Minutes of the KeriKeri High School PTA AGM by xD5m63


									Minutes of the KeriKeri High School PTA AGM
       Held 23rd March 2011

Present:`Bronwyn Lee,Tania Moyle,Nicole Grimme,Zara
Harris,Janet Mclea,Ade Brierley,Nelique Brons, Cathy
Donadio,Barb Stevenson,Lyn Raines,Kathy Whiu, Blossom
Silich,Wendy Nagel,Deek Nagel, Prue Lees,Rick Curtis,Susie
Kerr, Joanna Van Pierce,Nici Curtis,Susan Corbett, Bettina
Simpson,Nuku Jones, Rowena Jones,Emily Fladgate, Susan
Caruso,Fleur Aspden, Karern Harris, Suzi Jones, Jackie Lovell,
Fiona Wilson, Greg Price, Dave Hill, Julie Hill,Cheryl
Baxter,Nigel Cane, Kartini Martin, Delwyn Pilbrow, Daniel

Apologies:Judy Cleaver, Rick Palmer, Rochelle Taylor, Suzy

Minutes of last AGM: Read and passed         Nigel/Bronwyn

Matters Arising: Charities Comission changes explained.

Correspondance: Nil

Tresurers Report: Report presented by Delwyn.
Call Account $35167 healthy balance explained that not yet
been spent as students wish to build garages for mini vans but
unable to do so until rebuilding from fire damage is complete.
Explanation that PTA is not a fund raising activity.


Chairperson’s Report: Nigel presented the report Thanks
expressed to the staff at the school for their work and praise for
the NCEA results. Also thankyous to Delwyn,Kartini And the
Ball catering committee lead by Jackie Lovell. Nigel raised the
awareness of the school web site with its new links to PTA stuff.


Election Of Officers

Nominations called for Chair,secretary and treasurer, and the

Chairperson:Kartini Martin nominated by NigelCane/Karen
Harris Elected unanimously

Secretary:Lisa Baker nominated by Karen Harris/Kartini Martin
elected unanimously

Treasurer:Delwyn Pilbrow nominated Kartini Martin /Nigel
Cane elected unanimously.

Committee all were elected:T.Moyle, B.Lee,
A.Brierley,P.Lees,L.Raines,,C.Donaldio,N.Cane, J.Lovell

General Business: Please can we have volunteers for counting
the workday money on Monday 9 May,
Tuesday10May,Wednesday 11 May as much or as little time as
you can spare. Please contact Kartini or Delwyn.

Thankyou to the prefects for the wonderful presentations of
themselves and all the providers of sumptious plates.

Next meeting Wednesday 18TH May at 7.30
Items for Agenda include: Storage cupboard for PTA
                          Price of advert
                          Times of PTA meetings
Any further suggestions please forward to Kartini or Karen

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