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   eEdition No: 371 Thursday 24th November 2011

            ***Sun 27th Nov***

              At Billesley Common

“Moseley U16 v Old Halesonians”
             11.00am KO @ Billesley

  “Moseley U15 v Stourbridge”
             11.00am KO @ Billesley

“Moseley U13 v Old Halesonians”
             11.00am KO @ Billesley


“Nottingham v Moseley”
          3.00pm KO @ Meadow Lane

    Date            Team        Competition         Opposition              Venue    Kick Off
Sun 27th Nov   1st XV          Championship      Nottingham            Away          3.00pm
Sat 26th Nov   U19 Colts       N. Mids League    Whitchurch            Away          2.00pm
Sun 27th Nov   U17 Colts                         Training              Billesley     11.00am
Sun 27th Nov   Under 16                          Old Halesonians       Billesley     11.00pm
Sun 27th Nov   Under 15                          Stourbridge           Billesley     11.00am
Sun 27th Nov   Under 14                          Old Halesonians       Away          11.00am
Sun 27th Nov   Under 13                          Old Halesonians       Billesley     11.00am
Sun 27th Nov   Under 12                          Luctonians            Away          11.00am
Sun 27th Nov   Under 11                          Luctonians            Away          11.00am
Sun 27th Nov   Under 10                          Luctonians            Away          11.00am
Sun 27th Nov   Under 9                           Luctonians            Away          11.00am
Sun 27th Nov   Under 8                           Luctonians            Away          11.00am
Sun 27th Nov   Under 7                           Luctonians            Away          11.00am


        Date           Team           Competition            Opposition       Result
    Sat 19th Nov    st
                   1 XV              Championship          Bedford          Lost 37 - 24
    Sat 19th Nov   Oak               Midlands 2            Tamworth         Won 26 - 21
    Sun 20th Nov   U19 Colts         Nat Cup 3             Walsall          Won 5 - 29
    Sun 20th Nov   MWRFC             Championship          Nottingham       Lost 5 - 58
    Sun 20th Nov   U17 Colts         Friendly              Kidderminster    Won 8 - 38
    Sun 20th Nov   Under 16          N Mids Cup            Bridgnorth       Postponed
    Sun 20th Nov   Under 15                                Hereford         Won 22 - 12
    Sun 20th Nov   Under 14          Gtr B’ham             Festival           W1, L1
    Sun 20th Nov   Under 13                                Bridgnorth       Won 0 - 85
    Sun 20th Nov   Under 12-U7                             Kidderminster     See M&J


      Date            Event                      Details                 Venue        Kick Off
Every Wed       All Welcome        Quiz Night                       Clubhouse         8.00pm
Fri 2nd Dec     Christmas Party    Take Fat + 3 Course Meal & Disco Clubhouse         7.30pm
Sat 3rd Dec     1st XV             v Doncaster Knights              Billesley         3.00pm
Sat 3rd Dec     Christmas Dinner   Ladies Section                   La Plancha        7.30pm
Sat 17th Dec    1st XV             v Munster                        Billesley         3.00pm
Sat 28th Jan    Burns Night                                         Clubhouse         7.30pm

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The benefits of playing for Moseley
Here’s the evidence, now can we please have an England Academy?
(…..and yes we are going to keep on about it until this is dealt with fairly!)

During the recent Heineken Cup match between Toulouse and Gloucester there were some
names mentioned which were very familiar to Moseley people - and that didn’t just include
former Moseley skipper Peter Buxton, now a veteran at Kingsholm!

No, there were five others who came on the field who had spent some of their formative rugby
time at Billesley Common only fairly recently..........and some who now seem to be on the brink
of achieving international recognition. Two of these players were on the scoresheet.

Moseley supporters will remember winger Charlie Sharples who started in Moseley’s “A XV.
There was centre Henry Trinder, who starred in our EDF Trophy final win at Twickenham, big
tight head prop Rupert Harden, scrum half Dave Lewis and lastly centre/winger Johnny May
whose mixed and unfinished initial performances at Billesley needed the attention which our
club brings.

Replacement scrum half Dan Robson would have made it 6 - but was an unused replacement
for this fixture having made his Billesley debut last season following in the footsteps of his
father’s illustrious Moseley career.

In an excellent article in last week’s Birmingham Post, (see below) Brian Dick highlighted the
progress of these players - and benefits to their careers which playing for Moseley has brought.

Further down there is also an article about current Moseley scrum half Ryan Glyn, dual
registered with Northampton. The process just continues. Ryan stresses how “the coaches
have been fantastic, managing the way we play and train”

It would be wrong to interpret this as vindication of the dual registered system. This certainly
benefits those Premiership clubs which have an inequitable monopoly of all the talent due to
having England Academies in the first place......and the almost ‘magnetic attraction’ that creates
for any aspiring player.

No - it shows what can be achieved by players playing and developing their games at clubs like
Moseley (and other ‘Championship-type’ clubs) which have a particular skill at developing talent
and will give them game time in a tough playing environment. Don’t just think of the few who
have successfully come through our ranks, think how many more could be produced if we were
supported with the proper structure.

We’re not asking to take any players away from other areas and clubs outside our own
catchment area of Greater Birmingham - nor do we think would other Championship clubs.

No, all we are primarily asking for is that so that we are able to develop our own players – many
of whom have been through Moseley’s excellent Mini & Junior and Colts at Moseley since micro
and mini stage. We don’t believe that these players should be obliged to go to other clubs (who
happen to have Academies but they are miles away) to develop their rugby career just because
the development structure in England is wrong.

With the current turmoil at the RFU (and in the England team), surely people must realise that
the current structure at the top of the English game is wrong? Now is the time to sort this out.

Can we please start realising the full player potential in this country at Moseley and other
Championship clubs? Here’s the evidence, now can we please have an England Academy?

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Brian Dick outlines what playing for Moseley can do for a player
Birmingham Post, Thursday 17th November

There was something strangely familiar about the Gloucester side that battled with such
courage and excellence in Toulouse last weekend.

It was a team in which only the faces had changed, a little more hairy on account of the fund-
raising juggernaut that is Movember, yet for all their wispy whiskers the delicate hands and
blistering pace were unmistakable. Unless I'm very much mistakes it was the Kingsholm

Moseley fans will remember Charlie Sharples, Jonny May and the lavishly gifted Henry Trinder
with a swoon, a reminder of days when the conveyor belt between Gloucester and Billesley
Common ran up the M5 with raw materials and sent back Premiership prospects in various
stages of readiness.

Teeth cut on the playing fields of Newbury, Otley and Sedgley Park are now sharp enough to
give Heineken Cup favourites Stade Toulousain not so much a nasty nip as a lost limb.

And so it nearly came to pass at Stade Ernest-Wallon where Masters Sharples, May and
Trinder, with 63 Moseley matches and 29 Red and Black tries between, combined to gut
Toulouse like a cheap fish.

Half an hour had gone when the French aristos lost the ball on their own line and were
powerless as it was whipped through the backs where Trinder's quick hands gave May a two-

                                 The full back, yes, just imagine it gaffe-prone Jonny May-day
                                 playing full back against mighty Toulouse, pinned Clement
                                 Poitrenaud with an understated simplicity and gave Sharples an
                                 easy run in. It was a try that bore the hallmark 'Made In
                                 Gloucester (via Moseley)'.

Trinder would later follow that up with a try of his own, when his poacher's instinct told him to
support Mike Tindall's outside break. From the moment the ball dropped in the 22-year-old's
hands no one would catch him.

“It was my first Heineken Cup game and I really enjoyed it,” Trinder said. “With the atmosphere,
facilities and great players they have got it was a great experience – a dream come true.”

In the end it wasn't enough to win the match, neither was the
growing assurance of former Mose prop Rupert Harden as
Toulouse triumphed 21-17, but it was enough to prompt a
knowing nod from the Moseley regulars who had seen the trio
develop in the Championship.

Moseley helped us all

“Moseley helped us all,” Trinder continued. “I took a lot of confidence from my time there.
Having played a few games at Cinderford it was a real step up – into professional rugby where
the opposition were bigger, faster and stronger.

“In my early games in men's rugby I stood off in defence a little bit and needed to be more
aggressive. I learned to do that and it hasn't held me back.”

Make no mistake the route from Monks Lane to southwest France was not without its blunders
and set-backs. In September 2008, Trinder scored twice on his Moseley debut as a half time
replacement at Newbury as he announced his scorching turn of speed to the wider world.

He would go on to score eight tries in his first ten games for Ian Smith's side and it was obvious
to everyone he was a young man with stardust in his boots.

Anyone who three months later saw him rip Manchester for a jaw-dropping hat-trick, two from
inside his own half, realised that and though there have been serious injuries along the way the
former Cirencester colt's assent has never been in doubt.

The same could be said of Sharples, even though of the three he is probably the less gifted
footballer. Perhaps it is the receding hairline that gives him an appearance of maturity beyond
his years but even as a 19-year-old Sharples looked an assured figure.

Smith recalls having to pay particular attention to the winger's ball skills when he first arrived at
Moseley. To look at him now, you wouldn't have known it.

                         Sharples won his first cap for England in the summer, many more are
                        likely to follow and the promise that brought him 13 tries from 32
                        matches over two seasons is being richly fulfilled.

                        Everyone will have their favourite but the one which stands out was
                        when Moseley were being hammered at Rotherham in October 2008,
                        Sharples chased a kick-off, caught it in stride and blazed untouched to
                        the line.

That try was a fitting metaphor for the unhindered progress he has made at Gloucester.
May is a different case. He arrived in Birmingham in 2009 off the back of the Twickenham hat-
trick that gave Hartpury College the Intermediate Cup just minutes before Moseley beat Leeds.
But he did so as a recent convert to the sport and a raw talent, without – as Smith puts it –
having been 'tainted' by the academy system.

And make no mistake some of the things he did were the stuff of nightmares. If Smith had a
pound for every time May ran into touch, he'd be bank-rolling the Georgian national side
himself. But he did that because of an innate ebullience and a confidence which convinced him
he could take the most experienced wingers on the outside, even with no room to work in.

“And with good reason,” says Smith. “His running style might not make it look that way but he's
the fastest bloke at Gloucester.”

Just as there always seemed to be a catastrophe waiting to happen with May, there was also a
high chance he would do something spectacular.

By the time he returned to play for Moseley against Worcester last season he was a different
player to the one who had scored four in 13 matches in the previous campaign but probably
cost as many. On an afternoon won by Warriors' internationals from the bench, mercurial May
proved himself to be the best player on the park.

Which means of the three it is the likeable, yet wacky 21-year-old who has travelled the furthest
in the shortest time, both in terms of the quality of his performances and the tactical variety he
offers Bryan Redpath.

