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Aircraft Type: Plans Built KR2, N5821B
Original Builder: George Busko
Year Certified: received Airworthy Certification in Sep. 1999.
Engine: Custom Aircraft Engine - 2180 VW. Rated 85 HP
Carburetor: Allison
Wing Span: 24.5 ft
Empty Wt.: 800 lb
Gross Wt.: 1200 lb
New Annual Inspection: April 2010
Aircraft had been flown for two hours following annual inspection.

One of the most beautiful custom built KR2. Custom seat Fits
6’4” pilots in comfort. 24.5’ Wing span make this KR2 a very
gentle and docile airplane. 24 gallons tanks allow you to travel
800 mile trips in style.

Aircraft was set up for a single pilot. It can be reconfigured as
a two seat very easily.
Custom Canopy and windshield as seen in the pictures.
Engine completely torn down and overhauled by Revmaster of

June 2005 - New owner had a composite and engine shop in remove
and replace the retract landing gear with Diehl Fixed Landing Gear.
The aircraft was inspected thoroughly and repaired all plumbing,
valves, pump, etc.
Engine removed from aircraft and received an extensive Top Overhaul
according to great Planes manual. Reinstalled engine and Ground run
meets static 3200 rpm.
Engine and Aircraft received an Annual Inspection and certified to be in
Airworthy Condition.
Aircraft had been Test Flown by the shop and signed off to be in an
Airworthy Condition.

I purchased the aircraft January 2007 and had Bill Clapp extend the
wings by 2’4” each for a total wing span of 24.5ft.

This flying KR-2 was custom built and is a SHOW STOPPER.
Equipped with the following:
Radio- KY 97A TSO /
Transponder – KT76A TSO
GPS Airmap
/ TACH / TIME METER / Custom visual fuel gauge / Engine
monitoring gauges /
Vernier Throttle and Mixture / Instrument panel Light
Allison Throttle body Carburetor w. Carburetor Heat
Nav & Strob lights
Long Range – Two wing fuel tanks 6 Gallons ea. Header fuel
tank with 12 Gallons. Engine Pump & wing tanks transfer
Hydraulic Brakes
Tinted Canopy with custom Canopy Latch / Pitot tube
Venturi Vacuums system / Tie downs
Interior, Insulated Cockpit.

Superb Craftsmanship make this KR2 a trophy winner. Fly in
style and enjoy one of the best built KR2 around.

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