IS 1403 myITLab SetUp Instructions by qingyunliuliu


									                        IS 1403 myITLab Set-Up Instructions
You’ve registered for IS 1403, now you MUST register for myITLab in order to do your

   1. Purchase your myITLab student access code packet from the bookstore or purchase it on-line.
      If you would like to purchase your Access Code on-line rather than at one of the bookstores,
      click this link: and click No – I need to buy
      access. Select the myITLab for GO! with Microsoft Office 2010 (no eText) choice, and
      follow the instructions. You will need to have a credit or debit card to pay for it on-line.

      ***Please make sure you select the correct choice – if you choose the wrong version you
      will have to contact customer support ((800) 677-6337) to change it.

   2. To set up your account on myITLab – you need to have the following information available to
      type in during the registration process:

          a. Valid email address: You must have an email address to register for myITLab. After
             you register, you will receive an email message at the address you provide, confirming
             your personal login name and password. You can use your UTSA e-mail address or you
             can set up a free account through a website that offers this service (hotmail, Yahoo, etc).
             If you forget your password this is where they will send your password information if
             you need it.

IS 1403                                                                                               1
          b. Course ID: The Course ID for your UTSA section is posted on the 2nd page of your
             instructor’s syllabus. Every UTSA section has a different Course ID so make sure you
             enter the correct code for your section. A Course ID looks similar to this: CRSWE5J-
          c. Student Access Code: This is the code you purchased either at the bookstore or on-line
             (see #1 above). If you purchased a packet at the bookstore, your student access code is
             supplied beneath a pull-tab, located inside your myITLab Student Access Kit. If you
             purchased your code on-line the code will be entered automatically for you. A student
             access code looks similar to this: PSPMIL-CHILI-KENJI-EDDIE-AKIRA-WAHOO
          d. UTSA zip code: At one point in the registration process it asks for a zip code – please
             enter the UTSA zip code 78249.

   3. If you are a MAC user click here to register your account and enroll in our specific course:
      Otherwise go to #4 below. MAC users always remember to log-in at the Mac compatible
      web site:

   4. Register your account & enroll in our specific course section by going to the myITLab web
      site ( ). Detailed instructions for registering your account and enrolling in our
      course can be found on the myITLab web site - on the bottom left side of the screen under For
      Students click the First Day of Class button or click this link:
IS 1403                                                                                              2
      bsite.ppt You only have to register your account (set up your User ID and password) and enroll
      in the course section one time – after that it will allow you to log in at the myITLab web site on
      any computer that is connected to the Internet.

   5. Run the Installation Wizard and the Home Diagnostic Tool Kit. (MAC Users will not do
      this step – there will be separate set up instructions for MAC users). To access the course
      website properly on a private computer (not a computer in one of the UTSA classrooms, labs, or
      library – these have already been set up) you will need to run the Installation Wizard and the
      Home Diagnostic Tool Kit located on the myITLab web site at (skip the One Step Installer and Launch
      Tool option) and scroll down to the Installation Wizard and Home Diagnostic Tool Kit sections).
      If you change your computer or use a different one, you will need to do this again. It only takes
      a few minutes and it will optimize your computer to run the lessons and testing material.

   6. Once you are registered go to My profile in your myITLab account and insert your UTSA user
      ID (abc123) as the Student ID. This will be needed to load your grades from myITLab to

   7. Contact Technical Support if you need help.
        b. 1-800-677-6337

IS 1403                                                                                              3
   8. Complete the Extra Credit Assignment – register your account on myITLab by Wednesday,
      Sept.7 and submit the proper documentation through Blackboard by 10:00 pm that day.
      Instructions for the extra credit are posted on Blackboard. If you would like the TA’s to help
      you with this attend a TA Session. The TA Session Schedule is posted on the IS 1403 Web Site.

   9. Make sure you have a copy of the Course Calendar & Exam Schedule and the TA Session
      Schedule posted on the IS 1403 web site so you will know the exam deadlines and the TA
      schedule (days, rooms, times) where you can take your exams. You are responsible for keeping
      track of exam deadlines and knowing the TA schedule so you can go in and test – there are no
      extensions for exams!!!!

   10. Remember – school computers are available for you to use if you cannot get myITLab to run
       properly on your personal computer – problems with your personal computer ARE NOT a valid
       excuse for missing deadlines – you will not be granted an extension!!!! Computers are available
       on campus in the BB Lab BB 2.01.20, the Frio Street Lab Downtown FS 2.400, Library
       Information Commons JPL 2nd Floor (hours for these 3 are listed at, and of course during scheduled TA Sessions (see the TA
       Session Schedule).

IS 1403                                                                                            4

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