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					                                                           Campus Dining Board
                                                         UA Town Meeting Handout

This is a summary of the recommendations discussed and developed by the Campus Dining Board (CDB). We now bring them to the
community for comment and feedback.

The board recommends a voluntary dining program, maintaining the current meal plan structure. The system should be seamless and
easy to use by the community. Specific customer service feedback loops will be instituted, allowing an on-going evaluation of
services. The system requires both a more competitive contractor environment and maintains attention to personal cooking. It is
                                                              imperative that changes to the dining system are financially sustainable
                                                              so as not to operate on a deficit as in years past.
                                     e.g. dinner 60%,              The Triangle of Dining Services model targets proper allocation and
                                     20%, 20%
                                                                   investment in dining facility infrastructure. This allocation, or "dining
                                                                   signature", will be articulated by each living group. The model breaks
                                                                   dining down into three basic components; 1) Institute Facilities, 2)
                                                                   Personal Cooking and 3) Off-Campus Dining. The objective is to
                                                                   strike a balance within the triangle, which provides the best fit of
                                                                   dining choices for the campus' needs. Over the coming year, residential
                                                                   and other dining communities will work with the Office of Campus
                                                                   Dining to develop their dining signature and ensure they are matched
                                                                   with the appropriate foodservice system.

                                       CDB Operational Recommendations
Institute Facilities               Close for dinner at Lobdell Food Court & Walker’s Morss Hall
                                   Open Pritchett at 5:00 p.m. as East Campus dinner location
                                   Contract independent merchants in student center dining
                                   Expand vending machine locations on card
Personal Cooking                   Sustain institutional investments in kitchen renovations
                                   Improve access to quality ingredients
                                   Provide periodic cooking instruction programs
Off-Campus Dining                  Expand food delivery merchants on meal plan (min.2 additional)
                                   MIT Card will serve universal platform for all dining purchases

                                                        Break Down of Dining Contract
Residential Dining (one contractor)
        Baker House, Next House, Simmons Hall, MacGregor Convenience
Community Dining Operations (one contractor)
     Lobdell Food Court, Walker Morss Hall and Pritchett, Satellite locations (Dome Café, Building 4 Café, East Side Café, Bio
Faculty Club/Catering (one contractor)
        Faculty Club, MIT Catering, Refresher Course
Independent Merchants (separate contracts for each location)
       Courses Restaurant, Toscanini's / Arrow Street Crepes
MIT will also invest in experiments to improve the dining program. These experiments will be discrete, well-bound, with measurable
objectives and outcomes. The Board will work in partnership with appropriate communities to identify and conduct these
experiments. Early identified sites for experiments include: Next House, Ashdown, and Pritchett.
Lastly, the role of the Campus Dining Board will continue as a representative group, comprised of faculty, students and staff,
providing input regarding the major issues in dining including the vendor selection process.

                          You are invited to attend the Town Meeting on Dining Board Recommendations
                                Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 7pm in the Student Center Lobby
Students are invited to e-mail the U A or Campus Dining Board with questions or issues to discuss at the meeting

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