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					             Anniversary Issue

“Continuing the
     Social Relevance”
                                                                                Editorial Box
what’s inside                                                      EDITORIAL BOARD
                                                              MGEN JESSIE D DELLOSA AFP
4 About the Cover: “Pa-Saknong”                             BGEN NESTOR A AÑONUEVO AFP
5 Jungle Fighter’s Readiness with the New                             Vice Chairman
   AFP’s IPSP “Bayanihan”                                  COL JOSELITO M REYES OS (GSC) PA
                                                       COL CRISTOBAL N ZARAGOZA INF (GSC) PA
8 Commanders Post                                       LTC ERNEST MARC P ROSAL (MI) GSC PA
GAINS                                                   LTC EDMUNDO S SUFICIENCIA (QMS) PA
10 Building Leadership Capital                              LTC CONSOLITO P YECLA (INF) PA
14 Cooperation Management:                                     MAJ ROEL B EBREO (INF) PA
                                                              MAJ DONATO P JOSE (CHS) PA
   Engaging the Key Stakeholders                          1LT EVELYN N TOLENTINO (QMS) PA
18 Shaping Environment through                                          Members
   Community Organizing for Development
   and Security (CODAS)                                            EDITORIAL STAFF
20 Networking and Linkaging:                         LTC JOSE AUGUSTO V VILLAREAL (MI) GSC PA
   The Fruits of Labor                                                Editor-in-Chief
                                                      CPT JOVILY CARMEL D CABADING (INF) PA
22 2ID Environmental Protection                                       Managing Editor
   and Preservation                                     CPT NOREEN B CALAOAGAN (AGS) PA
OPINION                                                             Circulation Manager
24 Human Rights as the Essence                                 THADDEUS F DELLOSA
   of Armed Force’s Duty                                      Layout Artist/Chief, Photographer
   Hon. Loretta Ann P. Rosales, Chairman, CHR                 CPT DONALD L SIA-ED (INF) PA
27 Soldiers and Love of Country                          CPT CELESTE FRANK L SAYSON (INF) PA
   Fr. Romeo J. Intengan, SJ.                              CPT RAMON A GUALBERTO (INF) PA
28 Of Service and Family                                  1LT SANCHA ROSE T TIMBAL (QMS) PA
                                                            1LT MARIA RUSTIA N BAN-O (FS) PA
   LTC Ernest Marc P Rosal MI (GSC) PA                        1LT CENON C PANCITO (SC) PA
CENTERFOLD                                                             Contributors
30 The Achievers…The Peacekeepers…
        The Performers…                            Nicole M Bacolod                     Angelo Philip C Ongchua
                                                   Krimzee Rose G Deguito               Lovely L Nazareno
INSIDE POST                                        Carl Michelle T Ong                  Cpl Ronelio E Larita (Inf) PA
32 2ID Opens New Library, Museum &                 Cpl Orlino A Bumanglag Jr (Inf) PA   Cpl Ricardo O Jose Jr (Inf) PA
   9-Hole Golf Course                              Sgt Edgardo T Yadao (Inf) PA         PFC Carmelita M Pine (Inf) PA
34 2ID Conducts Command                            Pfc Rizaldy A Osio (Inf) PA          Pfc Patrick F Carnate (Inf) PA
                                                   Researchers                          Photographers
   Foot Marches and Sports Fest
36 2ID Supports Local Film Industry               Melanie R Frias • Ahrens I Ines • Pfc Didio N Peñano (Inf) PA
FEATURE                                                           Pvt Justine B Caratao (Inf) PA
38 The General’s Daughter:                                                    Artists
   Patricia F Dellosa                             The Jungle Post magazine, published quarterly by the 2nd
42 Seeing Through the Eyes                      Infantry (JUNGLE FIGHTER) Division, Philippine Army, is an
   of the General’s Wife:                       informational tool designed to keep its internal and external
   Mrs Annalie F Añonuevo                       audiences aware of the Command’s activities, administrative/
PICTORIALS                                      operational thrusts and unit’s accomplishment. This publication
46 Sports and Sportsmanship                     can also be used to present novel ideas related to the soldier’s
48 Come Visit 2ID:                              service to our country and people.
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54 “Daang Matuwid”
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56 Fun Page
58 Mindgames                                           Some articles have been edited to meet the space
BACK COVER - Anniversary Salute                 requirement, others have been withheld to conform with the
                                                theme and as reserve articles for succeeding issues.
                                                                   Republic of the Philippines
                                                                 Department of National Defense
                                                                     O ce of the Secretary

                                                y warmest greetings and felicitations to the officers, men
                                                and women, and civilian employees of the 2nd Infantry
                                                (Jungle Fighter) Division, Philippine Army as you
                                           commemorate the proud of your 35th Founding Anniversary.

                                               The many commendable and laudable deeds and
                                           achievements of your Command are clearly reflected in the
                                           attainment of a great degree of peace, security and tranquility
                                           for our citizens in the Southern Tagalog region of our country.
                                           Through 35 years of devotion for the continuous accomplishment
                                           of your mission, you have rightfully earned the hugh regard and
         Voltaire T. Gazmin
                                           respect of our compatriots in the region.
                                               Your dedication to duty has been outstanding as you have
                                           relentlessly toiled to “win the peace” and endeavoured to create
                                           an ideal environment for development, progress and prosperity
                                           for our countrymen. I trust that you shall carry on with firm
                                           resolve and fervor to achieve your sworn commitment to our
                                           country and people.

                                               Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

                    Anniversary Issue
                                                                                           the c ver
                                                The cover depicts the AFP Internal Peace & Security Plan
                                         “BAYANIHAN” co-authored by other stakeholders in order to foster in
                                         them a sense of ownership. ‘Bayanihan’ is anchored on the government’s
                                         overall peace framework. As much as it is not the AFP’s Plan alone,
                                         ‘bayanihan’ does not exist in a vacuum . It is and must be done in
                                         conjunction and harmony with other government strategic policies for
                                         peace, security and development. It also entails that this plan is no longer
                                         geared towards defeating the enemy but are to be focused on more
                                         significant goal of winning the peace. At a glance, “IPSP BAYANIHAN”
                                         is a paradigm shift. It allows the AFP to embrace the broader frame of
 “Continuing the                         Human Security. Equal focus is given to its twin roles as protector of the
     Social Relevance”                   people and protector of the state. It also gives equal emphasis on the
                                         combat and non-combat dimensions of military operations.
Photo courtesy of Youth for a First World Philippines Initiative (YFWPI)

                                                              ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011    JUNGLE POST            3

                                             he Youth for a First World Philippines
                                             (YFWPI) conducted a consultative dialogue
                                             with the different local stakeholders of
                                       Tanay last March 30, 2011 at Camp Capinpin,
                                       Tanay Rizal. Members of YFWPI are known
                                       peace advocates who have been helping the 2nd
                                       Infantry Division, Philippine Army in its peace
                                       and development approaches for several years
                                       now. This partnership is aimed at identifying
                                       and bridging communication/information gaps
                                       between the military and the civilian populace.
                                       These identified gaps, if not addressed, usually
                                       resulted to a magnified cause and effect strife
                                       for social relevance.
                                           This quarter’s consultative dialogue is
                                       dubbed as “Pa-Saknong”. This is a tagalog term
                                       commonly used by the countryside farmers that
                                       means enjoining your neighbors to work together
                                       in the accomplishment of a specific objective.
                                           The dialogue culminated in a ‘bayanihan’
                                       picture taking with the following organizations to
                                       emphasize that indeed the ‘bayanihan’ spirit
                                       in 2ID is real and is ready to take the next

                                            •Youth for First World Philippines Initiative
                                             •Youth for Peace Advocacy Movement
                                              •Young Moro Professionals Network
                                               •Tanay Municipal Police Station
                                                •Regina Rica Vocation
                                                 •Christ Commission Fellowship
                                                   •Center for Moderate Muslim
                                                    •Daraitan National High School
                                                     •University of Rizal System
                                                      •Inst. of Creative Computer Tech.
                                                       •Katipunan Para sa Lupaing Ninuno
                                                       •Solis Construction
                                                       •Tanay Volunteer Nurses,
                                                        Doctors, Dentists
                                                        •Plaza Aldea Farmers Association

                           Jungle Fighter’s Readiness
            with the New AFP’s IPSP “Bayanihan”
                                    by Ltc Consolito P Yecla (INF) PA

    For decades, the AFP has been performing               military operations. In this strategy, the protection
the task of ensuring the internal peace and                of the civilians is given importance and value
security of the country by addressing the                  more than the dismantling of the enemy groups.
armed groups that threaten it. While gains have            The IPSP stresses the AFP’s stand to uphold and
undeniably been achieved by the AFP, it is widely          promote human rights at all times and to ensure
acknowledged that military solution alone cannot           local security and safety in ways that are carefully
solve insurgency because it is multi-faceted and           crafted to address the uniqueness and realities of
is not only confined on armed struggle. Hence,              the different communities of our country.
there is therefore a need for much broader and                 In the implementation of the new AFP IPSP
comprehensive approach to complement the                   through Southern Luzon Command, are the
peace initiatives in addressing the structural             Jungle Fighters ready with this new strategy to win
issues that fuel insurgency to thrive.                     the peace in Southern Tagalog Region? Initially,
        With this, the AFP is shifting its strategy from   the paradigm shift seemed something strange, a
“Winning the War” into “Winning the Peace” through         new stroke in a different direction and a need to
genuine and sincere efforts in winning the hearts          turn 180 degrees to accomplish our mission.
and minds of the populace. In the new Internal
Peace Security Plan (IPSP) of the AFP dubbed as
“Bayanihan” that guides the subordinate units in
planning for and contributing to the attainment
of internal peace and security in the country,
the AFP also recognizes the importance of
engaging other stakeholders, national
government agencies and local
government agencies, civil society
organizations and other community
based groups in promoting human
        IPSP “Bayanihan” is also
a people-centered security
strategy that places the welfare
of the people at the center of

                                                    ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011      JUNGLE POST               5
                                                                       Jungle Fighter’s Readiness...

    As we moved on with the implementation of        stakeholders support into a working framework
the new IPSP, however, we found ourselves using      which serve as guide of our tactical units in
the same tools in the non-combat dimensions          integrating the support of various stakeholders
of our operations even before “Bayanihan”            to “win the peace” in the area. The transformed
was crafted. In other words, we hit the ground       2ID Stakeholders Integration Framework is now
running with the implementation of the new IPSP      our integrating mechanism where the point of
“Bayanihan”. What we need to do is to increase       convergence between the people, government
the tempo of our operations and believe in our       and the AFP is the Peace and Order Council
tried and tested tools and concerns in the past to   (POC) at all levels. At present, our ITDS
“win the peace” in the area.                         Operators in cleared areas have established
    Through the years, 2ID has recognized the        robust ITDS structures within the barangays
importance of engaging other stakeholders,           under the Barangay Peace and Order Councils
youth development, environmental protection,         (BPOCs).
and other community relation activities. It is
through the realization of the importance of
mutual cooperation and experiences in “winning
the heart and mind of the masses” that paved the
way to the formulation of several people-oriented
approaches and initiatives that formed part of the
“2ID Best Practices – the Tools for Peace and
Development” which significantly reduced NPA
strength and influence in the barangays in the
region. Among the considerations which we can
say that we are in the best position to accomplish
our jobs are the following:
    First and foremost, the Jungle Fighter has
a stakeholder’s integration framework initially
applied in integrating the efforts of various
stakeholders in our Integrated Territorial
Defense System (ITDS). It translates the broad
strokes of the higher headquarters in integrating          2ID Stakeholder’s Integration Framework

                                                                     Jungle Fighter’s Readiness...

    Second, our merged Integrated Territorial       objective, even more emphasis has been given
Defense System – Integrated Area/Community          on non-combat dimension through employment
Public Security Plan (ITDS-IA/CPSP) is already      of Civil-Military Operations and the conduct of
within the Human Security Framework espoused        people-centered developmental programs like
by the AFP in its IPSP “Bayanihan”. The merged      Barangay Empowerment Seminars and Training,
ITDS-IA/CPSP has widened the scope of ITDS          Youth Leadership Summit, LAKBAY ARAL,
from one area which is counterinsurgency, into      Prevention of Guerilla Infiltration, Community
the economic and developmental concerns. The        Base Operations, Community Organizing
objective of ITDS is to preserve the gains of       for Development and Security, Community
clearing operations by effectively denying enemy    Development Squad and other community
expansion, incursion or re-entry of insurgents in   centered activities such as Ugnayan Sa Paaralan
the barangays. On the other hand, the IA/CPSP       and Ugnayan Sa Barangays and the likes.
objective is to make an area or a community safe,       In addition, the focus on the empowerment
secure, peaceful and progressive. Basically, its    of Local Government Units (LGU) is also given
fusion addresses the need for efficient human        primary consideration through the handing over
security framework in the AFP IPSP “Bayanihan”      of ISO Lead Role to Local Government Units
by providing a comprehensive alternative that       (LGU) which spells out the culmination of our
is not just limited to give our people freedom      internal peace and security operations in a
from fear but also freedom from wants. Jungle       province. At present, the ISO lead role in the
Fighters have also became catalysts for peace       provinces of Cavite, Marinduque and Romblon
and development on the area by empowering           were handed over to their respective PPOCs
the BPOC to resolve issues and address the          due to the reduction of local terrorists influence
economic and developmental concerns in              into an insignificant level in these areas, which
insurgency affected areas. Thus, we are in line     the local governments are already capable of
with the AFP’s intent of not only defeating the     handling. This capability is enhanced by the
enemy but also looking at the impact and long       Division to ensure that the ISO lead role in all
term effect of operations in the way of life and    affected areas will ultimately be handed over to
well-being of the people.                           the LGU as planned.
    Lastly,    the   operational     methodology        It can then be summarized that the
which the Command has been implementing             Division has long started the new campaign
ever since is already aligned with Higher           with innovative concepts and plans that fit the
Headquarters concept of giving equal emphasis       essential requirements of the AFP’s new IPSP.
between combat and non-combat dimensions of         Our past experiences set the Command to hit
operations. It also addresses both the red and      the ground running with the new “whole of nation
white areas with the right mix of activities to     approach” and people-centered campaign for
attain the final objective of having an area free    the succeeding years. Thus, the Jungle Fighters
of anti-people terrorist groups. To attain this     are ready to implement the new IPSP strategy.

