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Academy:_____ by nB9v89


									Date ____       Student’s Full Name: _____________________            ID#: ____________ Counselor: _______________

                           John A. Ferguson Senior High School Student Services
                              Request for Counselor Appointment 2011-2012

                                                                              Mr. Cortes
                International Business and Finance                                                  Office 45
           Information Technology (A-K) Grades 10th-12th                     Mrs. Perdomo
                                                                                                    Office 37
                      Student Services Chair                 
                      Information Technology                                  Mrs. Veloso
                                                                                                    Office 31
                       12th Grade letters T-Z                 
                   Design & Architecture (A-L)                        Mrs. Arnold / Dr. Martinez
                                                                                                    Office 33
                   Design & Architecture (M-Z)                              Mrs. Falco-Diaz
                                                                                                    Office 32
                    Hospitality & Tourism &
                                                                           Mrs. Susan Kirk
            Information Technology 12th Grade letter L                                              Office 36

                 International Baccalaureate (IB)                       Mrs. Espinosa-Enriquez
                                                                                                    Office 34
              Information Technology 9th Grade (A-Z)        
                    Medical & Biomedical (A-L)
                                                                              Ms. Williams
            Information Technology 12th Grade letter S                                              Office 39

                   Medical & Biomedical (M-Z)
                                                                             Dr. Laracuente
           Information Technology 12th Grade letters N-R                                            Office 41

                         Trust Counselor
                                                                          Mrs. Perez-Pezoldt
            Information Technology 12th Grade letter M                                              Office 35

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Reason (Mandatory Do Not Leave Blank). Write Night School, FLVS, Dual Enrollment or Personal.

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