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									              Company                 URL                          HQ

Aster Data                     San Carlos, CA

                                                         Clearwell Systems,
                                                         441 Logue Ave.
                                                         Mountain View, CA

ClearWell Systems                                      Mountain View, CA

EverNote                        Mountain View, CA

                                                          1390 McCarthy
                                                          Blvd., Milpitas, CA
FireEye                  95035

                                                          4750 Patrick Henry
               Drive, Santa Clara,
Infoblox                html                             California 95054
LogLogic            San Jose, CA

Loopt               Mountain View, CA


                                         999 Skyway Road,
                                         Suite 200
                                         San Carlos, CA
Mark Logic   94070

MobileIron          Mountain View, CA
                                  1200 Villa Street,
                                  Suite 160, Mountain
Nimbula   View, CA 94041
Nimbula       Mountain View, CA

Quantenna     Fremont, CA

Riptano       Austin, TX

Rock You    www.rockyou,com       Redwood City, CA
Service Now   Solanda Beach, CA
Stardoll      Stockholm, Sweeden
Taykey        Herzliah Petuach,

Widgetbox     San Francisco, CA
Xoom          San Francisco, CA
 Backing                                                                           Any
   VC                                  Description                               Contacts?

           Aster Data is a proven leader in big data management and big
           data analysis for data-driven applications. Aster Data’s
Sequoia    n Cluster is the first MPP data warehouse architecture that
           allows applications to be fully embedded within the database
           engine to enable ultra-fast, deep analysis of massive data sets.
Sequoia    Clearwell Systems has developed solutions that aid the large
           enterprise in performing oversight on the use and users of their IT
           infrastructures. It seems that such aid would be in great demand
           in the private sector in the era of Sarbanes-Oxley. On the federal
           side, it seems that such tools would be useful in counter
           intelligence investigations.

           Clearwell Systems is changing the way companies perform
           electronic discovery (e-discovery) in response to litigation,
Sequoia    regulatory inquiries, and internal investigations. For more
           information, visit Clearwell Systems, follow Clearwell on Twitter,
           or subscribe to the E-Discovery 2.0 blog.
           Evernotes software connects all computers and phones an
Sequoia    individual uses daily, allowing the user to capture something in
           one place and access it from another.

           The web presence states that this company has the capability to
           address (recognize & block) zero day attacks. While this claim is
           not believeable, it is worth investigating the technology to
           understand what is real. Both Solera and ArcSight are partners,
           which lends some credibility to their offerings. Also the founder
           was founded by Ashar Aziz who has a distinguished reputation
Sequoia    based on his accompliments at SUN.
           This company develops network situational awarness and
           management solutions. I am aware of a number of significant
           outages in critical government systems that were caused by the
           lack of situational awareness and the mismanagement of IP
           address and DNS and router configurations. The capabilities
           advertised would address specifically these functions and are
           advertised to mitigate the kinds of errors that led to these
Sequoia    outages.
Sequoia   LogLogic® ( provides log and security             n/a
          management solutions designed to improve accountability and
          lower costs for organizations of all sizes. LogLogic’s open log
          management platform enables customers to collect, search and
          store massive amounts of IT log data from a myriad list of devices
          and applications for a comprehensive fingerprint of past and
          current activity, through one convenient, easy-to-use web-based
          user console. LogLogic’s business applications correlate user
          activities and event data in real-time for a uniquely integrated
          approach to security event management, database security
          management, security change management and compliance
          management, resulting in improved accountability and lower
          costs for organizations of all sizes.

          Loopt is the leading location-based mobile social mapping
          company. Loopt produces a suite of mobile applications including
          Loopt, Loopt Star, Loopt Pulse for iPad, and Loopt Mix, to allow
Sequoia   users to discover the world around them. Loopt products use
          location on mobile phones, iPad and iPod touch devices to help
          their users find and enjoy the friends, places, events, and real-
          world rewards around them right now. The Loopt services have
          more than 3 million registered users.
          Mahalo is a human-powered search engine dedicated to help
          people easily find information and resources they can trust.
          Mahalo launched in public alpha in May of 2007, added the
          freelance-fueled Mahalo Greenhouse in June and graduated to
Sequoia   public beta in October of that year.

          This is one of a number of companies that have capabilities that
          claim to allow "analysts" to query heterogeneous data across a
          large enterprise of many data bases and formats. It also claims to
          allow analysts to enrich their queries through use of their
          technology on subsequent "drill down" queries. It claims to have
          alerting and geospatial analytics. It is not clear from their web
          presence exactly what discriminates their technology from other
          companies in this field, but the offering is certainly worth a
Sequoia   deeper dive.
          MobileIron is solving the problems CIOs face as enterprise data
          moves to the smartphone. The MobileIron Virtual Smartphone
          Platform is the first solution to give IT and users real-time
          intelligence and control over smartphone content, activity, and
          apps in order to secure the enterprise, reduce wireless cost, and
          improve the mobile user experience.
          This company was founded by the technical folks that developed
          Amazon's EC2 architecture and service offering. It provides these
          services on enterprise intranets in the same way that Amazon
          provides the services on the internet. The company provides a
          number of features that others have to develop if they decide to
          use open source HADOOP. It is possible that this company is
          doing for HADOOP what REDHAT did for LINUX. (Not sure about
          the analogy, but based on what is available on the web, that may
Sequoia   be the case).
Sequoia   Founded by the team that developed Amazon EC2, Nimbula              n/a
          delivers a comprehensive cloud operating system that uniquely
          combines the scalability and operational efficiencies of the public
          cloud with the control, security and trust of today’s datacenters

Sequoia   Quantenna Communications, Inc., a fabless semiconductor           n/a
          company, develops silicon for wireless high definition video home
          networking that delivers wireless bandwidth in North America.
          The company’s QHS1000, QHS600, and QHS450 chip solutions
          combine a radio transceiver/antenna, concurrent dual band
          mode, mesh networking, and transmit beamforming for
          delivering bandwidth for home or office.

Sequoia   Cassandra is the most scalable and high performance database        n/a
          for online transactions available. Offering geographic distribution
          of data across multiple data centers and linear, incremental
          scalability, Cassandra allows the addition of resources on an as
          needed basis. Riptano is the company providing software,
          support and training for Apache Cassandra.

          Founded in 2005, RockYou is a leading developer of social games
          and advertising solutions for social media. With over 280 million
          uniques and 15 billion monthly global impressions, RockYou
          reaches and monetizes social gamers across the most popular
          social media destinations online. Through RockYou Media, brands
          are empowered to reach social gamers through our innovative
          advertising products, including Deal of the Day, in-game brand
          sponsorships, video and rich media offerings, and performance
          marketing. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, RockYou
          is funded by Sequoia Capital, Partech International, Lightspeed
          Venture Partners, DCM, SK Telecom Ventures and Softbank.

           We believe that an organization regardless of size or complexity,
           requires a "single system of record" for all processes being used
           to acquire, deploy, manage, assess and retire business services
           and the underlying infrastructure upon which an organization
           depends. Effective IT service management is all about
           implementing process with as much automation as possible,
           remaining flexible to your business requirements and responding
           to reporting and workflow needs.

Sequoia    Online marketplace for young girls to build and manage avatars for fashion and socialization. 50m users.
Sequoia    Taykey performs semantic analysis across the web in real-time, to n/a
           find out what’s trending for your demographics at any given
           moment, and automatically deliver your ad there. Empowered by
           the explosion of real-time data and social media sites, Taykey has
           pioneered a trend-based approach to advertising which moves
           beyond traditional methods, and enables advertisers to react in

           Widgetbox is revolutionizing how ambitious companies deliver
           the latest web innovations to their customers. All our products
           are powered by Widgetbox’s Engagement Platform, a cloud-
           based, highly scalable application development and deployment
           system. Our products include:

           Widgetbox Mobile — build and distribute mobile web
           applications for iPhone and Android
           ClickTurn Ads — develop and run the world’s most compelling
           real-time, rich media ads
           Widgetbox Widgets — drive increased site engagement and
           utility with interactive content
           Based in San Francisco, the company is backed by the world’s
           leading venture capital firms: Sequoia Capital, Hummer Winblad
           Venture Partners,
Sequoia, Hummer Winblad, NCD Investors, and Harrison Metal.                    Will Price, CEO
Sequoia, Money transfer to 31 countries.                                       Sulu
NEA, SVB                                                                       Mandiam,
Capital,                                                                       SVB
on. 50m users.
Skywire Media



Footprint Feed
Audience Science


White Oak Technologies







Wolfram Alpha


Silver Spring Networks
ontology works
Tell me
Behavioral, social, mathematical, time phased
Crowd Sourcing of information for malware
Best in breed, systems analysis, remediation, etc
41st Parameter with Banking, ecommerce, government

what are the ecommerce fraud mitigation companies

Klout + Footprint feet
41st parameter +
geofencing + forensics
White oak technology

                 URL               HQ           Backing VC    Las Vegas, NV     Private     Kansas City, MO   TCV                             Bluerun, Ignition Partners, Founders Fund   United Kingdom          Chicago, IL         Mayfield, Meritech         Sunnyvale, CA   Silver Spring, MD              Columbia, MD 21046   Miami, FL

                                                             /about_tilera/investor                  San Jose, CA         s                        Irvine, CA           $5M A round led by
                                                             Mark Cuban and Tim
                                                             Headington                           NYC, NY              $19.2M from
                                                             General Catalyst
                                                             Partners, Bessemer
                                                             Venture Partners, SV
                                                             Angel, Khosla
                                                             Ventures           Seattle, WA     $8M from Vulcan
                                       Capital           Palo Alto, CA   $1M from
                                       SVAngel, SoftTech
                                       VC, First Round
                                       Capital, other angels       Bellevue, WA    none listed       Denver, CO      Public Company   Champaign, IL   Appears self-funded              Mountain View, CA   Sequoia Capital       Palo Alto           Summit Partners
                                              with additional
                                              investors, including
                                              Jeff Clavier, Aydin
                                              Senkut and Gary
                                              Vaynerchuk   Redwood City, CA
                    Description                       Any Contacts?
SMS, email and other mobile messaging platforms
to communicate, track, incent gamblers in las

Adknowledge is a performance-based advertising
network that utilizes powerful predictive
technology to connect advertisers with consumers
across multiple channels, including email, search
and social networks. Adknowledge has been a Red
Herring winner and an AlwaysOn Media Top 100

Topsy is a realtime search engine powered by the
Social Web. Unlike traditional web search engines,
Topsy indexes and ranks search results based upon
the most influential conversations millions of
people are having every day about each specific
term, topic, page or domain queried.

