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									                     Holiday Destination Offered By Maharashtra

Maharashtra is that State which offers large variety of holiday destinations for you for
making your trip the most amazing, thrilling and exciting one. There so many choices in
front of you that you can choose any one among them and plan a fantastic trip.
Maharashtra is bestowed with natural beauty, historical monuments, hill stations, forts,
holy place and many other places near by it.

Some destinations in Maharashtra where you can spend your vacation are mentioned in
this content. Ajanta and Ellora Caves are considered as the most stupendous variety of
the ancient heritage of India. Maharashtra assets this attention grabbing caves and British
discovered this cave accidentally in nineteenth century. There are total thirty four caves
in Ellora and twenty nine caves are housed by the Ajanta and each and every cave depicts
a tale of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism or depicts stories from Jatakas. Elephant
Caves are known as one of the famous tourist attraction places in Maharashtra is on the
Elephanta Island. These caves tell you the story of the Lord Shiva. Enjoy the spectacular
pilgrimage destinations in Maharashtra, which reminds not only about the religious fervor
of the country but also of the beautiful art that the artisans gave life to with pieces of rock
and caves during Ajanta and Ellora tours.

Murud Janjira is another tourist place and is famous among them because of various forts
over here. You will get to see numerous forts such as Siddi Fort, Panhala etc.

You can also plan for a trip to hill station which Maharashtra offers you such as Khandala
and Lonavala. Both the hill stations come in the way between Mumbai and Pune. They
are the famous and most attractive holiday destination for the visitors. You can spend a
peaceful time along with the nature keeping aside all your tensions and worries.
Mesmerizing panoramic gorgeousness adorns both the hill stations. Both the hill station
are calm destination so if you want to rest in peace for few days then you should surely
be here so that you are energized again and start your work with new enthusiasm.

Except Khandala and Lonavala, there is one more hill station in Maharashtra - Panchgani.
It is situated about thirty eight meters below the city Mahabaleshwar. The journey from
Mahabaleshwar to Panchgani is full of surprises. You will discover that this place is
bestowed of natural beauty and tourists flood in every here like migratory birds who fly
every year to India during winters.

If you want to explore the history of Maharashtra then you should visit the forts in
Maharashtra such as Bassein Fort and Rajgarh Fort. The latter is said to be the supreme
of all the forts in this state. Another Fort which tells you the whole history of the
Marathas is the Sinhagad Fort. This Fort echoes the bravery of the Marathas.
One more hill station which is near Mumbai, the capital of the Maharashtra is the
Matheran. This hill station is full of greenery. As it is situated at some height above the
sea level the weather over here is a bit cold. You can view Mumbai clearly from Hart

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