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									South Atlantans for Neighborhood Development, Inc.
PO Box 160296 Atlanta GA 30316
                         benteen park, boulevard heights, glenwood park, mcdonough/guice,
                                       north ormewood park, ormewood park, woodland hills

2010 Meetings:                                             Beulah Heights University – 892 Berne Street, Student Center
Jan 14       Feb 11   Mar 11    Apr 8        May 13     Jun 10       Jul 8      Aug 12   Sep 9       Oct 14     Nov 11       Dec 9

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included in the agenda:             JANUARY 14, 2010
       Dates to Remember
       Volunteers                  Welcome
       What’s up in 2010?          Introductions – elected volunteers; new or returning neighbors; guests
       Good People to Know         Meeting Info
       What’s Going On?            Sign in; review meeting minutes/notes; time constraints; agenda overview
    o    Trolley Patrol & Public
         Safety Tips                Guests
    o    Calling all Trolleys!               Elected Officials introductions
    o    New SAND Eligibility                Zone 6 updates
         Requirements               Committees
    o    ARC's Truck Route Master
         Plan-Public Meeting          Atlanta Charter Middle School                     Neighborhood Charter School
    o    SAND communications          Boulevard Heights                                 Public Safety - Trolley Patrol & Public
         channels:                    Communications – are you on our                    Safety Tips
    o    SAND Treasury Report                 communication lists?                       Porch Press – need new SAND editor
    o    On the Radar
                                             Fund Raising/Events                        Tour of Homes
    o    Free property tax appeal
         workshops                           Land Use and Zoning - 1168 Benteen
                                                                                         Transportation – recommendation to
                                                                                          support NPU-W’s transportation
    o    Breakthrough Atlanta                 Ave SE - V-09-213: remove one
    o    Burglary Task Force                  structure to add a garden
                                      Membership                                        Web Services
       What’s up in 2010?
       SAND 2009 at a Glance       What’s Going On?
       December Minutes/Notes
                                    What’s up in 2010?
DATES TO REMEMBER:                          Motion to present and vote on budget at February meeting.
Jan 27 – NPU-W meeting              SAND 2009 at a Glance
Jan 25 – Deadline for July Porch    New Business
  Press articles                             780 & 800 Confederate Avenue
Jan 27 – ARC Truck Route                     Bringing the mayor to SE Atlanta
  public meeting                             Raffle
Feb 2 – NPU-W Land Use and
  Zoning Committee meeting
Feb 11 – SAND meeting

                                                              SAND’s January sponsor is

                                     Village Hardware in East Atlanta
                                                        1231 Glenwood Ave – 404 627 5757

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           South Atlantans for Neighborhood Development, Inc.