Footprint Feed is a mobile app that lets you set up
feeds to share your location with people you know
through Facebook, Twitter, RSS or specific people
via text message or email. "Death to the check in,"
said Director Rob Cleghorn. "Set-up some feeds
and forget about it."
AudienceScience provides an integrated data
management and audience targeting platform,
enabling universal access to audiences. With 200
billion data insights daily into over 386 million
people worldwide, this industry leading
technology, The Audience Gateway, drives digital
marketing success by empowering marketers with
the intelligence and control to execute effective
global campaigns. Strengthening
AudienceScience's global presence are the 2010
acquisitions of Europe-based targeting leader
wunderloop and Hispanic audience targeting
innovator Consorte Media. Since 2003,
AudienceScience has delivered over 100,000
targeted campaigns for clients including American
Airlines, Financial Times, Gannett, New York Times
Digital,, SKECHERS, T-Com, Orange,
Terra, Telecom Italia and Wall Street Journal

                                                     Paul Madera

Unique technology for mobile data protection.
This technology is being used to provide large
communites portable virtualization. For example,
Lockheed Martin is about to launch its first
commercial product in ages, based on the Ironkey
platform. They call it IRONCLAD. Each employee
gets one, and on it is essentially their desktop and
their entire start-up process. WHen plugged into
any computer, it securely renders that computer Peter Thorpe, (301) 509-
their work desktop. It saves the company money 3301;
and IT costs.                              

This small very unique company provides what is
the best solution for entity and relationship
resolution. Their main product is WAREMAN Pro,       Alan Bodner,
which extracts entities and performs a robust; 301-562-
diambiguation process.                               1900
This is an important cybersecurity company whose
main product, SNORT, is known by every
cybersecurity geek in the world. SNORT is a unique John Negron;
implementation which makes it important for        john.negron@sourcefire
every application aimed at securing networks.      .com

Peering Point, Colocation services, cybersecurity,
hosting. The assets of this company are
considered by the US Government as part of the
critical infrastructure. Terremark offers secure,
assured data center services to both industry and
government. This is one of the most important
industry players for the future of cybersecurity for Jamie Dos Santos, 954-
the Nation.                                          612-0013

Has solved the problem of putting hundreds of
CORES on a single chip. This amazing technology is
beginning to be scarffed up by being scarfed up by
all the big internet applications providers from
GOOGLE to FACEBOOK. Small companies that are
developing unique cyber security solutions are
using TILERA chips as a platform.
“credit bureau for devices” - providing reputation n/a
information about devices, using the individual
“fingerprint” of any desktop or mobile device
being used in a web transaction--IP address,
cookies, browser and any credit information it can
find about past historical activities--and providing
services to companies doing business online to
lower the risk of possible fraud during online
buying or selling.

Consumer web application that is building the          n/a
“taste graph” of the internet, mapping every
person on the internet to every entity on the
internet and their affinity for that entity. An entity
could be a web site, a cookbook, a hotel room, a
celebrity, a restaurant, etc. The service creates a
taste profile by asking users a series of questions
which range from serious to profound and
subsequently can make recommendations that are
surprisingly well-personalized to that user.
A "discovery engine", delivering intelligent, real- potential connection via
time streams of information on topics that matter ex-Vulcan contact
most at that moment: on the web and to the
consumer, uncovering the most popular and
trending stories, enabling consumers to share and
engage with the stories they are most passionate
about - in a delightful and unexpected way.

Creating software to make corporate knowledge connected to one of the
accessible, playing on the Q&A model popularized angel investors
on the consumer side by Quora.

Specializes in public records information, offering n/a
offers products and services ranging from basic
people search and list management to
comprehensive HR background checks and one of
the best identity theft protection products
available. Read: public domain info scraping.

Its AccuTerra app is one of the most ambitious      None
pieces of iPhone software to date, winning an Apple
Design Award in 2009 while in beta. The
hyperdetailed GPS map app comes with elevation,
hydrological data, trails, reviews, and weather,
served up through an in-app shop that lets you
download and store map data for a small fee,
mostly between $1.99 and $3.99.

Wolfram Research is building a computational         No direct contacts
knowledge engine called Wolfram|Alpha for the
web to be launched in May 2009. The product will
contain data in various fields including physical
sciences, technology, geography, weather, cooking,
business, music, etc. in order to provide answers to
questions that users input. Its language interface
will accommodate variations in how users frame
their questions, such as the use of abbreviations.
Wolfram Alpha‘s vision is to create a system which
can do for formal knowledge (heuristics, algorithms,
rules, methods, theorems, etc.) what search
engines like Google have done for informal
knowledge, such as text and documents.
Evernote allows users to capture, organize, and     No direct contacts
find information across multiple platforms. Users
can take notes, clip webpages, snap photos using
their mobile phones, create to-dos, and record
audio. All data is synchronized with the Evernote
web service and made available to clients on
Windows, Mac, Web, and mobile devices.
Additionally, the Evernote web service performs
image recognition on all incoming notes, making
printed or handwritten text found within images
searchable. Data is stored in the cloud.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Wildfire            Curtis Kroeker, Biz Dev
Interactive, Inc. is a technology company that‘s
dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes
leverage the marketing power of social networks
such as Facebook & Twitter. Wildfire‘s patent-
pending technology platform allows brands, small
businesses, agencies, bloggers and non-profits to
easily create their own attractive, branded social
media marketing campaigns (e.g. sweepstakes,
contests, coupons, giveaways, quizzes, virtual gift
campaigns and more) and to simultaneously
publish them on Facebook fan pages, on company
websites (integrated with Facebook Connect) and
on Twitter. Intuitive, streamlined and affordable,
Wildfire‘s platform is simple enough for even the
least tech-savvy business manager to use, and
flexible enough to suit the needs of the most
creative marketer or advertising agency. Wildfire is
a 2x winner of the Facebook Fund and was runner-
up in the TechCrunch Crunchies Awards in 2010.

Wildfire enables businesses to simultaneously
publish social media marketing campaigns on
Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter and other websites.
It's secure, can handle massive traffic and is always
up to date with the latest changes of the Facebook
& Twitter platforms. Businesses can download data
in real-time and get access to powerful analytics.
The most widely adopted smart-grid platform in        Some minor direct
North America works with utilities that together      contacts
serve 20% of U.S. customers. Its projects
encompass demand response as well as smart-
meter, smart-home, and smart-garage projects. In
April, Silver Spring had a notable launch of its
Energy Smart Miami program, a collaboration with
Florida Power & Light, GE, and Cisco Systems.
          Company                 URL                     HQ
Cloudera             Palo Alto, CA

Membase (was North           Mountain View, CA

Datameer             San Mateo, CA

10gen                   New York

Chiliad       Herndon, VA
Cleversafe         Chicago, IL

Palantir Technologies   Palo Alto, CA

Global Velocity         Clayton, MO

Netwitness                                            Herndon,
Tableau Software   Seattle, WA

Plixi                 San Diego, CA

Affinity Click     Toronto, CA
Facebook           Palo Alto, CA

Four Square        NYC, NY

Revera Networks    Ottawa, ON
Promia               San Francisco, CA

Catbird             Scotts Valley, CA

Breaking Point   m                           Austin, TX

Third Defense        Seattle, WA

Quora                 Palo Alto, CA

Stack Overflow       NYC, NY

Soluto               Tel Aviv, Israel

Tradeshift          London, GBR

SeaMicro            Santa Clara, CA
Smooth-Stone         Austin, TX

Klout                San Francisco, CA

Exact Target   enterprise                  Indianpolis, IN
     Backing VC                               Description
Accel Partners        Cloudera offers enterprises a powerful new data platform
                      built on the popular Apache Hadoop open-source software
                      package. Cloudera packages and distributes open source
                      software, and actively contribute to it. More than 50% of
                      Cloudera engineering investment goes back to Apache-
                      licensed open source projects.

Accel Partners,       Membase, Inc., is the company behind Membase, a
Mayfield Fund, and    simple, fast, elastic NoSQL database management system.
North Bridge          Membase enables organizations to dramatically lower data
Venture Partners      infrastructure costs while improving the scalability and
                      performance of their interactive web applications. The
                      company offers Membase Server Enterprise Edition, a
                      certified build of the Membase open source software

Redpoint Ventures     Datameer Analytics Solution (DAS) builds on the power
                      and scalability of Apache Hadoop to deliver an easy-to-use
                      and cost-effective solution for big data analytics. The
                      solution integrates rapidly with existing and new data
                      sources to deliver sophisticated analytics for Gaming, IT
                      Information Management and Customer Behavior, to
                      name a few areas where DAS is commonly used.

Series A: no info.    10gen develops and supports MongoDB - the open source,
Series B: Flybridge   high performance, scalable, document-oriented database.
Capital Partners,     10gen delivers technical support, professional services,
Union Square          and training for commercial-grade deployments of
Ventures.             MongoDB

                      Chiliad has a unique way of addressing the distributed,
                      hetrogeneous extended enterprise data problem. Their
                      soluion leaves data in its legacy data bases and formats
                      and layers indexing services on top of the data wherever it
                      resides. This is a truly scalable way to address the IC
                      "connect the dots" problem. This company has a stand-
                      alone analytic solution for cyber problems or problems
                      confronting the IC and the solution need not depend on
                      other capabilities. However, entity extraction and
                      disambiguation capabilities may actually enrich results so
                      teaming this capability with WAREMAN Pro from WOTI is a
                      natural match. This comany is small and finding customers
                      in both government and private sector.
          Cleversafe has a unique solution for secure data storage
          virtualization. Their technology is disruptive. The
          company is in its infancy but has already attracted interest
          from a large intelligence agency who has Cleversafe under
          contract to peform some research and tests. The
          Cleversafe solution provides the same assurance as data
          replication with significantly less IT hardware with
          implications for power, space and cooling. The company is
          very early stage but has products and customers.