However, to see the three of them operate in harness so effectively in Toulouse last weekend
was a joy that would only be surpassed if the colour of the shirt changed to white.

Moseley's Kingsholm ‘Holy Trinity’

Henry Trinder (wing, centre)

                        2007-08: 1 start, 0 tries
                        2008-09: 11 starts, 3 reps, 10 tries
                        2009-10: 2 starts, 1 try
                        Total: 14 starts, 3 reps, 11 tries
                        (Gloucester: 30 starts 11 reps, 15 tries)
                         Represented England v Barbarians, 2011

                   Charlie Sharples (Wing)
                   2007-08: 20 starts, 6 tries
                   2008-09: 12 starts, 7 tries
                   Total: 32 starts, 13 tries

                   (Gloucester: 61 starts, 17 reps, 35 tries).
                   Represented England v Wales 2011

Jonny May (Centre)
2009-10: 13 starts, 5 tries
2010-11 2 starts, 1 try
Total: 15 starts, 6 tries.

(Gloucester: 22 starts, 10 reps, 12 tries)
. Represented England U20

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 Craig Voisey optimistic about Moseley scrum
 The Birmingham Mail, Tuesday 22nd November

 Earlier this season there was a time, albeit only a few seconds, when Craig Voisey was not the
 most popular Moseley player in the club’s history. The period started at around 4.45pm and
 ended at 4.47pm on Sunday, October 16, when the prop forward flopped over the top of a ruck
 and was penalised for killing the ball.

 Up stepped Tommy Bell, who thumped it between the sticks and transformed what looked like a
 21-19 victory to Moseley, into a 22-21 win for Leeds. For a minute or two even his closest
 friends must have avoided catching the England Counties front-rower’s eye.

 However, it would have taken a pretty unsympathetic observer to have claimed Voisey had not
 played his part in establishing the winning position his indiscretion ultimately squandered.

 Having come on as a half-time substitute, the Bridgend-born forward led the charge into a
 Leeds pack that was thoroughly over-run and a 13-3 interval deficit metamorphosed into the
 chance of a rare success away from home.

 Two weeks later he would be elevated to the role of first-choice tighthead and he has remained
 there ever since, very much part of the solution to Moseley’s early-season scrummaging
“I got a little bit of banter from the boys but they realised if it had come off it would have sealed
the game,” he recalls. “I made the decision to go for the ball and it was wrong – that’s what
happens in rugby. There were four or five incidents leading up to that which we could have done
better in.

“The coaches were pretty fair, they knew I was gutted to have made that mistake. A rollicking
would not have been worth it. I felt sick about it. When you come on you want to make an
impact and give your all so to throw away four points at the last gasp is pretty sickening.

“I would like to think I have come back from that well, though.”

Indeed he has. Voisey’s consistency has lifted him ahead of Anton O’Donnell and Colin Quigley
and alongside fellow prop Tom Warren and hooker Adam Caves, head coach Kevin Maggs has
at last alighted upon the best combination.

Just in time too, because Moseley travel to Nottingham on Sunday for a rematch with the side
that beat them 20-10 in the second game of the season. One thing that sticks in the memory
from that game was the destruction Nottingham loosehead Michael Holford wrought on the
Moseley set-piece. They have had struggles since but none as pronounced as that afternoon.

“We need to work hard, follow the hit and keep the pressure on them,” Voisey says. “That is one
thing the combination of me, Adam Caves and Tom Warren brings. We might not be the biggest
front row or even the best scrummaging but we all work hard and that pays off.”

That much was seen at Bedford last weekend when even though Moseley ended up losing,
their work in the scrum went from problematic to promising.

Blues’ tighthead Phil Boulton gave Warren a torrid first half-hour and the hosts forced a penalty
try. But a spot of tinkering and not only was the damage stopped, Moseley began to inflict a
spot on the hosts. It was symptomatic of the advances Moseley had made in the set-piece since
the early weeks of the season.

“Neil Mason has played a big part in that. It wasn’t really a technical issue. The biggest thing for
us this year has been attitude, which is a bit embarrassing, people have not been working hard

“Waggy has always been a leader on the pitch but he’s much more vocal this year, he has been
getting on people’s backs and getting them geed up for every scrum.

“We are really starting to improve and there is no reason why we cannot look to have a
dominant front row again,” he said. “Maybe not in the same way as recent seasons but we are
relatively fast, strong and we all work hard and I think we are starting to impose ourselves.”


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                 BIG MATCH PREVIEW - By Glyn Barlow

 Moseley v Nottingham
 Sunday 27th November 2011
 Meadow Lane, KO 3.00pm

                                   “Don’t they have a great team at Nottingham?! It’s a long
                                   time since Moseley won there. The home club must be an
                                   overwhelming favourite to win on Sunday” – Message Board

                                   So Sunday sees the third away trip in a row for Moseley and
                                   it’s been a road trip of mixed fortunes so far.

 Following the pain of a heavy loss in South Wales, a much changed Moseley side went to title
 chasers Bedford last week - and left with pride intact, but alas pointless. So Sunday sees the
 third away trip in a row for Moseley and it’s been a road trip of mixed fortunes so far.

 Despite the loss, the players will take a number of positives from the match. Even if a win
 wasn’t on the cards, the team was unlucky not to pick up one or two bonus points for their
Nobody could fault their work ethic and intensity and were it not for one or two lapses of
concentration, a number of critical mistakes and a slice of luck to Bedford, perhaps something
could have been obtained from the game.

However, when we review this match (in conjunction with the last Championship game against
Bristol) the most noticeable change from early season is that the players have started to
develop the frame of mind to play a full eighty minutes - and with it have proved that the best
sides in the league can be challenged.

Which brings us to the next challenge in the form of a Nottingham
side which has itself endured a disappointing start to the season.
Whilst they currently lie in 7th place, recent results have seen five
wins and a draw in seven games - suggesting a return to form.

Clearly with the aspirations of the club to play rugby at the highest
level, re-enforced by the link with Notts County Football club, the
hosts will be looking to continue this trend on Sunday.

The Nottingham squad has been recently bolstered by news that further funds have been
made available for squad signings. The first of which, current Samoan Second row Filipo Levi
will be adding his 6’ 5” frame alongside fellow forward Brent Wilson and Junior All Black Scrum
Half Sean Romans as soon as his visa is granted.

As will be recalled the two sides have already met this season at Billesley Common when
Nottingham won by 10 – 20. This was a game when Moseley let slip a 10 point half time lead.

If the true potential of the Moseley team can be reached, a top eight finish is not impossible.
However we are currently fourteen points away from that position and all opportunities must be
taken if that goal is to be obtained. This needs to start at Nottingham on Sunday!


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“Nottingham Rugby look to close the gap on leaders”
- The Nottingham Post previews the game

NOTTINGHAM Rugby will be looking to close the gap on the Championship leaders when they
play second from the bottom Moseley at Meadow Lane on Sunday (3pm).

The game is a charity match for The Prince's Trust and another victory would see the Green
and Whites close the gap further on the teams above them in the table. Especially as they travel
to play the bottom team, Esher, the following Friday night (7.45pm).

Their fourth try in injury-time against Plymouth Albion gave them a bonus point which moved
them up a place to seventh last Sunday on 29 points. They are one point behind Leeds
Carnegie but there is then six-point gap to Rotherham Titans who are fifth, just three points
behind the leaders.

The club's three new signings in the last couple of weeks is further evidence of their ambitions
for this campaign, a place at the Premiership table next season. Director of rugby, Glenn
Delaney has been slowly strengthening his squad over the last five years. But his efforts have
been hamstrung by a lack of finance and the Munto fiasco which nearly saw the club disappear

He has now nailed his colours to the mast, however, with the signings of the two New
Zealanders, scrum half Sean Romans and big No.7 Brent Wilson, and the experienced Filipo
Levi, the current Samoan second row player and former captain. The rest of the league will, no
doubt, be looking on with interest at what's happening at Meadow Lane.

"We've always wanted to expand the squad, both in terms of quantity and quality," said
Delaney. "And I believe we've done that with these three signings. They are all big, experienced

"Brent has played in the Premiership for a number of years with Newcastle and both Sean and
Filipo have had plenty of international experience. Over the last few years we've always lacked
the depth in the squad to get us through tough seasons and when it came to the play-offs we
didn't have the manpower to get us through.

"Our first priority now is to qualify for the play-offs in March, and the sooner we can do that the
better. We are playing much better now and we've been unlucky in the games we've lost, going
down by just one score when the opposition have scored late in the game.

"We've been our own worst enemy at times as our concentration hasn't always been what it
should have been and that's where I think the experience of our three new players will be a
huge asset."

 1st XV NEWS

Rookie scrum half Ryan Glynn heaps praise on coaches
Birmingham Mail

                        Rookie scrum-half Ryan Glynn has praised the coaches at Moseley for
                        helping him take his career to a new level since he arrived in the

                        The 19-year-old came to Billesley Common on a dual-registration deal
                        with Northampton and having begun his first senior campaign as back-
                        up, within a couple of months he has established himself as first choice.

                        The St Helens-born half-back has started five of the last six
                        Championship matches, including Saturday’s defeat at Bedford, which
                        would have been considerably heavier had he not made two try-saving

And while there are still rough edges to his game, what cannot be disputed is the youngster’s
potential and attitude – qualities that have lifted him above Sam Brown and Ryan De La Harpe
in the pecking order.

But Glynn is quick to deflect the praise and credits the Moseley set-up for accelerating his

“Sam is a great player, Dela is a fantastic player, you have just got to come and earn your
stripes,’’ he said. “I have been given a chance to start for the last couple of weeks and hopefully
I will keep that position. But everyone’s got to work hard for their spot, there’s a lot of
competition. I think I am really growing as a player and improving week in, week out. This is
what I need at this stage of my career.

“The last few years I have not been playing a great deal of rugby. I was aware I was coming to
Moseley at the start of the season and I am just trying to learn from the people around me and
get as much feedback as I can.

         “The coaches have been fantastic, managing the way we play and train”

“When I was at Coventry last season, I was here and there, I enjoyed that but I was still playing
Under-19s rugby at Saints, so I was a bit in and out. “It’s a lot more settled here, the coaches
have been fantastic, managing the way we are playing and training. It’s good to come down and
get game time.

“I am happy to be playing rugby, it’s a good set of lads. I think we have got something here and
that we can go forward and climb up the league.”

They certainly need to start doing that sooner rather than later. Moseley are second from
bottom and while their potential is undoubted, it is by no means certain they will fulfil it.
Saturday’s 37-24 reverse at Goldington Road was a classic example. A lot of what Moseley did
was good but Glynn admits there were crucial areas in which they caused their own problems.

“Little errors crept into our game, which let us down. Our penalty count was a bit high.”


