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					Selena Gomez rocks

Name: Selena Gomez

Birthday: July 22 nd , 1992

Zodiac Sign: cancer

Nicknames: Sel, Selly

Quoted: “Be yourself always, there’s no one better!

Selena is a child.

Debuted in BARNEY AND FRIENDS at age 7.Discorvred by Disney in a nationwide talent

search when she was 10 . Appeared in an episodes of THE SIUTE LIFE OF ZACK AND CODY

and in two episodes HANNAH MONTANA before landing her own show, THE WIZARD OF

WAVERLY PLACE, “Everything Is not what It Seems”’

 Selena Claim’s that she became interested in acting while watching her mother performing.

Selena is an only child, parent’s split her up when she was five-years old.

Selena Likes Hip-Hop Punk music

She likes to put salt in her lemons, Selena is of Mexican and Italian Descents, she rescued

her dog Named Chip from an animal shelter she enjoys cheerleading, surfing and
skateboarding. Has for Dogs Chip, Fina, Wille and Wallace. Her favorite subjects is Science.

Her favorite sport is Basketball.

Selena role model and favorite actress is Rachel Mcadams. Her favorite band Paramour. She

loves to sing with Taylor Swift.

Selena love to sing since when she was young, now she is a great singer.