          Palantir has developed capabilities that allow analysts (and
          in particular cyber analysts) to significantly enhace their
          productivity. Their analytic engine is currently in use in
          both the government and financial sectors. The
          government applications thus far have been in the IC.
          Palantir allows for the seamless integration of
          hetrogeneous data sources. Palantir would be an excellent
          tool for analysts in a network defense operations center.

          Global Velocity builds a high performance, high capacity
          cybersecurity product. Their product operates currently at
          40GB and they are close to releasing their 100GB product.
          The product does deep packet inspection, pattern
          matching and TCP flow control at line rates. The product
          mitigates the neccessity of a number of products doing
          differing functions at differing points in the network. This is
          a small company and has not done business with the
          federal government yet and is having a hard time breaking
Private   the code on how to gain entry to the market.

          Netwitness is a tool that is used to inspect, block and
          perform analysis on data collected from a network for the
          purpose of preventing inadvertent data loss or loss as a
          result of malicious activity. It has powerful analytics that
          can be summoned by cyber analysts to gain situational
          awareness of a network and the activities of its authorized
          and unauthorized users. It has both real-time and off line
          capability. The company is still in its infancy and grew out
          of a government product. THe uniqueness of the product
          and it's capabilities is truly a discriminator. The only other
          product that does anything similar is a GOTs product
          developed organically inside a government IC agency.
                      It started with a goal to help people see and understand
                      their data anywhere: spreadsheets, data marts, web files,
                      databases, data warehouses. At Stanford, a small team led
                      by Chris Stolte and advised by Prof. Pat Hanrahan became
                      Tableau's basis.
                      Results so far? 50,000+ people worldwide using desktop
                      and web-based business intelligence software to produce
NEA                   visual analytic results like never before..

                      Former Twitter Pictures, Unique relationship to geolocate
                      and file photos organizing around events and areas. Files
                      can be open. Takes information from Twitter and other
                      social networks and collects the pictures

                      AffinityClick helps web publishers, retailers, marketing and
                      advertising agencies and consumers connect in a more
                      meaningful, contextually relevant way. ether, we form a
                      national network of content providers and trusted brand-
                      name retailers. AffinityClick works by automatically
                      matching the content of a publisher's website or blog
                      posts with contextually relevant product placements.

$1M in Funding
Lots                  #1 Social Network. 550M users.

                    Foursquare is a mobile application that makes cities easier
                    to use and more interesting to explore. It is a friend-finder,
                    a social city guide and a game that challenges users to
Union Square        experience new things, and rewards them for doing so.
Ventures, O'Reilley Foursquare lets users "check in" to a place when they're
Alphatech ventures, there, tell friends where they are and track the history of
Andreeson Horowitz where they've been and who they've been there with

                      • Manage P2P traffic and Users including encrypted traffic
                      • Reclaim assets and resources that may have been
                      hijacked by P2P applications.
                      • Rapidly respond and defend against unwanted
                      communications and cyber attacks
                    • Can instantly switch to out of band protocols to limit and
                    contain breaches
                    • Like changing encryption type instantaneously

                    Industry's first and only comprehensive security and
                    compliance solution for virtualized data centers.
                    Incorporates vulnerability monitoring, IPS/IDS, network
                    access control, compliance enforcement and policy
Lachman Goldman     management–aggregated and integrated with information
Partners            from the hypervisor
                    Unleashes Internet-scale cyber war to measure network
                    and data center resiliency, conduct security research, and
                    train cyber warriors.
                    improving and standardizing how security teams and
                    programs are managed. Communicates risk profile and
                    shows how security and budget decisions affect that
                    billed as a "continually improving collection of questions
                    and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone
                    who uses it"; one of the most hyped companies in the
                    valley with a surprisingly high quality user base and
Benchmark           content

Union Square        this site started as a high-quality Q&A site for
Ventures, Ron       programmers, but the underlying platform is being used to
Conway, other       create a variety of domain-specific sites to help facilitate
angels              and archive high-quality Q&A content
                    application which performs deep analysis of Windows to
                    understand and resolve system and application
Proxima Ventures,   performance issues; the company is clever about
Bessemer Venture    leveraging learnings across from any given user with the
Partners, Giza      rest of the user base; won the May 2010 TechCrunch
Venture Partners    Disrupt conference

                    platform for direct e-invoicing between companies,
                    enabling customers to engage each other directly with
undisclosed         free, secure, and intelligent (e.g. account for exchange
(rumored PayPal     rates between borders) transactions; just emerging out of
investment)         stealth mode and very well-hyped

                    build and sell servers that are architecturally optimized
                    (using an array of Intel Atom processors) for scale-out
Draper Fisher       workloads (e.g. web services), resulting in comparable
Jurveston, Khosla   processing power and performance at fourth of the power
Ventures            and space requirements of traditional servers
ATIC (Abu Dhabi
government),          similar value prop as SeaMicro, building servers optimized
Battery, Flybridge,   for scale-out workloads, but using ARM chips rather than
Highland Capital,     Intel Atom; seem less far along compared to SeaMicro but
Texas Instruments     well-backed nonetheless

                      Klout is the standard for influence. We believe that every
                      individual who creates content has influence. Our goal is to
                      accurately measure that influence and provide context
                      around who a person influences and the specific topics
                      they are most influential on.

                      Klout tracks the impact of your opinions, links and
                      recommendations across your social graph. We collect
                      data about the content you create, how people interact
                      with that content and the size and composition of your
                      network. From there, we analyze the data to find
                      indicators of influence and then provide you with
                      innovative tools to interact with and interpret the data.
Mayfield, Asset

                      From Facebook to Twitter, people are talking about your
                      brand. And you can’t afford not to join the conversation.
                      That’s where CoTweet Enterprise™, a comprehensive Web-
                      based social media engagement, management, and
                      reporting solution can help. With CoTweet Enterprise™,
                      you can:

                      Empower your teams to engage across the social web
                      Listen for conversations about your brand
                      Optimize workflow for efficient collaboration
                      Measure the impact of reach, engagement, and influence
                      Build deeper customer relationships
                      Move at the speed of real-time

           Any Contacts?
One minor player, have some
connections more senior people

Matt Ingenthron, Staff Engineer and
Manager of Developer Relations at

No direct contacts.

No direct contacts.

Paul McOwen (COO) & President of
Chiliad Federal
S. Christopher Gladwin, President &

Shyam Sakar, Director

Greg Sullivan, CEO

Amit Yoran, CEO
Ellie Fields, Director Product

Sean Callahan:

Justin Shimoon CEO met at
            Company                    URL                HQ             VC             CNCI                                             Description                                           Rating

                                                                                                   The 41st Parameter is revolutionizing the way businesses think about - and
                                                                                                   employ - effective Internet security. We specialize in providing expert solutions for
                                                                                                   identifying and preventing online Internet fraud for online merchants and banks.
                                                                                                   Using our advanced Internet fraud prevention solutions, we help protect online
                                                                                                   businesses against fraud threats with expertise and technology that can identify
  41st Parameter            Scottsdale, AZ     KPCB            SCM, Deter     legitimate versus suspect devices with unprecedented accuracy.                                   2

                                                                                                   AccessData has been the choice of leading law enforcement agencies and those
                                                                                                   in the corporate industry since its inception in 1987. With its origins firmly rooted
                                                                                                   in password recovery and code breaking the company has a hard earned
                                                                                                   reputation for quality, value and superior customer support and dialogue. With
                                                                                                   accessible and efficient tools such as Forensic Toolkit, AccessData has provided
                                                                                                   investigators with an accessibility of digital evidence that is unique in the field of
                                                                                                   computer forensic tools. It is this commitment to advancement and excellence that
                                                                                                   has made AccessData's tools a necessity for law enforcement agencies,
  AccessData         Lindon, UT                                        corporate America and federal government.                                                        3

                                                                                                   AirTight® Networks enables enterprises and service providers to maintain
                                                                                                   network and mobile client integrity from wireless security vulnerabilities whether
                                                                                                   or not they deploy a wireless network. AirTight Networks offers the industry's
                                                                                    Intrusion      first wireless IPS (WIPS) that delivers around-the-clock wireless monitoring and
  Airtight Networks   Moutain View, CA   Granite VC      Prevention     automatic intrusion prevention as well as manages wireless network                               3
                                                                                                   provider of enterprise-class security appliances that help companies secure,
                                                                                    IPS/Counter    manage and extend the use of instant messaging and other real-time
  Akonix                 San Diego, CA      Menlo           Intelligence   communication technologies                                                                       2   Recheck

                                                                                                   Altor Networks is pioneering a new class of virtual security solutions to secure
                                                                                                   production-oriented virtualized data centers. The company‘s initial product line
                                                                                                   includes the industry‘s first-ever purpose-built virtual firewall, a software security
                                                                                                   appliance that runs in a virtualized environment and enforces security policy on a
                                                                                                   per virtual machine basis. Data center administrators can now pinpoint a broad
                                                                                                   range of virtual network security compromises and easily create roles-based
                                                                                                   security policies. For the first time, security policies can be continuously enforced
                                                                    Accel,                         on individual virtual machines, even as they move throughout the virtualized data
  Altor Networks      Redwood City. CA   Foundation                     center                                                                                           1

                                                                    SEB VC,                        Arcot is a leader in protecting and verifying digital identities. Financial institutions,
                                                                    Granite, GS,                   pharmaceutical companies, and eShopping sites rely on the company's software-
  Arcot                   Sunnyvale, CA      Accel, Vedata                  only solutions to prevent online fraud and identity theft.                                       1

