JUNE 2009

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					JUNE 2009

    June                                   July
       10th                                     9th
Auxiliary Meeting                        Auxiliary Meeting
  Holiday Harbour                          Holiday Harbour
       6 P.M.                                   6 P.M.

                                        DINGHY POKER RUN
       13th                                   TBA
   Holiday Harbour                              23RD
                                           BURGER NITE
                                           Holiday Harbour

     24th                                SUMMER CRUISE
 BURGER NITE                              Monroe Boat Club
  Holiday Harbour
                                         ILYA BAY DAYS

                       Burger Nite
                      Holiday Harbour


                          Commodores Report
                       First and foremost, thank you to all that made it out to the
                       P/C welcome home dinner. We had a great turnout, the
                       weather co-operated, and all the Past Commodore's did a
                       terrific job of putting on a no-cost “open house”. Having
                       Gerry & Jo Anne Ediger with their margaritas was a nice
                       touch. I tried to get around to everybody, sorry If I missed
                       you, but I hope everybody got a chance to tour not only our
                       new home, but the entire Holiday Harbour facility. I think
                       everybody got a decent idea of what we've been up to for
                       the last few months, and what we are hoping to accomplish
                       the years ahead. Since then, we have had a few very
                       generous donations of equipment, hardware, and even
funds that will definitely help the progression. It’s been a great effort from the
team so far, with your support, expect nothing less in the future.

Edison Boat Club showed us a great deal of hospitality on our Shake Down Cruise.
R/C Sharon & P/C Chris Amlin put on a great weekend filled with a superb wine &
cheese party, and the scavenger hunt that proved how creative some of our
members can be.

The last couple of months have not been so kind to a few members. Treasurer,
Gary Lee, and Marilyn Miller have both been battling illness, with lengthy stays in
the hospital. Please keep these folks in your thoughts, as we want them back out,
and enjoying the boating season.

At the time of this writing, we still have the Blessing, Burger Nite, Elba Mar
games, and P/C Steak Dinner. Details of all these are on the website, please come
out and support these great events. Hope to see you soon.

 Shawn O’Neil
            Vice Commodores Report
                  Hello Everyone,

                  Finally, actual boating is here!

                  I want to thank the Past Commodores for hosting the
                  Welcome Home Party. It was a great time and when I
                  saw the picture of all of us on the deck, I was amazed. I
                  haven’t seen that much enthusiasm and energy in a
                   very long time. Also it was very gratifying to meet
                   some old friends, P/C’s and Ladies that came out to
                   see our new home. For some of our earlier leaders,
                   seeing the realization of their hopes for the club come
                   true must have been heart warming.

                     The Shake Down Cruise at Edison Boat Club was a lot
of fun, in spite of uncooperative weather. The members there treated us
like family and the Scavenger Hunt was a riot. We have some hilariously
inventive people in our club, as well as some who know how to bribe the
judges! Congrats to R/C Sharon and P/C Chris.

On Saturday, May 23 we attended the Opening of the Ports at Maumee
River Yacht Club. This is one of the favourite events and it was a great
time, but our own Blessing of the Fleet was just awesome. Fr. Stan and
Lady Joan must have pulled some strings because after a rainy start, the
day turned out to be beautiful. Many thanks to Fleet Captain Don Davis and
Lady Lisa and their crew for an outstanding event. Everything went super
smooth and the day was very well attended. Great Job! Also, thanks to Fr.
Stan for an impromptu wedding vow renewal for mine and Laurie’s 34 th
anniversary. It was very touching.

Finally, while I’m amazed at the progress of our home, I’m still a little
concerned about the hours of work that a faithful few have been putting in.
I worry very much about burning out any member but, at the same time,
appreciate the fact that these members want to show Sun Parlour in the
best possible light. Please, if you have the time to donate to complete the
very few number of tasks that remain, contact Commodore Shawn or
myself and let’s give these people a bit of a break!

Reg Major
       Rear Commodore’s Report
                   Our Shakedown Cruise to Edison Boat Club turned out to be
                   terrific. This was the Club’s first boating event of 2009 and
                   the even though the weather could have been a little more
                   tropical, everyone had a great time. Congratulations go to
                   ALL 5 TEAMS of The Hunt – each participant was a winner.