                                               ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011    JUNGLE POST                7
                The 30th
             Commander of 2ID

                                  ungle Fighter’s new leader is Major General Jessie D.
                                  Dellosa, a member of the Philippine Military Academy
                                  “Matapat” Class of 1979. He assumed Command on
                                  30 July 2010 from Major General Jorge V. Segovia.
                                  MGen Dellosa is a well rounded officer who was
                        assigned to various sensitive posts in the Philippine Army and
                        the Armed Forces of the Philippines General Headquarters.
                        He was the Deputy Commander of the Central Command AFP;
                        the Commandant of Cadets of the Philippine Military Academy;
                        Brigade Commander of 302nd Infantry Brigade PA, the Deputy
                        Commander of the First Scout Ranger Regiment, Special
                        Operations Command PA; the Chief of Staff of the 4th Infantry
                        Division PA; the Deputy Commander and Operations Officer of
                        the Joint Task Force “COMET”; and the Commander of the 1st
                        Scout Ranger Battalion, First Scout Ranger Regiment, SOCOM,
                                His remarkable competencies are honed by his extensive
                        military trainings both local and abroad wherein he was always
                        on top of his classes. Among which are Intelligence Officer
                        Course, Scout Ranger Course, Military Scuba Diving Course,
                        Basic Airborne Course, United States Army Ranger Course,
                        Pathfinder Course, Air Assault Course, Counter Terrorist Action
                        Course, Hostage Rescue Training, Anti Terrorist Tactical FAS
                        Training , Infantry Officer Advance Course, Command and
                        General Staff Course in TRADOC, PA, Southeast Asia Peace
                        Keeping Operations in Bangladesh; and National Security
                        Strategic Studies in National Defence College, India.
                                His distinguished leadership and outstanding performance
                        of duty yielded successes in his tour of duty both in garrison and
                        in the field. He is a recipient of numerous awards. Most important
                        of these are three Distinguished Service Stars; two Gold Cross
                        Medals; two Outstanding Achievement Medals; six Bronze
                        Cross Medals, thirty six Military Merit Medals; sixteen Military
                        Commendation Medals; two Wounded Personnel Medals and
                        the most coveted PMAAA Cavalier Award for Combat Operation.
                                He is a Scuba Diver, a Sky Diver, a Scout Ranger, a
                        Counter Terrorist expert, a Hostage Crisis Management graduate
                        and an Advance Practical Shooter that distinguished him as one
                        of the first military professional shooters of the Armed Forces of
                        the Philippines.
                                He was born in Bacon, Sorsogon on January 20, 1957.
                        MGen Dellosa is happily married to former Miss Mary Rose
                        Fernandez and blessed with three kids; Thaddeus, Benjamin
                        and Patricia.

The 33rd Assistant
Division Commander
              GEN NESTOR A AÑONUEVO AFP assumed as
              the 33rd Assistant Division Commander of the
              2ND Infantry (Jungle Fighter) Division, Philippine
              Army on 01 November 2010. He is a member of
              the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1981.
  Prior to his designation, he served as the Assistant Chief of
  Staff for Operations G3, PA. Afterwhich, he was installed as
  the Commanding Officer of 201st Infantry Brigade, 2ID, PA.
  Other significant assignments he held were: Chief of Staff of
  2ID, PA; Chief of Unified Staff of Southern Luzon Command;
  Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, G3, SOCOM, PA;
  Battalion Commander of 26IB, 4ID, PA; Assistant Chief of
  Staff Operations, U3, CENTCOM, PA and Commanding Officer
  of Philippine battalion, Peace Keeping Force, United Nation
  Transitional Authority in East Timor.
         He has undergone several trainings both here and abroad
  which truly molded him to what he is today. Among which are
  the following: Basic Airborne Course in First Scout Ranger
  Regiment, PA; Field Artillery Officer Basic Course in Combat
  Arms School, TRACOM, PA and Command and General Staff
  Course in TRADOC, PA. Aside from having his Australian
  Military Familiarization Training, he also took Foreign Officer
  Tactical and Intelligence Course in Australia.
         Moreover, he has finished Unix Operating System
  Course at the NCR Corporation in 1990 and Executive Course
  on National Security at the National Defense College of the
         His     wholehearted     commitment,     innovativeness,
  progressive thinking and meritorious achievements as a military
  professional earned him the admiration of his men and fellow
  officers in the organization.
         An officer with distinction, BGEN AÑONUEVO is a
  recipient of numerous awards including three Distinguished
  Service Stars; Bronze Cross Medal; 2 Silver Wing Medals;
  Combat Kagitingan Medal; Gawad sa Kaunlaran; Sagisag
  ng Ulirang Kawal Award; 20 Military Merit Medals; 11 Military
  Commendation Medals; 2 Long Service Medals; Honor Graduate
  Award of CGSC and Best Deputy Commander Philippine Army
         His assignments, education and experiences gave him
  unyielding foundation in the fields of Intelligence, Combat
  Operations, and Civil-Military Operations.
         A family-oriented man and a God-centered individual,
  BGEN AÑONUEVO is happily married to Mrs Annalie F
  Añonuevo. They are blessed with two daughters; Noreen Ana &
  Noemi Ann and two sons; Nestor Amador and Norman Angelo.

               ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011   JUNGLE POST           9
            Building Leadership Capital
            Col Cornelio H Valencia Jr INF (GSC) PA
A key to the unit’s effectiveness in Quezon province under the command of Col Eduardo N Año (Inf) PA
is the continuous effort to develop the individual soldiers’ leadership capital. Like a savings account in
the bank, the unit builds a capital of goodwill, shared success, and commitment among the stakeholders
and the people it serves and protects. In the nature of any capital, a large base translates to increased
ISO capacities and operational effectiveness. As such, leadership capital is an enabler and capability

                                           Leadership Capital

    One cannot effectively wield influence in an        and enhancement among soldiers their people
area with military rank or authority as the sole       quotient, communicative skills, and an array of
leadership capital. The coercive power of arms is      community service expertise needed to address
effective and efficient; but it is only best used in    the various requirements of our clients for peace.
combat and war. The military as an organization        Externally, leadership capital is built through a
has learned that counter insurgency is patiently a     network of unit and personal linkages, either formal
process of building society; and at the center of it   or informal. It can also be done by simply tapping
all are the people. To effectively catalyze change     on the existing social capital in an area or the
and converge the diverse stakeholders’ resources       socio-cultural cohesion and personal investment
and capacities, the soldier needs a broad base of      of the locals to work for the improvement of their
leadership capital or the sum of various qualities     community.
and aspects that can influence and make things              The increase in the units’ leadership capital
happen.                                                is an impact of CMO objectives. Indeed, the
    Increasing the soldiers’ leadership capital        observance of our social responsibilities through
is both internal and external. Internal effort         Community Based Services and Projects (CBSP)
includes the enhancement of leadership qualities       has delivered basic services to conflict affected
like discipline, creativity in problem solving,        areas and at the same time institutionalized the
and initiative. It also includes development           soldiers’ leadership capital.

                                                                    Soldiers are Partners in
                                                                   Community Health Services
                                                       Building upon MEDCAP and DENCAP, other
                                                       health related activities were done to make
                                                       the branding stick. Soldiers were armed with
                                                       stethoscopes and manometers to take the blood
                                                       pressure of local residents whenever they conduct
                                                       barangay immersions. Likewise, soldiers carry
                                                       with them medicines, which can be dispensed to
                                                       impoverished locals. Excess medicines that need
                                                       prescription before issuance are given to the
                                                       Barangay Health Workers. Recently, the unit also
                                                       embarked on distributing first aid kits to selected
                                                       Elementary Schools. Indirect health related
                                                       activities include cleanliness and sanitation drives
                                                       conducted with the local residents.

                                                       Anchoring our goodwill capital on health was
                                                       deliberate as it remains as the biggest concern
                                                       of the people in the area. It delivers great social

                                                                          Building Leadership Capital

          Soldiers Support Youth Empowerment
Engaging the youth is the first step towards introducing to them the
real soldiers – their friend, protector, and ally. The second step is
participating in their activities and supporting their advocacies. The
unit started its youth advocacy with the regular conduct of Brigada
Eskwela, which endeared the soldiers to the teachers, parents
and children; Ugnayan sa Paaralan, which empowered youth to
advocate peace and the anti-drug campaign; ROTC Training to
teach military values, leadership, and skills; and the Youth For
Peace (YFP), which became partners in various CMO efforts.

         Soldiers Advocate Sustainable Environment
    Neglect of nature and its wanton use endangers the future of
Quezon. Its physical effects are now felt like in the recent dry spells
early this year, which affected farming and the supply of potable
water. Looking further back, the abuse of Lamon and Tayabas Bays
brought fewer and fewer catch of fish for small fishermen.
    Together with LGUs and NGOs, soldiers organized lectures to give
the people an in-depth understanding of global warming. Credible
resource speakers were invited to impart their knowledge so that
issues regarding environment will be addressed and explained in the
simplest ways possible. Taking care of the environment is the social
responsibility of everyone, taking into account that the environment
and the earth is where humanity is sheltered and safeguarded.

                                                ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011    JUNGLE POST              11
                                                                         Building Leadership Capital

 Soldiers are First Responders to Calamities and Disasters                   Social Positioning
The effective response of the 2nd Infantry “Jungle Fighter”            In time, the military has
Division during disasters and calamities has dramatically              developed a good image
increased credibility and confidence on the military. The soldiers’     defining the soldiers’ social
capability to quickly act in adverse and difficult situations was       value and utility in societal
                                                                       building. The people have
highlighted during the rescue and relief operations during the
                                                                       seen the military’s effort to
devastating landslides in the 1st District of Quezon in 2004.          transform into community
This was followed by the containment and prevention of typhoid         builders and advocates of
outbreak in Romblon in 2008. More recently, the soldiers’              peace. Indeed, today, soldiers
heroism was applauded in the rescue, relief and rehabilitation         enjoy a positive reputation
initiative during the onslaught of Typhoon Frank in 2008. In all       and more importantly a “high
these, the soldiers saved many lives and contributed much in           trust level” among the stake
the earlier return to normalcy and rehabilitation of the affected      holders of peace. These are
areas. The strategic impact institutionalized the monicker that        our strengths. These are our
                                                                       social competitive advantages.
the “Soldiers are First Responders to Calamities and Disasters”.       From these we build upon a
                                                                       bigger portfolio of leadership
In all these, the soldier displayed their concern on the welfare and   capital for more effectiveness
well-being of the people he serves. It showed to stakeholders          and greater relevance to the
that soldiers are their dependable partners even in times of           society.
crisis and emergencies.

                                                                          Building Leadership Capital

      Soldiers are Partners in Development
We bring to communities infrastructure projects
through the Army engineers. Under the Kalayaan
Barangays Program (KBP) the community through
Rapid Needs Assessment chooses the projects
they need. This is a far cry from the previous
system wherein government decides for the people
the projects for the community needs. As such,
KBP is one program that significantly increased
the soldier’s leadership capital at former conflict
affected areas.
    The turn-over of projects gave the community
ownership of the projects. As the community
became responsible for the upkeep and
maintenance of the projects, the barangay officials
were given an opportunity to exercise their
authority. The local councils were empowered to
resolve various consequential issues.
    As a result of all these, residents of barangay
beneficiaries have become more receptive of local
government programs. Confidence on government
increased. Hope was restored; people realized
that cooperating with government can bring a
better future. Certainly, KBP and the small scale
infrastructure projects demonstrated the soldiers’
transformation into community builders and
partners in development.