VOLUNTEERS:                                                   WHAT’S GOING ON?
Atlanta Charter Middle School
Boulevard Heights - James Palmer                  Trolley Patrol – – hires off-duty APD police officers to                patrol SAND neighborhoods. Membership is $90 per quarter
Communications –                          More members = more hours of security patrols in SAND.
  Marcia Killingsworth –                  Member benefits include:              
Fund Raising/Events –
  Kevin Wisneski:
                                          Trends and tips:
  Christopher Harris:                                         HOME BURGLARY CAUGHT ON YOU TUBE
Land Use and Zoning - Fred Smith          A home on Underwood was burgled on Jan 13; if you recognize or see anyone from                 the video, please contact 911!
Membership – YOUR NAME HERE               Side note – Village Hardware in EAV carries the SrikeMaster Pro2 for $109.
Neighborhood Charter School     
  Terry Roth –
  404 434 1514                            CALLING ALL TROLLEYS!
NPU-W SAND Representatives
  Fred Smith -                            Send in photographs of your trolley to add to the SAND Website! Email             electronic copies to
  Elizabeth Dillon -
  Marcia Killingsworth                    NEW SAND ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS
  Ron Lall -
  Nancy Leighton –
                                          If you have attended at least two SAND meetings in the past 12 months (not               calendar year), you are in good standing at this (your third) meeting. If you
  Rod Lee -           paid a $10 annual membership at a meeting before this one, you are in good
  Jelena Crawford -                       standing at this meeting. A membership payment is good for that calendar             year.
  Jason Genung -
                                          BY LAWS: A person becomes a member by (1) payment of dues of $10 per year; or (2)
  Porch Press Representatives
                                          attending at least two meetings in the previous 12 months. Dues paid at the annual
  Nancy Leighton                          meeting in December shall be considered membership dues for the following calendar -               year. Dues paid at any other time represent paid membership only through December
     404-624-3082                         31 of that calendar year. To vote on issues before SAND, a member must be in good
  Fred Smith –                            standing at the meeting prior to voting. If satisfying the membership requirement by             meeting attendance, the member shall be eligible to vote at the third meeting. If
Public Safety – Carla Smith –             satisfying the membership requirement through the payment of dues, the member shall                  have paid his or her dues at the meeting prior to voting. There shall be no absentee
  Anti Tagging – Doug Mendel              voting or voting by proxy at any monthly, special, committee, or annual meeting of
  Trolley Patrol – Amanda Blocker         SAND.
Tour of Homes – YOUR NAME HERE
Transportation – Bob Titus          ARC'S TRUCK ROUTE MASTER PLAN-PUBLIC MEETING
Web services – YOUR NAME HERE             The Atlanta Regional Commission is leading a collaborative effort with local,
                                          regional, and state partners to develop a Regional Strategic Truck Route
President – Steve Norman -
                                          Master Plan. Please note on January 27th they are holding one of their
  404 627 5019                            regional meetings in the City of Atlanta. At the meeting ARC will present
Vice President – Sandy Lee                and discuss collected data as well as the conditions and criteria that will shape           this document. ARC staff will be on hand to answer your questions and
Secretary – Marcia Killingsworth          receive your comments.
                                          Jan 27 - Agape Center, 2353 Bolton Rd NW, 7-9pm
Treasurer - Zachary Juno

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           South Atlantans for Neighborhood Development, Inc.

WHAT’S IN A NAME?                                                WHAT’S GOING ON?
ACMS – Atlanta Charter Middle School
APAB – Atlanta Planning and Advisory Board          SAND TREASURY REPORT JANUARY 2010
APD – Atlanta Police Department
APS – Atlanta Public Schools                        SunTrust
BOHO – Boulevard Heights Organization                Sand         $14,165.76 BOHO          $ 674.35
BOLO – Be on the lookout
CDC – Community Development Corp. (SouthStar)                                Neighbor fund $ -320.00
EABA – East Atlanta Business Assoc.                  SAND total = $14,165.76 BOHO total =     $354.35
EACA – East Atlanta Community Assoc.                Total        $15,160.11
EAV - East Atlanta Village
FEAL – Friends of East Atlanta Library
GPNA – Grant Park Neighborhood Assoc.               State of Georgia
LRB – License Review Board                          2 CD‟s held because of inactivity – Reclaiming in progress
LUZ – Land Use & Zoning
NCS – Neighborhood Charter School                   Total         $13,212.63
NOPCA – North Ormewood Park Community Assoc.        Total Assets $29,333.52 as of 11-2009
NPU – Neighborhood Planning Unit                    Total Assets $28,372.74 as of 01-2010
NPU – W – Grant Park, EACA, SAND
SAND – South Atlantans for Neighborhood             Net Growth $-960.78
   Development                                      Major expenses for December:
SPLOST – Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax         Officer‟s liability insurance premium: $777.00
ZONE 6 – SAND’s APD zone
ZRB – Zoning and Review Board                           Holiday party: $302.26