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Moseley second row Dan Sanderson refuses to change 'abrasive' style
By Brian Dick, Sunday Mercury

                           Moseley lock Dan Sanderson has vowed not to change his
                           confrontational style despite being slapped with two suspensions for
                           foul play in just six months.

                           The former Northampton second-row has recently returned from a
                           three-week ban after being cited for a dangerous tackle in the
                           Championship match with Esher.

                           That was the second time this year he has been up before an RFU
                           disciplinary, the first when he was red-carded for punching.

                           That happened in April when he was playing for Saints in an A
                           League match against Leeds and was sent off and banned for one

However, the 27-year-old insists he does not want to lose the physical side of his game.

“I am never going to change. I love being abrasive. Sometimes you get away with it and
sometimes you are on the receiving end and it’s not seen,’’ he said.

“You don’t want to be sent off because it’s stupid and you don’t want to let your team-mates
down but as far as being abrasive, I kind of like that side of the game.

“You have to as a second-row, you can’t be stupid but you also have to look after yourself and
your team-mates.”

Sanderson also feels the tackle against Esher was poorly timed in a wider context. “I think it
came from an IRB directive,’’ he added.

‘‘There have been a couple of issues in the World Cup, even before the Sam Warburton one. I
was a bit gutted. It wasn’t bad but they see it that way and you just have to stick to the rules.”

Women’s Rugby At Moseley-The Early Days

                                 The first occasion on which Moseley played host to a women’s
                                 rugby team was on 15th May 1982 when the Birmingham
                                 Publicity Association Ladies took on the Moseley 1st XV, at
                                 The Reddings, in a charity match in aid of the Midlands
                                 Association for Spina-Bifida/Hydrocephalus.

                                 To even up the contest the men all played out of position and
                                 ‘lent’ two players, Nick Jeavons and Dave Williams to the
                                 ladies’ side. The laws of the game were also tweaked
                                 somewhat-the men could only wear pumps, they couldn’t run
                                 with the ball and only one man could tackle a lady while any
                                 number of ladies could tackle a man.

                                 The result of the game was a 26-8 win for the Ladies but more
                                 importantly over £600 was raised for the spina-bifida charity.

                                 In the following season a challenge to a return fixture was
issued by the Moseley 1st XV and the match took place on 7th May 1983. By this stage the
ladies’ side had developed into a proper team known as the Moseley Cats, which was coached
by the club’s assistant coach, Rudi Smith.

Prior to this return game, which also took place at The Reddings, the Cats had defeated both
Stourbridge and Old Silhillians men’s teams. On this occasion the nominated charity was Radio
Lollipop, which provided hospital radio for children and the charity’s vice-chairman B.B.C. Radio
1 D.J. Peter Powell attended the game.

In the following October the Cats were again in action when they defeated Walsall 18-0 and
West Midlands Police 22-16. These games were followed by another fixture with Walsall, which
the Cats also won. In the second half of 1983/84 the Cats took on one of Moseley’s junior
teams, the Vandals, and continued their unbeaten run with a 4-0 victory following which there
was another match with Old Silhillians. The Cats then played a third game with the Moseley 1st
XV at the end of the season. In total the Cats raised £1,500 for Multiple Sclerosis (Solihull
Branch) during the 1983/84 season.

The Cats chosen charity for 1984/85 was the N.S.P.C.C. and they started the season early with
a draw with the men of Brecon R.F.C. in August and this was followed, in September, by a 26-6
win against Coleshill Round Table.

A month later Guide Dogs for the Blind were the beneficiaries when the Cats defeated West
Midlands Police 24-12 at Tally Ho! The 1st XV programme carried an account of this match
from ‘a feline reporter’ who commented that it had been ‘an arresting performance.’

The Cats next match, a 20-4 win over Walsall, made the pages of the Birmingham Post and
special thanks were recorded ‘to the biased referee, without whom this score would not have
been possible!’ This game raised £80 for local muscular dystrophy charities.

In their next encounter the Cats once more defeated the Moseley Vandals and raised £100 for
that year’s chosen charity, the N.S.P.C.C. The children’s charity was also the beneficiary when
the Cats defeated Old Silhillians 18-4 in their next fixture. This match was followed by an 18-4
victory over Avery.

After 1984/85 the Cats played only occasionally, in November 1987 they once more played
Moseley Vandals and in March 1989 they played the Sports Council at Sutton Coldfield R.F.C.
on both occasions in aid of the Birmingham Children’s Hospice.

This was the end of female rugby at Moseley until 1999 and the formation of the present
Moseley Women’s R.F.C. to play fixtures with other women’s clubs and to compete in the
various women’s rugby competitions.

There was a foretaste of competitive women’s rugby on 12th February 1989 when a women’s
international match between England and Wales was staged at The Reddings. The English
women recorded an easy victory by 38 points to four, captain Karen Almond, of Wasps, scoring
18 of the total from fly half.

Another women’s international, refereed by leading official Roger Quittenton, was staged at The
Reddings on 18th March 1990 when Great Britain entertained Italy and defeated them 32-0


The Valley Riverside Project
Sunday 27th November at 10.30am

The Valley Riverside Project, our neighbours on Billesley Common
who do an excellent job of maintaining the bottom part of Billesley
Common as a natural area needs volunteers to help plant 105
                                                    Saplings at the
                                                    bottom end by
                                                    Haunch Lane.

                                                    The saplings are provided by The
                                                    Woodland Trust and will be used for new &
                                                    improving existing hedgerows.

                                                    Meet at the Haunch Lane entrance. Please
                                                    bring a spade and wear suitable clothing

                                                    Winter Wonderland at Billesley Common
                                                    Saturday 17th December

Discover the wonders of the Common this winter with a Community Tree Dressing and
Christmas Carols. Free Family event. Meeting at Haunch Lane entrance. 11.00am – 12.30pm

Why not enjoy this festive celebration then stay on at Moseley for the B&I cup encounter
against Munster?


B&I Cup Bargain

Why not get together with friends to enjoy the great atmosphere of this match
Please Note

This offer is only available on purchases made in advance of the day of the match, and will not
be available at the game.

Tickets are available by ordering over the phone from the club office during the week. The office
is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Moseley breaks with tradition for one off game

In order to accommodate Munster’s travel plans and as a “one off” it has been agreed to move
the kick off time of the game on the 17th of December to 2.00pm.

This will allow Munster to travel home after the match rather than having to incur a further nights
hotel costs.


Bedford v Moseley
Saturday 19th November

          Bedford Blues                37 - 24                          Moseley
                     James Pritchard     15           Anthony Carter
                          Mark Kohler    14           William Robinson
                      Brendan Burke      13           Greg King
                        Tom Bedford      12           Andy Reay
                        Josh Bassett     11           Bradley Hunt
                          Jake Sharp     10           Oliver Thomas
                   Darryl Veenendaal      9           Ryan Glynn
                          Sam Walsh       1           Thomas Warren
                       Neil Cochrane      2           Adam Caves
                       Philip Boulton     3           Craig Voisey
                     Michael Howard       4           David Lyons
                         Sean Tomes       5           Daniel Sanderson
                            Alex Rae      6           Neil Mason
                      Sacha Harding       7           Chevvy Pennycook
                           Paul Tupai     8           Michael Ellery
                          Chris Locke    16           Paul Spivey
                            Dan Seal     17           Michael Maltman
                           Sam Pailor    18           Anthony O'Donnell
                           Don Barrell   19           Charley Thomas
                     Stef Leibenburg     20           Bradley Davies
                      Jamie Lennard      21           Jack Adams
                        Oliver Dodge     22           Samuel Brown

                                        Match Statistics

                                             Min   Score
                      Pen James Pritchard    11     3-0
                                             13     3 - 3 Pen Oliver Thomas
                              Penalty Try    18     8-3
                      Con James Pritchard    18    10 - 3
                         Try Josh Bassett    32    15 - 3
                      Con James Pritchard    32    17 - 3
                                             39    17 - 8 Try William Robinson
                                             39 17 - 10 Con Oliver Thomas
       Rep Chris Locke For Neil Cochrane
                                           40     17 - 10
                                           41     17 - 15 Try Neil Mason
                                           41     17 - 17 Con Oliver Thomas
                         Try Mark Kohler 42       22 - 17
               Miss Con James Pritchard 42        22 - 17
                     Try Michael Howard 57        27 - 17
                    Con James Pritchard 57        29 - 17
                                                          Rep Jack Adams For Greg King
                                             58   29 - 17
                                                          Rep Paul Spivey For David Lyons
                                             66   29 - 17
                                                          Rep Samuel Brown For Ryan Glynn
                                             66   29 - 17
 Rep Don Barrell For Paul Tupai (Tactical) 66     29 - 17
                     Pen James Pritchard 69       32 - 17
  Rep Dan Seal For Sam Walsh (Tactical) 69        32 - 17
                                                          Rep Bradley Davies For Anthony
                                             69   32 - 17
                                                          Carter (Tactical)
       Rep Jamie Lennard For Jake Sharp
                                          73 32 - 17
         Rep Sam Pailor For Sean Tomes
                                          73 32 - 17
       Rep Oliver Dodge For Tom Bedford
                                          73 32 - 17
                                                            Rep Michael Maltman For Michael
                                             73 32 - 17
                                                            Ellery (Tactical)
                       Try Sacha Harding 76 37 - 17
               Miss Con James Pritchard 76 37 - 17
           Rep Stef Leibenburg For Darryl
                                          78 37 - 17
                    Veenendaal (Tactical)
                                                        Rep Charley Thomas For Adam
                                             78 37 - 17
                                                        Caves (Tactical)
                                                        Rep Anthony O'Donnell For Craig
                                             78 37 - 17
                                                        Voisey (Tactical)
                                             83 37 - 22 Try Neil Mason
                                             83 37 - 24 Con Oliver Thomas

        Venue              Goldington Road            Attendance                 2,429
       Weather                   Dry                    Referee              Michael Tutty

(Match details courtesy of Rugby Roundup)

Match report

Moseley reach midway point of the season with eighth league defeat against Bedford
by Brian Dick, Birmingham Mail

Words like disappointment and frustration returned to the Moseley lexicon at Goldington Road
on Saturday as Moseley reached the midway point of their regular season with an eighth league

But unlike several rather inauspicious afternoons in the last couple of months, this goes down
as a ‘good loss’ – if there is such a thing – as Moseley matched Bedford with their effort if not
their execution.

After all no-one can doubt the physical and emotional investment the visiting players made in
this encounter and, strange though the scoreline makes it sound, it was one they were not far
from taking something tangible from. No-one could have argued with one or even two bonus

As proceedings reached the hour-mark Moseley were just 22-17 behind and, although they
were hardly laying siege to the Bedford line, they had enough reason to believe they could
cause an upset.

