championships will be
the grade divisions. Congratu-                                              held at the Oregon State
lations to Jerome Porter who                                                Fair on September 3rd.
won for the 3-5 grade division,
                                                                            Good luck Jerome,
Kirsten Sorensen for the 6-8
                                                                            Kirsten and Derrick!
grade division, and in the 9-12
grade division the winner was
Derrick Anderson.                  Columbia Gorge Community
                                   College on Thursday, May
 These students have been
                                   5th. Should any of these par-
invited to compete in the
                                   ticipants win in their grade
County Spelling Bee held at

New: Low Balance Notification
There is a new feature added       account, or their student’s         card. It’s fast. It’s automatic.
to the MealTime Online web         account, reaches a pre-             It’s free!
payment system: Low Balance        determined ―low balance‖
                                                                       A message alerting MealTime
Notification.                      level set by the account hold-
                                                                       Online users to this new func-
                                   er. The notification will
Beginning May 3, any parent,                                           tion will be posted on the
                                   prompt them to login and
guardian or staff member with                                          mymealtime.com home page
                                   update the specified account
an established profile on                                              concurrent with the launch.
                                   balance using their Visa, Mas-
MealTime Online
                                   terCard or Discover Card, or        For more information, call the
(www.mymealtime.com), will
                                   will just let you know about        school at 541-467-2509.
be invited to opt in to receive
                                   the low balance so a payment
an email notification—                                                 Thanks for giving us the op-
                                   can be made to the school
automatically—whenever their                                           portunity to serve you better!
                                   with cash, check or credit

Participate in Uke Club This Summer!
The new Dufur Uke Club is meeting every Monday from 3:15—4:00 p.m. in the band room. A grant
from The Gorge Ukuleles of 10 concert ukuleles and 10 ―Ukulele in the Classroom‖ music method
books has made it possible for more Dufur students to participate. The instruments rent for $10 per
month and there are currently 8 instruments available.
 So what are your summer plans? If you’ll be home, consider joining Uke Club this summer! We plan
to meet weekly for most of the summer and would love to have you join us. Students entering fourth
grade and older are invited. Instruments will be rented on a first come, first served basis,
so call Uke Club leader, Wendy Schaefer to get started: 541-467-2610. The world is so
much more beautiful with music in it!
Page 8                                                                                                         Newsletter Title

                         Track Team Performances
                         The Junior High and High            Congratulations to Junior,          Put. Alex placed 2nd in the
                         School Track teams have had         Alex Dillard and Senior, Kory       3000 Meter Run and 6th in
                         some awesome meets. Nearly          Lepinski for participating            the 1500 Meter Run. Alex
                         through the season, and many        in the ―Meet of Champi-               also broke our school
                         personal records have been          ons‖ at Willamette Uni-               record for the 1500 Meter
                         broken at each meet! Great          versity on Saturday, April            with a time of 4:12:55.
                         job athletes on all your hard       16th. Kory placed 9th in
                         work.                               Discus and 14th in Shot

                         920 Miles With Smiles—Walk-A-Thon 2011
         The 8th Annual Walk-A-Thon took place on Friday, April 22 and was a repeat of past years—an extraordinary time!
         This year, 163 students in kindergarten through 8th grade walked a total of 2,759 laps around the city park; which
         amounts to an amazing 920 miles altogether!
         As of this printing we have collected $3,800 with $1,466 pledged but not yet received. A potential of $5,266 raised by
         our students for improvements in the classrooms. Great job students! The Dufur Academic Enrichment and Improve-
         ment Committee would like to thank everyone who participated—sponsors, walkers, teachers, parents, and ambulance
         crew who helped to make this a successful event.
         Later this month students with the most laps and/or pledges in each grade will have a group ice cream party to celebrate
         their efforts.

                         DHS Cheer!
                                                   Cheerleading tryouts held last month resulted in four new members for the
                                                   2011-2012 fall and winter squad. Along with returning members Whitney
                                                   Kilby, Sabrina Christopherson, Sam Cameron, and Mandi Lewis, you will see
                                                   Sami Anderson, Alexis Anderson, Angela DeCeaser, and Bailee Newman
                                                   cheering on the Rangers next fall. Congratulations girls!

                         A group of 16 Dufur High            and Pre-Calculus received 3rd
                         School students participated        place. In the individual com-
                         in a math competition at Hep-       petitions, Jon Buntin placed
                         pner High School on Thurs-          2nd in the Algebra 1 competi-
                         day, April 14th.                    tion. Congratulations to all of
                                                             this year’s Mathaletes!
                         In the team competitions,
                         Algebra 2 received 2nd place
 Volume 1, Issue 1

                              May 2011                                                                                                Page 9

   Sun               Mon                 Tue                Wed                  Thu                   Fri                     Sat
      1                  2                  3                   4                   5
                                                                            HS Track @ Portland
                                                                                                          6        ―B‖            7
                 Staff Mtg.          HS Baseball vs.     HS/GS Staff Mtg.                         Elem. Track in HS Track @ Ar-
                                                                          Christian 4:00pm
                 @7:30am             Horizon @ Hood      @7:30am                                  Condon @1:00pm lington 11:00am
                                     River 4:00pm                           HS Baseball @ White
                 School Board Mtg.                       FFA Mtg.           Salmon 4:00pm         Cinco de Mayo          HS Baseball @
                 @7:00pm                                 @11:45am                                 trip to Portland       Heppner
                                                                            Josten’s meet
                                                                            w/Juniors 9:00am
                                                                                                  w/sophomores           DH 11:00am

      8                  9                 10                  11                  12                    13        ―A‖
                 StaffMtg.@7:30am       2—Week           K-6th Puppet                             Ag./FFA to             HS Track District
  Mother’s Day   Mid-Level Awards      Grade Check       Show Assembly                            Tillamook Cheese       @ Moro 11:00am
                 Night 7:00 pm
                                                         1:00pm                                   Factory
                 HS Baseball @       Elem. Track vs.                                                                     HS Baseball @
                 Sherwood 4:00pm                                                                  Elem. Track in
                                     TDMS/Thompso       Site Council Mtg.                                                Pilot Rock
                 HS Honor Roll Movie                                                              Arlington
                                     n St. track 3:30pm @3:20pm                                                          DH 11:00am

     15                 16                 17                  18                  19                   20         ―B‖
                 Staff Mtg.          Scholarship           Early Release                          State Track in         State Track in
                                                                             EMS Visit for                               Monmouth 11:00am
                 @7:30am             Academic Awards                                              Monmouth
                                                         HS Staff            K-4 8:40am                                  HS Baseball Districts
                                     Night 6:30pm                                                 11:00am
                                                         Mtg.@1:00pm                                                     @ Quinton Street
                                                                                                  OSET                   OSET
                                                         JWD Student Solicita- OSET
                                                                                                  Championships          Championships
                                                         tions in The Dalles   Championships

     22                23                  24                  25           26                          27         ―A‖
                 Staff Mtg.             2—Week                              Dufur’s Got
                 @7:30am               Grade Check                          Talent: 3rd Season
                                     Geometry Art
OSET                                 Show

     29                30                  31
                 No School           Staff Mtg. 7:30am
                 Memorial Day

    Office of the Superintendent
         802 NE Fifth Street
          Dufur, OR 97021

       Phone: 541-467-2509
        Fax: 541-467-2589

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