                                                                                                   ArcSight is a leading provider of security and compliance management solutions
                                                                                                   that intelligently identify and mitigate business risk for enterprises, MSSPs and
                                                                                                   government agencies. Designed with the needs of highly complex, geographically
                                                                                                   dispersed and heterogeneous business and technology infrastructures in mind,
                                                                                                   ArcSight provides the industry‘s only vendor-neutral solution for intelligent
                                                                                    Situational    identification, prioritization and network response to external security attacks,
  ArcSight             Cupertino, CA                      Awareness      insider threats and compliance breaches                                                          2
X Authentify

                                                                    Interesting                    Authernative‘s granted and pending U.S. and International patents in the area of
                                                                    company, very                  private and secure financial transactions, authentication algorithms, protocols, and
                                                                    good advisory                  encryption schemes are the foundation for the company technology and
                                                                    team: Rosati                   commercial product offerings. Authernative is providing integrated security
                                                                    & former CEO Deter, SA,        solutions for identity management, strong authentication to access network
  Authernative        www.authernative           Redwood City. CA   of Peoplesoft SCM              resources, and efficient authorization, administration and auditing control.                     3

                                                                                                   Founded in 1997, and headquartered in Emeryville, California, BigFix, Inc. offers
                                                                                                   the IT industry‘s only intelligent enforcement engine that enables real-time visibility
                                                                                                   and control of globally distributed desktop, mobile and server computer
                                                                                                   infrastructures. Built on a revolutionary technology platform, BigFix continually
                                                                                                   assesses and manages the health and security of enterprise computing devices
                                                                                                   at the velocity of change.
                                                                                    SCM, Deter,
  Big Fix                Emeryville, CA     Meritech        SA                                                                                                              4

                                                                                                   Bit9, Inc. is the leading provider of application control and device control solutions
                                                                                                   to achieve flexible Windows desktop lockdown and business-friendly whitelisting.
                                                                                                   Our cornerstone application control and device control product, Parity, is the only
                                                                                    Situational    solution to detect, identify, and approve or ban applications -- without relying on
  Bit 9                    Cambridge, MA      KPCB            Awareness      malware signatures or behavioral patterns.                                                       3

                                                                                                   Blazent delivers IT Intelligence that helps global ITO‘s obtain a business-oriented
                                                                                                   perspective of the assets they are managing. First, with proven integration and
                                                                                                   cleansing technologies, Blazent delivers a reliable data set that can be tapped with
                                                                                                   confidence. Then, with that data set, Blazent delivers the advanced analytics that
                                                                                                   provides the insight ITO‘s need to gain control of the IT assets under
                                                                                                   management, improve decision making, increase profitability and drive new
  Blazent               San Mateo, CA      Benchmark                      revenue generating opportunities                                                                 2
                                                                                               Carrier IQ provides embedded analytics to the wireless industry. The company
                                                                                               embeds diagnostic agents within mobile devices supplying carriers and handset
                                                                                               manufacturers unprecedented analysis and insight into their customers and their
CarrierIQ            Mountain View, CA   MDV            CI/SCM      business. Founded in 2005.                                                            4

                                                                                               June 2000 in Santa Clara, California to help secure networks and Web
                                                                                               applications against hacker attacks. However, in 2002 the company decided to
                                                                                               focus solely on Web applications. After successfully competing against other first-
                                                                                               generation Web scanners, Cenzic decided to completely re-start its product
                                                                                               development efforts and build a brand new technology backbone from the ground
                                                                                               up. This effort began in 2003 and in February 2006, Cenzic debuted its ―next
                                                                                               generation‖ product architecture that is a truly unique technology (we‘ve termed
                                                                                               as ―Stateful Assessment™), rendering more accurate results than any other Web
                                                                    ATV, Hummer,               scanner vendor in the market. We consider ourselves the Google of the security
Cenzic                  Santa clara, CA     JK&B, MDV                  industry – ahead of all others                                                        4
                                                                                               Clearwell Systems is changing the way companies perform electronic discovery
                                                                                               (e-discovery) in response to litigation, regulatory inquiries, and internal
Clearwell Systems    Mountain View, CA   Sequoia                    investigations.

                                                                                               As Carriers transform their networks to Converged IP Infrastructures, and as the
                                                                                               United States Federal Government transforms to Network Centric Operations,
                                                                                               gaps and barriers that impede the transformation are emerging. CloudShield
                                                                                               systems bridge the gaps and break down the barriers, enabling service providers
                                                                                               to implement more profitable and secure networks and services, and enabling the
                                                                    Paladin, TPG   Intrusion   US Federal Government network operators to implement more efficient and more
Cloud Shield         Santa clara, CA     etc            Detection   secure communications solutions.                                                      2

                                                                                               Like Oakley Networks                  Code Green Networks is a leader in
                                                                                               delivering data loss prevention solutions that enable organizations around the
                                                                                               world to protect confidential customer data and safeguard intellectual property.

                                                                                               Leading the Next Generation of Data Protection
                                                                                               Organizations today are increasingly challenged in protecting customer data and
                                                                                               safeguarding intellectual property from internal malicious use and accidental
                                                                                               mishandling. Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information can result in loss
                                                                                               of revenue, financial penalties and irreparable damage to an organization‘s image,
                                                                                               brand and customer loyalty.
                                                                                               In addition, government regulations and guidelines require businesses to strictly
                                                                                               monitor their confidential information and report confidential data leaks. Since
                                                                                               corporations are mandated to report confidential data leaks, one cannot read the
                                                                                               global news without seeing articles outlining how a sensitive data leak caused
                                                                                               substantial corporate financial losses and directly affected the general consumer.
Code Green   Santa Clara, CA     Sierra         InfoSec                                                                                           3

                                                                                               Codenomicon produces state-of-the-art blackbox, negative testing solutions for
                                                                                               improving the quality of software implementation. Codenomicon leverages its in-
                                                                                               depth understanding of infrastructure, network and application protocols, flaws
                                                                                               and test methodology to provide a simple yet unparalleled security and robustness
Codenomicon         Oulu, Finland                                  assurance solution.F77                                                                3

                                                                                               The company is a pioneer in the development of Relationship Analytics, improving
                                                                                               data structuring, modeling, definition and analysis. This smarter approach to data
                                                                                               analytics gives organizations new insight into complex and distant relationships
                                                                                               previously hidden within massive data stores.

                                                                                               By exploiting the power of Relationship Analytics, organizations as diverse as
                                                                                               intelligence agencies, manufacturers and companies in life sciences can get a
                                                                                               better handle on information and turn that understanding to their advantage.
Cogito                                   Utah Ventures                                                                                                    4
Core Security        Boston, MA          Stanely VP,   Deter        Automated Pen Testing                                                                 4

                                                                                               Coverity, the leader in software integrity, is the trusted standard for companies
                                                                                               that have a zero tolerance policy for software failures, problems, and security
                                                                                               breaches. Coverity‘s award-winning portfolio of software integrity products
                                                                                               enables customers to prevent software problems throughout the application
                                                                                               lifecycle. Over 100,000 developers and 500 companies including ARM, Phillips,
                                                                                               RIM, Rockwell Collins, Samsung and UBS rely on Coverity to help them ensure
                                                                                               the delivery of superior software. Coverity is a privately held company
                                                                                               headquartered in San Francisco with offices in 6 countries and more than 150
Coverity              San Francisco, CA   Benchmark      SCM         employees.                                                                            2

                                                                                               CREDANT Technologies enables its customers to leverage the business
                                                                                               productivity benefits of highly mobile endpoint computing without the risks or
Credent                                                               operational constraints imposed by other technologies.
                                                                                          Cymphonix Corporation, ( headquartered in Sandy, Utah,
                                                                                          uses patent-pending Cross-Layer Intelligence™ (XLi™) technology to provide
                                                                                          unmatched network threat protection and resource optimization. With the powerful
                                                                                          XLi engine, Cymphonix products seamlessly integrate network protection,
                                                                                          application performance, and traffic visibility into a single, easily managed solution.
                                                                                          Leading the Cymphonix product line is Network Composer, a smart gateway
                                                                                          appliance that helps organizations understand at a glance who is abusing network
                                                                                          resources and with what applications – enabling problems to be corrected
                                                                                          instantly through a clear, easy-to-manage interface.
Cymphonix         Sandy, UT          vSpring      SCM                                                                                                    4

                                                                                          The DETERlab testbed is a general-purpose experimental infrastructure that
                                                                                          supports research and development on next-generation cyber security
                                                                                          technologies. The testbed allows repeatable medium-scale Internet emulation
                                                                                          experiments for a broad range of network security projects, including experiments
Deter Security        Los Angeles, CA                              with malicious code.                                                                      4
                                                                                          A leading provider of advanced Wi-Fi software solutions that make
                                                                                          mobile devices easy to set up, easy to use, and effortlessly connect to
devicescape      San Bruno, CA      KPCB                      any Wi-Fi network.

