Application to Exhibit by QJ7QC7


									Vendor and Sponsorship Guidelines - PNWS AWWA/Tacoma, WA
Welcome to the 2010 PNWS AWWA Annual Conference, held at the Tacoma Conference Center in
Tacoma, WA May 12 - May 14, 2010. Note the EXHIBITOR BASIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS
and EXHIBIT RULES in this application, and accept space assignment subject to the conditions set

Note: You must be a member of AWWA at the time of application. Please register directly at to fill out application.
You can also join or renew using one of the following options:
           Call 800.926.7337 (toll-free) or 303.794.7711
           Email
PLEASE NOTE: It will take 3-5 business days for your new membership application to be processed
and for you to be recognized as an AWWA member on our website.

Full payment must be processed during the registration process; no purchase orders or phone
registrations will be accepted. BOOTH SPACE IS LIMITED - DO NOT DELAY. Space will be
assigned based upon date of receipt of complete registration through the PNWS-AWWA website.

At this conference all exhibitors will be in the Tacoma Conference Center on the 5 th Floor Exhibit
hall. All booths are 10’ x 10’ with 3 ft side drapery. Each booth comes with an 8 ft skirted table,
wireless Internet Access, and power, 2 chairs and a wastepaper basket. The display vendor will
handle all display arrangements for the exhibitor.

Display Vendor: For any additional exhibit needs please contact: Marvin Johnson with Pacific
Exposition Decorating Company at 503-417-8000 or fax: 503-417-8001

Power Requirements: Please note all power requirements including a 50 amp circuit will be
supplied by Pacific Exposition Decorating Company. Note on the application the need for power.
Any other power requirements will be charged back to the vendor.

Shipping of exhibitor material:
Early shipments accepted April 11 - May 11

Ship to:
Name of Company (and booth number if known)
AWWA c/o Pacific Expo
2737 NW Nela
Portland OR 97210

Direct shipments accepted May 12 only

Ship to:
Name of Company (and booth number if known)
AWWA c/o Pacific Expo
Tacoma Convention Center
1500 Broadway
Tacoma WA 98402

Freight Handling:
The GTCTC does not require a drayage company to handle freight at the loading docks. Exhibitors
can load/unload their own items at no charge on all loading docks. Exhibitors are not required to pay
any fee to set-up or remove their own displays.

Loading Docks:
The truck service areas and loading docks are located on Level 5 (upper Exhibition Hall). Level 5
loading dock is at street level and contains five bays with vehicle restraint systems and one dock
leveler. The dock height clearance is 25 feet. Live load limit is 250 lbs/per sq. ft. for all docks. Both
truck loading dock areas can accommodate any standard, street legal trailer.

Shipping From the Hotel:
Pedco can arrange for this for you.
Schedule For Exhibitors: Revised
           March 5       Sponsorship Payment Due
           April 2       Last Day for Exhibitors Application & Payment Due
                         (First Come First Serve Basis)
           April 13      PNWS will email attendees list to Exhibitors for marketing opportunities
           April 13      All a la Carte Sponsorship options are due, such as: Golf Tournament,
                         YP Partners and Patrons.
           April 11 - May 11 Early shipments accepted to PEDCO
           May 12        Direct shipments to Tacoma Convention

              Trade Show Hours:
               Setup: Wed – May 12, 7:00 am to 1:00 pm.
               Exhibit Area Open: Wed – May 12, 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm
               Exhibits Open: Thurs - May 13, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
               Exhibit Tear Down: May 13, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
                  Wednesday afternoon Break and Thursday Breakfast and Breaks
                        between sessions will occur in the Exhibit Areas

Vacation Get-Away Door Prizes:
The door prizes will be displayed in the vendor hall in an area that will increase the vendors’
exposure to the other convention participants. Door prize tickets will be distributed by vendors to
those visiting their booth. There will be three separate Grand Prizes this year, with three lucky
individuals winning a weekend get-away at a destination in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.
Vendors are welcome and encouraged to bring additional prizes, which will be included with and
displayed with the other door prizes.

Drawings for door prizes will be performed during the Fun Night on Thursday evening, with the three
Grand Prizes being awarded at the end of the drawing. The vendor whose name is on the winning
ticket for the LAST Grand Prize will be gifted a complimentary booth at the 2011 PNSW-AWWA
Conference in Boise, ID.
For more information: Nathan Mozer, Parametrix 253-863-5128 or

Donate to Water For People Silent Auction:
In many communities throughout the world, the collection of drinking water requires women and
children to dedicate the majority of their waking hours to perform this one seemingly simple, and yet
crucial chore. With over one billion people lacking access to a clean, safe supply of water, unsafe
water contributes to nearly 80% of all worldwide sickness and disease.