Are we missing any acronyms? eMail or                   ON THE RADAR with suggestions.         (things that might interest you now or in the near future)
GOOD PEOPLE TO KNOW                                 LAND USE/ZONING OUTLOOK
NPU-W:                                              EDUCATION
  Ed Gilgor, chair
City of Atlanta:                                    WHAT’S UP IN 2010?
  Carla Smith, district 1 representative; Sheryll   Here are some events and items that have been suggested for
    Bennett                                         SAND in 2010. Some are money makers, some are break
  Natalyn Archibong, district 5 representative
                                                    even and some will cost money. We‟ve estimated how much
Fulton County:
                                                    might be needed to budget for each event.
                                                           Neighborhood Directory (break even)
State of Georgia
                                                           Outreach mailer ($500)
  Nan Orrock, state senator, district 36
                                                           StarLight Night ($200)
  Simone Bell: state representative, district 58
                                                           Tour of Homes ($2000)
                                                           Holiday Lights Contest ($200)
  Brenda Muhammad, Bd of Education District 1              Block Parties ($700)
Charter Schools:                                           SAND Conversations
  Neighborhood Charter School (grades K-5) –               SAND T shirts (break even)
    principal Jill Kaechele                                Sign Toppers ($2500)
  Atlanta Charter Middle School (grades 6-8) –             Website (hosting-$250; re-design $2000)
    principal Matt Underwood                               Raffles ($240)
  Imagine Wesley (grades K-8) – principal                  Printing ($300)
    Mridula Hormes                                         Neighborhood USA Conference ($1500)
                                                           Yard signs ($200)
                                                           501c3 registration ($200)
                                                           Sec of State dues ($55)
                                                           Officers liability insurance ($777)
                                                           PO Box ($110)

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           South Atlantans for Neighborhood Development, Inc.

By Wes Wilson, secretary
Meeting Minutes
  N/A
Meeting Notes
 Zone 6 APD visited with updates on activity in the area.

The Fulton County Taxpayers Foundation has launched its annual Property Tax Workshop Series. More classes will
be added for March in various parts of the County. Please see our current schedule below for distribution.
     North Atlanta High School, Saturday, January 16, February 13 and 20, 10:30am - Noon,
        Location: Lecture Hall, (404) 802-4700
     South Fulton Service Center , 5600 Stonewall Rd, College Park , GA 30349
        Saturday, February 27, 10:30 - Noon
Classes are free to the public, but donations are welcome.
To register or find more information: Phone: 404.869.6066 Website:
Be it hereby resolved that NPU-W generally supports efforts to improve the region‟s vehicular transportation systems
for the purposes of encouraging further commerce, improving efficiency and effectiveness, improving safety and
decreasing hazards, relieving vehicular congestion and mitigating related environmental impact.
Be it further resolved that NPU-W is strongly opposed to transportation system „improvements‟ and related efforts
A) significantly increase local surface street traffic
B) create added safety hazards
C) create negative environmental impact including additional chemical and particulate air pollution
D) create additional noise pollution
E) discourage use of the public rights of way by pedestrians, bicyclists and other modes of energy efficient alternative
F) disrupt the character and nature of existing neighborhoods
G) contradict existing land use and zoning plans including, but not limited to, the South Moreland Livable
Communities Initiative (LCI) plan adopted by the City of Atlanta.
H) decrease access to neighborhood commercial districts
I) could reasonably result in decreased property values with attendant negative impact on the local property tax rolls
J) would otherwise create additional hazards and hardships for the residents, businesses and institutions located within
Be it further resolved that NPU-W strongly encourages those Neighborhood Planning Units that may be impacted by
plans or efforts to expand or otherwise alter the existing Interstate Highway transportation system and related
connecting streets, intersections, rights of way and other public works laying within the Atlanta City Limits to adopt
similar policies.
Be it also resolved that NPU-W also strongly encourages the adoption of similar legislation, policies and procedures by
the duly elected members of the Atlanta City Council, the Mayor of Atlanta, the Fulton County Board of
Commissioners, the Atlanta School Board and the Atlanta Regional Commission.'

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          South Atlantans for Neighborhood Development, Inc.