                                        Convergence: Bayanihan
    Insurgency is a multi-faceted problem that one members of the organization themselves. This in
sector could not singularly solve. In this line, one turn enhances the soldier’s role as stewards of
needs leadership capital to effectively converge the nation’s natural resources.
the diverse capacities and competing interests            As natural calamities become more fearsome
of stakeholders to a common endeavor – willing and devastating, the unit has gained numerous
support to ISO.                                       opportunities to respond effectively and quickly
    As we influenced convergence in Community to disaster prone areas. Coordination and good
Based Projects and Services, we gained popular relationship with various stakeholders have made
support and stirred their awareness on our these actions possible.
nation-building goals. Our active participation in        Finally, we believe in the huge impact of
community health services undeniably projected infrastructure projects in the community. In line
a positive image of the soldier’s desire to alleviate with this, we find ways to initiate small scale
the plight of his countrymen. Through youth projects that will endure for generations to come.
empowerment we earned the trust and confidence             These foregoing assertions are but a miniscule
of the younger generation, thereby denying the portion of the entire Philippine Army and the Armed
enemy of their most vital resource in their struggle Forces of the Philippines’ goal of eradicating the
to topple the duly-constituted government. On decades-old insurgency. Such endeavors will
the other hand, the unit’s efforts to advance remain goals if not for the leadership capital we
sustainable use of the environment has not only have painstakingly nurtured through the years.
led to a greater sense of environmental concern Peace and development will not be a distant
for the local community but also educated the reality at all.

                                                 ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011    JUNGLE POST               13
           Cooperation Management:
           Engaging the Key Stakeholders

                                          by 1Lt Ann Jay Lei M Ansino
               his dictum had been the practice of 202nd Infantry (Unifier) Brigade in involving the
               various stakeholders to address the causes of insurgency. It is a fact that military
               solution alone cannot put an end to Insurgency. Therefore, the unit dealt its mission
               by involving line agencies both government and non-government as well as civil
               society and NCOs as its key stakeholders through its “Cooperation Management
               Strategy”. A Stakeholder is defined as a person, group, or organization that has
direct or indirect stake in an organization because it can affect or be affected by the organization’s
actions, objectives, and policies (

                                   The following paradigm explains how
                                cooperation management works in this unit.
1. Specifics:                                         programs and projects. These programs and
        This     cooperation      management          projects then will be implemented through
strategy implements networking, linkaging,            linkaging by sharing organizational resources,
collaboration and coalition among the key             skilled manpower and equipment. By achieving
stakeholders. This strategy strongly advocates        both networking and linkaging, the course of
social cohesion, responsibility awareness,            collaboration was established that eventually
genuine peace and sustainable development.            fill the identified gaps in addressing objectives
It also enhances the non-traditional roles of the     of both AFP and its involved stakeholder.
military such as bridging role for government,
civil society, church and the private sector in       2. Engagement with Stakeholders.
giving social services to the people. Lastly, it
showcased how military support operations             a. Engagement with Religious Sectors
assisted the Government Line Agencies                       The unit engaged different Dioceses
in implementing peace and development                 in the AOR to present various programs
programs. Networking per se must ensure               and activities of the Brigade for Peace and
that unit’s objectives must coincide and not          Development in the Province in the whole
conflicting with key stakeholders defined             CALABARZON Region. Col Baladad himself

                                                                               Cooperation Management...

                                                                     COL BALADAD with Archbishop Arguelles exchanging
                                                                     ideas with one of the Bishops during the dialogue with
                                                                            the Archdiocese of Lipa Parish Priests

lectured unit’s plans and approaches with the         partnership in relief operations in cases of
current enemy violent and non-violent activities      disasters and tie-ups during seasonal church
in the Province for the priests’ information          activities like patronal fiestas celebration.
and awareness. He further elaborated the
Community Organizing for Development                  b. Engagement with League of Municipalities/
(CODE) Teams being deployed in different              Provincial Government
communities within the area for appreciation                 The Brigade ensures regular meetings
and possible tie-ups of activities. On 19 July        with Different Provincial Governors and
2010, Archdiocese of Lipa spearheaded by              Provincial Peace and Order Councils to
Most Rev Ramon C Arguelles, Archbishop of             continuously strengthen the linkaging and
Lipa City together with its 80 Parish Priests         lateral coordination regarding policies and
conducted said talks with 202Bde in St Francis        project implementation. Also, the Brigade was
De Sales Theological School, Brgy Marawoy,            able to complete the dialogue/forum different
Lipa City. It was followed by engagements with        League of Municipalities in Laguna, Batangas
Antipolo and Marikina (Rizal) Diocese, Infanta        and Rizal to further solicit support from Local
Diocese and recently 61 Parish Priests of             Chief Executives. With these efforts, the
Rizal on 21 February 2011 in Brgy San Isidro,         unit was able to gain Political Acceptance
Antipolo City. Significantly, collaborative           towards the soldiers, linkaging in project
projects with the church was realized like the        implementation and support for the Local
six-month feeding programs by the Diocesan            Social Integration Program for rebel returnees
Social Action Center and AFP CODE teams,              in Quezon, Rizal and Laguna provinces.

                                                   ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011    JUNGLE POST                           15
                                                                     Cooperation Management...

c. Engagement with Youth Sector                   with 23rd Reckon Company conducted series
                                                  of School Symposia to the following schools:
       The 202nd Infantry Brigade continuously
focused its efforts in the youth sector having    Bayside National High School
a vital role in peace and development in the      Looc National High School
region by initiating youth programs that is       Banadero National High School
Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) and School          Lecheria National High School
Symposiums coupled with Static and Kinetic        Lawa National High School
Displays.                                         Punta National High School
       Its maiden performance was conducted       Bubuyan National High School
in Headquarters 202nd Infantry Brigade, 2ID,      Majada National High School
PA, Brgy Antipolo, Rizal, Laguna during the       Palo National High School
celebration of National Heroes Day on 30 August   Camp Vicente Lim National High School
2010. The Kinetic Display was performed by        Buntog National High School
22nd Division Reconnaissance Company              Pulo National High School
followed by life testimonies of the soldiers on   Calamba National High School
how they risked their own lives to save the       Bungo National High School
Filipino people and to protect the community
against all threats. It was showcased to the             Generally, the engagement conducted
faculty and students of Dalubhasaan Lungsod       with the youth through YLS and Symposia
ng San Pablo and Crisostomo S Conducto            positively shifted the perception of the youth
Memorial National High School (CSCMNHS)           towards acceptance of the soldiers in the
in Rizal, Laguna. Due to its positive feedback    community. They were able to appreciate the
among the students, the unit expanded its         non-traditional roles depicted by the soldiers
sphere of presentation in Calamba City. Task      nowadays making them invulnerable for the
Group White Area of 202nd Infantry Brigade        recruitment of the enemy.

Cooperation Management...

d. Engagement with Indigenous People
        The Brigade was able to materialize
another innovation that is active engagement
with Indigenous People (IP) Community known
as Dumagats occupying in the hinterlands in
between the tri-boundaries of Rizal, Quezon
and Laguna. In order to clearly understand
their culture and to immerse into them, the Bde
conducted SOT-IP. It aims to interact with them
and to act as catalyst of Government services.
Another innovation is the conduct of YLS for
Indigenous People (IP) known as YLS-IP Youth
on 2-4 June 2010 at Headquarters 1st Infantry
Battalion, 2ID, PA, Brgy West Talaongan,
Cavinti, Laguna purposely to open avenues for
IPs of the opportunities a normal youth enjoyed
in the lowlands. They are being encouraged
with the perks they will have through education,
the richness of their culture and their roles in
nation building. As these linkaging progressed,
tribal leaders in the AOR already agreed to meet
with 202Bde in the upcoming Conduct of Tribal
Leaders Leadership Summit by April 2011.

                                                     e. Participation in Local Events
                                                             As part of strengthening unit’s
                                                     relations with its mission, 202nd Brigade
                                                     participated in the San Pablo City Coco
                                                     Festival Float Parade Competition held last
                                                     13 January 2011 bagging the grand prize
                                                     over its 11 contenders. The unit aimed
                                                     not to win but to showcase its existence
                                                     in the area by participating into significant
                                                     activities when necessary. The unit was
                                                     able to illustrate military imagery by its coco
                                                     combat boots that was awed and applauded
                                                     by the people during the said event.

3. Winding up
       Cooperation Management is a simple strategy that may be classified as “one-shot deal”.
Apart from its effect into the benefitted society, the benefactors themselves were able to achieve
their desired objectives. Being in the AFP, it is Our Urgent Task to be the catalyst of change.
We should not forego our non-traditional roles that are engaging Operations Other than War
as a tool in winning this less than half of the century insurgency we had. Thus, Cooperation
Management Strategy is an effective engagement strategy to involve all stakeholders in the
campaign plan Bayanihan. We cannot afford it all, but we can expand our sphere of influence to

                                              ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011   JUNGLE POST               17
            Shaping Environment through Community Organizing
            for Development and Security (CODAS)

Working together for better communities,
soldiers of 203rd Brigade help a Mangyan
in constructing his house in Barangay
Melgar Naujan Oriental Mindoro.

           he 203rd Infantry Brigade under Colonel     the Brigade had conducted recently. This includes
           Carlos F Quita mark another milestone       the construction of three footbridges, renovation
           in accomplishing its Internal Security      of dilapidated houses in Pinagsabangan I, Naujan
           Operations (ISO) mission within the         and the complete construction of 31 Mangyan
           provinces of Mindoro and Romblon            housing projects last 13 February 2010 to 30 July
Island. The brigade was able to focus its operations   2010 at Sitio Makapili, Barangay Melgar B, Naujan,
in massive Civil Military Operations in preparation    Oriental Mindoro that benefited 31 Mangyan
for the complete clearing of Mindoro Island.           Tadyawan families.
    The Brigade’s personnel are active with                 The project is a product of convergence of efforts
the community through alliance building and            and resources—Bayanihan. The land area (1/4
partnership. It gives emphasis on a common             hectares) was donated by Congressman Rodolfo
goal towards peace, security and development.          G. Valencia while all the construction materials
The Community Organizing for Development and           were provided by the Municipal Government and
Security (CODAS) or the “Bayanihan” concept is         willing partners of the brigade.
the brigade’s working paradigm. The involvement
of the Local Government Units, Local Government        Involving the Former Rebels
Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations,                 The brigade includes in its CODAS concept
Religious Groups, Businessmen Sector, other            the organization of former rebels for livelihood
sectors of society helped the success of its           enhancement in collaboration with the Malampaya
implementation.                                        Foundation and the local government Units of
    Its success is manifested by various projects      Oriental Mindoro. There were 34 former rebels

who attended the 5-day fish processing and                 Building last September 25 to 26, 2010 which
Integrated farming Bio-System (IFBS) training last        was attended by 35 SKMF Presidents. This
year at Agricultural Center, Nasucob, Bulalacao,          concept is a modified Youth Leadership Summit
Oriental Mindoro.                                         (YLS). Moreover, it complemented a series of
    Also, the Former Rebels and the municipal             activities like lectures on nationalism, leadership
government of Bulalacao organized peace rallies.          and responsible citizenship, Mangyan outreach
Likewise, the Brigade has been aggressive on              program, coastal clean-up, Leader’s Reaction
the implementation of Balik Lipunan Program for           Course, crossing of obstacle course, self defense,
surrendering rebels. The program also integrates          life testimony of a former rebel, intellectual games,
efforts and support from the Local Government             search for lakambini and lakan, poster making and
Units in the Province.                                    essay writing for different schools in the Province.

Landscaping and Housing for the Mangyans
    The CODAS concept includes “Landscaping
para sa Kalikasan at Kaunlaran (BLKK)”. The
program aims to share the Brigade’s advocacy;
on peace and development, partnership in
supporting community-based projects, enhancing
the good image of the AFP and other government
    The BLKK concept embarks on competitions
like the “District Best Medicinal Garden” and
“Best Brigada Eskwela”. During the contest,
Pinagsabangan I Elementary School in Naujan
was adjudged having the “Best Medical Garden” in
the entire district of Oriental Mindoro, and Benito
R Villar Memorial School in Baco was adjudged
as the “Best Brigada Eskwela”. Different schools
request for landscaping filed up after this event.       School Landscaping: 2ID soldiers aid schools in beautifying
                                                     their lawns to promote tourism and environmental consciousness.
There are many requests for the implementation
of BLKK. It has completed a 14 BLKK project while Way Ahead
there are still 15 pending requests.                     The Brigade is confident that it’s CODAS or
                                                    Bayanihan concept is an effective tool in shaping
Empowering the Local Leaders                        the operational environment, to pave the way in
    The brigade is also focused on the Orientation clearing its Area of Responsibility from Communist
and Leadership Training of Organization Leaders, Terrorists influence. This has proved its efficacy;
Sangguniang Kabataan (SK), Teachers and Mindorenos are seeing the significance of caring
Students Sectors through symposia. The brigade for environment and healthy living through having
had conducted 8 symposiums on Nationalism medicinal plants. Likewise, the houses it had
and Responsible Citizenship to 2,077 participants created for the Mangyan populace and other poor
from the different Universities/Colleges and High residents speak of this goodwill.
Schools of Naujan and Calapan City respectively.         All of this will only be materialized through
    In partnership with the Sangguniang Kabataan aggressive linkaging, facilitations and proper
Municipal Federation (SKMF) of Naujan, the training to its personnel and allies in the Bayanihan
brigade facilitated the SK Leadership and Team or CODAS concept.

                                                      ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011       JUNGLE POST                 19
          Networking and Linkaging ...