That they didn’t was down to a couple of missed tackles on rampaging Blues second-row Mike
Howard and a failure to prevent Sacha Harding sneaking through the back door while they tried
to kick down the front.

Graft those points on to the Bedford total and everything looks unfairly lop-sided: “I thought we
deserved to get something out of it,” said head coach Kevin Maggs.

“But we lost concentration a couple of times and lost a bit of composure. It’s frustrating more
than anything else. It’s not through lack of effort, all of those lads have fought really hard in the
last few weeks. We were against a team that has been together for quite a long time.

“They are well drilled and vastly experienced but I thoroughly believed we could come here and
do a job on them. Not only because of the Bristol match. Leeds came here, didn’t show any
respect, got stuck into them and we did that but in little bits. But we didn’t do it consistently for
80 minutes.”

Particularly not when they spent most of the first half trying to win an unwinnable kicking duel.
That limited them to a brace of tries from Neil Mason and one from Billy Robinson.


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Determined Blues see off dogged Moseley
- Bedford Today

Bedford Blues recorded back-to-back league victories for the first time in two months as they
ground out a 37-24 win over Moseley at Goldington Road this afternoon, writes James

In a cagey but engrossing encounter, Bedford were much the better side, but struggled to break
down the Mosley resistance before running clear late on.

Bedford’s first score was thanks to a penalty try before Josh Bassett and Mark Kohler gave the
hosts a 22-10 half time lead. And Sacha Harding and Mike Howard scored second half tries to
give Bedford the hard-fought bonus-point victory.

It was a much-needed win for the Blues after winning only one of their four previous home
league games. James Pritchard returned to the starting line-up for Bedford, while Neil
Chochrane also made his comeback from injury.

Both sides made a tentative start with neither team looking particularly threatening in the
opening stages as Bedford controlled possession. However, the home side only had to wait
nine minutes before opening the scoring when Pritchard simply converted a straightforward
penalty after Moseley were caught offside.

The visitors hit back immediately, though, with three points through the boot of Oliver Thomas.
The Blues were a bit sloppy in the opening 15 minutes as they gifted possession to Moseley on
several occasions, but it wasn’t long before they got their first try.

After Tom Bedford had been held up, the hosts’ power in the scrum proved too much and, after
a series of collapsed scrums, the referee awarded Bedford the penalty try and James Pritchard
converted to give the home side a 10-3 lead after 18 minutes.

Thomas had the chance to reduce the deficit but his poor penalty attempt drifted wide. It was a
close-run affair with Bedford dominating possession but failing to find a way through the
stubborn visiting defence.

Moseley continued to stand firm until the 33rd minute when Bedford extended their lead with a
brilliantly worked try. Brendan Burke made the initial run before off-loading to Pritchard who
then did wonderfully to play in Bassett on the inside for the try. That score was then converted
to give the home side some breathing space at 17-3.

The second try should have allowed Bedford to gain control of the contest but Moseley hit back
through a William Robinson try. The visitors kept the ball well and stayed patient before
Robinson spotted a gap and just managed to touch down before Thomas converted.

Bedford responded within a minute though as Kohler squeezed across to give Bedford a handy
22-10 half time lead.

The Blues began the second half in the worst possible fashion as Jake Sharp’s attempted kick
was charged down to allow Andrew Reay the easy task of touching down 30 seconds of the
restart. And Thomas converted to bring the away side within five points.

The pattern of the match was similar to all of Bedford’s home matches this season as they
dominated possession but sloppy errors at the crucial time proved costly. Despite controlling the
match, the Blues were far too frantic in possession and seemed to panic on several occasions.
However, the hosts’ sheer unrelenting pressure from Bedford finally told when they recorded
their fourth try and booked a bonus point as Howard barged over. Pritchard converted to allow
the home crowd to breath more easily with 20 minutes remaining.

Bedford didn’t let up and continued to pour forward in search of more tries but only managed
three points through the boot of Pritchard. Harding finally completed the victory for Bedford in
the closing stages when he collected the ball quickly and caught the Moseley defence off guard
as he sprinted over from 50 metres.

However, there was still time for a consolation try for Moseley as Neil Mason touched down
following a pick and drive from a lineout. Thomas converted with virtually the last kick of the
game, but it was too little to late as Bedford ran out comfortable 37-24 winners

Sunday Mercury
Peter Keenan

Frustrated Moseley coach Kevin Maggs claimed responsibility for the tactics which stopped his
side taking anything out of their trip to Goldington Road. The former Ireland international
admitted his side kicked away too much possession but refused to point the finger at his

Instead, Maggs said he should take the blame for not making his intentions clear as Mose
invited trouble in the first half by giving Bedford a regular supply of ball. That meant the visitors
went into the break 12 points down – a deficit they threatened to bridge when Neil Mason
claimed the first of his two tries straight after the restart.

But despite putting in a spirited performance the Red and Blacks were never able to dictate and
as a result extended their poor run at Bedford.

“We kicked away a lot of ball,” Maggs conceded. “At times we have got to play up once or twice
before we look to kick and I think we kicked a little too early today. They might have misread my
messages. I will take the criticism for that.

“I am just disappointed because we worked hard and I thought it should have been closer than

Blues’ James Pritchard opened the scoring after ten minutes but Mose were level straight from
the restart as an Ollie Thomas penalty made it 3-3. However, a quarter of an hour in the third
penalty from a 5m scrum was enough for referee Michael Tutty to award a penalty try, which
Pritchard improved.

On the half hour Anthony Carter squandered a rare piece of possession when he slashed a
poor kick into touch on the half way line. Bedford won the lineout, whipped the ball left where
Pritchard and Brendan Burke exchanged passes and worked room for Josh Bassett to run
round behind sticks. The ever reliable Pritchard made 17-3.

But two minutes before the break, slick hands in the Blues 22 worked room for Billy Robinson to
pick his way through for his fourth of the season. Thomas converted and at 17-10. But on the
last play Alex Rae into the visitors’ 22 there was space out wide for Mark Kohler to jink past

Seconds after the interval Mason latched on to a charge down and Thomas improved for 22-15
at which stage Mose had the momentum. But they were unable to maintain pressure and tries
from Mike Howard and Sacha Harding, plus five more points from Pritchard, meant Mason’s late
second was scant consolation

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The Championship – This Week

Friday, 25 November 2011
         Leeds Carnegie Vs. Rotherham Titans                20:00      Headingley

Saturday, 26 November 2011
           Bedford Blues Vs. Esher                          15:00 Goldington Road
      Doncaster Knights Vs. Cornish Pirates                 15:00   Castle Park
        Plymouth Albion Vs. London Welsh                    15:00    Brickfields

Sunday, 27 November 2011
        London Scottish Vs. Bristol Rugby                   14:00   Athletic Ground
            Nottingham Vs. Moseley                          15:00   Meadow Lane

The Championship – Last Week

Bristol (10) 37                               Cornish Pirates (21) 33
Tries: Goodridge, Merriman, Fatialofa, Grieve Ward 2, D Doherty, Cattle, Suniula
Con: Roberts 4                                Cook 4
Pen: Roberts 3
Attend: 6,044
Bedford (22) 37                             Moseley (10) 24
Tries: Harding, Penalty, Howard, Bassett,   Robinson, Reay, N Mason
Con: Pritchard 3                            O Thomas 3
Pen: Pritchard 2                            O Thomas
Attend: 2,429

Esher (12) 15                               Leeds Carnegie (14) 20
Tries:                                      Bell
Pen: Kirby 5                                Bell 4
Drop Goals:                                 Bell
Attend: 844

London Welsh (12) 18                        London Scottish (5) 16
Tries: Tonga'uiha, Ajuwa                    D Howells
Con: Ross                                   J Brown
Pen: Ross 2                                 J Brown 3
Attend: 2,290

Rotherham Titans (17) 23                    Doncaster (0) 10
Tries: Copeland 2                           Luke
Con: Law 2                                  Luke
Pen: Law 2                                  Luke
Drop Goals: Law
Attend: 2,467

Nottingham (10) 34                          Plymouth Albion (3) 10
Tries: Erinle, Shaw, Cobden, Socino         Carpenter
Con: Hallett, Aldridge 3                    Love
Pen: Aldridge                               Love
Drop Goals: Aldridge
Attend: 2,467


           Team               P W D L        F     A      Diff   BP   Pts   Adjust
Bristol Rugby                 11 8 0 3      280   238      42     7   39      0
Bedford Blues                 11 7 1 3      348   254      94     8   38      0
Cornish Pirates               11 6 3 2      326   252      74     7   37      0
London Welsh                  11 7 1 3      304   211      93     7   37      0
Rotherham Titans              11 7 1 3      284   202      82     6   36      0
Leeds Carnegie                11 7 0 4      229   263     -34     2   30      0
Nottingham                    11 5 2 4      286   243      43     5   29      0
Doncaster Knights             11 5 1 5      234   259     -25     6   28      0
London Scottish               11 3 0 8      252   287     -35     7   19      0
Plymouth Albion               11 4 0 7      214   281     -67     2   18      0
Moseley                       11 2 1 8      236   318     -82     4   14      0
Esher                         11 0 0 11     140   325    -185     1    1      0

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Championship Statistics

Top Points Scorers

     Player               Team           Conversions Penalties Drop Goals Tries Points
    Garry Law       Rotherham Titans         18         31         2        0    135
  Kieran Hallett    Nottingham Rugby         16         29         0        2    129
  James Love         Plymouth Albion         15         27         0        2    121
    Rob Cook         Cornish Pirates         26         18         0        1    111
   Tommy Bell        Leeds Carnegie          10         25         1        2    108
 Daniel Mugford      London Scottish         10         20         0        3    95
  Gordon Ross         London Welsh           15         19         1        0    90
  Jamie Lennard       Bedford Blues       17          11       4        0       79
 Tristan Roberts      Bristol Rugby       15          15       0        0       75
 Oliver Thomas           Moseley          17          10       1        0       67
    Robert Kirby       Esher Rugby        7           14       0        0       56
   Thomas Luke      Doncaster Knights     12          8        0        1       53
  David Doherty      Cornish Pirates      0           0        0        9       45
 Mathew James         Bristol Rugby       5           11       0        0       43
   James Brown       London Scottish      5           10       1        0       43
 Edward Jackson       London Welsh        0           0        0        8       40
     Jake Sharp       Bedford Blues       6           7        0        1       38
    Joseph Ford      Leeds Carnegie       3           7        3        0       36
 Robin Copeland     Rotherham Titans      0           0        0        7       35
     Jack Tovey       Bristol Rugby       0           0        0        7       35
   Josh Bassett       Bedford Blues       0           0        0        7       35
    Alex Davies       London Welsh        8           6        0        0       34
 Bradley Davies          Moseley          5           6        2        0       34

