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									                                                                                      WOODTHORPE SUMMER 2009

Men's 1st Team - Div 2 2                                     Mixed 1st Team - Div 1                                                  Ladies' 1st Team - Div 1
Capt: Dave Wright 0115 9609000 Mob: 07773395405              Capt: Gary Bearman 0115 9607532 Mob: 07729701950                        Capt: Sue Pannell 0115 9224488 Mob 07850 093329

Magdala 'A'          Fri    8th May   6.00pm Away            West Bridgford 'A'       Sat     23rd    May     10.00am   Away         Magdala               Sun     10th   May     10.00am   Home
Wollaton             Sat   13th June 10.00am Home            Musters                  Sat     20th    June    10.00am   Home         Musters               Wed     13th   May      6.00pm   Away
Musters 'A'          Wed 24th June    6.00pm Away            Lady Bay                 Thurs   30th    July     6.00pm   Home         West Bridgford        Sat      6th   June    10.00am   Home
West Bridgford 'B'   Thurs 9th July   6.00pm Home            Magdala                  Sat       8th   Aug      1.30pm   Away         Sutton In Ashfield    Sat      4th   July    10.00am   Home
Caunton              Sun   13th Sept 10.00am Away            West Bridgford           Fri      21st   Aug      6.00pm   Away         Ilkeston              Sun     30th   Aug     10.00am   Away
Farnsfield           Sat    3rd Oct  10.00am H ome           Mansfield                Fri     18th    Sept     6.15pm   Home         West Bridgford 'A'    Sat     12th   Sept    10.00am   Away

Men's 2nd Team - Div 3 (Woodthorpe 'A' Team)                 Mixed 2nd Team - Div 2 (Woodthorpe 'A' Team)                            Ladies' 2nd Team - Div 2 (Woodthorpe 'A' Team)
Capt: Simon Williams 0115 9202394 Mob 07793 533250           Capt: Wendy Haines 0115 9203178 Mob: 07779947119                        Capt: Anne Allen

West Bridgford 'C'   Thurs   21st   May   6.00pm Home        Ravenshead               Sat      18th   April   12.30pm   Away         Grantham              Sat      4th   April   10.00am   Home
Mansfield            Sat     27th   June  2.00pm Away        East Bridgford           Sat      16th   May     10.00am   Away         D Lloyd W/B           Sun     26th   April    2.00pm   Away
Boots 'A'            Mon     27th   July  6.00pm Away        Boots                    Mon     22nd    June     6.00pm   Away         Mansfield             Sun     17th   May      2.00pm   Away
Sutton In Ashfield   Sun      9th   Aug 10.00am Away         Magdala 'A'              Thurs   23rd    July     6.00pm   Home         Lady Bay              Sun     14th   June    10.00am   Home
Attenborough         Sun     23rd   Aug 10.00am Home         Magdala 'B'              Thurs    10th   Sept     6.00pm   Home         Southwell             Thurs    9th   July     6.30pm   Away
D Lloyd (WB)         Sun     20th   Sept 10.00am Home        Retford                  Sat      26th   Sept    10.00am   Home         Attenborough          Sun     2nd    Aug     10.00am   Home

Men's 3rd Team - Div 5B (Woodthorpe 'B' Team)                Mixed 3rd Team - Div 3 (Woodthorpe 'B' Team)                            Ladies' 3rd Team - Div 4B (Woodthorpe 'B' Team)
Capt: Neil Collishaw 0115 9560767 Mob: 07834868946           Capt: Nick Lewis                                                        Capt: Jo Jeffery/Laura Higgins

Farnsfield 'B'       Sat     25th   April 1.30pm Away        Musters 'A'              Sat     2nd     May     10.00am   Home         Lady Bay 'A'          Mon 11th May            6.00pm   Away
Magdala 'C'          Thurs   14th   May   6.00pm Home        Sutton In Ashfield       Sat     30th    May     10.00am   Home         Wollaton              Sun     7th June       10.00am   Home
Eastwood             Thurs    4th   June  6.00pm Home        Caunton                  Sat     20th    June    10.00am   Away         Mapperley Park        Thurs 2nd July          6.00pm   Home
Burton Joyce 'A'     Sat     25th   July 10.00am Home        West Bridgford 'B'       Wed     29th    July     6.00pm   Away         Newark 'A'            Sun     9th Aug        10.00am   Away
West Bridgford 'D'   Fri     14th   Aug   6.00pm Away        Keyworth                 Thurs    6th    Aug      6.00pm   Home         D Lloyd (Nottm)       Sat   22nd Aug         10.00am   Away
Newark               Sun      6th   Sept 10.30am Away        Southwell                Thurs   27th    Aug      6.30pm   Away         Caunton 'A'           Sun     6th Sept       10.00am   Home

Men's 4th Team - Div 5A (Woodthorpe 'C' Team)                Mixed 4th Team - Div 5B (Woodthorpe 'C' Team)                           Ladies' 4th Team - Div 5B (Woodthorpe 'C' Team)
Capt: Paul Johnson 0115 9191469                              Capt: Alistair Henderson                                                Capt: Alison Wallace/WendyNeedham

Woodthorpe 'D'       Sat     28th   March   10.00am   Home   Burton Joyce             Sun      3rd    May      9.00am   Home *****   Attenborough 'A'      Sun     17th   May     10.30am   Away
Attenborough 'A'     Sun     31st   May     10.00am   Home   East Bridgford 'A'       Sun     24th    May      1.30pm   Away         D Lloyd (Nottm) 'A'   Sun     31st   May     10.00am   Away
Burton Joyce         Fri     12th   June     6.00pm   Away   Musters 'B'              Thurs   25th    June     6.00pm   Home         Eastwood              Thurs   11th   June     6.00pm   Home
Musters 'C'          Wed     17th   June     6.00pm   Away   Eastwood                 Sun     12th    July    10.00am   Away         Grantham 'A'          Sun     26th   July    10.00am   Home
Lady Bay 'A'         Sat     4th    July     1.00pm   Away   Sutton In Ashfield 'B'   Sun     30th    Aug      2.00pm   Away         East Bridgford 'A'    Sat     15th   Aug     10.00am   Away
Bingham              Thurs   20th   Aug      6.00pm   Home   Sutton Bonnington        Thurs   17th    Sept     6.00pm   Home         Farnsfield 'B'        Thurs    3rd   Sept     6.00pm   Home

Men's 5th Team - Div 5A (Woodthorpe 'D' Team)                Mixed 5th Team - Div 5A (Woodthorpe 'D' Team)
Capt: Andy Wallace                                           Capt: TBA

Woodthorpe 'C'       Sat   28th March       10.00am   Away   Grantham 'A'             Sat     25th    April   10.00am   Home
Burton Joyce         Thurs 23rd April        6.00pm   Home   The Park                 Thurs    7th    May      6.00pm   Home
Lady Bay 'A'         Sat    9th May         10.00am   Home   Farnsfield 'A'           Sun     21st    June    10.00am   Home
Attenborough 'A'     Sun    7th June         1.30pm   Away   Mapperley Park 'A'       Tues    21st    July     6.00pm   Away
Bingham              Sun   19th July        10.30am   Away   D Lloyd (Nottm) 'A'      Sun     2nd     Aug     10.00am   Away
Musters 'C'          Sat    8th Aug         10.00am   Home
****Mx4 v BJ - 9.00am start agreed - Junior Comp at Woodthorpe at 2pm.

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