                            The Fruits of Labor...

           he Local Government Unit of         National Development Support Command
           Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro under   joined in the ceremonial ground breaking on
           Hon Ernilo C Villas, Municipal      the construction of school building is the result
           Mayor, ABS-CBN (Sagip Kapamilya     of one (1) unit two 2-classroom school building
           Foundation) represented by Ms       at So Upper Yunot, Brgy Nasucob, Bulalacao,
           Tina Monson Palma, Chairman         Oriental Mindoro on 01 March 2011.
of Sagip Kapamilya Foundation, Rotary Club           The said school building is a result
of Calapan, Mangyan Minorities and Armed       of an existing and effective “Bayanihan”
Forces of the Philippines headed by LTGEN      system among the LGU, NGO, AFP and other
ROLAND M DETABALI AFP, Commander               stakeholders to include our Mangyan Hanunuo
Southern Luzon Command and MGEN                Minorities. In addition, 203rd Brigade together
CARLOS B HOLGANZA AFP, Commander               with the Rotary Club of Calapan donated

                                                                        Networking and Linkaging

assorted books and school supplies to the           Bulalacao to address the needs of the less
students of Yunot Elementary School. The            fortunate individuals to include the Mangyan
Mangyan residents headed by Mr Ingay                Minorities” Palma said.
Basa, Sitio Leader together with Alpha                      The partnership of ABS-CBN Sagip
Company, 514th ECB, 51st EBDE under 1LT             Kapamilya Foundation, LGU-Bulalacao,
FRITZ T ANTIQUINA (CE) PA, Company                  Rotary Club of Calapan, the AFP and other
Commander and 4th Infantry (Scorpion)               stakeholders showed that the government
Battalion under the command of LTC                  and other organizations are working hand in
WILBUR C MAMAWAG INF (GSC) PA will                  hand in reaching out to the people in remote
be in-charged on the conduct of bayanihan           barangays to provide services and facilities
landscaping, engineering works, labor,              for the welfare of the less fortunate individuals
manpower and site security.                         to include the Mangyan Minorities. More
       Ms Tina Monson Palma, representative         importantly, this School Building project
of ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya Foundation               highlights the AFP Internal Peace & Security
explained to the Mangyan residents the              Plan “Bayanihan”.
role of AFP together and the local folks in                 With the deliberate effort of the AFP in
pursuing this project and the importance of         collaborating with the different agencies, the
“Bayanihan” system – a trait that Filipinos         people that the government is performing
are best known.                                     its constitutional mandate in uplifting their
       “This project is just the beginning of our   standard of living and placing education
strong partnership with the LGU-Bulalacao           as important in achieving peace and
and AFP. We will bring more projects here in        development.

                                                ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011    JUNGLE POST                  21
                     2ID Environmental Pro

     COL CARLOS QUITA INF (GSC) PA, Commander, 203rd Infantry Brigade with LTC WILBUR MAMAWAG INF (GSC)
     PA CO, 4IB, AFPRESCOM Reservist and other Troops/Civ Volunteers plant mangrove at Sitio Buqueti Island, Barangay
                               San Roque, Puerto Galera, Ormin last 5-6 March 2011.

               he 203rd Brigade intensifies its                were planted along the coastal areas of brgy
               campaign on the environmental                  San Roque. Moreover, 32 truck loads of white
               protection and preservation with in            sand were hauled and scattered along the
               AOR. Thousands of board feet of                beaches of Boquete Island.
               illegally cut lumbers were confiscated                  Other cause-oriented group also
     and within this year, 1,478 variety of seedlings         participated and witnessed the noble endeavor.
     were planted during the launching of the joint           Among which is the           Tourism Sectoral
     environmental awareness campaign of 203BDE               Coordinating Association (TOSCA) led by Engr
     and AFRESCOM. AFRESCOM was headed by                     Carlos Garcia and Mr Pedro Manonsong,
     LTC ERIC GARCHITORENA and LTC CARLOS                             Mr. Manonsong said that the 2-day
     BUENDIA. It was a two-day activity that entailed         clean-up drive was a very laudable activity and
     mangrove planting, seabed cleaning and crown             that needs to be sustained not only in Puerto
     of thorn hunting. It was participated in by team         Galera but also in other coastal municipalities
     of local divers, barangay folks from Barangay            of Mindoro Island as well.
     San Roque, Puerto Galera last March 5-6,                         The brigade commander said that
     2011. This project aims to protect the marine            the climate change/environmental problems
     ecosystem and subsequently spur tourism in               affecting the world that we live in need to be
     the area.                                                resolved through the concerted efforts of all
             More than 900 mangrove seedlings                 sectors of society.

otection and Preservation

 Intensifying environmental protection 2ID Commander
 is shown giving instructions to an officer while in the             Caring for Mother Nature, one of the 2ID Bikers Club cyclists is plant-
 background are pile of illegally cut logs recovered at Sierra     ing a tree after stopping in a tree planting site as one of the highlights of
 Madre Mountain Range.                                                the “Bike for Peace and Environmental Protection” bike fun run.

 A                                                                    T
             ssorted log fletches are discovered by troops                         he newly organized United Bikers of Rizal and
             floating along Agos 1 river in the vicinity of                        the 2nd Infantry Division in coordination with Mr.
             Manggahan, Brgy Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal last                          Sonny C. Varde, the President of Barras, Rizal,
             October 05, 2010. Soldiers from 2nd Infantry                         Cyclist Association Incorporated and Mr. Rodolfo
             Division’s 16th Infantry Battalion under Ltc. Noel                   Anievas, the President of Pililla Cycling Club
 J. Detoyato discovered these forest items while conducting
 combat patrol in the said area. The three piles of lumber            carried out a one day “Bike for Peace and Environmental
 fetches with an estimated volume of 30,000 board feet were           Protection” activity last 26 September 2010. The bikers
 suspected to be transported to Pacific Ocean where Agos               started the 30 kilometers route in Tanay Park and ended at
 1 River converges. The abandoned lumbers are worth 3                 Ynarez Multi- Purpose covered court in Pililla, Rizal. They
 million pesos at market value.                                       brought along flaglets and posters calling on synergy in
      The effort is one of 2ID’s thrusts, to protect the
 environment. This is one of the manifestations of the unit’s         protecting the Mother Nature, and stopped at designated
 extended advocacy with other stakeholders in Rizal Province          three planting sites to plant trees. The bikers received gifts in
 to protect the fast denuding forested areas of the province to       a raffle draw prepared by the facilitators on the culmination
 preempt disasters like flooding and landslides that occurred          of the activity.
 in the past years.                                                             The 2ID Commander Major General Jessie D.
      BGEN JESSIE D DELLOSA, the commander of 2ID
 is very serious in implementing this thrust to protect the           Dellosa is one among the bikers who spearheaded the
 environment. He supports any investigation that may lead             activity. He intends that the activity would foster friendship
 to those who are responsible behind these illegal activities         and instill deeper environmental concern among the
 and continue a careful watch especially along Sierra Madre           participants an the populace as well.

                                Law Enforcement                                                                       Advocacy
                                                                  ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011           JUNGLE POST                       23
                  OF THE ARMED FORCES’ DUTY
                  by: LORETTA ANN P. ROSALES, Chairperson, Commission on Human Rights

            wenty-five years ago, we Filipinos              it is the duty of every member of the military to
            proudly showed the world the principles        observe and protect the human rights of the
            and aspirations we value as a people.          people. It is the military’s obligation to serve the
            On February 25, 1986, millions of              people, with utmost competence, professionalism,
            people flooded the streets of EDSA and          and courtesy. As President Noynoy has said ,
declared “TAMA NA. SOBRA NA.” We promised                  “kayo, ang publiko, ang boss ko.” Human rights
ourselves never again should we allow our rights           should be at the core of all the operations of the
be spat at and trampled upon. Members of the               Armed Forces of the Philippines if it is to faithfully
military joined the ranks of the civilians and stood       adhere to its Constitutional mandate. Conversely,
up against the oppressive dictator. Together,              every violation of human rights coming from the
the civilians and the military, in a peaceful and          military is a violation of its sworn, Constitutional
bloodless fashion, ended the rule of one man and           duty.
ushered in the rebirth of Philippine democracy.                 I put great importance in engaging with the
     If there is one thing that the People Power           security sector for two particular reasons. First,
clearly stands for, it is that we as a people believe in   the security sector plays a very crucial role in
the supremacy of civilian authority over the military.     winning the peace through the paradigm shift
During Martial Law, Marcos used the military to            espoused by the new administration. This is a huge
cling to power and to perpetrate his atrocious             responsibility because in the ultimate analysis, the
crimes against the people. But with People Power,          peace process greatly affects the over-all human
we transferred complete control and authority over         rights situation in the country. Second, many
the state from the militaristic rule of Marcos to the      human rights violations are committed by rogue
civilian democratic institutions.                          members of the security sector. We need to admit
     People Power is all about the people. It can          this fact – it is only when we come to terms with
never be overemphasized that the reason we                 our frailties and shortcomings as individuals and
establish the State is for the benefit of the people.       as an organization that we become empowered
In other words, the people is the end all and be           to correct them and address systemic issues. It
all of the State. Thus, we proclaimed in our 1987          is for these two reasons that the CHR is doing
Constitution that sovereignty resides in the people        everything it can to reach out to the security sector.
and all government authority emanates from them.                But what is Human Rights anyway? Why
It is also the reason that we clearly defined the           should the military bother with it? Would human
mandate of the military: Article II Section 3 of the       rights be even relevant in the field of armed conflict
Constitution states that “The Armed Forces of the          where soldiers either kill their enemies or get killed
Philippines is the protector of the people and the         by them? Why do soldiers always get blamed for
State.” Note that the “people” comes first before           human rights violations, as if soldiers do not have
the “State.” This is an affirmation that it is us,          human rights that are also violated by other armed
the people, who established the Philippine State           groups? These are persistent questions, and we
because we want a people-centered society where            shall attempt to answer them.
the rights and freedoms of every human being are                Human rights are rights that every human
respected, protected and fulfilled.                         being has simply because she or he is human. The
     With this clear mandate in mind, the Armed            concept of human rights is based on the inherent
Forces of the Philippines should therefore be the          dignity of the human person. Because every human
foremost human rights advocate for human rights            being has intrinsic worth, every human person,
is the very essence of its profession. Simply put,         therefore, is born with equal and inalienable

                                                                                         Human Rights...

rights. In other words, these rights are not created   wars. This ugliest part of human history made us
or given by the State but are possessed by every       witnesses to the systematic murder of millions of
human being as soon as she or he comes to the          people and many other unspeakable, barbarous
world. These rights are universal, meaning all         acts, all of which resulted from a patent disregard
human beings in the world have them regardless         and contempt for human rights. With an outraged
of their sex, gender, skin color, race, nationality,   conscience, every nation stood together in 1945
social status, religion or political belief. These     and declared, “Never again.” The United Nations
rights are also interdependent, interrelated and       was then established, whose Charter reaffirmed
indivisible, meaning one human right is necessary      faith in the dignity and worth of the human person.
for the fulfilment of all the other human rights;       In 1948 all States signed and promulgated the
consequently, the violation of one human right will    Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Since
necessarily violate all the other human rights. No     then, governments around the world, including
one, neither state nor non-state actors, may curtail   the Philippines, have signed and ratified many
these rights except only under a small number of       international human rights covenants. With these
clearly defined situations that are strictly applied.   treaties, States legally obliged themselves to
    Human rights were not given much attention         respect, protect and fulfil human rights.
until we have experienced the scourge of two world

                                                  ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011    JUNGLE POST               25
     The military may feel it is unfair that its every   2. Prevent the commission of the same mistakes
action is rigorously put to the test of human rights.    by creating a culture of human rights within the
True, the military is under stricter scrutiny, but       military. Soldiers need to stop perceiving human
it is not unfair or unjust. The Armed Forces of          rights as a hindrance to the performance of their
the Philippines must be gauged by the highest            job, but rather as the essence of their duty. In
standards of honor and dignity, and rightly so,          times of armed conflict, soldiers should take to
for the military is neither the rebels who have no       heart the principles of distinction, necessity and
accountability to the people nor the scoundrels          proportionality. In handling detainees, soldiers
who use weapons for personal gains. No. The              should not torture them or subject them to
Armed Forces of the Philippines is the protector         other cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment
of the people and the State and we expect from           or punishment. Every soldier must be able to
our protectors full respect for human rights and         internalize the primacy of the welfare of every
nothing less.                                            human being, develop a sense of justice and
     I believe that there are many good women and        fairness, and practice self-discipline and leadership
men in the armed forces than there are violators         by example. All of us must treat every person with
of human rights in its ranks. The challenge for          deep regard for and in accordance with her or his
the armed forces is how to regain the trust and          human dignity.
confidence of the people. This will be possible if it
is able to effect meaningful and lasting change in       These are tall orders and certainly the AFP cannot
the way it conducts its operations. To do this, two      do all these on its own. It needs to cooperate
things are imperative:                                   with other stakeholders. I invite the AFP to further
1. Correct the mistakes of the past. As it does its      strengthen its linkages with the CHR. The CHR
mandate to protect the people and the State, the         does not exist to find-fault in the military; we are
AFP as an organizatioon must stand up against            here to help the military perform and remain true
those who violate human rights and humanitarian          to its duty. I also ask you to extend your linkages to
law in the guise of defending freedom and                other human rights defenders, for like the military,
democracy. It should not tolerate nor condone            they also fight for democracy and freedom.
anyone who shall break the rule of law; if it does,
the whole organization is not only as guilty as          The road to winning the peace is not one where
him or her, but it is also creating an environment       war is waged at every step of the way; it is not one
of impunity that will only ensure more violations        where the rule of law is supplanted by the rule of
in the future and the continuation of the armed          bullets and ammunitions; it is not one where sheer
conflict. Every soldier must be accountable.              brute force reigns supreme. The way to peace is
Every complaint for violation of human rights or         paved by the utmost respect for human dignity
IHL must be immediately investigated, properly           which manifests itself into full observance of
and impartially, with the end goal of ensuring           human rights and humanitarian law. Hinihikayat ko
transparent justice. If this is done faithfully, the     kayong lahat, sama-sama nating tahakin ang daan
Armed Forces of the Philippines will only become         tungo sa kapayapaan, kaunlaran, at karapatang
stronger, more professional and well respected.          pantao.