Top Try Scorers

              Player                          Team              Tries       Points
         David Doherty                   Cornish Pirates          9          45
        Edward Jackson                    London Welsh            8          40
          Josh Bassett                    Bedford Blues           7          35
        Robin Copeland                  Rotherham Titans          7          35
           Jack Tovey                     Bristol Rugby           7          35
         David Jackson                  Nottingham Rugby          6          30
        Shane Monahan                   Rotherham Titans          6          30
        George Watkins                    Bristol Rugby           6          30
           Blair Cowan                   Cornish Pirates          5          25
           Drew Locke                    Cornish Pirates          5          25
        Michael Keating                 Doncaster Knights         5          25
        Edward Thrower                    London Welsh            5          25
        Semisi Taulava                  Rotherham Titans          5          25
         Michael Ellery                      Moseley              4          20
          Robert Lewis                    London Welsh            4          20
           Andy Reay                         Moseley              4          20
          Iain Thornley                  Leeds Carnegie           4          20
         David Bradford                 Doncaster Knights         4          20
       Johannes Schmidt                   Bedford Blues           4          20
       William Robinson                      Moseley              4          20

Team Points Breakdown

       Team           Conversions Penalties Drop Goals Tries Penalty Tries Points
   Bedford Blues          30         22         4       40        2         348
  Cornish Pirates         28         20         0       42        0         326
  London Welsh            23         25         1       35        1         304
 Nottingham Rugby         20         31         1       30        0         286
  Rotherham Titans            22             33            2         27           0           284
    Bristol Rugby             23             28            0         29           1           280
   London Scottish            15             33            1         22           2           252
      Moseley                 22             16            3         25           2           236
  Doncaster Knights           19             17            0         28           1           234
   Leeds Carnegie             13             32            4         18           1           229
   Plymouth Albion            15             27            1         18           2           214
    Esher Rugby               10             20            0         12           0           140

Statistics courtesy of Rugby Roundup

                                   MOSELEY OAK


The recommended route for progression

Moseley Oak RFC has the full backing of Moseley Rugby Club evidenced in the clear statement
from Moseley’s new Chairman of Playing, John Richards, and from Moseley’s President, John
Beale, that Oak is the designated route in the career progression of Moseley players leaving the
Under 19 Colts as well as former players who wish to return to rugby at Billesley. Oak players of
the right standard will get priority to play in Moseley Development matches.

Playing the 2011-12 season in Midlands League 2, new players are welcome – please visit
either the Moseley club website or the Oak website for contact details or Call Jack Richards on
07970 868 039.

                                    Midlands 2 West (North)

Match reports
“Moseley Oak Win Third On The Bounce”

Moseley Oak battled to a second away win of the season 26-21 at Tamworth in a gritty
performance which showed how much they cared about the shirt. After losing five straight at the
start of the season the side have now secured three victories in a row.

And it was a particularly praiseworthy success given the number of injury changes as a result of
the effort put in during the previous fixture at Stafford. Another top show.

Moseley Oak dominated the first half as they got in the faces of the Tamworth side forcing them
to constantly spill the ball. They went 7-0 ahead after a lineout take, then a maul to the line, got
second row Duncan White over, Dan Pons converting.

Pons then notched a penalty before a Tamworth lock was yellow carded for impeding the scrum
half once too often after a quick tap. More indiscretions saw Pons extend the lead to 13-0
before Matt Durber, capitalising on a turnover by the forwards, scored the try of the match
breaking through the centre and scything under the posts, Pons adding the extras.

At half time it had been all Moseley Oak as Tamworth looked a ragged, error-strewn bunch
But it was a transformed Tamworth who came out in the second half and immediately battered
their opponents.

Virtually from the off Jimmy Carroll went over, with Danny Norton converting. And then Joe
Madden followed up, benefitting after Moseley Oak had an attempted clearance kick charged
down on their line. Norton again did the honours.

Moseley Oak were reeling and next it was a pushover try from John Smith, with Norton putting
Tamworth ahead at 21-20. But Moseley Oak pulled themselves together, started fronting up in
the way they had in the first half, and ultimately dogged out four valuable points helped by two
more Pons penalties.

Once they might have caved in under the assault but, now they have come to terms with the
higher division after promotion last year, they are sticking together and making the hard yards.

Dan Lavander and Greg Cox were again impressive in the forwards, but in truth all stepped up
to the plate. Pons controlled things at the base of the scrum and put in plenty of astute kicks.
Jonathan Perks was solid at full back and centre Jack Richards tackled his heart out.

A first ever win at Tamworth for Moseley Oak and despite a 3-2 try count against them


Saturday, 12 November 2011
Aston Old Edwardians     9 - 31        Old Saltleians
Bridgnorth               24 - 13       Burntwood
Leek                     53 - 3        Shrewsbury
Spartans (Midlands)      17 - 10       Stafford
Stoke on Trent           51 - 0        Lordswood Dixonians
Tamworth                 21 - 26       Moseley Oak

League Table

               Team                  P W D L         F      A      Diff   BP    Pts     Adjust
Stoke on Trent                       8 8 0 0        439     56     383     8    40        0
Old Saltleians                       8 7 0 1        223     98     125     5    33        0
Leek                                 8 5 0 3        178    127      51     2    22        0
Aston Old Edwardians                 8 5 0 3        132    160     -28     2    22        0
Lordswood Dixonians                  8 4 0 4        161    189     -28     4    20        0
Tamworth                             8 4 0 4        169    206     -37     3    19        0
Stafford                             8 4 0 4        149    163     -14     2    18        0
Bridgnorth                           8 3 0 5        152    167     -15     4    16        0
Moseley Oak                          8 3 0 5        134    210     -76     2    14        0
Spartans (Midlands)                  8 2 0 6        111    152     -41     4    12        0
Burntwood                            8 2 0 6        106    173     -67     2    10        0
Shrewsbury                           8 1 0 7         85    338    -253     0     4        0


Visit to see all that is happening at the club including player
profiles, match reports and much more.

For more information on Oak please contact John Richards, Ben Jowett or Jack Richards on

Moseley Oak are sponsored by:
                             MOSELEY PLAYERS ASSOCIATION

                      Past and Present Players of Moseley Rugby Club
                                 “Keeping the spirit alive”

Membership of Moseley Players Association (MPA) is open to anyone who has played for ANY
Moseley team, including MWRFC and Moseley Oak. This includes anyone who has had a
significant involvement with managing, coaching or providing on-field care to the players and
was therefore an essential part of the playing team. The MPA plays a key role in keeping former
players in touch with each other and involved in the Club and assisting the Club in any ways it
can. Please contact the Membership Secretary Roy Kerr (contact details are at the end of this
section) for details and a membership application form.

We are always pleased to receive any snippets of information about any old players from any of
your eras. Please email Moseley Matters at

MPA Members’ London Reunion – Esher, 10th December

Advanced notice to all MPA members resident in London and the South East that there will be a
Members’ Reunion at the Esher Championship match on Saturday 10th December.

Further details will be announced in due course but, meanwhile, we can advise that MPA
committee man Jeremy Summers has reserved two tables for lunch prior to the match. It is
hoped that the Supporters Association will be running a coach for those wishing to travel from
Birmingham or elsewhere en route!

Bits and Pieces

MPA Ties & Bow Ties – three designs of MPA ties and one bow tie are available for purchase at
£10.00 each including postage. Please contact Bryan Skeeles for details and orders.

Moving house or changing e-mail addresses

Please remember to let us know if you have changed your address - either home or e-mail; and
if you haven't provided us with an e-mail address, please let us have the details - it is quicker,
cheaper and we only send out a few messages each year, so we won't be filling your inboxes!
Roy’s contact details will be found at the end.

Contact Details

Peter Veitch (Chairman) –, home – 0121 449 3710, office –
0121 616 5108, mobile – 07801 800201
Roy Kerr (Membership Secretary) –, home – 01675 464648, mobile –
07889 175377
Bryan Skeeles (Hon. Secretary) – home – 0121 472 0744
George Walters (Hon. Treasurer) – , home – 0121 355 1283

MSA Membership

The MSA would like to remind fans that membership runs out on 1st July, so please print off a
membership form, fill it in and return it to us with your payment. New members are always
welcome as membership is essential for us to raise funds to help provide events and resources
for the club. So far this year we donated £500 to the first team for a team building event before
the season started and we are currently looking at other options. Your membership will also
enable you to receive discounted away travel. For more information please
email or visit

                                  MOSELEY WOMEN’S TEAM

                            RFU Championship Midlands Division

Success breeds success……..

Moseley’s highly successful women’s team enjoyed consecutive promotions to the RFU
Championship Midlands Division last season where the side finished mid table.


The women's team training starts on Tuesday 19th July. We meet Tuesdays (8:00 - 9:30pm)
and Thursdays (7:30 - 8:30pm), the first week of training (Tues 19th, Thurs 21st) will be fitness
based sessions with official rugby training starting on Tues 26th July.

New players always welcome. Come and try a taster session or watch us play.

Last Weekened

Sunday, 20 November 2011
Cambridge Select Ladies 38 - 10 Stoneygate Ladies
Lichfield Ladies II P-P Olney Ladies
Moseley Ladies 5 - 58 Nottingham BC Ladies
Shelford Ladies 7 - 73 Lakenham Hewett Ladies

Match Report

Moseley 5 – 58 Nottingham

Moseley Women took on top of the table Nottingham on Sunday and Nottingham showed
without a shadow of a doubt why they are league leaders.

Moseley started well from their kick off, turning over possession at the first rook and spread it
quickly wide to full back Fran who side stepped a couple of Nottingham players to score on the
wing. The conversion was unsuccessful.

Unfortunately this early try only seemed to spur Nottingham on and to a much improved
performance. Moseley withstood constant pressure from Nottingham for 15 minutes before a
sharp midfield switch saw the oppositions 13 slice through the Moseley defence to score under
the posts. A few inaccuracies in Moseley’s handling and kicking gave constant possession back
to Nottingham, which Moseley could ill afford to do. Moseley seemed unable to contain the
dominant Nottingham back line and 3 more tries were run in before half time.

Half time score 5 – 24.

The second half saw Moseley compete admirably with the Nottingham forwards, with successful
‘pick and go’s’ making valuable yards, but they were unable to convert the possession they had
into points.

Newcomer to the side Meena Frombo put in a couple of massive tackles which undoubtedly
encouraged others to do the same. Nottingham’s physical prowess and well executed moves
were just a little too much for Moseley’s inexperience. Nottingham ran in another six
unanswered tries in the second half, bringing the final score to a convincing 5 – 58 win for the
away side.

