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									Countryside Art Exhibition
         December 2011

                         Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
                         118 Poinciana Drive, Jupiter, FL
                         888-490-3530 - www.lightspacetime.com
Countryside Art Exhibition Event Catalogue

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducted an art competition during the period of time from the middle of
October through to November 28, 2011. The theme of the art competition was “Countryside”. The gallery asked 2D
artists to submit their best interpretation of this theme by depicting rural living, the outdoors and pastoral scenes in
their submissions to this competition. There were no geographic restrictions for the artists for this art competition.

The gallery received submissions from 10 different countries from around the world and they also received entries
from 27 different states. Overall, there were 364 entries that were judged for this competition. The gallery chose 5
artists for first through fifth places and also 5 artists for Honorable Mention awards. Due to the volume and the
quality of the entries, the gallery also selected an additional 65 artists for Special Recognition awards.

Congratulations to the artists who have been designated as this month’s winners, along with the 65 Special
Recognition Artists. Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery commends all of the artists for their courage to compete,
for their artistic skills and finally for their creativity.

In addition, the catalogue for this art exhibition can be seen online at http://www.lightspacetime.com

Please Note: All of the images contained in this event catalogue are the property of the artist, the artist retains the copyright to
these images and they may not be reproduced without the written consent and permission of the artist. In addition, some
images may have been cropped or resized due to formatting requirements. To see the actual and correct image ratios visit the
Exhibition Archives on the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website.
                                                       Countryside Art Exhibition

Arthur Goldberg – Maryland - 1st Place – “Dieulefit”
                                                   Countryside Art Exhibition

Dennis Sabo – Tennessee - 2nd Place – “RL Ranch”
                                                                 Countryside Art Exhibition

Paula Oakley – United Kingdom – 3rd Place - "Forging the Past"
                                                             Countryside Art Exhibition

Jeanne Tanks – Virginia – 4th Place - "Ready 4 the Reaper"
                                                                 Countryside Art Exhibition

Cynthia Fleury - Minnesota – 5th Place - "Heartland Minnesota"
                                                                Countryside Art Exhibition

Gail Daley – California - Honorable Mention – “Foggy Morning”
                                                                              Countryside Art Exhibition

Marion Deacon – United Kingdom - Honorable Mention – “Harvest Time at Manor Farm”
                                                             Countryside Art Exhibition

Christina Goia - Canada – Honorable Mention – “Tall Grass”
                                                                Countryside Art Exhibition

Jeff Grant - Australia – Honorable Mention - "Summer Paddock"
                                                                   Countryside Art Exhibition

Vincenza Harrity – Ohio – Honorable Mention – “Close to Harvest”
                                                                           Countryside Art Exhibition

                                  Special Recognition

Tobi Abrams - “Brillant Sunset”                         Danielle Austen – “Journey"

Hannah Baker – “Yellow Fields”                     Marie Christine Belkadi – “Tree of Life”
                                                                             Countryside Art Exhibition

                                      Special Recognition

      Mike Bell – “Mists on the Beacon”                 Stephen Bohlen – “Horse Study 3”

Elaine Booth-Kallweit – “Mayne Island Saw Mill”             Jean Bradbury - “Cathedral”
                                                                         Countryside Art Exhibition

                                 Special Recognition

David Bratzel – “Itasca Creek Bend”                Eve Burgum – “Cottage Flowers”

     G L Callaghan – “Threat”                      Murdoch Campbell – “Farm Life”
                                                                     Countryside Art Exhibition

                             Special Recognition

John Chehak – “Untitled”                           Ione Citrin – “Cooper Canyon”

A M Clark – “Cotton Grass”                     Peggy Curtis – “Genessee Barn "
                                                                                Countryside Art Exhibition

                                        Special Recognition

      Peggy – Curtis – “Mr. Palouse "                         Gail Daley – “Elkhorn Slough"

Marie Dancy-Brennan – “Utah Back Country "                    Heather Douglas – “Hay Barn”
                                                                                  Countryside Art Exhibition

                                    Special Recognition

         James Duke – “Red Barn”                     Britt Feingold – “Jamesport Country Store "

Joan Finnegan - “Corn Shocks Harvest Light”        Cynthia Fleury - “Country Road Lanesboro - MN “
                                                                                  Countryside Art Exhibition

                                       Special Recognition

        Gregory Fricker – “Australorps "                  Durga Garcia – “Florida Hayfield "

Arthur Goldberg – “Beaver Creek Telluride - CO "       Jadranka Carluccio Grbic – “Idaho Cabin"
                                                                              Countryside Art Exhibition

                                   Special Recognition

Georgette Evans Grey – “Cotton Fields"                   Samantha Howell – “Butterfly"

     Daiva Kasulyte – “Untitled”                     Rita Kauffman - “The Meadow”
                                                                         Countryside Art Exhibition

                              Special Recognition

Cynthia Kinard – “Contentment "                 Katarzyna Lappin – “Golden Fields "

Elizabeth Macchio – “The River”               Jennifer Marshall – “The Forest Awakes "
                                                                                Countryside Art Exhibition

                                     Special Recognition

    Milt Masur – “Yosemite Valley”                         Laurie McCormick - “Poppies"

Gaylord Mink – “Snow in Horse Country”                      Gloria Moses – “Untitled "
                                                                          Countryside Art Exhibition

                                Special Recognition

 Louise Mulgrew – “Untitled "                     Kristane Murray – “School is Out "

Karen Neuberg – “Kansas Wheat"                         Tammy Novak - “Farm”
                                                                                     Countryside Art Exhibition

