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									                                 Sunil Sharma
                              Home – 416 674 8859
                                Cell – 647 300 8859
                           Email - send@sunilsharma.info

Dear Sir/Madame

With great pleasure I would like to apply for a Web Developer position. This job is of
interest to me as I possess programming skills acquired through my education and
past work experiences.

I have a background in the web application development field. I completed my post
graduate degree i.e. MBA, specializing in Information Technology. I also completed
Post Graduate Diploma Internet Management & web application design from Humber
College, Toronto. During this program I developed many web applications using:
HTML, XHTML, DHTML, Java Script, PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, .Net C#, Photo Shop,
Illustrator, Dream weaver MX.

Professionally, I have many opportunities to enhance my knowledge to the higher
levels and contribute my expertise in ASP, JavaScript, CSS, .Net and C#, MS SQL
Server, XML, XSLT, Visual Studio 2003 and 2005, MS Visual Source Safe 2005,
Acrobat Professional, Terminal Services Client, IIS, Photoshop, PHP and MySQL.

I am a detail oriented, motivated individual with a passion for learning. Previous
employers, teachers and trainers have described me as a co-operative, enthusiastic
and reliable person. I am committed to being a life-long learner.

Kindly accept my attached résumé as an application for the position of a Web

I would enjoy being a part of your company and am available for an interview at
your convenience. You may contact me at 416 674 8859. I look forward to hearing
from you.

Sunil Sharma
                                 Sunil Sharma

Home: 416 674 8859                                                6 Humberline Dr.
Cell: 647 300 8859                                                       Unit - 302
Email: send@sunilsharma.info                                         Etobicoke, ON
Website: www.sunilsharma.info                                             M9W 6X8

                                JOB OBJECTIVE
                              Web developer position

                                   KEY SKILLS

Key skills are – .Net C#, MS SQL Server, XML, PHP, MYSQL, ASP, XHTML,
DHTML, HTML Frames, JavaScript, CSS, IIS


      Post Graduate Degree in Information Technology
      Ontario College Post Graduate Certificate – Internet Management and Web
      Three years experience in .Net C#
      Four years experience in Web UI development, UI Support, UI Validation
      Five years experience in ASP, Java Script, CSS, PHP and MYSQL
      IDE – Dream weaver, Visual Studio 2003 and 2005
      Technologies & Tools - MS Visual Source Safe, Acrobat Professional, Terminal
       Services Client, IIS, Vi Editor, FTP clients, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash,
       MYSQL, MS SQL 2000 and 2005

                              WORK EXPERIENCE

Cyberbahn Group, Toronto                                       July 2005 – Feb 2009
The Cyberbahn Group provides business critical solutions to the Legal, Financial and
Small Business markets, by web technology and its integration with government. The
company’s major products/services are Ontario Business Information System -
Corporate and business name searches, Initial Return/Notice of Change, Articles of
Incorporation, Annual Return, Personal Property Security Act, Security Searches.
    Worked on different products/services. Became the key person for web UI
       development, Maintaince, support and Bi-Weekly updates to the company
    Developed small to medium range UI features/additions using XHTML, CSS,
       and JavaScript; facilitating collection of data from end-user, storing into
       company database and retrieving the data into meaningful reports.
    Achieved enhanced end-user experience by implementing client/server UI
       validation rules to the different services.
    Successfully fixed many bug defects, resulted in advanced understanding of
       C#, ASP, JavaScript.
    Became part of many projects and successfully used .Net C#, SQL Server,
       XSLT, XML, CSS, and JavaScript
    extensively used - Visual Studio 2003 and 2005, MS Visual Source Safe 2005,
       Acrobat Professional, Terminal Services Client, IIS, Photoshop
Sunil Sharma                          send@sunilsharma.info                Page-2

Techwyse, Toronto                                        (College Internship) 2005
An Industry Pioneer in the Search Engine Marketing world.
   Web Application Developer
   Responsible for technical support and site updates till date.
    Developed www.infonewsline.com web application in PHP and MYSQL
    Provided two different UI, for end-user and admin, for easy management of
      web application.
    The web project handled independently from requirement analysis,
      development, and database setup to deployment to production server.

                           ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS

Ontario College Graduate Certificate (Internet Mgt. /Web Programming)           2005
       Humber College, Toronto

Post Graduate Degree (MBA, IT)                                                  2000
       Punjab Technical University, India.
       (Note:-This is equivalent to completion of four-year (Honours) Bachelor’s
        degree at a reputable Canadian university as evaluated by York University.)

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