Congratulations must go to Nottingham, who played an excellent game, but also to the entire
Moseley side who were put under such intense pressure throughout the game but everyone
gave 110% and nobody stopped playing until the final whistle. There is plenty for Moseley to
work on in training but playing such a difficult game will only give them the drive and endeavour
to improve, and do better next time!
Steph Warner

Back of the match: Abi Mullins (Wing)
Forward of the match: Steph Warner (Hooker)

League table

                 Team                   P   W   D   L    F     A     Diff   BP   Pts    Adjust
Nottingham BC Ladies                    7   6   0   1   247   86    161      5   29       0
Lakenham Hewett Ladies                  5   5   0   0   208   40    168      3   23       0
Lichfield Ladies II                     5   3   0   2    98   44     54      3   15       0
Cambridge Select Ladies                 6   3   0   3   150   151     -1     3   15       0
Olney Ladies                            6   3   0   3   141   166    -25     3   15       0
Moseley Ladies                          6   2   1   3   107   184    -77     2   12       0
Stoneygate Ladies                       6   1   1   4    78   207   -129     2    8       0
Shelford Ladies                         7   0   0   7    96   247   -151     5    5       0


Sunday, 11 December 2011
Cambridge Select Ladies Vs. Shelford Ladies
Lakenham Hewett Ladies Vs. Olney Ladies
Moseley Ladies Vs. Stoneygate Ladies
Nottingham BC Ladies Vs. Lichfield Ladies II


   A Marketing Partnership between Moseley Rugby Club and Investabroad Properties
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Sponsors of the National Colts Cup

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Investabroad Properties Ltd. Lonsdale House, 52 Blucher Street, Birmingham B1 1QU
0121 616 5108 or PV mobile 07801 800201.


County Under-19s to face Yorkshire
21/11/11 by Paul Bolton
North Midlands U19’s begin their preparations for this season's National Under-20
Championship when the county Under-19s take on Yorkshire in the annual friendly between the
two counties at Dudley Kingswinford's Heathbrook ground on Sunday November 27 (2pm).
North Midlands have a close association with Yorkshire at age group level going back many
years and this keenly-anticipated fixture forms an important part in the selection process for the
Under-20 Championship, which kicks off in the New Year, and also for next season's
North Midlands have named a 26-strong for the match which includes prop Gino Belmonte, a
member of the Worcester Warriors Academy, who is gaining valuable senior experience on loan
at National Two North newcomers Bromsgrove this season.
North Midlands Under-19s:
Backs: George Baxter (UWIC), Dave Brazier (Moseley), Will Burton (Luctonians), Will Goodwin
(Ellesmere College), Alex Lane (Hereford), Jake Newman (Bromsgrove), Andy Oakden
(Whitchurch), Jack Pennells (Newport), Christopher Perry (Newport), Bryn Phillips (Whitchurch),
Iwan Phillips (Whitchurch), Thomas Westwood (Newport).
Forwards: James Bailie (Moseley), Jacob Bates (Newport), Gino Belmonte (Bromsgrove),
Aiden Cheshire (Moseley), Alex Coton (Moseley), Johnny Hill (Luctonians), Aaron Hudson
(Dudley Kingswinford), George Lee (Ledbury), Louis Madican (Old Halesonians), Ben
Meadows (Moseley), Aaron Middleton (Worcester), Ben Thompson (Ledbury), Matt Wilkes
(Ludlow), Lewis Woodfield (Moseley).

North Midlands Under 16s beaten in Super Sunday
Written by Paul Bolton
Tuesday, 22 November 2011 01:35
North Midlands Under-16s were beaten 42-15 by a lively East Midlands side in the second
Super Sunday tournament of the season at Broadstreet RFC near Coventry on Sunday
November 20. East Midlands, well-drilled and talented, were quick out of the blocks and had
scored two early tries before North Midlands had really settled.
Quick thinking from prop Will Teece (Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat Scholl, Hereford and
Herefordshire), who crossed a close range, briefly revived North Midlands but they were 21
points adrift at the break after East Midlands ran in two more tries.
North Midlands made substitutions after the break to freshen things up and they helped provide
fresh impetus as winger Reece Chapman-Carry (St Thomas Aquinas School, Moseley and
Worcestershire) and Will Merriman (Kingstone HS, Hereford and Herefordshire) ran in
unconverted tries.
The substitutions helped North Midlands gain supremacy in the scrum but that was not enough
to prevent East Midlands pulling clear and inflicting a second successive defeat on them

North Midlands Under-18s face East Midlands in Super Sunday final
21/11/11 by Paul Bolton
Defending champions North Midlands will meet East Midlands in the final of this season's
Midlands Under-18 Championship at the Super Sunday event at Broadstreet RFC near
Coventry on Sunday December 4 (2.30pm).
North Midlands held off a spirited second half fightback from Staffordshire to hang on for a 34-
32 win in their final group match at Stourbridge having earlier edged out Warwickshire in the
first match of their title defence.
Full story at

North Midlands RFU…………….Calendar of Matches & Events Coming Soon.....

Sunday 20 November 2011
North Midlands U16s v East Midlands @ Broadstreet RFC, 1pm,

Sunday 27 November 2011
North Midlands U.19 v Yorkshire U.19 @ Dudley Kingswinford RUFC 2:00pm

Sunday 4 December 2011
Midlands U18s Super Sunday @ Broadstreet

Monday 5 December 2011
North Midlands Full Committee Meeting @ Dudley Kingswinford, 7pm

Wednesday 7 December 2011
NMSRFR meeting @ Tally Ho, 7.15pm

Thursday 8 December 2011
West Midlands Regional Delivery Team Meeting in Warwickshire 10am

Sunday 11 December 2011
Cheshire U.20 v North Midlands U.20 @ Sandbach RUFC 2:15pm

Sunday 8 January 2012
North Midlands U.20 v Warwickshire U.20 venue TBA
                                       MOSELEY COLTS

                                    “A PROUD TRADITION”

                                (Under 17 through to Under 19)

New Players – Under 19s and Under 17s

We warmly welcome aspiring rugby players who wish to raise their game and enjoy a season
with one of the top Colts squads in the country.

The 2011—12 season will see the Colts defending their title in the North Midlands Colts league,
participating in the prestigious National Colts Cup (Semi Finalists last season) and include
fixtures this season with the Academies of Nottingham, Bedford and (new for this year)
Northampton Saints.

 A refreshing of the coaching team at both levels including the appointment of a former Moseley
Colt and England Youth International, Paul Bailey-Green, as U19 Back coach, Rob Di Leva as
our Sports Therapist and the retention of last year’s successful U16 coaching team Geoff
Cadogan and Mark Saunders to work with the U17 group.

Under 19

Home tie for Moseley in National Colts Cup
23/11/11 by Paul Bolton

Moseley, winners of the inaugural National Colts Cup in 1998, have been drawn at home to Old
Northamptonians after their 29-5 win at Walsall in the third round.

Hereford beat Nuneaton 22-7 in the third round and have now landed a home tie against the
defending champions Bedford Blues which must be played on or before February 5.

Bedford are bidding to win the competition for the fifth time in six seasons. Their last defeat in
the cup was against Hinckley three seasons ago and they booked their place in this season's by
beating Leighton Buzzard 29-7.

Market Harborough will entertain Wolverhampton and Burton will host Paviors in the other fourth
round ties involving Midlands clubs.

The Investabroad Properties National Colts Cup was introduced in 1997/98 as part of the East
Midlands RU's centenary celebrations.

A Plate competition for clubs beaten in rounds one to three of the Cup was introduced two years

Both competitions have grown in strength and popularity and are still administered by East
Midlands RU.

Investabroad Properties National Colts Cup
Third round (Midlands): Hereford 22 Nuneaton 7, Burton 34 Kenilworth 16, Walsall 5 Moseley
29, Wolverhampton 22 Worcester Wanderers 18, Leighton Buzzard 7 Bedford Blues 29, Paviors
17 Market Bosworth 8, Scunthorpe 6 Old Northamptonians 21, Oadby Wyggestonians 8 Market
Harborough 28.

Fourth round draw (Midlands): Moseley v Old Northamptonians, Hereford v Bedford Blues,
Market Harborough v Wolverhampton, Burton v Paviors. Ties to be played on or before
February 5.

Investabroad Properties National Colts Plate:
Round 3A (Midlands): Syston v Leighton Buzzard. Ties to be played by December 4,

Round 3B (Midlands): Old Halesonians v Birmingham & Solihull, Dudley Kingswinford v
Lichfield, Walsall v Derby, Rugby Lions v Bromsgrove, Barkers' Butts v Worcester Wanderers,
Wellesbourne v Kenilworth, Stourbridge v Whitchurch, Lutterworth v Northampton BBOB,
Ampthill v Kettering, Market Bosworth v Oundle, Northampton Old Scouts v Wellingborough,
Coalville v Loughborough, Hinckley v Syston or Leighton Buzzard, Oadby Wyggestonians v
Melton Mowbray, Scunthorpe v Luton. Ties to be played by January 15.

Match Report
National Colts Cup – Round 3
Walsall 5 - 29 Moseley

 The U19 Colts progressed into the next
round of the National Cup with a
comfortable victory over Walsall.

Moseley kicked off and had much of the
early territorial advantage. They soon found
out that they were facing much more
organised opponents than of late, ones who
would not just let Moseley run through them.

As a result Moseley found it hard to make
best use of the ball when they had it, but
when their opponents had possession they
pressurised and harried.

The result was an extended period of play inside the Walsall half, but little to show in the way of
scoring chances. There were a few penalty opportunities, but they were either taken quickly
down blind alleyways, or kicked to touch.

Finally, after 20 minutes and from a scrum about six metres out, in the middle of the pitch,
Moseley secured their own ball. Crisp passing to the right wing gave Ryan Miller the space to
cross the line for the opening try.

Moseley were soon back in Walsall territory after the restart. They were starting to look after the
ball better, recycling it and putting phases together. However the home side were proving to be
resilient in defence.

Moseley did get the ball across the line but the referee judged it to be held up. The resulting five
metre scrum was won and the ball worked down the blind side with the forwards providing just
enough power for Elliot Price to touch down the second try. Ben Morgan added the additional
two points from out wide on the right.

Moseley comfortably caught the restart, but a fumble from a simple pass gave Walsall a scrum
inside the Moseley 22. It was the first real time they had visited Moseley territory and were
determined to make the most of it. They won the scrum and a drive had Moseley at sixes and
sevens. The drive was halted just short of the line but at the cost of a penalty. It was Moseley’s
turn on the back foot, but they defended well and relieved the pressure.

There was time enough for Walsall to break through the Moseley defence from inside there own
half - and just failed in a foot race to the line. Moseley were awarded a penalty which was kicked
to touch for the referee to blow for half time, the score line reading 0 – 12 in Moseley’s favour.
Moseley continued to pressurise after the break, but a more determined Walsall made for a
                                              scrappy opening to the second half. Moseley
                                              won a scrum against the head just outside the
                                              Walsall 22 and made progress up field.