                  Soldiers and Love of Country
                                        by Fr. Romeo J. Intengan, S.J.

           ristiyano ako, kaya makabayan. “I am        Islam also approves of it. That is the sense I get
           a Christian, therefore I am a patriot.”     from conversing with my many Muslim friends and
           This is a motto I teach my students in      reading Islamic literature.
           my classes of Christian Social Ethics               Good soldiers embody and symbolize love
           at the Loyola School of Theology,           of country to the highest degree. Why ? Because
Ateneo de Manila University campus. I teach this       while it is true that all Christian believers are
because Christian faith includes patriotism. This      called to be patriots, soldiers are the ones who
is established teaching, at least in the Catholic      by profession and calling have put their lives at
Christian Church, having been taught by eminent        risk twenty-four hours a day and seven days a
theologians like Saint Thomas Aquinas, way back        week as they strive to defend our country from
in the 13th century, and accepted by the bishops,      external and internal enemies. This is especially
who are the bearers of official teaching authority.     true in the Philippines today, with ongoing
        What is patriotism? It is the reasonable and   insurgencies whose armed elements seek to take
responsible love for one’s country. How do we          the lives of soldiers and even of civilians. These
prove that our love of country is reasonable and       insurgents target soldiers and civilians not directly
responsible? There are two main criteria. First, if    participating in armed encounters and when even
it renders concrete service relevant to the needs      off-duty or unarmed—in clear violation of human
of the country. Second, if it keeps within the moral   rights and international humanitarian law.
law, which is God’s commandments properly and                  Our soldiers need encouragement. The
wisely understood, interpreted and applied. True       politics of our country exaggerates their faults and
patriotism seeks not only the material progress        shows insufficient appreciation for their good will
of our country, but more important, the moral          and their often heroic deeds. Therefore I frequently
progress of our people. After all, a nation without    exhort my family, friends, and congregation to
morality will decay from inside and can easily be      support our soldiers by praying for them and
defeated from outside.                                 sustaining their morale through appropriate moral
        Given this definition of patriotism, I think    and material support.

                                                  ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011     JUNGLE POST                27
OPINION              Of Service and Family
                         LTC Ernest Marc P Rosal MI (GSC) PA

               ver since I donned the military          This remark hit me after more than twenty years
               fatigues and combat boots, I was         in the service. Why is it always a choice of one?
               made to believe that either I become a   Could we soldiers not become good husbands
               good military Officer or a good family    and fathers without jeopardizing our careers?
               man. Experiences and anecdotes               Maybe it was difficult to be in touch with our
of my superiors then were filled of the sacrifices        love ones before, but with the advent of cellular
that they and their family had to endure in order       phones, electronic mail and other communication
to have a brilliant military career. I do not wish to   means, we could reach out and bond with our
disagree with them for perhaps it was true during       families amidst great distances. Breaking contacts
those times nor will I dare question the wisdom         with our families has now become a choice rather
and honesty of my seniors. But as I am about to         than a peculiarity or difficulty in our line of work. The
enter the two and half decade benchmark, I must         adage that if Juan could not go to the mountains,
admit that this is not always the case. After all, an   then the mountains could go to Juan is also very
old NCO once quipped at me, that after retirement       much practical and logical. And though not easy
all of us must return to our respective families.       to accept, our families could visit us, when we

                                                                                             Of Service...

could not visit them, but only if they feel secured,   with our families first since this is the basic unit
confident and loved by their soldier-husband or         of the society. If we could not be amiable and
soldier-father. Finances, time and means may           understanding to our families, how could we be
still be issues, but if they feel loved, they would    friendly and perceptive to the other stakeholders?
reciprocate it with love. And I think nobody would     If there is a symbiotic relationship between the
dare challenge the power of love.                      red area and the white area, then definitely there
     Funny as it seems, this realization of mine       is mutually supporting relationship between the
came into being, when my wife recounted that           family and the service.
during her conversations with some generals                The secret or the key therefore is to recognize
for confirmation, the latter pointed out that their     and accept that we serve our country because
successes were not getting the stars but keeping       we love our families and we serve our families
their families together and close. This prompted       because we love our country.
me to ask myself, why should I wait to be a general        Confusing? Yes, if we are only to use our minds,
to be close to my family? What if I do not make it?    but if we use our hearts, it would be very easy to
Will I ever be close to my family? Is it a mandatory   comprehend. After all this is what has been taught
requirement to be estranged with one’s family to       to us since we knew how to make push-ups and
have a brilliant military career? Could we not have    squat thrusts---WHAM or winning the hearts and
both gifts and blessings?                              minds.
     I think the answer is a definite affirmative.           The challenge? How to manage and balance
The challenge however is how to                        the family and the service.
do it. I may be too young to share
some advises but my privilege as
a commander and as a personnel
officer acquainted me with not so
few cases of family problems rooting
from distrust, indiscretion, and the
favorite alibi of soldiers, including
me---maiintindihan din nila ako kasi
sundalo ako. But what about our
families? Who should understand
     Currently, there is a paradigm
shift in the military from waging
a war to winning peace. This
calls for linkaging, networking or
simply establishing relationships
with the other stakeholders.
If we should be viewing the
other stakeholders as partners
rather than critics or worse as
adversaries, then we should
start strengthening our bonds

                                                  ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011     JUNGLE POST               29
                                          The Achiever
                                            The Peacek
                                             The Perfo

     Col Eduardo N Año Inf (GSC) PA
     Commander, 201st Bde, 2ID, PA

                                          Ltc Cornelio H Valencia Jr (GSC) Inf PA      Ltc Benjamin Batara Inf (GSC) PA
                                               Commander, 76IBn, 2ID, PA                 Commander, 1SFBn, 2ID, PA

                                                                                    Col Rodolfo B Lavadia Jr Inf (GSC) PA
     Col Aurelio B Baladad Inf (GSC) PA                                                  Commander, 85IBn, 2ID, PA
      Commander, 202nd Bde, 2ID, PA          Col Glenn R Flores Inf (GSC) PA
                                              Commander, 68IBn, 2ID, PA

                                                                                    Ltc Bartolome Vicente O Bacarro Inf (GSC) PA
                                                                                              Commander, 1IBn, 2ID, PA

      Col Carlos F Quita Inf (GSC) PA
     Commander, 203rd Bde, 2ID, PAF
                                                                Mga Pinuno s
                                              Ltc Dennis C Perez Inf (GSC) PA
                                                Commander, 74IBn, 2ID, PA

                                                      Tagumpay ng Kapayapaan

                                                                                    Ltc Edmundo G Peralta Inf (GSC) PA
                                                                                         Commander, MIBn, 2ID, PA
                                        Ltc Jose Augusto V Villareal MI (GSC) PA
       Ltc Arnel L Villareal PAF
                                              Commander, CMOBn, 2ID, PA
  Commander, 740th Combat Group, PAF

                                                                                    Ltc Ernest Marc P Rosal MI (GSC) PA
    Ltc Rogelio P Percol Inf (GSC) PA
                                                                                         Commander, 59IBn, 2ID, PA
       Commander, 80IBn, 2ID, PA
                                           Ltc Noel J Detoyato Inf (GSC) PA
                                              Commander, 16IBn, 2ID, PA

    Ltc Wilbur C Mamawag Inf (GSC) PA
         Commander, 4IBn, 2ID, PA

sa Likod ng                                 Ltc Vincent B Incognito PAF
                                        Commander, 730th Combat Group, PAF         Col Diosdado G Respecio SC (GSC) PA
                                                                                       Commander, Signal Bn, 2ID, PA
n sa Timog Katagalugan
                                                          ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011
                                                            ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011      JUNGLE POST                      31
INSIDE POST               2ID Opens A New Library And Museum

          ID OPENED A NEW LIBRARY and                 a Supreme Court Rulings Annotation (SCRA),
          MUSEUM for its Division Training Unit.      magazines, and other reading references. The
          It was blessed last December 03, 2010       relics section has a display of different vintage
          in a simple ribbon cutting ceremony with    weapons and firearms, various ammunitions,
          Brigadier General Arnulfo B. Palmea, the    communication equipments and a display of
Deputy Commander of ASCOM, PA as the guest            soldier’s complete combat uniform and athletic
of honor.                                             attire worn by two maniquins. Its electronic library
    The 2ID Library and Museum is a fruit of          has a strong internet connection with six internet
the untiring efforts of 2ID Chief of Staff, Colonel   ready computers. Part of this section is the audio
Joselito M. Reyes (OS) PA. Its relics, ammunitions,   visual section that could be used for audio and
firearms, books and other displays are from tedious    visual presentations. Other displays in this library
solicitation, research and donations facilitated by   are the 2ID history, the camp’s aerial view and 2ID
him.                                                  pictures in the past.
    The library has book sections, relics section         The library is available for all the 2nd Division
and the electronic library. The book section has      Training Unit students, 2ID visitors and researchers
military reference books, complete volume of          from military and civilian schools.

 2ID Opens 9-Hole Golf Course

                  he 2ID’s existing driving
                  range is now improved,
                  while nine holes for a fairway
                  has been established. This
                  new recreational facility was
     officially opened in a Testimonial Golf
     Tournament last November 06, 2010.
     Captain Arnel P. Calaoagan, who has
     a handicap of 25, was declared the golf
     course’s first tournament champion. He
     obtained of 83 that include four birdies
     and two pars. The “2ID’s top four”
     participated in the testimonial tee-off
     with 2ID Commander Major General
     Jessie D. Dellosa leading the way
     followed by Brigadier General Nestor
     A. Annonuevo, the 2ID Assistant
     Division Commander, Colonel Bob
     Calleja, the 2ID Inspector General and
     the proponent of the construction of
     this golf course, the 2ID Chief of Staff,
     Colonel Joselito M. Reyes.
         The golf course is located inside
     Camp Capinpin. It sits on approximately
     six-hectare area with two (2) par-fives.
     The fairway passes through the 2ID
     airstrip, grandstand, lagoon and the
     commander’s lawn. The ambiance
     of the fairway is comparable to any
     commercial golf courses replete with
     flowers and beautiful landscapes which
     are projects of the past commanders and
     staff. Its newly developed driving range
     is open 24 hours for 2ID personnel who
     wish to drive their golf clubs to unwind
     and also open to sponsored civilians
     during daytime.

ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011    JUNGLE POST             33
                                        2ID Conducts Command

                                        Foot Marches

             S PART OF ITS PHYSICAL fitness            troops inside post on any eventuality requiring
             program, stamina building and            soldier’s traditional tasks. The distance travelled
             development       of     camaraderie     on foot by the jungle fighters is always farther than
             among its personnel, 2ID under           the previous ones. The 2ID Commander kept on
             its Commander MGen Jessie D.             reminding the troops every culmination of this
Dellosa, constantly conducts Command Foot             activity that, “Leading is likened to a needle with
March involving all the Division Personnel. The       a thread; the thread follows where the needle
2ID Commander leads the men and women of the          goes, and the needle shares with the sacrifices
Command during these foot marches. All senior         of the thread”. He sees to it that all officers, men
officers and G-staffs are its constant participants.   and women of the command will share the same
       The activity assimilates a combat patrol.      sacrifices to build better working attitude. He also
Soldiers in full combat regala traverse road nets     emphasizes the avoidance of settling to comfort
within Barangay Sampaloc and some of its adjacent     zones, and the development of better physical,
steep areas. This is to exercise and rehearse the     mental and psychological strength.


           PORTS IS ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS               for the participants to display athletic prowess
           at 2ID Headquarters. Not only it             and strength as an individual, but as a team. It is
           promotes physical fitness and develops        also a perfect venue of fostering camaraderie and
           sense of sportsmanship but also it           esprit-de-corp among post units and officers of the
           enhances camaraderie as well. The            division. Moreover, he pointed out that the sports
2ID leadership improved several sports facilities       fest is an excellent way to bring the soldiers,
and it even acquired various sports equipment.          officers and civilian employee of the command
       The Command conducted Inter-Color                together in a relaxed environment that will build
Sports Fest on last quarter 2010. This jumped start     lasting network of friendship. “Sports can teach
the series of physical fitness activities every week     us much about life. It teaches us about teamwork,
since then. During the Opening Ceremony, fun            how to get along with others, and to work together
games were held such as Tug-of-war, Centipede           to achieve a common goal. Sports are also about
Race, Sack Race, CASEVAC, Obstacles, and                trust and responsibility and about destiny with
Mary Went to Town. After which, there were              success and failure. It helps us learn about coping
choices of biking, golf fairway and driving, pistol     with pressures and the need to stick with training,”
or rifle marksmanship, lawn tennis, softball,            the 2ID Commander said.
basketball, volleyball, marathon, scuba diving and          Through sports, the officers, men, women
even ballroom dancing. Indoor games were also           and civilian employees of 2ID reached out to the
included such as table tennis, badminton, chess         other sports enthusiasts outside military arena.
and dart competitions.                                  The Jungle Fighters Biking Club enjoined other
    The 2ID Commander delivered his inspiring           cyclists of the Provinces of Rizal and Laguna.
message during the Opening Ceremony and it              This partnership and sports enthusiasm resulted
was focused on the reasons and logic behind the         to numerous advocacy campaigns such as
pre-scheduled sports activities. He emphasized          environmental protection and campaigns for
that the sports activities are not only opportunities   honest and orderly elections.