                   I was extremely pleased with the number of members who
                   attended the Welcome Home Dinner on May 8th at our new
                   Clubhouse and very happy to see some of our PCs and
                   Ladies that came out to see the result of alot of hard work.
                   Our Summer Cruise will take us to Monroe Boat Club for
                   the July 25 – 26 weekend. Further details will be outlined
                   in the July Log.
                   Later Gators,

Any questions? Please call Rear Commodore Sharon Amlin at 519-978-0607 cell 519-
818-7150 or email at   Later Gators

Sharon Amlin

                  2009 Regatta Auction
    I am looking for donations of new or gently used items for the Regatta Auction.
Please contact me to arrange your donation. Items can be dropped off at my home or
at Holiday Harbour when I am down at the marina .Please contact me if you have any
questions or suggestions.
Thank you,

                         David West, Auction Chair 2009
                  Membership Report
                  This has been a busy month already. Our "Welcome Home
                  Marina Dinner" put on by our PCs was a very big success.
                  We had members and PCs come out that I have never seen
                  before. Those having seen our club house for the first time
                  were very impressed and amazed at the effort that went
                  into getting it to where it is today. Congratulations to
                  those who put in the hours of hard work. You should be

   The meal itself had a wide variety of foods with a Mexican theme to it.
Salsa and Margaritas were abundant. Even the kids had a piñata with lots
of candy.

   We also had our "Shakedown Cruise" to Edison Boat Club. Although the
weather turned cold and damp we had a great time with the poker party
Friday night and the Scavenger Hunt and Wine & Cheese on Saturday. They
have a beautiful club house and restaurant/bar that we had the full use
of. We met some very nice members of Edison and the food was excellent
(and lots of it). All in all a nice start to the boating season. Good job

 Those who missed either event can check out the fun WE HAD in the photo
section of our SPBC web site.

Gerry Ediger

             Log Chair Report
             Hi All, Well we just got home from the Blessing of the Fleet
             and Blessing of The Clubhouse, and it was Excellent! F/C Don
             and Lady Lisa did a Super Job. As well as Fr. Stan. The
             weather was Great, The Food was Great, and as ALWAYS, The
             Members were GREAT. Next Weekend is Elba-Mar Games. So
             Please plan to be there. So the next time you are out in your
             boat, just relaxing, Remember to HONK if you Love Peace and

                 Auxiliary Report
      The May log will be well on its way before our first burger will have
taken place; I will have a report in the July log. Any reports on our burger
nights will be a month behind due to the log deadline. The next burger night
will be Wednesday June 24th, featuring chicken dinners along with our usual
burgers and hot dogs. Please check the log and website for the dates and
times etc. I will be posting an updated flyer each month.

     Our club house is shaping up quite nicely thanks to the dedicated
members that have made it happen. To help with the continued maintenance
and supplies needed for our new club house, $1.00 for every dinner sale will
be going towards the building fund. Please come out and support your club.
Everyone is welcome; bring your family and friends.

      We would still like volunteers from the different marinas to print a copy
of the PDF file from the web site and post it; this would help to keep everyone
up to date for the burger nights. Please feel free to post any other flyers you
may find on the web events page.

Thank you,
SPBC Auxiliary President
Connie Woods

                     Auxiliary Meeting Dates

                                  JUNE 10TH
                                   JULY 9TH
                                 AUGUST 13TH
                               SEPTEMBER 10TH
                               NOVEMBER 12TH

                           All meetings start at 6:00p.m.
                                  And will be at
                                 The clubhouse
                                Holiday harbour
1-Bev Mayheux                   4- Anita Denomme           7- Laurie Major
7- Sandy Mino                   10- Shirley Meloche        11- Louise Portier
17- Tom Lyon                    19- Ken Mayheux            21- Sharon Amlin
22- Dave west                   26- Charlene Silveria      27- Luann Lyon
27- Doug Portier                28 Zoran Zonjic            30- Terri Patterson

  11- Don & Lisa Davis          20-Joe & Shirley Meloche   29- Robert & Karen Swieki

                              In Sympathy
                         It Is With Great Sadness That We Have To
                                Inform You Of The Passing Of