                                                  After several phases of play and good recycling
                                                 they ignored an overlap on the outside and
                                                 moved the ball infield for Jordan Oliver to finish
                                                 off a well worked move.

                                                 Walsall started to enjoy a little bit more freedom
                                                 from being pinned back in their own territory and
                                                 stared to play in the Moseley half for a time. But
                                                 like Moseley before them there was little in the
                                                 way of a threat to the score line.

Moseley had a line out on their opponents’ five metre line. The ball broke free to Walsall, who
were adjudged to have carried the ball into the dead ball area resulting in a five metre scrum.
Moseley secured the ball and passed it infield from the back of the scrum.

Ryan Miller was making a screaming run from deep and chose an excellent line to receive the
pass, carving through the Walsall line to score the best try of the day under the posts.
Conditions under foot were not conducive for place kicking, but Morgan made no mistake,
taking the score to 24 points to nil.

From the restart Moseley cleared to touch giving Walsall a lineout just inside their own half.
Moseley won the ball and passing it infield and then back again, left Ryan Miller the space on
the right wing to use his pace and run in for his third try of the afternoon.

Walsall enjoyed another period of possession and territory, taking their turn in recycling the ball
well. A clever chip over the Moseley defence close to the line allowed the advancing attackers
to claim the ball and touch down for a consolation try.

The remaining few minutes were a bit scrappy - and with the referee indicating time up Moseley
kicked the ball into touch for the final whistle and a score line reading 5 – 29

Moseley Colts now progress to Round 4, where they will meet one of the other regional winners.
That they beat one of the better teams in the Sunday division of the North Midlands Colts
League also bears well, should they maintain the current League status and get into the playoffs
at the end of the season.
Jon Meadows …. Photographs courtesy of Adrian Jones

(Excellent report. Thank you. Ed).

Backs: Y Siddiqui, C Wellington, J Oliver, J Jones, R Miller, B Morgan, D Brazier
Forwards: J Lawless Fisher, E Price, A Coton, B Meadows, C Tokeley, H Pitt, J Baillie, A Heron
Replacements: T Dalton, C Ward, P Clarr, R George, J McLaren, R Biddle

Tries: Ryan Miller (20 mins, 54 mins, 57 mins), Elliot Price (28 mins), Jordan Oliver (40 mins)
Conversions: Ben Morgan (2)


Team                             Pd   W    D    L     F   A     Diff        Pts   Adj
Moseley                          8    8    0    0    288  63    225         36     4
Worcester                        8    7    0    1    294  66    228         35     7
Whitchurch                       6    3    0    3    122 113     9          16     4
Stourbridge                      6    3    0    3     146   188    -42     15     3
Lichfield                        7    3    0    4     129   115     14     13     1
Old Halesonians                  7    1    0    6     93    181    -88     5      1
Telford Hornets                  8    0    0    8     36    382   -346     0      0


Saturday 26th November

Lichfield              vs Telford Hornets           14:15
Stourbridge            vs Worcester                 14:15
Whitchurch             vs Moseley                   14:15

Under 17 Colts

Focus on Students new to Birmingham

Whilst we do of course welcome all prospective players, this time of year is when students are
coming to our city and may be looking for a suitable club. Moseley Colts welcome all students
coming to one of the city’s many leading educational institutions. If you are a talented and
experienced player perhaps you will consider joining the premier colts’ (under 19s) team in the

Outstanding fixtures - Saturdays
Moseley Colts play the top club and Academy sides in England and beyond. 2011-12 once
again features one of the strongest fixture lists in the country including Northampton, Bedford
Blues and Nottingham at academy level. We also will be defending our title in the North
Midlands Colts league and participating in the North Midlands Cup (finalists last year) and
National Colts Cup where we have reached the semi-final stages in the previous two seasons.

Amongst the country’s leading Under 19s sides
The most prestigious Under 19 club competition is the National Colts Cup attracting over 100 of
the leading clubs from all corners of England. Since its inception in 1997 Moseley has reached
the quarter final stages in 12 of those 13 years. The club won the inaugural cup in 1998 and
were runners up to Harlequins in 2005.

Outstanding coaching and development
Moseley’s highly qualified coaching team helps players to develop and achieve their maximum
playing potential, not only by improving core skills but also by promoting the significance of an
appropriate lifestyle for elite sportsmen. We also value the social side of the game very highly
including many events such as our annual Easter tour. Last year we had a highly successful
visit both on and off the field when we were hosted by Parma in Italy where we took on their
U20 Academy team as well as pre-season when we hosted Munster Under 19s.

Outstanding opportunities
Experience with Moseley Colts prepares rugby players for club sides - almost every local side
has a former Moseley Colt – and equips players with experiences that they can use when they
return to their home club following their period of study. A significant number of the current RFU
Championship (England level 2) Moseley 1st XV squad are former Moseley Colts. Many others
feature in National League and Premiership sides, as well as achieving representative rugby for
county and country.

Try us out!
Pre-season training has now started and takes place on Tuesday and Thursday @ 6.30pm at
our Billesley Common ground. You are welcome to turn up to the sessions or if you prefer to
have an informal chat before doing that, to contact me at

Too old for the Under 19 Colts?
Take a look at Moseley Oak Rugby Club which is also based at Billesley Common (details on
the above website) - the natural progression to development and representative rugby.

Further information on both Colts and club rugby including directions and contact details can be
found at - Simon Bartlett, Chairman of Youth Rugby,

Any promising young players aged between 16 and 18 years who have aspirations of playing a
good level of rugby are invited to attend training which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday
(both 6.30pm starts). For more information please visit and click on
‘Colts’ or contact Simon Bartlett, Chairman of Youth Rugby whose details are below.

Superb Canadian Exchange opportunity for a Moseley Colt

A superb opportunity has arisen for one or two of our Colts to experience rugby in Toronto
under an exchange programme which we are developing.

The successful suitable applicant’s family would host his equivalent Canadian Colt for a term or
more from September and then visit Toronto to stay with his new friend’s family and play rugby
there during the summer months. (Rugby is played from May through September in the
province of Ontario).

Moseley has extensive links with Toronto rugby and many of our players have played for and
indeed, in some cases are still involved with, Toronto Scottish, so there would be plenty of
support and a fine welcome for any Moseley player there. Ex Moseley Colt and current 1 st XV
squad member Ben Pons, spent an enjoyable three summer months doing just this two years

A promising 16 year old scrum half from a good family has already been identified in Toronto
and he is keen to play rugby in the Birmingham area. We would like to offer him the opportunity
to train with and play for our Colts team and also to participate in one of the areas schools.

If you would like to be considered for this exciting exchange opportunity please contact Simon
Bartlett on the number/address below.

For further information on any Colts activities please contact Simon Bartlett, colts’ manager,
Email: ; Mobile: 07590 424785


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 Socks                       Adult         £9.00     Babygro                  All            £10.00
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Match Reports - Please!

Readers do value the reports from the M&Js. If you can help your hard pressed coaches and
age group managers, please volunteer your services for the odd match report. No previous
experience needed – just ability to type (ish!)

Parking on Sunday mornings

Could we please remind everyone that parking is not permitted around the clubhouse (except
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Under 15
Moseley 22 - 12 Hereford

This was a tremendous performance from the team against last year’s North Mids semi-finalists.
Last season we conceded 50 points against Hereford so Sunday proved a great achievement
for every one scoring four tries to two.

The pack was very strong in the set play, in scrum and line out and was very quick to the break
down. The backs used the ball very well and scored four great tries, a truly great team
Finally I would like to thank Hereford for making it a very entertaining contest. Well done every
body, see you Tuesday at training to carry on the great work. Anne Tyler, Team Manager

Under 14
Greater Birmingham Tournament

Sutton 24 – 0 Bees
Bees 0 – 34 Moseley
Moseley 0 - 8 Sutton

A strange day was spent at King Edward’s School in Edgbaston where three teams played a
round robin apparently to try and provide a squad for the Greater Birmingham squad. It is not
clear how this to be achieved but we await with baited breath the outcome.

From the Moseley perspective there were two shortened games which provided a contrast of
fortunes. The first game was a fairly routine victory over an under strength Bees team. The
game was never in doubt following two tries from Nick Empson and a third under the posts by
Jack Lester. The second-half was a procession and gave no indication of what was to come.

The second game was against Sutton and the very atmosphere changed around the verdant
fields. From nowhere, a plethora of Sutton fans turned up apparently thinking there was a
round-ball game to be had. The game itself was intense with Sutton running out deserved
winners with their pack demonstrating great skill at the breakdown despite the best efforts of
Dan Coakley, Jeavon Purewal and Kobe McBean.

In truth Moseley lacked a little all over with the backs uncharacteristically sloppy with their
handling. We did have moments of pressure and Sutton certainly knew they had been in a
game. There is plenty to learn for Moseley and any return game will be a cracker. - Fitzy Snr

Kidderminster 0 – 21 Moseley (Half time 0-7)
Better late than never….here is the U14’s report from last week! (Thanks – Ed)

Following an impeccably observed two minutes silence on this Remembrance Sunday a
glorious game of rugby broke out under the late autumnal sun. Make no mistake, this was a
proper game. Kidderminster asked no quarter and played hard rugby right to the end. Perhaps
the finest achievement for Moseley was in not conceding although this was often too close for

The game started with Kidderminster pressure, and the scrums were initially controlled by the
home side. Despite this the forwards put up staunch resistance and gradually started to give the
backs some ball. There were several heavy tackles put in, notably by Jeavon, Kobe and Nick,
with Fitzy and Dan Coakley winning good ball in the line-out.

Half-way through the first half a good forward move down the left wing led to good possession
which found its way to Jack Lester who broke the line brilliantly to register the first score on the
corner. Brandon landed a difficult conversion with ease.

Kiddy came right back and came close to scoring several times. Again, great tackling from
Brandon (little guy who played full back) and Ewan Bell prevented points whilst Cavan and Jack
were repeatedly felled by strong opposition tackles.

A great first half led to an even better second, with the Moseley pack gradually gaining control,
Harry winning a couple against the head. The backs were beginning to find some space, great
runs from John Byrne were beginning to create some space in the mid-field.

This inevitably led to another Lester try, in the corner. Brandon again slotted with aplomb.
Many teams would have folded at this point but Kiddy kept on coming. It was great to watch,
both sides breaking the tackle line, both sides defending ferociously. Typical of this endeavour
was one man-size tackle by Dan Coakley which left the opposition centre wishing he’d stayed in

Jack finally broke the resistance with a great try under posts following great forward play, a
thrilling run from Brandon which he finished by throwing an outrageous pass giving Jack the
equivalent of a tap-in.