                                                                                          Founded in 2001, eIQnetworks, Inc. is an industry-leading provider of integrated
                                                                                          security, risk and audit management solutions that effectively meet security and
                                                                                          compliance challenges. By combining enterprise security management (ESM)
                                                                                          with IT governance, risk and compliance (GRC) onto a single platform,
                                                                                          eIQnetworks enables Global 2000 enterprises, government agencies and
                                                                                          managed security service providers (MSSPs) to drive efficiency and reduce
                                                                                          complexity by proactively detecting security breaches, speeding remediation and
eiQ networks      Acton, MA                                    managing evolving best practices and regulations.                                         2
                                                                                          Finjan is a leading provider of secure web gateway solutions for the enterprise
                                                                Benchmark,                market. Finjan‘s solutions protect more than 1.5 million users in more than a
Finjan               San Jose, CA       Bessemer                  thousand corporations worldwide                                                           2

                                                                                          Finsphere's Mobile Identity Protection (MIP) platform is built on the fact that
                                                                                          cardholders rarely leave home without their mobile phones. And with over 3.1
                                                                                          billion mobile phones in use, and some of the largest networks in the world
Finsphere         Belleview, WA      MDV                       supporting them, Finsphere delivers a pervasive means to detect and stop fraud.           2

                                                                                          FireEye provides the only global, anti-botnet protection system to combat botnets
                                                                                          and targeted malware. FireEye protects customers against botnets to prevent
                                                                                          data and intellectual property and company resources from being compromised,
                                                                Sequoia                   stolen, or accidentally leaked as a result of unauthorized remote control of PCs
                                                                Capital,                  and servers. Our solutions bring advanced network security together with state-of-
                                                                Norwest                   the-art virtualization technology to combat targeted malware as well as its criminal
Fire Eye            Menlo Park, CA     Partner      IPS, Deter   attack vector of choice—botnets.                                                          4
                                                                                          leading provider of mesh networks that enable concurrent video voice and data for
                                                                                          municipal, public safety and enterprise applications. Meshnodes and access
                                                                                          points provide a reliable high performance wireless infrastructure and access
                                                                                          solution for video surveillance, internet access, public safety networks and
Firetide           Los Gatos, CA      Menlo                     temporary networks                                                                        1
                                                                                          ForeScout's clientless network access control (NAC) solutions enable customers
                                                                                          to gain complete control over network security without disrupting end-user
Forescout         Cupertino,CA       Meritech                  productivity.                                                                             2

                                                                                          Fortify Software products protect companies from today‘s greatest security risk:
                                                                                          the software applications that run their businesses.
                                                                                          Combining deep application security expertise with extensive software
                                                                                          development experience, Fortify Software has defined the market with award-
                                                                                          winning products that assure software security from development to production.
                                                                                          Today, Fortify Software fortifies the software for the most demanding customer
                                                                                          deployments, including the world‘s largest, most varied code bases.
Fortify Software          San Mateo, CA      KPCB         SCM                                                                                                    4

                                                                                          Fortinet is the pioneer and world's leading provider of Unified Threat Management
                                                                                          (UTM) security systems that enable secure business communications and deliver
                                                                                          the best security, performance and total cost of ownership available. Our award-
                                                                                          winning security systems and subscription services protect the networks of more
                                                                                          than 20,000 customers worldwide - including telecommunications carriers, service
Fortinet           Sunnyvale, CA      Meritech     CI           providers and enterprises of all sizes.                                                   2

                                                                                          Global Velocity is an innovator in next generation networking security solutions.
                                                                                          Our patent pending technologies combine hardware and software to create the
                                                                                          industry‘s first true wire speed content filter. Global Velocity‘s customizable
                                                                                          internet-based security solutions provide revenue-generating services to large
Global Velocity   Clayton, MO                     SA           enterprises, government and internet service providers.                                   3
Green Border      Moutain View, CA   TPG
Guidance Software                                                                                                                                                                   2
HBGary                Sacramento, CA                               Cyber Response provider.                                                                  5
                                                                                                      Infoblox delivers highly reliable and manageable platforms for core network
                                                                                                      services like domain name resolution (DNS), IP address assignment (DHCP), IP
                                                                                                      address management (IPAM) and more. Infoblox solutions, essential for the move
                                                                                                      from static networks to dynamic infrastructure and applications, are used by over
                                                                                                      3,000 organizations worldwide, including over 130 of the Fortune 500. The
                                                                                                      company is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., and operates in more than 30
Infoblox                 Santa clara, CA     Sequoia                                                                                                                       Expertise in Datamining

                                                                                                      data privacy solutions. Secure sensitive data from internal and external threats
Ingrian                   Redwood City. CA    Menlo                          and to cost-effectively comply with a range of regulatory mandates for encryption          3
                                                                                                      IP storage solutions that are ideal for video surveillance applications in physical
Instransa               San Jose, CA        Menlo                          security, quality assurance and supply chain.

                                                                                                      Intelliden is the leading provider of Intelligent Networking software solutions for
                                                                                                      organizations to control, manage and scale their networks. Intelliden‘s solutions
                                                                                                      allow network-driven organizations to deliver next generation services, ensure
                                                                                                      compliance and automate critical network change and configuration management

                                                                                                      Intelliden‘s innovative and patented solution is the first example of truly ―intelligent
                                                                                                      automation‖ of networking devices. It is the only solution that knows the real time
                                                                                                      state of the network and that is the key to ensuring accuracy across increasingly
                                                                                                      dynamic networks. Intelliden has been proven in global telecom companies,
                                                                                                      financial services organizations, federal government agencies and other network-
Intelliden             Menlo Park, CA      Matrix           CI            driven businesses.                                                                         3

                                                                                                      IronKey's award winning products and services combine the world's most secure
                                                                                                      flash drive with the world's most powerful USB management software. The
                                                                                                      company's USB flash drives bring the power of authentication, encryption, identity
                                                                                                      management and privacy to businesses and consumers in 23 countries. IronKey's
                                                                                                      management software and associated services allow enterprises of all sizes,
                                                                                                      government agencies, the military, and other organizations to take back control of
                                                                                                      the mobile data that has been leaking out of their organizations due to the
                                                                                                      uncontrolled proliferation of USB drives. With IronKey, organizations centrally
                                                                                                      administer, remotely manage, and enforce policies on thousands of devices
IronKey                   Los Altos, CA       MDV                            located anywhere in the world. Founded in 2005                                             2

                                                                                                      Enterprise Mashups solve the quintessential information sharing problem:
                                                                                                      accessing and combining data from disparate internal and external data sources
                                                                                                      and software systems for timely decision-making. JackBe delivers trusted
                                                                                                      mashup software that empowers organizations to create, customize and
                                                                                                      collaborate through enterprise mashups for faster decisions and better business
                                                                       Intel, Bluechip                results. Our innovative Enterprise Mashup platform, Presto, provides dynamic
                                                                       Venture, Core                  mashups that leverage internal and external data while meeting the toughest
                                                                       capital, Harbert               enterprise security and governance requirements. Presto provides enterprise
JackBe                     Chevy Chase, MD     Venture          PI            mashups delivered to the user in 3 clicks versus 3 months                                  3
                                                                                                      eDiscovery by using Information Access technology to intelligently search, classify
Kazeon                     Mountain View, CA   MEnlo            CI            and act on electronically stored information.                                              2

Kestrel Tech                                         supply chain static code analysis                                                                        2

                                                                                                      Founded in 2008 and head quartered in Santa Clara, CA, Key Pair Technologies
                                                                                                      is a VC funded startup in stealth mode to address business needs in the area of
                                                                                                      multi-form factor and protocol authentication. The company is founded by leading
                                                                                                      industry experts in security and authentication who have worked for companies
Key Pair                                                                 like Sun and Microsoft in the past                                                         2

                                                                                                      Layer 7 Technologies markets a family of XML appliances and software to secure,
                                                                                                      simplify and scale Web services. Web services are applications that can expose
                                                                                                      their functionality to other applications over the Internet using standards based
                                                                                                      XML data formats like SOAP, REST, AJAX, and RSS. Modern service oriented
                                                                                                      application integration models and Web oriented application delivery models
                                                                                                      depend on effectively addressing the performance, security, complexity, reliability
                                                                                                      and availability issues inherent in sharing Web services with other applications.
                                                                       Growthworks                    Layer 7 Technologies therefore aims to provide the essential application oriented
                                                                       VC, BDC VC,                    security and networking infrastructure to enable Service-oriented and Web-
                                                                       Shoreline                      oriented architectures (i.e. SOA and Web 2.0) that are central to the next wave of
Layer 7 Technologies          Washington, DC      Ventures,                      Internet and software innovation                                                           1
                                                                                                      Lockdown NAC leverages your network, and security, infrastructure to identify
                                                                                                      every user and device on the network and assesses devices for ―health‖
                                                                                                      compliance. Devices and users that don‘t meet policy are quarantined for self-
                                                                                                      remediation, while compliant ones are immediately put into appropriate production
Lockdown Networks    Seattle, WA         Intel, Cargill   SA            networks.                                                                                  2

                                                                                                      LogLogic is the leader in log and security management solutions. LogLogic
                                                                                                      solutions provide visibility and control to any IT infrastructure so that organizations
                                                                                                      can significantly improve security, compliance and network performance.
                                                                                                      LogLogic‘s open log management platform enables customers to collect, search
                                                                                                      and store massive amounts of IT log data, through one convenient, easy-to-use
Loglogic                                     Sequoia                        web-based user console
                                                                                               loopt is a revolutionary ‗social mapping‘ service that aims to change the way
                                                                                               people use mobile phones to keep in touch with their friends. loopt uses GPS (and
                                                                                               other location technology) to show you where your friends are by automatically
                                                                                               updating maps on your mobile handset. The most frequent text message in the
                                                                                               world is ‗Where R U?‘ loopt answers that question. The founder of Loopt is Sam
Loopt                 Mountain View, CA      Sequoia

                                                                                               Lumeta provides large enterprises and government agencies with network
                                                                    DFJ, New                   assurance solutions that allow them to balance the constant forces of network
                                                                    Venture                    change, with risk management and compliance imperatives. By measuring the
                                                                    Partners, RBC,             impact of change on risk and availability, Lumeta helps clients successfully keep
Lumeta               Somerset, NJ           Wachovia                   pace with the demands of business and IT challenges                                    2

                                                                                               MANDIANT is Intelligent Information Security. Intelligent Information Security is
                                                                                               educated, certified and experienced professionals solving complex security issues
                                                                                               in a manner whereby organizations know they are spending their IT budgets
                                                                                               wisely. MANDIANT offers elite proactive and responsive security services and
                                                                                               education to the financial service sector, legal community, government agencies,
Mandiant           Alexandria, VA                                    and many other domestic and international clients                                      2

