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                                      Skiing In France
                                      Posted by erica simone on Tuesday, 6 September, 2011, 12:49 AM

                                                                         The Alps has some of the best skiing in the world.
                                                                         France in particular has developed a huge ski tourism
                                                                         industry based on the Alps. There are numerous resorts
                                                                         to choose from and here is a pick of the best.

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                                      Skiing In France
                                      Posted by erica simone on Tuesday, 6 September, 2011, 12:49 AM

                                                                                              The Best Places to Ski in France
                                                                                              By Cornelius Marsh

                                                                                              The list of the best places to ski in
                                                                                              France should probably be headed
                                                                                              by Chamonix, which probably has the
                                                                                              most outstanding reputation for
                                                                                              destination ski resorts in France. It
                                                                                              might have something to do with its
                                                                                              placement right in the shadow of
                                      Europe's highest peak, Mont Blanc. But, that's not to say there aren't a lot of close
                                      competitors when considering ski holidays in France.

                                      Courchevel is right up there, ranking 10th in a 2005 article entitled, "50 Best Places to
                                      Ski This Winter" in The Independent. (Chamonix actually came in 18th in that same
                                      article.) A place called Les Gets actually ranked #1 in the article, and the writer cited
                                      its great instructors, and it being "as charming a ski village as you're likely to find."

                                      But when considering ski holidays in France, you've got so, so much to consider.
                                      There is the famed Val d'Isere, which sports 97 lifts and high-altitude skiing up to
                                      nearly 3,500 meters. There are kids clubs, kindergartens, and ski schools, and apres
                                      skiing that's both laid back and luxuriant. Where else could you find "fun family
                                      fondue," afternoon tea, and 3-course dinners, and £389 per person ski holiday

                                      Now, back to Courchevel. This place has it all, from quaint, multi-level linked villages,
                                      to extraordinary powder for all skiing abilities, to ice skating, tobogganing, skidoo-ing,
                                      ice climbing, as well as some steaming nightlife.

                                      And, we must tell you about what Chamonix has to offer the discerning skier or
                                      snowboarder. Contender for the title of the world's greatest ski resort hotel is most
                                      likely Hotel Mont Blanc. Staying here in alpine style, you get Chamonix at your feet,
                                      er, skis, along with the most stunning range of intermediate and advanced skiing--
                                      certainly in the Alps, if not all of Europe. Instead of afternoon tea and evening

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