Apologies for those I haven’t mentioned as this was a tremendous team effort, with everyone
fully deserving of praise. The outstanding performance came from Archie at scrum-half, making
the most of limited possession and giving his opposite number a torrid time. Despite not being
his regular position, we discovered that Archie is, in fact, the tallest scrum half in the squad.
So, a big well done to everyone involved I look forward to the next thrilling instalment.

A special mention must go to two players who were unable to attend today’s fixture, Adam Boot
and Greg Naptin. They both attended Armistice Day parades with their relevant cadet squads
(Adam in Rubery and Greg in Shirley). - Fitzy Snr

Under 12
Match 1 won 10-0
Paddy 2 tries

As the fog parted over Billesley Common, at least far enough to see the other side of the pitch,
the U12s were revealed in strength. It was good to see our new lads, as well as those returning
well represented.

Kidderminster were a well drilled opposition, making effective use of kicking, more than we were
used to. The opening exchanges were evenly contested, though Moseley didn’t really appear
sharp enough at the breakdown. However, after a few minutes, the forwards committed to the
game and set the pattern for what was to come- a morning of forward dominance, releasing the
backs to good effect.

Both tries were scored by Paddy, using his strength and direct running to good effect, thought
the man of the man performance goes to Kieran ,showing great resilience at number 8 , taking
the ball into contact every time but never without winning valuable yards first.

Overall after a slow start a hard fought and very well deserved win.

Match 2 15- 0 won
Ben 1 try Dylan 2 tries.

Though the second game gave an opportunity for some of our newer and developing players,
alongside more battle hardened veterans, the game actually bought about some of the best
team play of the day. Wholesale changes at half time didn’t disrupt the game at all. Ben
controlled the game at fly half, with the Josephs sharing the scrum half shirt. After an incredibly
strong surge and a good off load from Thomas, Ben went over for the first try of the game.

The front row of Tim, Callum and Hriday were immense in the first half, and the thud of Hriday
and Archie on the opposition prop from a penalty restart can still be heard echoing around the

Our hard working props were replaced at half time with Max and Dylan but the work ethic
remained the same - Moseley kept driving forward and Max was instrumental in both of Dylan’s
subsequent tries. The game closed with several lads playing in unfamiliar positions and yet with
Paddy at full back and 'winger Thorn' on the prowl, the team never looked like coming second

Great performances from the whole team- well done lads. - Louise
Under 10
U10s at the North Midlands Festival,
(Kidderminster Carolians RFC, 20 November 2011)

                                     Moseley Plate Winners!

The U10s at last got their hands on some silverware with victory in the plate final competition of
the North Mids Festival. Over the six 12 minute games played, the team only conceded two

Sixteen under 10s teams arrived to compete in the Festival. Moseley’s was drawn in the
Leagues stages with Dudley Kingswinsford, Droitwich and Bredon. The team exploded out of
the blocks scoring three tries (Ollie, Stan, Warwick) against DK in the first half and Will rounding
off the match with a fourth try near the end of time.

The importance of this score would only become apparent at the end of the day. Second match
was against a strong Droitwich team, but Moseley showed themselves to be more than able to

Droitwich went up by one try before half time, and in the final minute Moseley thought they had
secured the equaliser when Ben went over, only to have the try disallowed for a player being
off-side. The final league game was against Bredon, who were topping the League.

Again it was an exceptionally close match, and the defence displayed by both teams were
superb, but ultimately Bredon snatched victory with a solitary try. In the end the two League
losses came down to the narrowest of margins.

For the quarter-finals of the plate, Moseley found themselves drawn against Stourbridge (who
has won Moseley’s own festival last season). The match was a try-fest for Moseley with Ollie,
Callum, Warwick and Alfie all making the score sheet.

Victory now meant they were playing against Hereford in the semis. Once more assured
Moseley defence snuffed out any Hereford threat and strong attacking play saw Ben and
Warwick score before half time, Hector then finished off the game with a second half try.

For the plate final Moseley found, with Jamie as captain, themselves facing unknown opponents
in the form of Newport. The game was a tense affair, both for players, coaches and parents
alike! Some last gasp Moseley defence work saved a couple of tries, and likewise strong
defence from Newport snuffed out a number of promising Moseley attacks.

At the final whistle the game remained nil-nil, and both teams fell silent as officials consulted the
competition rules to determine who would be the winners. The celebrations of the Moseley boys
on hearing that it was tries scored in the League rounds, which clinched them victory, was well

This was an all-round team performance, which pleased the coaches enormously. Each player
worked hard in defence, whilst those playing in the front three (Stan, Jamie, Max, Tom and
Cameron) showed themselves to be strong scrummagers (consistently winning ball against the
head) which enabled the backs to launched their attacks.

A special mention should also be made to Matt who was the team’s nominated referee, and
whose services were repeatedly called upon. - Nick Crowson

Team Squad: Alfie, Warwick, Jamie, Cameron, Ed, Hector, Tom, Stan, Will, Ben, Max, Callum,

League Game1: vs Dudley Kingswinsford 4-0 win
League Game 2: vs Droitwich 0-1 loss
League Game 3: vs Bredon 0-1 loss
Plate Quarter Final: vs Stourbridge 4-0 win
Plate Semi-Final: vs Hereford 3-0 win
Plate Final: vs Newport 0-0 win for Moseley determined by League tries.

Under 9
Game 1 Moseley 0 - Kidderminster 20
Game 2 Moseley 15 - Kidderminster 10
Game 3 Moseley 10 - Kidderminster 0

Man of the match: Chris Doughty

Under 7

A colder day than we'd enjoyed at our previous fixture greeted us on match day, but the team
made a blistering start to the first game with Alfie scoring from the opening move. Unfortunately,
the excitement was short lived as Kidderminster replied with six unanswered tries to leave
Moseley in no doubt as to the tough task that lay ahead.

We'll never know what coach Paul said in that half time talk, but all fourteen of the Moseley U7s
pulled together to make their family and friends who were watching proud. Moseley outscored
their opponents 6-5 in that second half, with Yusuf leading the way with a remarkable hat trick.
Some great passing and support play also lead to Alfie scoring another and Tyler adding one to
give Moseley the momentum going in to the second game.

The next game was a far tighter affair, with the defence that was lacking by both teams in the
first game coming to the fore. This was highlighted by our brave team putting their bodies on the
line, with Jack and Jarryd brushing off injuries suffered while preventing Kidderminster from
making further inroads on the scoreboard.

Despite having to momentarily play against an extra player due to the odd miscalculation by the
opposition, the team pulled off a commendable 5-5 draw with Tyler getting a couple of scores
and Se', Jarryd and Nathan each adding good looking tries.

Now that the team had warmed up, it was time to put Kidderminster to the sword. The third and
final game was marked by some great passing movements and scintillating running, with
Thomas and Hannah particularly unlucky not to score after long runs through the heart of the
Kidderminster defence.

With vociferous support from the sidelines, the team was roared on to a thoroughly deserved 9-
6 victory, led by four tries from Alfie (two in each half). Some superb running from Amaan led to
him getting a couple of tries, with Se', Tyler and Ellie completing the scoring (Ellie being very
unfortunate to have another, final minute try chalked off for a stud on the whitewash millimetres
from the line).

It was a thoroughly enjoyable game, for the children and for their fans, and I would like to thank
Paul, Steve and Alison for the great work they are doing with the development and
management of a great little team.

(As an aside, a big thank you to all parents for the fact that we had a squad divisible by 7 today
to simplify the conundrum of how to make sure everyone gets a fair amount of game time!)

Well done Moseley U7's for a superb game today. - Todd Micklethwaite (Tyler’s Dad)

(And thank you Todd for writing this excellent report – Ed)
2011/12 FIXTURES

      Season 2011/12 Fixture List
                                                                Home                  Away
Sat   20th August      4.30pm   Pre-Season                    Aberavon       v       Moseley
Sat   27th August      3.00pm   Pre-Season                     Moseley       v       Bedwas
Sat   3rd September    3.00pm   Championship                   Moseley       v   Cornish Pirates
Sat   10th September   3.00pm   Championship                   Moseley       v      Nottingham
Sat   17th September   2.30pm   Championship                  Doncaster      v       Moseley
Wed   21st September   7.30pm   B&I Cup                        Moseley       v   Plymouth Albion
Sat   24th September   3.00pm   Championship                   Moseley       v        Esher
Sun   2nd October      2.00pm   Championship               London Scottish   v       Moseley
Sat   8th October      3.00pm   Championship                   Moseley       v    London Welsh
Wed   12th October     7.45pm   B&I Cup                         Bristol      v       Moseley
Sun   16th October     3.00pm   Championship                    Leeds        v       Moseley
Sat   22nd October     3.00pm   Championship                   Moseley       v      Rotherham
Fri   28th October     7.45pm   Championship              Plymouth Albion    v       Moseley
Sat   5th November     3.00pm   Championship                   Moseley       v        Bristol
Sat   12th November    3.00pm   B&I Cup                      Cross Keys      v       Moseley
Sat   19th November    3.00pm   Championship                   Bedford       v       Moseley
Sun   27th November    3.00pm   Championship                 Nottingham      v       Moseley
Sat   3rd December     3.00pm   Championship                   Moseley       v      Doncaster
Sat   10th December    3.00pm   Championship                    Esher        v       Moseley
Sat   17th December    2.00pm   B&I Cup                        Moseley       v       Munster
Mon   26th December    3.00pm   Championship                   Moseley       v   London Scottish
Sat   31st December    2.00pm   Championship                London Welsh     v       Moseley
Sat   7th January      3.00pm   Championship                   Moseley       v        Leeds
Sat   14th January     2.00pm   Championship                  Rotherham      v       Moseley
Sat   21st January              B&I Cup                      Quarter Final
Fri   27th January     7.30pm   Championship                   Moseley       v   Plymouth Albion
Fri   3rd February     7.45pm   Championship                    Bristol      v       Moseley
Sat   11th February                                      Reserve Weekend
Sat   18th February    3.00pm   Championship                   Moseley       v      Bedford
Sat   25th February    2.00pm   Championship               Cornish Pirates   v      Moseley
Sun   3rd March                                          Blank Weekend
Mon   10th March                Championship Play offs   Round 1
Tue   17th March                Championship Play offs   Round 2
Wed   24th March                Championship Play offs   Round 3
Thu   31st March                Championship Play offs   Round 4
Fri   7th April                 B&I Cup                  Semi Final
Sat   14th April                Championship Play offs   Round 5
Sun   21st April                Championship Play offs   Round 6
Mon   28th April                B&I Cup                  Final
                                Championship Semi-
Tue   5th May                   Final                    1st Leg
                                Championship Semi-
Wed   12th May                  Final                    2nd leg
Thu   19th May                  Championship Final       1st Leg
Fri   26th May                  Championship Final       2nd leg

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