                                                   ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011     JUNGLE POST               35
                2ID Supports
          Local Film Industry
                 CPT Jovily Carmel D Cabading (INF) PA

           hese words are favorite utterance                 related
           of folks witnessing actual film making             issues the society can
           anywhere especially for the first time. The        relate to. Not only these ‘teleseryes’ were shot
           excitement of seeing gorgeous actresses           here but also several documentary films like “Maalaala
           and actors is always in attendance. Not only      mo Kaya” depicting the heroism of a scout range; other
this, but bystanders, who are interested to learn the        independent films like “Huwad na Pangarap”, a story
process and intricacies of rolling cameras, would not        of a rebel returnee; and other foreign films to include
mind the heat of the sun for hours just to get a peek        “Lamitan Seige” with Angel Aquino, also appended
of what is not ordinary. Truly, film industry is one of the   jungle fighter’s experience with the film industry.
undeniably crazes in Philippine economy.                             These words and experiences gave 2ID the
         These words are commonly heard in 2nd               chance to put in the picture the proper usage of military
Infantry Division. For years now, film makers and local       traditions and protocols. By sharing military’s technical
artists frequently visit 2ID. Footages of some popularly     know-how, by correcting the proper wearing of uniforms,
known ‘teleserye’ were actually shot at 2ID. Some            teaching acceptable military ‘lingo’ and by giving
popular ‘teleseryes’, that were said to inspire thousands    relevant advices, 2ID indeed exerts efforts to meet the
of youth lately in joining the military, are the “Tayong     film maker’s drive for quality and realistic output. This
Dalawa” with Kim Chiu, Gerard Anderson and Jake              does not only acquaint the production crew and artists
Cuenca; “Asian Treasures” with Robin Padilla and Angel       but also the majority of the viewers as well. Jungle
Locsin, and at present the “Minsan lang Kitang Iibigin”      fighters demonstrate its utmost support and respect for
with Coco Martin, Maja Salvador and Andy Eigenman.           the local film industry by welcoming its doors to these
The common denominator is the portrayal of the life          kinds of events. The directors of these ‘teleseryes’,
in the army. Aside from the love, family, and human          express through their work, the urgent need to focus on
interest angles, it also exposes and renders socially

market. This untiring push for excellence, despite the
                                                            be resilient. This
perennial ‘odds’ befalling film makers, is distinctively a
                                                            country, being one of the earliest Film
true Filipino character.
                                                            Industry in Asia, remains undisputed in terms of the
         These words tickle some lawmakers recently
                                                            highest level of theater admission in Southeast Asia
to author number of proposals and legislations              not undermining the fact that Filipino artists clearly
aimed to ease multiple taxes on producers, theater          excel on world-class level. As for 2ID and its non-
operators and patrons. They also propose to exempt          traditional roles, jungle fighters rally with all the local
locally produced movies classified by regulators             film makers and other stakeholders in producing
as ‘general patronage’ or ‘parental guidance’ from          quality films aimed at unification instead of division
30-percent amusement tax. Other bills seek to exempt        and propelled by compassion instead of hatred and
local producers from 12-percent value added tax on          agitation. Lastly, how jungle fighters wish that the
imported filmmaking raw materials and equipment. All         armed conflict amongst Filipinos is over and that every
of these are anchored on building up and stimulating        day is filming day instead. Lights! Camera! Action!
interactive and dynamic filming.                                     Who would say NO to peace?
         Fortunately, Filipino film makers are known to              Lest we forget.

                                                        ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011     JUNGLE POST                   37

     The General’s Daughter

                          P atr icia
                                             lad in her comfy jeans and shirt, her
                                             hair simply braided, Patricia Fernandez
                                             Dellosa, watches her father play tennis with
                                             admiration. Her mother told her that her
                                             photographer and interviewer were ready for
                                 her. Surprise engulfs her round beautiful eyes. “Payag si
                                 Papa Ma?” all she utters in amazement.

                                 Born on December 16, 1990, Trish, as she is fondly
                                 called by many, is a 4th year Dentistry Student at the
                                 University of the Philippines-Manila. She is the youngest
                                 among the three children of Mgen Jessie D Dellosa AFP
                                 and Mrs. Mary Rose F. Dellosa.

                                 Here is what happened next...

                                 Trish, how does it feel like to be a general’s daughter?
                                 Actually, I really don’t think much about it but when
                                 people find out that I am a daughter of a general, yan
                                 dami ng mga tanong.I would then feel uncomfortable.

                                 How close are you sa father mo?
                                 Enough to feel that I am special to him. (smiles).

                                 Can you elaborate more on this?
                                 (Laughing) Papa’s girl daw ako sabi ni Kuya Benj. Kasi
                                 malakas daw ako. Kaya when they want something which
                                 they feel will not be granted because of its impracticality,
                                 my kuyas would tell me, “Trish, ikaw na magsabi kay
                                 Pa.” But really, I don’t get everything I want. Papa is
                                 practical. He teaches us to value things.

                                 How frequently do you see your father?
                                 Now that he’s assigned here in Tanay, I see him almost
                                 every weekend. But when he was assigned in the Visayas
                                 and Mindanao, I think every 2 to 3 months, depends. If

he can’t leave his post, we go visit him. Enjoy naman, kasi I got
to see other places. I can never forget my experiences when
we visited him in Basilan. We stayed in the camp on top of the
mountain for a month, sometimes no light, no water. During that
visit there were times na wala siya ‘coz sumasama siya sa mga
tao niya in their operations. Dinig namin mga baril at kanyon
pumuputok. Mama would then pray for his and his men’s safety.
My experiences in Basilan made me appreciative of our soldier’s
job and their families’ sacrifices. Being apart from each other is
not easy, you know.

How about some serious decision-making matters in life, does
your father play a big role in it? Or does he tell you what course
in college to take, what activities to join..?
Of course. Both my parents - they do play a major role in important
decisions of my life like my taking up Dentistry. We discussed it
and when they felt that it was what I wanted, then ‘yon suporta na
sila. Papa and Mama encourages us to join wholesome activities
like sa sports and sa music.

Among the three of you, who do you think inherited most the
qualities and character of your father?
Ay ako po!!! (laughs) they say hindi lang kami magkamukha,
magka ugali din. Like when I’m angry or nagtatampo, I would just
keep quiet. Ganoon din siya. Papa is honest and has integrity. I’d
like to think that I have those qualities too. Low profile din si papa.
Somebody offered him to highlight his heroism in Mindanao,
naku ayaw. I was offered modelling jobs, ayaw ko din. Di ba
magkasundo? (laughs) Probably, one trait of papa that I have to
learn is his being on time. ‘Pag sinabing six in the morning, dapat
six talaga or earlier pa. Sundalo naman kasi, diba? Mabagal daw
ako. Hindi ah, sobrang aga lang siya. (laughs)

Everybody will agree with me that you have the beauty and the
‘brain’, was there any instance that you were offered showbiz or
modelling jobs?
Yes, there were times I was offered a modelling job but like I said
earlier ayaw ko. Not this time muna. Mama would always tell me
to concentrate in my studies first. And I believe that she’s right.

How about this interview, did you ask permission for this?

Akala ko po you did?” (looks for her mother for help).

                                                    ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011   JUNGLE POST   39
                                 “Just kidding, don’t worry. It took us a month to convince
                                 your mother to allow you in this exposure. We also
                                 asked for her help to convince your Papa to agree on

                                 Thank you po Ate.

                                 So how about your lovelife? Do you still need his
                                 approval on this matter?
                                 Not really. And never did I hear him say na ayaw n’ya
                                 ako mag boyfriend. Well, indirectly may ‘say’ din sya
                                 when it comes to the person. Example may suitor po
                                 ako, if hindi okay with him, may mga jokes sya. He
                                 would not say it bluntly na mayabang yan, or, parang
                                 totoy pa, or spoiled brat, or hindi magalang ... it is his
                                 way of telling me na hindi siya approve doon. Well, that
                                 way, I do not get hurt. Pero tingin ko, Papa minded it
                                 nung nalaman n’ya na may crush na ako at may ka-
                                 M.U. (mutual understanding) and alam na ng lahat
                                 except for him. Nahiya ako noon kay Papa talaga.
                                 Kaya ngayon, I made it a point na makilala na nya and
                                 the whole family the guy before I commit.

                                 So if you are to cite three (3) significant moments with
                                 your father, what would those be?
                                 He is always away from us, so I treasure every moment
                                 that he’s physically with us. He really sees to it that
                                 he spends quality time with us. And those are the
                                 significant moments with him. Well... ok, I can never
                                 forget this, when I was still a kid during the rare times
                                 that Papa was home, both papa and mama would
                                 bathe me. Si papa ang nagbubuhos ng tubig at yung
                                 gusto ko lagi ay ang ginagawa nyang pag shower ng
                                 tubig by putting his hand between the dipper and my
                                 head. Tapos gradual yung pagbuhos ng tubig, parang
                                 shower talaga. Ayaw ko daw kasi nung totoong shower
                                 kasi ang taas for me at masakit tumama ng tubig sa
                                 balat. Kaya I always looked forward taking a bath noon,
                                 Now, it reminds me na kahit malayo s’ya palagi, quality
                                 time naman yung mga iniiwan n’ya memories sa’kin.

                                 Another is when he drove me to school. Si Papa kasi
                                 whenever possible, siya ang nagda drive even if may
                                 driver siya. There was a time nga that his escort was
                                 the one sitting in the passenger seat and he was the
                                 driver. And he was in uniform! (laughs).

One time, it was my exam day, I was in a hurry and I
knew na male-late na’ko. he just arrived so I know puyat
s’ya at pagod. But just the same, volunteer siya ihatid
ako. And since I would be staying for two hours lang
sa school, he waited in the parking lot. Yung friends ko,
napagkamalan siyang driver, natutulog daw yung driver
ko. Kaya proud na proud ako that time, sabi ko sa kanila
“Papa ko yan.”

Third significant moment with him? (toying with her glass
of water, sizes us up seriously for a moment) well, one
time din, I was so ‘down’, crying, praying. I saw Papa left
for work, I texted him ‘Pa, san ka?’ I did not expect him
to reply coz I know busy siya. Pero kahit hindi man sya
nag text back eh, ayun bumalik agad s’ya. Deretso s’ya
sa room ko po. We talked. Tapos sabi ko , dun na lang
siya matulog room ko just like when I was little. And he
slept there sa tabi ko. Kinabukasan, we went out and
kumain kami lahat sa labas . Ang sarap ng pakiramdam,
as if all my troubles were gone at napaka simple pala ng
mga bagay na minsan para sakin ay sobrang laki na. I
think that was the breakthrough where I started looking
at Papa sa paradigm na hindi sya general. Not at all.
(so much effort to prevent her tears from falling).

Is there anything you want the world to know about your
father? Or do you have any message for your father that
you want the rest of us to know?
Message ko po kay Papa na pwede nyo malaman?
In public? (smiles) Hmm... okay – papa it crossed my
mind na sana hindi ka sundalo ...‘Crossed’, past tense
po yun. But now, as I mature, I don’t mind your chosen
profession at all. I realized the importance of your job
and how noble it is. It still gives me goose bumps just
thinking how you almost got killed in battle. Papa, we
know what you are. You simply do your job with integrity
and honesty. Bottom line po, I, we are very proud of you
more than you can imagine. And with you as my father,
what more could I possible ask for?