Though the statistics are daunting, you can help make a change, one community at a time, by
donating to the Water for People Annual Silent Auction at the 2010 PNWS Conference in Tacoma,
WA . Donating is easy – items can be big or small, bought or handmade, to consume or cherish –
just as long as the donated item is something that people will be willing to bid on at an auction.
Thanks to the generosity of past donors, the silent auction continues to grow in popularity. Drawing
hundreds of conference goers each year, last year’s event generated nearly $14,000 to benefit one
Water for People’s program countries.

The PNWS Water for People Committee asks for your help in continuing our commitment to improve
water and sanitary conditions for everyone. To learn more and/or to make a donation, please
contact: Jolyn Leslie, DOH 253-395-6762
Sponsorship Opportunities:
The MSC Committee has been working on ways to provide vendors with interactive participation at
the Conference and more year-round visibility. Check out the Sponsorship document for further
descriptions. Your input is welcome as we enhance this program in future years.

All exhibitors will be considered a Copper Sponsor, unless they pick a higher level with other
activities. Some of them are available a la carte, while others are included in that particular level.

As you may have questions, please contact:
Patti Godwin, American Leak Detection
509 536-5166 or

Nancy Kraushaar, City of Oregon City
503 496-1545 or

Golf Tournament: Wednesday May 12
This is a la carte Sponsorship Option. Sponsorship includes a sign on preferred tee or green and
recognition in the tournament program. 100-130 golfers are expected to participate in this
Shotgun start at 8:00 am                                   Fort Lewis - Eagles Pride Golf Course
Sponsorship Deadline: Donations accepted 4/17                           I – 5 Exit 116
Hole Sponsorship $250 per hole                                  Fort Lewis, WA 98433-0175
Questions: Tony Lindgren, Tacoma Water 253-502-8685 .

Hospitality Suites: Wed May 12 or Thurs May 13 ONLY

Hotel Murano
1320 Broadway Plaza
Tacoma, WA 98402
This is a Bronze Level Option. Murano Hotel offers many great opportunities for reserved suites
for use by AWWA member organizations. The Hotel can handle all the details such as the room
charge, food and drinks. These rooms MUST be reserved in advance through the PNWS-AWWA
MSC Committee before the hotel will honor your reservation. The suites may be reserved for
Wednesday evening and after the Fun Night on Thursday. You must be a member of AWWA to
have a suite.

Aleksandra Gancheva, RNR Consulting
Phone: (425) 896 8679; C (216) 269-7304 e-mail:

Support New & Young Professionals
This is a Bronze Level Option and a la Carte
The PNWS Young Professionals (YP) Committee is seeking corporate sponsorships for the 5th
Annual YP Scavenger Hunt. The event has proven to be a fun-filled networking event introducing
new and young professionals to AWWA officers, agency representatives, consultants, vendors and
manufacturers; while providing an excellent opportunity to educate up and coming drinking water
professionals of industry-related services and products. Taking place at the annual PNWS Spring
Conference in Tacoma, WA, the event is scheduled for Wednesday evening, May 6th, immediately
following the tapping contest. To offer this event at no cost, the Committee is seeking financial
support to underwrite the costs of the event.

              Sponsorship Levels:
                       Investor (Venue Hosts – Maximum of 2) Bronze Level Option
                       Partner ($300) a la Carte option
                       Patron ($150) a la Carte option

Monetary donations received from Partner and Patron Sponsors will be directed to help defray the
cost of the event, covering items such as awards, souvenirs, etc. In addition to the bronze
sponsorship donation, venue hosts organize and host an informal appetizer and cocktail affair during
the scavenger hunt (the exact time is yet to be determined, but typically runs from 6 - 9 pm).
Throughout the evening, participants will be directed to convene at sponsored venues providing an
inviting environment for sponsors to educate participants about their organization and the role it
serves in the water industry. The YP Committee will assist with selecting the venues by providing a
list of potential locations in the scavenger hunt area.

All sponsors will receive an invitation to play an active role in the event. In addition, depending on
their sponsorship level, sponsors will receive varying levels of acknowledgement on all event
materials including:
         Company logo prominently displayed on all event materials
         Invitation sent out to all PNWS – YPs prior to the conference
         Flyer provided in each conference attendee packet
         Program provided to event attendees
         Company recognition and logo in the Section’s Water Matters newsletter
         Special acknowledgement on the PNWS – YP website

Questions: Corianne Hart, Brown and Caldwell, 503-977-6678

Web-Site Sponsor:
Company logos will be featured on the website and rotate with other sponsors. This
will be linked to go to the company’s website too. Further information will be supplied with traffic
statistics and logo requirements as sponsors sign up. Six-month periods are available for
sponsorship. Two conference registrations are included with this option. For more questions about
this options call Kyle Kihs at 503 760-6460 or
Floor plan goes here. Needs Dave Stanley’s input about the tapping team area. Then PEDCO
                    can give us a new update layout with correct dates.