Breakthrough Atlanta is looking for motivated students who want to participate in a six-year, tuition-free academic
enrichment program. The program has three parts: the School Year Program, a six-week Summer Program and a
High School College Prep Program. Students are prepared to enroll and succeed in academically rigorous college
preparatory high school programs fully prepared to succeed in college.
Breakthrough is a rigorous program that requires dedication and hard work. It is required that all students show up
every day and work hard! Be sure that you are willing to commit yourself fully to the program before applying.
This year, Breakthrough Atlanta will be in two locations-The Lovett School and Atlanta Youth Academy.
Thank you for showing dedication to your child’s academic success. Please feel free to contact us if you have any
questions. Please remember to proofread your application materials and make sure they are neat, presentable and
For more information and for the application, go to or contact Breakthrough Atlanta:
Breakthrough Atlanta - 4075 Paces Ferry Road, NW - Atlanta, GA * 30327 - Office 404-262-3032
     Trapping wild dogs                                        525 Moreland development
     Anti-tagging                                             LENS Atlanta presentation
     Court Watch                                              JUSTGA presentation on juvenile justice
     New meeting location                                      system
     Beltline - green space changes in Sub area 3             SAND meetings moved to 2nd Thursdays of the
     SAND on Twitter                                           month
     Pink Flamingos raised money for fighting                 SAND party at the StarLight drive in
      graffiti in East Atlanta                                 Campaign for Atlanta mayoral forums
     Charter Schools – collecting food labels; key            Opposition to T Mobile cell tower in EAV
      cards for fund raising at Publix and Krogers             New playground at NCS
     New DA database to register electronics for              Dine Out for SAND at Vickery‟s Glenwood
      theft recovery                                            Park; free quarter of Trolley Patrol raffled to
     CSX/Trestle Tree – met with Trestle Tree                 Hotoberfest in Glenwood Park
      management to address safety concerns; CSX               Concern regarding changes made in plans for
      installed and enforced no trespassing on tracks           Boulevard Crossing Park without SAND
     Code Enforcement task team – database to                  involvement
      help identify and communicate to owners of               By laws revised
      abandoned and derelict properties                        SE Mayoral Forums hosted by neighborhoods
     New logo designed by Brandon Bier                         across SE Atlanta
     Stepped up efforts for public safety: SAFE,              Design a MARTA bus stop initiative
      ATAC                                                     New playground at Jacci Fuller Park
     Juvenile Court Restorative Board recruitment             Holiday potluck held at Ormewood Park
      for new members                                           Presbyterian Church

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          South Atlantans for Neighborhood Development, Inc.

 Individual Neighborhood Google Groups
      Ormewood Park:
      Boulevard Heights:
      Benteen Park:
      Woodland Hills:
      South Ormewood Park Neighborhood Watch:
 SAND Yahoo Group:
     (Note: North Ormewood Park, McDonough-Guice and Glenwood Park each have their own listservs.
     For more information on those neighborhoods, contact Christin Ford of NOPCA at; Denice Beall (McD-G) at; and .
 Facebook: (Note: You have to choose “Atlanta,
 Georgia” as one of your networks to be able to join.)
Fulton County Multi Jurisdictional Burglary Task Force Community Advisory Board candidates will be
invited to join based on their current involvement in community groups, organizations, and businesses which
have a significant interest in reducing the number of residential and commercial burglaries in Fulton County.
The Community Advisory Board will meet monthly with Task Force command staff and the assigned
Assistant District Attorney, to discuss community concerns, receive updates on Task Force operations and
cases being prosecuted, and exchange ideas and information, so both the Advisory Board and Task Force
members gain better understanding and work together to successfully confront the concerns of our
Members must be able to commit to meeting at least once a month and to maintaining the anonymity of the
Task Force officers. Appropriate candidates would understand that although information will be
disseminated at meetings, that the success of Task Force Operations is dependant upon strict confidentiality,
therefore sensitive information will be withheld.
The meetings will be held on a monthly basis for the duration of the Burglary Task Force. Members will
receive a copy of the pre-Task Force report which will include statistical data on burglaries reported in each
of the several Fulton County law enforcement agencies, as well as regular updates on cases in progress,
significant dispositions, and upcoming trials.
If you have an interest in doing this, please assemble your resume and a one page letter of interest so that we
may extend invitations to join by Monday, February 15, 2010.
Christina N. Sears - Assistant District Attorney - Fulton County Multi Jurisdictional Burglary Task Force

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