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					                       Binghamton University Athletics – External Department

                        Marketing Internship / Graduate Assistant Program

Recent testimonials:

“Through my experience as an intern in the Binghamton University Athletics Department, I have
gained effective creative, organizational, and interpersonal skills that will one day prove to be a
strong asset to whatever company I may be working for.”

“Jason Siegel and his staff work hard and to provide you with opportunities for your future.
With their experience, knowledge, and various connections in the sports marketing field, you
can be assured that you will be guided on a successful path. This internship program allows you
to work in a fast paced environment and gain hands on experience in the sports industry, which
will give you that competitive advantage when seeking job opportunities and prepare you well
for the “real world."

-Erica Goldberg, ‘10

“The experience and networking opportunities that the athletics internship provided me with
were intrical in helping to propel me from the soccer field into the professional (business)
world. The internship allowed me to take the lessons I'd learned and skills I'd developed as a
student-athlete at Binghamton University, and apply them to a business setting. Working in
their offices provided me with my first glimpse of the business world.”

-Christina Butler ’09, AXA Financial Advisors

“Binghamton University's Athletics Department Internship Program positioned me toward a
true career path. It provided me with an in depth look at the career field I was pursing, the skills
it takes to be successful within the sports industry, and a great network of people.”

-Rose Barre ’06, MA ’08, Director of Group Sales, NY Islanders

“The Graduate Assistant Program is an experience I will never forget. The lessons learned and
skills developed will be with me throughout my professional career. The hands on
and collaborative atmosphere allows the GA to thrive and develop as a leader and team
member. The stories are endless and the experience priceless.”

-Or Raitses '06, MBA '09, Candidate for Juris Doctor, Cardozo School of Law '12
"My time working in the Internship program was the start of my interest in working in
intercollegiate athletics. During a resume review, I was told that the most impressive part of my
resume was the hands on experience I had gained working as an intern. Being able to say I
helped plan a fundraising event attended by almost 400 people and planed marketing for Men's
Soccer and Men's Basketball sellouts not only gave me an edge up working within athletics, but
has companies calling me for Sales and Marketing positions. The internship also gave me the
chance to work with a great staff that would encourage me to work in Athletics."

-Bob Nolte ’10, Candidate for MA at USC ‘12

“Not only did the internship provide knowledge about the in's and out's of the sports world in
theory, but I was able to learn in the most hands on way possible. It truly helped to enhance
my professionalism, proactivity, and passion for everything I do.”

Jaclyn Atlas ’09, Mediacom

"My internship with the BU athletics marketing program was nothing short of outstanding. I
obtained so much knowledge because of the excellent opportunities I was given throughout my
tenure as an intern. From interacting with donors, to creating new marketing concepts, the BU
internship program truly prepared me for the next level in sport. If you are looking for an
awesome opportunity in athletics with a well-educated staff that will enhance your knowledge
in sport, you have found the right program."

-Zach Vinal ’09, Long Beach State, Assistant Golf Coach

“My experience as a Graduate Assistant was one of the most rewarding of my entire life. The
program was the best preparation I received toward not just a career in athletics, but any
career path I should choose to follow. I would recommend the program to anyone looking to
bolster their resume with an internship with true merit and substance.”

-Jeff Wolniewicz ’07, MBA ‘09

“This program promotes an integrated and hands on experience of the sports marketing
industry. The Graduate Assistant position allows for the application of theories and concepts
that are learned in the classroom to a variety of critical business situations. This program
provides an in depth look at what it takes to successfully market, promote, and operate
different games and events within BU athletics.”

Ryan Tomko ’09, MBA ‘10

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