                                                                                               Mocana securely enables Internet-scale applications and services for connected
                                                                                               devices. Mocana's industry-leading infrastructure software solutions ensure that
                                                                                               wired and wireless devices, networks and services perform and scale with the
                                                                                               utmost security – a necessary foundation for a networked society. Customers
                                                                    Shata                      include Dell, Cisco, Avaya, Nortel Networks, Harris, Honeywell, Symbol,
Mocana               San Fransico, CA       Ventures         SCM, CI   and Radvision, among others                                                            2

                                                                                               MX Logic Inc. is a leading managed security services provider of email and Web
                                                                                               security services. MX Logic‘s patented technology and commitment to creating
                                                                                               the most user-friendly security solutions in the industry make MX Logic the
                                                                                               appropriate choice for businesses that want enterprise-grade service and
mxLogic             Englewood, CO          Utah Ventures              performance without enterprise-level complexity and cost.                              2

                                                                                               Narus is the only software company that provides security, intercept and traffic
                                                                                               management solutions within a single, flexible system. With Narus, service
                                                                    American                   providers, governments and large enterprises around the world can immediately
                                                                    Capital,                   detect, analyze, mitigate and target any unwanted, unwarranted or malicious
                                                                    Mayfield,                  traffic. Narus solutions provide its customers with complete, real-time insight into
                                                                    JPMorgan                   all of their IP traffic from the network to the applications, enabling customers to
Narus                 Mountain View, CA      Partners         SA, CI    take the most appropriate actions quickly                                              4

                                                                                               leading provider of agentless security risk and compliance management solutions.
                                                                                               Proactive security solutions to identify, measure, manage and reduce security risk
nCircle             San Francisco, CA      Menlo                      and automate compliance on their networks.                                             4

                                                                                               The Nemean system is a distributed monitoring platform composed of sensors
                                                                                               and monitors that can be scaled to meet the needs of any size enterprise. The
                                                                                               sensor component applies Nemean‘s patented behavior-aware signatures to live
                                                                                               traffic streams to detect malicious activity with unprecedented accuracy. An
                                                                                               optional local honeynet provides the ultimate ability to customize and refine attack
                                                                                               detection for your enterprise. The database component receives data from local
                                                                                               sensors and honeynets and makes all Nemean information available through our
Nemean Networks   Madison, WI            Badget Angel     SA        unique GUI and web services.                                                           4

                                                                                               Neokinetics Corporation, an emerging software security company, offers the
                                                                                               world's most advanced Behaviormetric identification technologies, to identify and
                                                                                               protect your customers and your business from electronic theft and fraud. The
                                                                                               company's solutions are easily integrated into existing security environments and
                                                                                               provide instantaneous authentication of individuals and events, via a proprietary
neokinetics      Coeur d'Alene, Idaho                    CI        behavioral scoring platform                                                            3

                                                                                               netForensics security compliance management solutions help stop the security
                                                                                               attacks—increasing in number and sophistication—that threaten organizations
                                                                                               today. We pioneered security information management (SIM) in 1999 and today,
                                                                                               we deliver the most comprehensive security decision support available, backed by
                                                                                               our powerful, patented SIM platform. But netForensics doesn‘t just solve security
                                                                                               compliance challenges—we provide the proof needed to address the myriad of
Net Forensics     Edison, NJ             Storm                      regulatory and internal governance requirements.                                       2

                                                                                               Net Optics is the global leader in passive monitoring access for security and
                                                                                               network management applications. Our innovative family of hardware products
                                                                                               enables companies to access and monitor their network using the latest Intrusion
                                                                                               Detection and Prevention Systems, Protocol Analyzers, and Network Probes. Our
                                                                                               products enable customers to have 24/7 passive network access and 100%
NetOptics         Santa clara, CA                         SA        visibility without ever introducing a point of failure                                 2
Network Chemistry            Palo Alto, CA                                     Paglo is the world's first search engine for IT. Think "Google for IT                  1

                                                                                               NeuralIQ was founded in 2004 on the principle that information security is an
                                                                                               evolutionary arms race and that the key to victory is adaptability. Marked by a
                                                                                               passion for meeting unconventional threats with unconventional technology,
                                                                                               NeuralIQ provides network counter-intelligence and operational agility in dynamic,
                                                                                               often hostile, computing environments.
NeuralIQ           Santa Monica, CA                        CI                                                                                               2

                                                                                                          NIKSUN‘s revolutionary approach is similar to having a ―Camera on the
                                                                                                          Network™‖, with intelligence built into the camera for real-time motion analysis.
                                                                                                          By leveraging techniques and methodologies from various fields such as chaos
                                                                                                          theory, fractal analytics, data warehousing and mining, the company has
                                                                                                          completely revolutionized how networks, applications and services are secured
                                                                                                          and managed. NIKSUN's innovative use of seemingly disparate, yet interrelated,
                                                                                                          scientific disciplines to solve complex security and network problems has
                                                                                                          introduced high standards of scalability and efficiency within network monitoring
NikSun                           Monmouth, NJ                                     and incident response models                                                              2
                                                                                                          nuBridges is a leading provider of software and services that protect sensitive
                                                                                                          data at rest or in transit, and perform digital information exchange inside or
                                                                                                          outside the firewall with end-to-end control, security and visibility. Enterprises
                                                                                            Special       trust nuBridges to accelerate business cycles, cut operating costs and reduce
Nubridges                     Atlanta, GA         Noro-Moseley   Comms         risk.                                                                                     4

                                                                                                          OpenDNS provides free security and infrastructure services that make the
                                                                                                          Internet safer through integrated Web content filtering, anti-phishing and DNS.
OpenDNS                         San Francisoc, CA   Sequoia
                                                                                                          PacketMotion is a provider of security and compliance solutions for the Fortune
                                                                                                          2000. The company enables IT professionals to see and control transactions on
                                                                                                          their networks in real time thereby safeguarding businesses against security
PacketMotion                San Jose, CA        MDV            SA            threats.                                                                                  3
Palamida                       San Francisco, CA   Walden,        SCM, CI       open source software application security solution                                        4

                                                                                                           firewall by enabling unprecedented visibility and control of applications and
                                                                                                          content – by user, not just IP address – at up to 10Gbps with no performance
                                                                                                          degradation. Based on patent-pending App-ID™ technology, our next generation
                                                                                                          firewalls accurately identify applications – regardless of port, protocol, evasive
                                                                                                          tactic or SSL encryption – and scan content to stop threats and prevent data
                                                                                                          leakage. Enterprises can for the first time embrace Web 2.0 and maintain
                                                                                                          complete visibility and control, while significantly reducing total cost of ownership
Palo Alto Networks            Sunnyvale, CA       Greylock       IPS, IDS      through device consolidation                                                              4
Pareto Networks

                                                                                                          We currently offer two products: Palantir Government and Palantir Finance. Both
                                                                                                          are platforms for integrating, visualizing, and analyzing the world‘s information.
                                                                                                          We support many kinds of data including structured, unstructured, relational,
                                                                                                          temporal, and geospatial. Our products are built for real analysis with a focus on
Pilantir                   Palo Alto, CA                                    security, scalability, ease of use, and collaboration                                     5

                                                                                                      Proofpoint provides unified email security and data loss prevention solutions for
                                                                                                      enterprises, universities, government organizations and ISPs to defend against
                                                                                                      inbound threats such as spam and viruses, prevent leaks of confidential and
                                                                                                      private information across all protocols, encrypt sensitive emails and analyze
                                                                                                      messaging infrastructures. Proofpoint‘s products are controlled by a single
                                                                                                      management and policy console and are powered by Proofpoint MLX™
                                                                                                      technology, an advanced machine learning system developed by Proofpoint
                                                                                           Special    scientists and engineers. Proofpoint provides the most scalable and flexible
                                                                                           Comms, SA, deployment model including: hardware appliance, virtual appliance, hosted
Proofpoint                   Sunnyvale, CA       Meritech, MDV CI         services and software.                                                                        4
                                                                                                      Improved and repeatable security process that is required in today's world of
                                                                                                      cmplex network threats and government oversight. Qdar provides an organization
                                                                                                      centralized security best practices required to meet specific government
Q1Labs                           Waltham, MA         Menlo                    regulations.                                                                                  3
                                                                                                      Develops multi-mode radio tranceivers for cell phones.
Quorumsystems               San Diego, CA       KPCB

                                                                                                          Radiant Logic, Inc. is the leading provider of virtual directory solutions for identity
                                                                                                          management and enterprise information integration. The RadiantOne™ Identity
                                                                                                          and Context Virtualization Platform is being utilized by Fortune 500 corporations to
                                                                                                          provide virtual access to any applications and data sources for authentication,
                                                                                                          authorization, profile and personalization data, for portals, and services
Radiant Logic   Novato, CA                                       provisioning for application integration projects.                                        3

                                                                                                          RedSeal Systems is the leading vendor of Security Risk Management software.
                                                                                                          RedSeal integrates data from multiple disjointed security tools, providing you with
                                                                                                          an in-depth understanding of your overall security posture, actionable steps for
                                                                             Venrock,                     risk remediation and metrics to demonstrate progress. By bridging organizational
                                                                             Sutter Hill,                 silos and evaluating your entire computing infrastructure, RedSeal enables you to
                                                                             Leapfrog,                    effectively secure your critical business assets, maintain regulatory compliance
Redseal                         San Mateo, CA       JAFCO                        and gain the greatest benefit from your existing security spending.                       4
Rohati                           Sunnyvale, CA       Foundation
                                                                                         SecureInfo specializes in securing computer networks for commercial and military
                                                                                         sectors. The company provides training on information security systems and
                                                                                         offers software products for security compliance management and vulnerability
                                                                                         management. SecureInfo expanded its security software offerings by acquiring
                                                                                         Spirian Technologies in 2003. SecureInfo's clients include Veterans
                                                                                         Administration, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense,
                                                                  Insight                General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman. The company also has an office in
SecureInfo        San Antonio, TX     Ventures               Washington, D.C. and a research and development facility in Austin, Texas                   2

                                                                                         SenSage, Inc. offers enterprise event data warehouse solutions for security,
                                                                                         compliance and systems management. Over 250 customers have deployed
                                                                                         SenSage solutions to mitigate risks associated with insider threats, implement log
                                                                                         management, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and maintain system
                                                                                         availability by providing faster, more granular analysis of privileged user behavior
                                                                                         and analyzing anomalies across network, system and application activity. Based
                                                                  Canaan,                in San Francisco, the company markets its solutions directly and through
                                                                  Sierra, Mitsui,        partners, including Cerner, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM,
Sensage              San Francisoc, CA   Battery           SA   Intec Billing Systems, Lockheed Martin and Tokyo Electron.                                  2
                                                                                         data storage and retreival requirements by changing the rules of data protection.
                                                                                         Disk-based solutions that are intelligent, reliable and reduce storage, management
Sepaton              Marlboro, MA        Menlo                  and recovery costs.