                                         Special Recognition

        Brian Paul – “US 191 Chinle Arizona"                   Jill Peterson – “Reflection"

Patricia Placona – “September Afternoon in Amherst "           Kay Pratt – “Amish Country"
                                                                             Countryside Art Exhibition

                                 Special Recognition

 Stephen Rotella – “Annadale Drive "              Matt Ruocco – “Where the Path Ends"

Marilyn Samwick – “Scottish Heather "                  Robert Seguin – “The Village"
                                                                                    Countryside Art Exhibition

                                        Special Recognition

           Jolanta Senczyna – “House"                   Alexandria Shankweiler - Roadside Pond BC"

Almine The Countess of Shannon – “Misty Morning”           Stephanie Sheppard – “Old Farmland"
                                                                                Countryside Art Exhibition

                                    Special Recognition

   Nick Shiflet – “Alice Meets Kansas"                Toni Silber-Delerive – “Farmland"

Rebecca Sinclair – “The Heart of Tuscany"             Keith Skinner – “Rock Pile District"
                                                                          Countryside Art Exhibition

                                Special Recognition

Sarah Story – “Kepler Track - NZ"                  Lucas Teranova – “Hudson Hills "

Katy Woodroffe – “Silent Ritual"                Darlene Yeager-Torre - “Country Church"
                                         Countryside Art Exhibition

Special Recognition

 Anna Zavileiskaia - "9 Centuries Old”
      Countryside Art Exhibition – Artist’s Contact Information
Tobi Abrams                             Marion Deacon
www.tobitheartist.com                   www.exploring-landscape-painting.com
Danielle Austen                         Heather Douglas
www.danielleausten.com                  www.heatherdouglas.com
Hannah Baker                            James Duke
www.hannahivorybaker.com                http://impressioncircle.com/paintings/paintings
Marie Christine Belkadi                 Britt Feingold
http://www.bluecanvas.com/mcbelkadi     http://justbritt2.blogspot.com
Mike Bell                               Joan Finnegan
www.mike--bell.artistwebsites.com       www.jonifinnegan.com
Stephen Bohlen                          Cynthia Fleury
sbohlen.artist@gmail.com                www.cynthiafleury.com
Elaine Booth-Kallweit                   Gregory Fricker
http://www.elainebooth-kallweit.com     www.gregory-fricker.artistwebsites.com
Jean Bradbury                           Durga Garcia
www.jeanbradbury.com                    www.durgaGarcia.com
David Bratzel                           Cristina Goia
www.DBratzelart.com                     http://cristinagoiaart.blogspot.com
Eve Burgum                              Arthur Goldberg
http://www.fotosandart.com              www.artgoldbergdesigns.com
G L Callaghan                           Jeff Grant
creativealert@gmail.com                 www.jeff-grant.com
Murdoch Campbell                        Jadranka Carluccio Grbic
http://photosbyDoc.smugmug.com          www.jcg-fineartdigitalpainting.com
John Chehak                             Georgette Evans Grey
www.easelwork.com                       www.gegrey.com
Ione Citrin                             Vincenza Harrity
www.artbyione.com                       http://studiovincenza.blogspot.com/
A M Clark                               Samantha Howell
aclark9460@hotmail.com                  www.samantha-art.com
Peggy Curtis                            Daiva Kasulyte
http://psa-photo.smugmug.com/Member-    daiva.kasulyte@googlemail.com
Portfolios/Peggy-Curtis                 Rita Kauffman
Gail Daley                              https://sites.google.com/site/ritakauffmanfineart/
http://www.gaildaleyfineart.com         Cynthia Kinard
Marie Dancy-Brennan                     www.portraitlegacies.com
www.zhibit.com/mdbrennan                Katarzyna Lappin
Elizabeth Macchio                                  Jolanta Senczyna
www.artid.com/elizabethmacchio                     www.jolanta.exto.org
Jennifer Marshall                                  Alexandria Shankweiler
www.marshallfineart.com.au                         www.photosbyalexandria.com
Milt Masur                                         Stephanie Sheppard
www.Artjury.com/MCPlus                             www.momentsinphotography.com
Laurie McCormick                                   Nick Shiflet
http://www.lauriemccormickphoto.com                http://www.nickshiflet.smugmug.com
Gaylord Mink                                       Toni Silber-Delerive
www.minkphotos.com                                 www.tonisart.com
Gloria Moses                                       Rebecca Sinclair
www.gloriamoses.com                                http://www.rebeccasinclair.yolasite.com
Louise Mulgrew                                     Keith Skinner
http://www.artlyst.com/competitions                www.renegadeimage.com/photography
Kristane Murray                                    Sarah Story
kristanem@gmail.com                                www.sarahstoryphotography.com
Karen Neuberg                                      Jeanne Tanks
www.obscureobservations.com                        www.GlassAglowStudio.com
Tammy Novak                                        Lucas Teranova
http://tammynovakphotography.com                   http://web.me.com/molucas
Paula Oakley                                       Almine The Countess of Shannon
https://www.artgallery.co.uk/artist/paula_oakley   www.paintingsoflight.com
Brian Paul                                         Katy Woodroffe
www.paintbrushharry.com                            www.katywoodroffe.com
Jill Peterson                                      Darlene Yeager-Torre
www.jillpetersonartist.com                         www.dytphotos.com
Patricia Placona                                   Anna Zavileiskaia
www.patricia.veveia.com                            http://www.annazavileiskaia.com
Kay Pratt
Stephen Rotella
Matt Ruocco
Dennis Sabo
Marilyn Samwick
Robert Seguin

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