Exhibitor Basic Terms and Agreements

1.   Display space will be assigned by the 2010                  will indemnify and hold harmless the 2010 PNWS
     PNWS AWWA Conference in accordance with                     AWWA and the Tacoma Conference Center from all
     the conditions outlined in the DISPLAY SPACE                liability whatsoever, on account of such damage,
     ASSIGNMENT, which forms part of this                        injury, whether or not caused by negligence of breach
     application. In the event of a duplicate                    of an obligation by applicant or its employees or
     application for the same space the assignment               representative.
     priorities stated in EXHIBIT RULES shall be
     followed and the ruling by the 2010 PNWS               6.   In the event that the premises in which the 2010
     AWWA MSC Committee shall be final.                          PNWS AWWA conference is conducted shall
                                                                 become, in the sole discretion of the 2010 PNWS
2.   Full payment must accompany registration                    AWWA unfit for occupancy or substantially interfered
     application.                                                with by reason of any cause or causes not reasonably
                                                                 within the control of the PNWS AWWA, this
3.   In the event of Exhibitor cancellation, prior to the        agreement may be terminated by the PNWS AWWA
     date of the conference, the 2010 PNWS AWWA                  at their discretion. For this purpose, the term cause or
     Conference may assess a cancellation charge to              causes” shall include, but not by way of limitation
     defray its costs according to the following                 include, fire, flood, epidemic, earth quake, explosion,
     schedule.                                                   accident, blockade, embargo, inclement weather,
                                                                 governmental restraints, orders or restraints of civil
       No refunds after April 13th, 2010.                        defense or military authorities, act of public enemy,
       Cancellation requests received in writing                 riot or civil disturbance, inability to secure efficient
       before April 13th will be surcharged a 25%                labor, technical or other personnel, failure,
       cancellation fee.                                         impairment or lack of adequate transportation
                                                                 facilities, inability to obtain, or condemnation,
     All other costs for registering in other events or          requisition or commandeering of, necessary supplies
     activities will not be refunded.                            or equipment, municipal, state or federal law,
                                                                 ordinance, rule order, decree, or regulation, whether
     The 2010 PNWS AWWA MSC Committee                            legislative,     executive,    or    judicial,   whether
     reserves the right to reassign such canceled                constitutional or unconstitutional, or act of God.
     spaces not withstanding the cancellation fee.
                                                                 Should the PNWS AWWA terminate this agreement
4.   For those portions of this application not                  pursuant to the provisions of this section, the
     accepted by the 2010 PNWS AWWA MSC                          applicant waives any and all claims for damages
     Committee, the applicant will be promptly                   arising there from. The applicant further agrees that
     notified and the exhibitor fees will be returned.           the PNWS AWWA’s liability is limited to a refund of
                                                                 monies paid prior to the termination, less a pro rata
                                                                 adjustment based on the number of hours the
     The applicant agrees that the 2010 PNWS
                                                                 conference shall have been in operation prior to the
     AWWA MSC Committee and the Tacoma
                                                                 termination, or as determined acceptable by PNWS
     Conference Center shall not be liable for any
     damage or liability of any kind or for any damage
5.   or injury to persons or property during the term
     of this agreement, from any cause what so ever
     by reason of use, occupation and enjoyment of
     exhibit space by the applicant or any person
     thereon with the consent of the applicant, and
     that applicant
     Exhibit Rules
These rules and regulations governing the 2010 PNWS AWWA Conference are supplemental to the APPLICATION
FOR EXHIBIT SPACE, and while some may seem to be critical, they have been established for the protection of
everyone against the abuses of a possible few.
(The word “management” as used herein shall mean officers, committee members, or employees acting with authority from the 2010
                             Deadline for Reservations is April 2, 2010 (first come, first served)