                                                                                         Sipera Systems, Inc., the leader in pure security for VoIP, mobile and multimedia
                                                                                         communications, enables enterprises and operators to protect end users and
                                                                                         network infrastructures from potentially catastrophic attacks, misuse, and abuse
                                                                                         of real-time, session-based protocols.
Sipera               Richardson, TX      Sequoia

                                                                                         Solera Networks products enable complete visibility into network traffic. They
                                                                                         improve network security, management, and forensics and compliance
                                                                                         capabilities by providing a complete historical record of all network activity through
                                                                                         network forensics technology. This results in full visibility of all traffic crossing the
                                                                                         network—think of it as TiVo® for your network, except that Solera Networks
Solera Networks   Lindon, UT                                 records every channel, every program, all the time.                                         2

                                                                                         Solidcore has been granted a patent for its combined dynamic whitelisting, host
                                                                                         intrusion prevention and continuous file integrity monitoring technology that
                                                                                         shortens the time, simplifies the effort, and lowers the cost for assuring system
                                                                                         integrity and verifying compliance. Solidcore also pioneered automated change
                                                                                         policy enforcement technology that prevents unwanted and unauthorized changes
                                                                                         from occurring. Solidcore captures critical change detail in real-time, including
                                                                                         "who" is making changes, "what" is being changed, "when" change is occurring,
                                                                                         and "how" the change was made. These capabilities give organizations the
Solidcore          Palo Alto, CA       Matrix            SA   assurance that deployed systems are always in a known and verified state.                   3
                                                                                         Develops and sells telcom equipment for carriers that provides voicemail, voice-
                                                                                         value add services, signaling and security solutions.
SS8 networks              San Jose, CA        KPCB

                                                                                         The Stoke Session Exchange (SSX) is the industry's leading mobile broadband
                                                                                         multi-function gateway designed from inception for stateful management of tens-to-
                                                                                         hundreds of thousands of secure, reliable, high-quality subscriber sessions over
Stoke                  Santa clara, CA     KPCB                   multiple network access types including Femtocells, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and 3G.

                                                                                         StrongMail‘s online marketing solutions for email and social media enable
                                                                                         businesses to reach, engage and influence their target audience using two of the
                                                                                         most powerful channels available to marketers today. StrongMail gives email
                                                                                         marketers the control and support they need to improve campaign performance,
                                                                                         boost deliverability and lower costs, while leveraging the power of social media to
                                                                                         extend the reach of existing campaigns to new audiences.
Strongmail Systems       Redwood City. CA    Sequoia

                                                                                         consulting and technical services firm specializing in computer forensics; cyber-
                                                                                         crime response; private investigations; and the preservation, analysis and
                                                                                         production of electronic data from single hard drives to complex corporate
                                                                                         networks. Typically, we perform this work in the context of civil litigation, criminal
                                                                                         and regulatory matters, and internal corporate investigations. Our methodology —
                                                                                         which brings technology, law, investigative experience and behavioral science to
                                                                                         bear while providing assurance to all parties — has made us the firm of choice in
                                                                                         the areas of our expertise. Based upon our expert analysis of electronic data and
                                                                                         the results of our investigation, Stroz Friedberg provides objective, comprehensive
                                                                                         answers upon which our clients can rely in critical and routine matters, with the
                                                                                         assurance that our reports and testimony will withstand the scrutiny of opposing
Stroz Frieberg         NYC, NY                                    counsel and experts, courts, and the government.                                            2

                                                                  Technology             ThreatMetrix profiles the device used in an online transaction to determine
                                                                  Venture                whether a website visitor is a fraudster or a returning customer. ThreatMetrix
                                                                  Partners, CM           stops fraud at the first attempt wherever and whenever it occurs—new account
ThreatMetrix     Los Altos, CA       Capital,               creation, account takeover, and online purchases.                                           3
                                                                                   VANTOS is singularly and passionately focused on being the global leader in the
                                                                                   Enterprise Investigation Management market. From minor office misconduct to
                                                                                   international financial crimes, companies can spend millions of dollars conducting
                                                                                   workplace investigations. Employees misuse expense accounts for personal use.
                                                                                   Managers divulge proprietary, confidential information. Accounting fudges end-of-
                                                                OVP, Fluke,        the-quarter numbers. Executives create offshore shell companies to transfer debt
Vantos               Seattle, WA        Altus              off the books. The list of potential fraud and misconduct goes on and on                     3

                                                                                   Vernier Networks offers the industry's first adaptive security products for wired
                                                                                   and wireless networks that enable enterprises to assure business continuity.
                                                                                   Vernier's products proactively protect enterprise networks from increasingly
                                                                                   complex attacks, actively resolve intrusions, while continually adapting network
Vernier Networks   Moutain View, CA   Utah Ventures SA   security policy to protect against future threats.                                           3
Voltage             Palo Alto, CA      Menlo              provider of information encryption                                                           2
whrrl                Seattle, WA        KPCB                   Mobile community-based search and discovery application.

                                                                                   Xceedium is a premier provider of solutions for containment, control and tracking
                                                                                   of technical users who manage or work in mission critical infrastructures. Large
                                                                Arrowpath,         Fortune 500 and government clients have deployed the Xceedium GateKeeper to
Xceedium           Jersey City, NJ    Nationwide    SA   balance IT governance requirements with the need for operational efficiency.                 3

                                                                                   Xsigo Systems has developed the industry's first hardware-based solution that's
                                                                                   purpose-built to virtualize I/O. Xsigo helps IT directors manage infrastructure
                                                                                   quickly, precisely, and easily. I/O can be deployed when and where it's
Xsingo systems            Sunnyvale, CA      KPCB               needed—in seconds, rather than days or weeks.

                                                                                   Founded in 2006 Zafesoft provides solutions that secure the content in sensitive
                                                                                   files, with security that cascades copy and paste iterations, as well as proliferation
                                                                                   onto heterogeneous media such as hard drives, server, USB, CD and emails etc.,
                                                                                   while maintaining a transparent non restrictive user interface with the users. Easy
                                                                                   to use, in the background security.
Zafesoft           San Jose, CA                                                                                                                       4

                                                                                   The company's Peakflow system is designed to recognize and respond to
                                                                                   network threats such as denial of service attacks. Its eSeries products enable
                                                                                   network traffic monitoring and routing, among other tasks. Arbor's customers
                                                                                   come from industries including financial services, telecommunications, and
                                                                                   education. Clients have included Harvard University, Cox Communications, and
                                                                                   Comerica. Arbor has international sales offices in Europe and Asia. The company
                                                                                   was founded in 2000 and has received funding from Battery Ventures, Thomas
Arbor Networks     Chelmsford, MA                        Weisel Venture Partners, and Cisco Systems.

                                                                                   The company's products enhance the security features that Internet data centers
                                                                                   offer to their enterprise customers. Its hardware platform enables customers to
                                                                                   manage security systems from a single unit by consolidating firewall, virtual
                                                                                   private network (VPN), intrusion detection, network gateways, and other
                                                                                   functions. Crossbeam also offers network management software. Its customers
                                                                                   have included AT&T, GlaxoSmithKline, Baylor University, and H&R Block.
                                                                                   Crossbeam was founded in 2000 by former company executive Throop Wilder
Crossbeam         Boxborough, MA                        and other investors.

                                                                                   The company provides network devices used to consolidate services and manage
                                                                                   tasks such as security, routing, and packet processing. The Bivio architecture lets
                                                                                   network managers "shift on the fly" with different tasks; employing a secure Linux-
                                                                                   based operating system, the Bivio device has a number of widely used
                                                                                   applications ported to the box. Bivio sells its device to companies that incorporate
                                                                                   it into their products, such as computer system manufacturers, network system
                                                                                   vendors, software firms, and system integrators. The company was founded in
Bivio Networks             Pleasanton, CA                        2000

                                                                                   Verint Systems Inc. (Verint) is a provider of Actionable Intelligence solutions and
                                                                                   value-added services. Approximately 10,000 organizations in over 150 countries
                                                                                   use Verint solutions to capture, distill, and analyze complex and underused
                                                                                   information sources, such as voice, video, and unstructured text. It operates in
                                                                                   three segments: Workforce Optimization, Video Intelligence and Communications
                                                                                   Intelligence. In Workforce Optimization segment, the Company is a provider of
                                                                                   enterprise workforce optimization software and services. In Video Intelligence
                                                                                   segment, the Company is a provider of networked IP video solutions designed to
                                                                                   optimize security and enhance operations. In Communications Intelligence
                                                                                   segment, the Company is a provider of communications intelligence and
Verint                Melville, NY                          investigative solutions                                                             public

                                                                                   Vobile Content Identification Platform uses patented breakthrough VideoDNA
                                                                                   technology for fast and accurate video and audio content identification. This
                                                                                   powerful, scalable platform - backed by the industry‘s largest owner-approved
                                                                                   content registry - supports a wide range of applications. While all stakeholders in
                                                                                   the digital video value-chain benefit from our technology, we currently offer
                                                                                   solutions for content owners and online video publishers.
Vobile Inc         Santa clara, CA    Steamboat
                                                                                           Today, Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) operates International Business Exchange™
                                                                                           (IBX®) data centers in 35 markets across 11 countries in North America, Europe,
                                                                                           and Asia-Pacific. Global enterprises, content and financial companies, and
                                                                                           network services providers rely upon Equinix‘s insight and expertise to protect
                                                                                           and connect their most valued information assets. The ideas on which we were
                                                                                           founded remain just as true today in our mission to ensure the vitality of an ever
Equinix                    Foster City, CA      Public            growing, information-driven world.                                                 Alt to Terremark in Asia, CEO USMA grad
                                                                                           Crowd sourcing data analysis - helps identify some of the best quants at modeling
Kaggle                      Australia, I think                     and data analysis
Offensive Security                                          Training courses on attacks

                                                                                           Splunk was born out of our founders' frustration running some of the worlds
                                                                         Ignition          largest IT infrastructures. Using state-of-the-art IT management tools, they found
                                                                         Partners,         it nearly impossible to locate the root cause of problems, investigate security
                                                                         August Capital,   attacks and assemble all the data required for compliance audits. Their conclusion
                                                                         JK&B Sevin        was that the silo approach to managing IT with separate tools for every technology
Splunk                      San Francisoc, CA    Rosen             and IT function was cumbersome, costly and didn't scale.