                     WAYNE Hale Brother of 1993 P/C Brian Hale
                        Edna hick mother of don hicks

           SWAN BOAT CLUB
                                    SATURDAY JUNE 13TH

                                HOLIDAY HARBOUR MARINA


STEAK DINNER (pre order) $12.00               (at the door) $13.00
CHICKEN DINNER (pre-order) $9.00              (at the door) $10.00

                          Dinner will include baked potato, salad, & roll

Dinner will be from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

This is a BYOB event

There will be an overnight raft off get together at Crystal Bay following this event

Contact P/C Marty Zamparo at 519 975 4654 or email at
        Pricing for Advertising 2009
 Business Card -$150.00 per year      Quarter Page Ad-$300.00 per year
Half Page Ad -$500.00 per Year        Banner Ad -$300.00 per Year
Full Page Ad -$800.00 per Year        Flyer Insert -$0.15 per Flyer
 For More Advertising Info Please contact Dave West at 519-738-6730
                      2009 Officers
Commodore       Shawn O’Neil 519-776-4125          AYC Head Delegate -PC Jim Cyrowski
Vice Commodore Reg Major 519-736-8508              AYC Delegate 2      R/C Sharon Amlin
Rear Commodore Sharon Amlin 519-978-0607          AYC Delegate 3       V/C Reg Major
Fleet Captain  Don Davis 519-736-9184             Alternate Delegate 1 P/C Marty Zamparo
Immediate PC   Marty Zamparo 519-975-4654         Alternate Delegate 2 P/C Chris Amlin
                                                  Alternate Delegate 3  P/C Gary Frowley
                                                  I-LYA Delegate       P/C Marty Zamparo
                                                 Blue Gavel Delegate    P/C Bill Woods
Directors                                                Auxiliary

Asst. Fleet Captain Rick Ingalls 519-735-7345           President Connie Woods       519-944-6975
Secretary Ann-Margaret Crowder519-736-4697              Vice President Cathy Frowley 519-734-1868
Treasurer          Gary Lee 519-738-0820                Treasure Kathy Lee        519-738-0820
Membership          Gerry Ediger 519-250-4429           Secretary Margaretha Zonjic519-972-1341
Log Chair           Wayne Lajoie 519-736-6961
Fleet Chaplain      Fr. Stan Fraser 519-734-1744
Webmaster           Grant Lofthouse 905-837-0938
Regalia Officer     Jerry Taylor519-735-5093                   Clubhouse      Holiday Harbour

                                    *Denotes Deceased
     “We Call On Our Past to Assure Our Future”
      1968/1969~~~~~~~~Jerry Rice                  1992~~~~~~~~~~~~~John Glover*
      1970/1971~~~~~~~~Lyle Blonde*                1993~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brian Hale
      1972/1973~~~~~~~~Shad Richards*              1994~~~~~~~~~~~~~Drew Paupst
      1974/1975~~~~~~~~Ted Bulmer*                 1995~~~~~~~~~~~~~Steve Willing
      1976~~~~~~~~~~~~Orv Mackey                   1996~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bill Fairlie
      1977~~~~~~~~~~~~Bob Morley                   1997~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bob Coulter
      1978~~~~~~~~~~~~George McKee                 1998~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sue LaPorte
      1979~~~~~~~~~~~~Stan Beneteau*               1999~~~~~~~~~~~~~John Taylor*
      1980~~~~~~~~~~~~Jack Northwood*              2000~~~~~~~~~~~~~Don Gullick
      1981/1982~~~~~~~~Mike Martin*                2001~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jim Cyrowski
      1983/1984~~~~~~~~Ken Thoms                   2002~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dave Wright
      1985/1986~~~~~~~~Bob Walker                  2003~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gary Frowley
      1987~~~~~~~~~~~~Murray Byer*                 2004~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gary Coles
      1988~~~~~~~~~~~~Al Kersey*                   2005~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chris Amlin
      1989~~~~~~~~~~~~Gerry Murphy                 2006~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bill Woods
      1990~~~~~~~~~~~~Vera Haller                  2007~~~~~~~~~~~~~John Bowers*
      1991~~~~~~~~~~~~Jack Robertson*              2008~~~~~~~~~~~~~Marty Zamparo