1.    BOOTH IDENTIFICATION                                                               no exhibitor may advertise or promote any outside activity, such as an open house
      Absolutely NO company identification may be placed outside the area of             or separate exhibits wherever located occurring during the hours the 2010 PNWS
      the booth. No identification may be placed on posts or pillars adjacent to         AWWA Conference exhibits are open, or which detracts from the exhibit or
      booths occupied by exhibitors, or on carpeted areas of the aisles                  convention operations
      beyond the 6’ x 10’ standard booth limits.
                                                                                   5.    LIABILITY AND THEFT
2.    DISTRIBUTION OF SOUVENIRS AND SAMPLES                                              Show and exhibit hall management will not be responsible, nor liable for
      To attract a greater audience in the exhibit hall, exhibitors may donate           injury to the person(s) or property, nor loss of property of exhibitors their
      items to be given away in a door prize drawing as established by the               guests, invitees, employees, or agents. Furthermore, the exhibitor
      conference management. Souvenirs, samples, or small candies that                   agrees to defend or hold harmless the 2010 PNWS AWWA Conference,
      have no resale or negotiable value may be given away. Any distribution             its directors, employees, and agents from any liability of personal injury
      must be conducted within the exhibitors designated booth space. An                 and loss or damage to property. EXHIBITORS ARE ADVISED TO
      exhibitor who would like to distribute food must secure a food                     INSURE AGAINST SUCH CONTINGENCIES. Damage to inadequately
      demonstrator permit from the jurisdictional County Health Department.              packed property is exhibitor’s own responsibility. If exhibit fails to arrive,
                                                                                         exhibitor is, nevertheless, responsible for the booth rental.
      In all cases, exhibitors planning giveaways of any nature should make
      arrangements well in advance with the PNWS AWWA MSC Committee ,                    Exhibitors should be within their booth area to supervise set-up and dismantling of
      which reserves the right to prohibit the distribution of anything which in         products, projection equipment and other items of high value. A person assigned
      its opinion, is not in keeping with the character of the 2010 PNWS                 booth duty should be required to remain with the exhibit until visitors have left the
      AWWA Conference.                                                                   premises at the closing hour of each day.

3.    DISPLAY REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS                                              At move-out, specific arrangements should be made to package, or place under
      All displays or exhibited materials must be fireproof to conform to                lock, any items of value and especially items of general interest such as small
      Federal, State, and City fire laws. Displays must be self-supporting. No           instruments, walkie-talkies, high fidelity equipment, projectors, etc.
      nails or screws, glue, or any adhering devices are permitted to be
      placed by the exhibitor in building floors or walls. Displays must be        6.    SUB-LETTING EXHIBIT SPACE
      wholly confined within exhibitor’s booth and must not obstruct the clear           No exhibitor may assign, sublet or apportion any of the space contracted by
      view of nearby exits or other exhibits.                                            him/her.

      CONFORM TO ASSOCIATION OF UNDERWRITERS AND LOCAL                                   The handling of exhibitor’s material into and out of, and within the exhibit buildings,
      FIRE DEPARTMENTS REGULATIONS (3 WIRE ONLY)                                         shall be at exhibitor’s expense. Exhibitor’s empty crates, boxes and cartons shall
                                                                                         be removed from the show area before the opening time.
      The side of any display cabinet or structure facing a side aisle, or
      adjacent exhibitor’s booth, must be finished or suitably decorated at the    8.    SECURITY
      expense of the exhibitor erecting or installing such display.
                                                                                         The Tacoma Conference Center has security for their premises only.
      No exhibit may exceed eight feet high and that only within the area                THEIR BUILDING SECURITY DOES NOT GUARANTEE EXHIBITORS AGAINST
      extending three feet from the back wall/partition. Maximum height of the           LOSS: NEITHER DOES IT IMPLY AN ASSUMPTION OF LIABILITY FOR
      displays in the balance of the area is four feet, except that products to          EXHIBITOR’S PROPERTY BY the 2010 PNWS AWWA.
      stand on the floor may extend higher than this limit, must be positioned
      as close to the back wall as possible, to avoid blocking the view of               Any equipment to be removed from the exhibit area during the conference must be
      adjoining exhibitors. NO PART OF A SIGN OR SOLID DISPLAY MAY                       authorized by the Exhibit Manager.
                                                                                   9.    INTERPRETATION OF RULES
      SPECIFICATIONS OUTLINED IN THESE RULES MUST BE                                     The 2010 PNWS AWWA Conference management shall have final authority as to
      APPROVED BY THE 2010 PNWS AWWA CONFERENCE IN WRITING                               the interpretation of these rules and their applications and shall have the authority
      PRIOR TO THE MOVE-IN DATE.                                                         to establish penalties in the event of violations.

4.    BOOTH PERSONNEL & ACTIVITIES                                                 10.   AMENDMENTS TO RULES AND REGULATIONS
      With the exception of convenience help, such as secretaries or                     The 2010 PNWS AWWA Conference management reserves the right to amend
      professional product demonstrators, all booth personnel must be                    these rules and regulations or to make additions or amendments thereto.
      REGULAR EMPLOYEES of the company, or its representative, who are
      fully capable of explaining the technical aspects of products or process     11.   BOOTH ASSIGNMENT PRIOR
      on display at the exhibition.                                                      In the event of duplicate application for the same space, priorities will be based on
                                                                                         the application postmark date.

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