                                                                                           Rapid7 has broken new ground as an industry pioneer within the security market
                                                                                           for years, providing the industry's first solution that truly unifies network security,
                                                                                           web application security and database security into a single framework. We've
                                                                                           been at the forefront of the unified vulnerability management revolution and have
                                                                                           the results to prove it. We are the world's fastest growing vulnerability
                                                                                           management company with nearly 800% growth over the last 3 years, the 7th
                                                                         Bain Capital      fastest security company in the U.S. and a have been recognized with numerous
Rapid7                      Boston, MA           Ventures          prestigious awards.                                                                       No Federal

                                                                                           Red Lambda, Inc., based in Orlando, Florida, is a leader in grid-based and identity-
                                                                                           aware network security software for enterprise, education, government and
                                                                                           service provider organizations. The company's lauded AppIron Grid Platform
                                                                                           organizes dedicated or unutilized computing resources into a private Cloud with
                                                                                           supercomputer capabilities for running its Integrity and FireGrid family of identity-
Red Lambda               Longwood, FL                           aware Virtual Grid Appliances.
Saint Corporation     Bethesda, MD                           Vunerability Scanning and Penetration Testing                                         Large DoD and Gov footprint

                                                                                           Today, modern enterprises face a plethora of technical, political and business
                                                                                           hurdles that make accurate security and compliance monitoring difficult and
                                                                                           costly. Tenable has pioneered and continues to innovate a unique Unified Security
                                                                                           Monitoring approach that is revolutionizing the way enterprises are monitoring
                                                                                           (i.e., gathering, evaluating, communicating and reporting) security and compliance
                                                                                           information. Tenable Network Security is the pioneer and leader of Unified
Tenable Network Security    Columbia, MD                           Security Monitoring.

                                                                                           SlimWare Utilities is a new, U.S.-based software company founded on the
                                                                                           premise that cloud computing and crowd-sourced applications will revolutionize
                                                                                           the performance of personal computers. Specifically, we provide consumers with
                                                                                           downloadable software and services that clean, repair, update and optimize
                                                                                           personal computers.

                                                                                           Our flagship products include SlimComputer, SlimCleaner and SlimDrivers. All
                                                                                           use the cloud and crowd-sourcing to gather input from IT professionals and make
                                                                                           unique, personalized decisions that improve a consumer‘s computer hardware
Slimware Utilities    D'Iberville, MS      Private           and software configurations.

                                                                                           VSS Monitoring is the world leader in traffic capture, allowing IT professionals to
                                                                                           see into the farthest reaches of even the largest networks, preventing problems
                                                                                           from reaching end users, and dramatically reducing the time to achieve a return
                                                                                           on investment for network monitoring and security tools.

                                                                                           Only VSS provides Distributed Traffic Capture, a systems-architecture technology
                                                                                           implemented by enterprises, government agencies, and carriers worldwide and
                                                                                           singled out by leading market analysts as the best way to achieve:
                                                                                           •Higher application availability: Up To 120% higher
                                                                                           •Lower labor costs for network management: As Much As 60% Less
                                                                                           •Lower monitoring costs overall: Up To 80% Lower
VSS monitoring        Burlingame, CA                         •Greater end-user protection: Up To 85% Greater*
White Oak Technology

                                                                                           MarkLogic Corporation is revolutionizing the way organizations leverage
                                                                                           information. Our flagship product is a purpose-built database for unstructured
                                                                                           information. Based on patented innovations, MarkLogic Server enables customers
                                                                                           in industries including media, government and financial services to develop and
                                                                                           deploy information applications at a fraction of the time and cost it takes with
Mark Logic               San Carlos, CA       Sequoia           conventional approaches.
             Company            URL                    HQ             VC   CNCI                             Description                               Rating

                                                                                  AOptix Technologies is the leading edge developer of advanced
                                                                                  iris recognition systems and free-space optical (FSO) laser
                                                                                  communications solutions using Adaptive Optics, an imagery
                                                                                  correction technology that compensates for motion and
                                                                                  atmospheric disturbances as they happen.
Aoptix                Campbell, CA       KPCB             Campbell, CA
                                                                                  Delivers next-generation video processing solutions that address
                                                                                  the complexities of the emerging personalized video delivery
RgbNetworks   Sunnyvale, CA         KPCB

                                                                                  iControl Networks is a technology and services innovator,
                                                                                  providing mass-market, next-gen home management and
                                                                                  monitoring solutions. Its user-friendly home solutions enable
                                                                                  people to stay connected in real-time to what matters most—their
                                                                                  family, property, home and business—anywhere, anytime over
                                                                                  email, mobile, web and other access points.
iControl            Palo Alto, CA      KPCB
                                                                                  Develops a high speed analog signal processor in CMOS
                                                                                  focused on communications applications increasing spectral and
                                                                                  power efficiency.
                                              Sunnyvale, CA      KPCB

                                                                                  Clickatell has been a leader in global mobile messaging
                                                                                  since 2000. Headquartered in Redwood Shores, California,
                                                                                  the company serves over 8,000 businesses worldwide. Its
                                                                                  global coverage of 600+ mobile networks in almost 200
                                                                                  countries makes Clickatell unlike any other SMS messaging
                                                                                  provider. Clickatell enables any business to better connect
                                                                                  and communicate with their customers,employees and
                                                                                  suppliers no matter where they are, with any message,
                                                                                  across any communication device.
Clickatell        Redwood Shores, CA Sequoia

                                                                                  Jasper Wireless provides the platform, applications, and design
                                                                                  services needed to profitably connect and manage devices
                                                                                  worldwide. Using the company‘s unique end-to-end solution,
                                                                                  network operators and enterprises can scale their deployment of
Jasper Wireless Sunnyvale, CA      Sequoia          connected devices quickly and profitably.

                                                                                  MobileIron was founded to bring simplicity to the chaos of
                                                                                  smartphones in the enterprise. Smartphones introduce security,
                                                                                  cost, and usability challenges that traditional mobile strategies
                                                                                  cannot address. Our approach is to simplify the problem by
                                                                                  moving smartphone data to the enterprise cloud. The MobileIron
                                                                                  Virtual Phone Platform lets CIOs get smartphone operations
                                                                                  under control quickly, reduce the monthly wireless bill, and
                                                                                  expand the end-user experience.
Mobile Iron       Mountainview, CA   Sequoia
                                                                             adBrite serves over 1 billion impressions a day on over 100,000
                                                                             sites. We have created a completely independent, transparent
                                                                             and effective advertising exchange platform, focused on
                                                                             maximizing ROI with sophisticated, unmatched targeting and
                                                                             optimization technology. Our dynamic pricing, Real Time Bidding
                                                                             and API functionality, combined with a self-service account           Targeting information, Behavioral of
                                                                             management interface, give our customers unparalleled access          people versus behavior of bots, access
AdBrite               San Francisco, CA   Sequoia   to superior campaign data and analytics                               to diverse set of click data bases
Rapleaf               San Francisco, CA
Atlas Universal Action Tag
Blippy                                      Sequoia

                                                                             Dropbox was founded by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi in
                                                                             2007, and received seed funding from Y Combinator. Today,
                                                                             Dropbox is well-funded by Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, and
                                                                             Amidzad. Since launching publicly in September of 2008, we've
                                                                             attracted millions of users and are growing rapidly. We've been
                                                                             featured in the New York Times and on TechCrunch, and have
                                                                             won awards from places like PC Magazine and CNET.

                                                                             Our passion is making a product that rocks and putting it in
                                                                             millions of people's hands.

                                                                             If you're interested in joining us, we're looking for more talented
                                                                             people to join the Dropbox team, so be sure to check out our jobs
                                                                             page.                                                                 CID#2 hashing and cross platform
Dropbox                                   Sequoia                                                                         architecture

                                                                             Loopt was formed in 2006 to build mobile applications that use
                                                                             location to help you enjoy the friends, places, and events around
                                                                             you right now.

                                                                             Today, Loopt offers a suite of mobile applications — Loopt, Loopt
                                                                             Star, Loopt Pulse for the iPad, and Loopt Mix, that run on over
                                                                             100 different phones and are enjoyed by more than 4 million

                                                                             In the view of the Loopt team, location changes everything! We
                                                                             are passionate about designing Apps that you‘ll love and find
                                                                             really useful when you‘re out and about with your phone.
Loopt                   Mountainview, CA    Sequoia
                                                                   The Nimble approach is based on the concept of converged
                                                                   storage, backup, and disaster recovery. It replaces an
                                                                   enterprise‘s expensive high-RPM drives with a hybrid architecture
                                                                   that combines high-performance flash memory with low-cost, high-
                                                                   density SATA drives. And by deploying a second Nimble array in
                                                      Sequoia,     an off-site location, enterprises of any size can now obtain a
                                                      Accel,       complete, cost-effective data protection solution incorporating
Nimble Storage San Jose, CA   Lightspeed   WAN-efficient primary-to-primary replication.                       CID #2

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