Note: The interview was fun.
Our Patricia is so simple, truly a gem, a natural.
Interview by: Maria Anlahen Solaf
Photography by: Angelo of ONGCHUA Photography
Hair & Make-up: Jungle Pepay
Lights by: Dedio Peńano

                                               ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011   JUNGLE POST   41
                                    Seeing Through
                                    of the General’s
                                      How do you describe yourself
                                      as a wife of a military man?
                                            I am living a simple lifestyle. Simple
                                                                                          lang ang
                                     buhay namin. I’m trying to help to ear
                                                                                n through simple
                                     business ventures since hindi nam
                                                                                an ganon kalaki
                                     sweldo ng isang sundalo. May tindaha
                                                                               n ako sa Cagayan
                                     de Oro. Nag-canteen ako noon. We
                                                                               try to provide the
                                     best we can for our family; the best sch
                                                                              ool for our children
                                     kaya we have to keep our lifestyle sim
                                      Mahirap maging asawa ng sundalo.
                                                                               Dumaan kami sa
                                    maraming hirap. Long distance pa kam
                                                                                    i noon. I have
                                    learned to put so much faith on God
                                                                                  and on prayers
                                    considering my husband’s line of profess
                                                                                   ion. Kung di ka
                                    marunong magdasal, matuto ka…
                                    Kailangan malakas talaga ang loob
                                                                                 mo since your
                                    husband won’t be with you all the time
                                                                               . Ikaw talaga ang
                                    magsisilbing homemaker.
                                    Naroon syempre ang pangamba
                                                                             na mapapalaban
                                    sila anytime, kapag may news sa rad
                                                                               io about military,
                                    napapatigil ako sa ginagawa ko or kun
                                                                                g sa TV naman,
                                   napapatakbo ako sa TV tapos while wat
                                                                                 ching the news,
                                   hindi kana halos makahinga sa suspen
                                                                               se.Sa totoo lang,
                                   kahit hindi asawa ko ang nasa news
                                                                            or hindi ko naman
                                   kilala yung napatay o nasugatan o
                                                                            na-landmine, pero
                                   kapag may ganyang balita, bagsak
                                                                            din ang emotions
                                   ko. I feel for the wife and family ng
                                                                            mga hero soldiers
                                   natin. Sa term nga ng military, ‘low mo
                                                                            rale’. Kaming mga
                                   asawa marunong din ma-‘low morale’.
                                  I do believe na there is truth dun sa sina
                                                                                sabi nilang, ‘the
                                  toughest job is being a soldier’s wife
                                                                            ’. Imagine fearing
                                  the unknown. Buti pa yung mga husban
                                                                                 ds namin, they
                                  know what to expect kase alam nila yun
                                                                                g ginagawa nila
                                  at somehow, they know when danger is
                                                                             eminent. So hindi
                                  ganun ka-stressful compared sa everyd
                                                                               ay thoughts mo
                                  na sana your husband is far from dan
                                  Kapag alam ko naman uuwi sya, high
                                                                           morale na kami ng
                                  mga anak ko. Magluluto ako ng paborit
                                                                            o nyang picadillo,
                                  happy na din sya dun.

h the Eyes
 Wife                                                             Full Name: Annalie Ferrer Añonuevo
                                                                  Nickname: Ann
                                                                  Age: 43 years old
                                                                  Birthday: June 27, 1967
                                                                  Place of Birth: Kabacan, North Cotabato
                                               as a father?       Married to: BGen Nestor A Añonuevo AFP
 How do you describe Gen Nestor Añonuevo
                                                           .      Date of Marriage: April 3, 1986
       He is strict to his kids, but close enough to them
                                               babae. Pag         No. of Children: 4
 Malapit s’ya lalo na sa mga anak naming
 may pagkakataon, bumabawi s’ya, lalo na
                                               ilya, buong-
 malalaki na ang mga anak n’ya. ‘Pag sa pam                       What are the joys of being
                                                                                               Mrs. Añonuevo?
 buo ang suporta n’ya, ang emosyon n’ya.                                 Yung pagkamabait n’y
                                                                                                       a (Gen.
                                                                 Añonuevo), pagka-respons
                                                                                                able at pagka-
                                                                 simple! Sa sobrang simple
                                                                                                n’ya, itlog, tuyo
                                                                 at kamatis, ok na s’ya. Nagla
                     ve story go?                                                                lakad lang s’ya
   How did your lo                            I was in 2nd       minsan.
           We met in      Cotabato when                ent.
                                     is first assignm                    Masaya rin na maraming
   year College   . He was in h                    We were                                            nararating
                                ntly fell in love.               na iba’t ibang lugar, kasi ku
   That was   1985. We insta              and love lette
                                                          rs    nandoon ako at ang pamilya
                                                                                               ng nasaan s’ya,
                        through radio                                                             n’ya. Hindi rin
    communicating                  were total opp
                                                     osites,    matatawaran ang respeto
    back then   . Although we              ako, outspoken
                                                            ,   ng aming pamilya. Kaya co
                                                                                              na natatanggap
                       t tahimik na tao,                                                      mpensated ang
    s’ya mahiyain a                     din ako maglu
                                                          to.   mga sacrifices namin in so
     nagkasundo     kami. Mahilig                  tingin ko    naman nade-demand and
                                                                                              me ways. Hindi
                                a putahe at sa                                              respect diba? It is
     Marami   ako imbento n             akin at nagustu
                                                         han    earned.
     eversince, isa  ito sa nakita sa
      ng asawa ko.                           5th Anniversary
             We are ce     lebrating our 2
      this year.
  What are your bonding moments
         Dati nung sa Mindanao pa s’ya,
  every Thursday, may date kami,
  lalabas, ganon… May pagkak
                                     b mo,
  na hindi natutuloy, sasama loo
  pero bahagi na yun ng trabaho
  Naiintindihan ko na minsan pan
                                       a na
  ang pamilya dahil nanumpa s’y
  paglilingkuran n’ya ang bansa n’y
          Ngayon, pag weekend, nasa
   Tanay kami. Nag-bi-biking o golf kas
  ang mga anak namin.

                                                          ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011   JUNGLE POST                43

                                                         What can you advice the arm
                                                                                         y wives who can
                                                         relate to you by reading thi
                                                                Well, we should all be
                                                                                             strong. Yung
                                                         absence ng husband na
                                                                                      tin, in personally
                                                         helping us rear our children
                                                                                        ay pwede nating
                                                         ma-compensate by co
                                                                                      nstantly relaying
                                                        and reminding our children
                                                                                         how noble the
                                                        profession of being a soldi
                                                                                     er is. Explain lang
                                                        natin ng maganda, why
                                                                                   our husband won’t
                                                        be around sa Family day
                                                                                    sa school, or PTA
                                                        meeting, or recital sa piano
                                                                                      , birthdays, or sa
                                                       lahat pa ng important days
                                                                                      ng ating pamilya.
                                                       But then again, it is easie
                                                                                    r said than done.
                                                       Everyday is a learning pro
                                                                                  cess for all of us. Sa
                                                       karanasan tayo natututo.

 What’s one unique thing people should know
 about Mrs. Annalie Añonuevo?
       I love sunflower! It’s a collection. ;)         Were your childre
                                                                        n encouraged to
                                                      military as well?                 enter the
                                                              They were neith
     How do you spend your free time Ma’am?           discouraged. Kun        er encouraged no
            Ay, masaya, I regularly meet the other   bata, doon kami.
                                                                        g anong gusto
                                                                                        ng mga
     ladies. May mga activities kami at ayun,        interested, but sh
                                                                        One of my daug
                                                                                       hters got
     magaan ang feeling, kase we understand          with it.
                                                                        e did not push
     each other’s ordeals. We think of ways
     kung paano pa din namin masuportahan
      ang mga husband namin...

What’s the story behind the Picadi
                                       llo recipe?
      It’s his favorite, so I learned how to
                                              cook it from “Nanay” (Gen Añonuevo
Ang kuwento noon, sa Quezon                                                       ’s mother).
                                      Province, dahil mahirap ang buh
gabing puti lang ang nilalagay, nga                                      ay, san fernando o
                                          yon, patatas na. Madali lang lutu
lang, ok na. :)                                                              in. Konting gisa

                                                         Three words to describe Gen Nestor Añonuevo:
                                                                Mabait, simple at responsable.

                                                                                   1.Igisa ang bawang,
                                                       ½ kilo ground pork            sibuyas, kamatis at
                                                       Patatas                       ground pork.
                                                       Carrots                     2.Idagdag ang tomato
                                                       Red bell pepper               paste.
                                                       Kamatis                     3.Pakuluan o i-simmer.
                                                       Tomato paste                4.Ihalo ang patatas at
                                                       Sibuyas                       carrots.
                                                       Bawang                      5.Ihalo ang bell pepper
                                                       Green peas                    at green peas.
                                                                                   6.Seasoning! ;)

                                                     Interview by: Krimzie Rose G Deguito
                                                     Photography by: Lovely L Nazareno

                                                ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011     JUNGLE POST                 45
PICTORIALS       Sports Fest and Sportsmanship


Come visit 2ID... Home of the Jungle Fighters

  DTU Rope Course

                                    Heroes’ Shrine

   2ID Parade Ground
                                 DTU Parade Ground

  St. Martin Parish Church
                                  Aglipayan Church
          2ID Mosque                          Youth Park

ARMY Station Hospital                     Obstacle Course

     Jurassic Park
                        Firing Range

  Officer’s Club House   Rappel and Wall
                        Climbing Tower

                                                                          Jehoshua High Sc
                                                              students cross th               hool
                                         ates the
               A jungle fighter demonstr                                         e three-rope brid
               techniques in sur vival cooking..

                           Sta Isabel Femmes                                           gh School watch the
                           the two-rope   bridge at            Students from Marist Hi
                           the Division Tr
                                              aining           jungle fighters’s crawl dem
                            Unit’s Lago on.

                                                                  Knot Tying Less
                                                                                    ons for Imus Cav
                                           tary boodlefight.                                             ite Students
                      The traditional mili

                                            Static Display
                                                                                                Band Exhibition

Rappeling                                            DON BOSCO-MANDALUYONG
                                                            YFP from Tanay, Rizal
                                                           YFP Sampaloc, Quezon
                                                             YFP Alabat,Quezon
                                                           YFP Atimonan, Quezon
                                                           YFP Gumaca, Quezon
                                                             YFP Lopez, Quezon
                                               LIVING LIGHT ACADEMY - MUNTINLUPA
                                                             Holy Family School
                                                        International Baptist College
                                                     San Beda College, Taytay, Rizal
                                                      Dominican School, Pampanga
                                                 Holy Spirit Academy, Malolos, Bulacan
                                                       Caloocan Immaculate School
                                           Caloocan City, Highlight Park Christian School Inc,
                                                       Brgy Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal
                                                 YFP-CALABARZON and Metro Manila
                                                     Sampaloc National High School
                                                           Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal
                                                       Youth for Peace from Laguna,
                                                      Youth for Peace from Batangas
                                                      Cavite State University – NAIC
                                                     Youth for Peace from Gen. Luna,
                                              San Narciso, Mulanay & Catanuan, Quezon
                                         YFP from Abra de Ilog, Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro
                                            YFP from Calapan & Mansalay Oriental Mindoro
                                                         University of Rizal Province
                                                              Don Bosco Makati
                                                              Nazarene Catholic
                                                      Ateneo De Manila, Quezon City
                                                    Philippine Women University PWU
                                                      Shining Light Christian College
                                             1SFC AOB, Masalukot 3, Candelaria, Quezon
                                                          Rotary Club of East Rizal
                                                  Jose Rizal University (Mandaluyong)
            Wall Climbing                       Sitio Galaxy, Brgy Pinugay, Baras, Rizal
                                               Sto Tomas Parochial School, Metro Manila
                                                           Sto Nono De Eucharistia
                                                            Holy Family Academy
                                                             ROTC Cadets/URS
                                                         Integrated School of Manila
                                        KAANIB Educational tour/team building and tree planting
                                                   Concordia College, Sta Ana, Manila
                                          JSCOG Cubao City/Saint Joseph Parochial School,
                                                                 Metro Manila
                                                 Marikina Catholic School, Marikina City
                                                               Richland College
                                                 Sta Ana Parochial School, Taguig City
                                                Holy Child of Mary Masantol, Pampanga
                                                          Bicutan Parochial School
                                                 So Galaxy, Brgy Pinugay, Baras, Rizal
                                                      MARIST School, Marikina City
                                                  University of Sto Tomas, Quezon City
              Zipped Line                 DSWD-National Training School for Boys, Sampaloc,
                                                                 Tanay, Rizal

                            ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011     JUNGLE POST                     51

                    Victory Starts Here...
                       2nd Division Training Unit


         en who adopt the profession of arms submit of their own free will to a law of
         perpetual constraint of their own accord. They resist their right to live where
“        they choose, to say what they think, to dress as they like, it needs but an
order to settle them from their family and dislocate their normal lives.
    In the world of command, they must rise, march, run, endure bad weather, go
without sleep or food, be isolated in some distant post, work until they drop. They
have ceased to be the master of their own fate. If they drop on their tracks, if their
ashes are scattered to the four winds, that is all part and parcel of their job.”
                                                                  -General Charles de Gaulle

 f you work for a man in heavens name, work for him, speak well of him and stand
 by the institution he represents. If you must growl, damn to your heart content.
 But as long as you are part of this institution, do not condemn it. Because if you
do, the first high wind that comes along will blow you away and probably you will
never know why.


         ilitary Discipline is a state of order and obedience existing within a command.
         It involves the ready subordination of the will of the individual for the good
         of the group. Military discipline is an extension and specialized application
of the discipline demands habitual but reasoned obedience that preserves initiative
and functions unfalteringly even in the absence of the commander. Discipline is
created within a command by instilling a sense of confidence and responsibility
in each individual. Discipline demands correct performance of duty. The need for
discipline is best inculcated in individual by appealing to his sense of reason. In
the few instances where appeal to reason fail, the use of punishment is effective
in causing a recalcitrant individual to conform and perhaps appreciate the need for
discipline. Condemnation and earned praise from senior to his subordinate, either
individually or collectively, for tasks well done serve to strengthen the disciplinary
bonds which bind together the smooth functioning team.


   Army Hits Quezon NPA Ambushers
                                                                                      “Reds fall to Batangas Military
         roops of the 74th Infantry Battalion of the Army’s 2nd Infantry Division

                                                                                        and Police Checkpoint”
         under Ltc. Dennis C. Perez was able to block and encounter a group of
         NPA Communist Terrorists who ambushed responding PNP personnel of
  the San Andres, Quezon MPS in Sitio Dau, Barangay San Andres, Quezon last

  October 24, 2010.                                                                         hree members of the New People’s Army (NPA) operating in
        The PNP personnel were on their way back from responding to a barangay              the province of Batangas fall before joint military and police
  election related incident in the said area when waylaid by the NPA’s leading in           checkpoint, as they resist the authorities in a skirmish at Barangay
  the wounding of one of the PNP personnel and initial missing in action of the       Lutal, Tuy, Batangas last November 10, 2010 at 1:00 in the afternoon.
  Chief of Police and two other policemen.                                                 Members of the joint AFP-PNP checkpoint led by Police Inspector
        The Army troopers were able to immediately respond and hit the ambush-        Aniwasal of Batangas local PNP and Staff Sergeant Perido of the
  ers. A firefight followed that accounted for one NPA killed during the encounter    2nd Infantry Division’s 730th Combat Group, Philippine Air Force
  in the said barangay. Three successive encounters had followed as troops were       encountered three (3) Communist Terrorists onboard two (2) tricycles,
  able to track down the fleeing NPAs.                                                who were about to pass by in their established checkpoint.
        P/INSP GLENN MIRALLES, PO1 Sison and PO1 Recaro, the missing San
  Andres MPS personnel were able to contact the authorities on the next day of
  the incident. They were found unharmed. The wounded policeman was SPO1
  ARABIS.                                                                             HIGH RANKING NPA LEADERS
        It is believed that the NPA’s were out to disrupt the barangay election in
  the said barangay, which was earlier placed on the watchlist by the Army’s 2ID.     INCLUDING TIRSO ALCANTARA
                                                                                          @ BART CAPTURED....

   AFP and National Government Turn Over Kalayaan
         Barangays Project to Rizal Province                                                    he joint operation of 1SFBn and PNP of Sariaya at Brgy Pili,
                                                                                                Sariaya, Quezon on 221330 September 2010 captured two
                                                                                                (2) CT personalities of SPN HAGIBIS, GF GHQ, KOMPROB

   ‘CPP-NPA insincere;                                                                          QUEZON: @MORGAN/ZEDY/SIERA GEMMA CARAG – 2nd
                                                                                                Secretary and @AIRA/HAZEL/FLOJIE(TN: VERGIE BAAO)

   Peace talks doomed to fail’
                                                                                                Recovered from them were one (1) hand fragmentation
   By Paolo Romero (The Philippine Star) Updated March 27, 2011 12:00 AM             grenade that was in the possession of the NPAs. (TN: VERGIE BAAO)
   Comments                                                                          GP.IRBKU during the joint operations.
                                                                                                  These two (2) apprehend Ct NPAs were transferred to
                                                                                     BJMP NCR, Taguig City Jail Female Dormitory, Metro Manila District
                                                                                     Jail (MMDI) Manila Sector Compound, Camp Bagong Diwa, Bocutan,
                                                                                            After the successful joint operations of 1SFBn and PNP at Quezon
                                                                                     province the Operating troops of 74th Infantry Battalion stationed at Brgy
                                                                                     Ajos, Catanauan, Quezon scored anew against Communist Terrorist
                                                                                     (CT) on 241500 October 2010.

                                                                                     Colonel ready to answer
   Ist Infantry (Always First) Battalion displays the firearms and ammunition
   unearthed from an arms cache owned by the Regional Yunit Guerilla at              ‘Morong 43’ charges
   Brgy. Maragondon Real Quezon                                                      By Maricar Cinco
                                                                                     Inquirer Southern Luzon
   1ST IBn and PPO-LAGUNA Nab Top NPA Cadres
Joint elements of 1st Infantry Bat-
talion led by 1lt Aaron Nasataya and
                                        Kaaway na Uri (RBKU) member, for
                                        illegal possession of firearms and ex-
                                                                                     DND: 6 Southern Tagalog
                                                                                     politicians aiding rebels
Police Provincial Office personnel      plosives.
while conducting checkpoint at vicin-   Recovered from their possession are
ity Brgy Lewin, Lumban, Laguna last     one 9mm sub-machine gun, three
October 05, 2010 apprehended three      (3) hand grenades, three (3) blast-          By Alexis Romero (The Philippine Star)
top leaders of the New People’s         ing caps, subversive documents and
Army in the Region. They were iden-
tified Reynaldo Malaborbor alyas
Mazda, a finance officer of NPA’s
                                        personal belongings.
                                        Colonel Aurelio B. Baladad, the Bri-
                                        gade Commander of 202nd Brigade
                                                                                     NPA rebs burn backhoes,
Regional Unit Guerilla operating in
Region 4A; Darwin Liwag Alyas SAY-
FRI/TACHO, Secretary of the NPA’s
                                        said, “The capture of the three NPA
                                        members who belongs to the Finance
                                        Committee of Laguna Province and
                                                                                     trucks in southern Luzon
District Organizing Committee 4 of      Region 4A will further weaken their
                                                                                     Members of the New People’s Army (NPA) on Thurs-
Komiteng Probinsya (KOMPROB)            extortion activities and hasten the          day burned heavy construction equipment in sepa-
LAGUNA and Aries Suazo Alyas            collapse of the Communist Terrorist
EKHO, Rebolusyunaryong Buwis sa         Group in Laguna Province”
                                                                                     rate incidents in Occidental Mindoro.

                                                                              ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011
                                                                            ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011                JUNGLE POST                             49
                           “Daang Matuwid”

JUNGLE POPOY & JUNGLE PEPAY POST                                                                     Y sir? snappy man ko ah!
                                                                                                FYI, may pumasok sa TWITTER!!!
                                                                   Akin na nga yan di
                                                                  ka naman marunong                sagutin ba natin po ito sir?
                                                                    mag advice eh...

April 4, 2011

Neng, Sir Benjie, First, other friends d’yan sa sampaloc…
Musta, ‘been a long time...I have been passing this essay
lately...the least I could do for all of you.
      For carrying out their duty well and dealing a major setback
to the New People’s Army (NPA), officers of the Armed Forces
of the Philippines (AFP) are among those being vilified and
harassed with court cases by six of the Morong 43. Those
in the know say that the Morong 43 belonged to the Medical
Service Bureau of the NPA. In fact, five of them have freely
confessed that indeed the 43 were all NPA members. These
courageous five are now under the protection of the AFP from
reprisal from their former comrades.
      This is so bizarre. On one hand, NPA elements reject
our Constitution, attempt armed overthrow of the Republic, kill
and maim our soldiers and police officers and noncombatant
civilians, but are set free by the government, even when the
Court of Appeals already accepted the validity of the search
                                                                          miracle. Co
warrant used by AFP personnel to raid the NPA gathering.                                uld you plea
                                                                          so that our co              se be more h
      On the other hand, the men and women of the AFP risk                               untry would                  elpful to the
                                                                              The brave a               be rid of insu              AFP,
their lives to defend our Constitution and protect the Republic,                            nd diligent m               rgent violence
                                                                         keep vigil, st                    en and wom                    ?
and succeed in capturing armed enemies of the state, but now                            and guard, a                      en of the AF
                                                                         and in disast                  nd risk their                   P
are harassed with court cases by an exultant NPA enabled                               er, so that w                   lives in com
                                                                        peace and sa                  e civilians ca                  bat
and emboldened by the policies and decisions of some                                    fety. For the                n live our live
                                                                        our nation a                   ir dedication                 s in
government officials.                                                                  nd our peop                      to the safety
                                                                        pray for the                le, I salute th                    of
      The work of the AFP of defending our nation, guarding                           m and their                   em and ferv
                                                                       the enlighten                 loves ones.                  ently
democracy, and serving the people is made unduly difficult                              ment of our                    I also pray
                                                                       political syst               political lead                   for
by the political situation and pressure. The AFP needs all our                        em.                          ers in this kin
                                                                                                                                   d of
moral and spiritual support to carry out their job well in spite of    Naida de Ve
difficult conditions.                                                                ra
      We ask our leaders: How do you expect the AFP to                Dubai                              Hay salamat naman po sa
succeed in their work under these conditions? It would take a         naida_31@ya                   concern ninyo madam at naalala
                                                                                      nyo po kami. Low moral kung
                                                                                                     sa lo morale pero marami pang
   Ah basta... walang puwang ang                                                                    dapat gawin para sa ikagaganda
    lo morale!!! TRABAHO pa rin                                                                        ng lipunan. Kaylangan naming
  ako... Kasama na sa trabaho ko                                                                     igalang ang desisyon at dunong
  ang mahusgahan ng mahusgahan,                                                                       ng taas. Ang mahalaga ay ang
    pagbintangan at pagalitan ng
                                                                                                     bukas. Wait nyo na lang po ang
pagalitan... Gagalingan ko ang pag-
 eensayo dito. Balita ko bumalik na                                                                       email back ko... hehehe
  sa bundok ang iba... Kasaysayan
      ang huhusga... hmmmmp!!!

                                                               ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011          JUNGLE POST                       55

 E           ACROSS
             3 Internal Conflict
             6 Soldier
                                      1 Operations to preempt enemy resurgence
                                      2 Enemy Oriented CMO
             8 Territorial Defense    4 Preperation of the operational area

 S           12 Heart of Operations
             13 CPP/NPA
             14 Military Operation
             15 Oneness
                                      5 Intelligence work
                                      7 Fire fight
                                      9 Clearing tool in the BRGY.
                                      10 Planned
 ni Bugoy                             11 Smallest military unit

 P   D   O   O    O   D   F   T   O   G    I   O   Y   M     P   A   P   I   F   C   E   I
 T   H   A   Y    U   I   P   R   S   T    A   K   E   O     U   T   S   T   O   A   B   I
 E   T   L   U    T   V   G   A   D   S    S   T   G   D     T   I   Y   G   R   S   O   E
 E   N   S   C    Q   I   R   S   T   R    G   L   N   I     N   G   O   N   C   I   A   E
 O   O   C   Y    S   S   R   P   E   R    S   O   N   N     E   L   P   I   E   N   A   I
 S   I   S   O    O   I   N   U   E   T    O   U   F   U     N   C   S   R   S   G   P   D
 N   T   D   N    U   O   O   B   C   N    P   L   O   R    M    R   A   A   E   P   E   O
 O   A   A   E    G   N   I   S   S   E    C   O   R   P     R   M   B   E   G   I   U   N
 I   T   N   K    C   L   T   E   N   M    S   S   A   R     A   H   A   L   P   S   P   T
 T   N   I   G    E   I   I   E   O   E    E   Y   G   S     C   I   T   C   A   T   U   E
 A   E   T   D    F   H   S   G   R   G    E   C   I   Y     E   D   A   G   I   R   B   P
 Z   M   M   E    I   D   O   I   N   A    I   N   N   L     S   C   G   S   I   T   L   I
 I   E   B    I   L   C   P   L   O   G    O   E   G   D     N   S   E   S   E   E   I   I
 N   L   Y   U    L   L   S   A   D   N    A   G   A   P     O   R   P   Y   N   R   C   C
 A   P   G   N    S   G   I   N   T   E    G   R   A   T     I   O   N   O   N   R   O   G
 G   M   R   N    A   H   D   G   C   E    R   U   B   A     T   T   A   L   I   O   N   M
 R   I   E   P    I   P   C   O   E   D    R   S   F   R     A   M   E   W   O   R   K   M
 O   P   N   E    O   N   M   A   P   N    L   N   T   E     R   N   A   L   E   I   R   O
 G   R   Y   E    E   B   N   O   D   O    C   I   S   S     E   C   O   R   P   S   R   D
 L   N   S   M    A   A   C   A   C   E    L   E   Z   O     P   A   E   M   A   T   E   N
 G   S   U   T    R   A   C   O   L    L   E   C   T   I     O   N   O   O   T   A   L   P
 T   C   A   A    S   A   G   N   L   P    A   A   S   I     E   D   E   E   A   S   I   O
SYNERGY           INTEGRATION         PLATOON              STAKEOUT          PROCESSING
PEACE             SOT                 PATROL               ENCOUNTER         UNIT
SECURITY          POGI                INTELLIGENCE         FORAGING          HARASSMENT
INTERNAL          CMO                 TRAINING             AMBUSHCADE        TACTICS
TRIAD             OPERATIONS          PERSONNEL            ARSON             DISPOSITION
ITDS              FRAMEWORK           ARMY                 SABOTAGE          ORGANIZATION
PSYOPS            BRIGADE             COMMUNIST            SHAPING           COLLECTION
DIVISION          BATTALION           TERRORIST            CLEARING          DECISION
PUBLIC            COMPANY             FORCES               DELIBERATE        PROCESS
INSURGENCY        SQUAD               CASING               PLANNING

                                           ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011   JUNGLE POST             59
   “2nd Infantry Division at Mamamayan:
Nagkakaisa para sa Kapayapaan at Kaunlaran”

       Happy 35th Founding Anniversary
  60   JUNGLE POST Jungle Fighters...
               ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011
                  Anniversary Issue

“Continuing the
     Social Relevance”
           ANNIVERSARY I SSUE 2011   JUNGLE POST   63

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