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									   Why Are Roofing Contractors a Great Idea?

When it comes to replacing the roof on your home or business you basically have three
options. Your first option is to do it yourself. Your second option is to hire an unlicensed
local roofer do the work for you at a discount. Then your third option, the one that most
people go with, is to call in a professional licensed roofing contractor and have them do the
job. So why do the vast majority of people opt for a licensed roofing contractor?

By far the most popular reason given is that the roofing contractor will be bonded and
insured. Now this may not seem like a huge deal to you right now, when balanced against the
savings that you could reap by having a local unlicensed roofer do the job for you. However,
it will be a "huge deal" if he falls off your roof and gets injured on your property. So then just
how dangerous is roofing anyway?

Would you believe that the US government ranks it just after coal mining in terms of risk of
occupational injuries? Well you'd better believe it because it's true. So if you would think
twice about spending a few days working in a coal mine you should also think twice before
you hire someone who's unlicensed and uninsured to work on your roof.

Then something else to consider here, is that if you do the job yourself or hire a local
unlicensed independent roofer to do the job, there's no guarantee on the finished project and
today more than ever your roof should be guaranteed. The reason is that, today's newer
roofing products and systems are lasting longer than ever before, so it's conceivable that you
could end up having a roof put on that's engineered to last up to three to five decades, and
even longer.

Now those extra years do come at a price, so with more invested in and more at stake on a
roof that you're expecting to last decades; it's more important than ever today that it be put on
properly and that all workmanship and materials be fully guaranteed. Also, do be aware that
if your local unlicensed roofer offers to guarantee his work you have no legal recourse if you
should renege on the guarantee or move away from the area.

A roofing contractor will also get the job done so much quicker; and this is something to
consider because your home or business will be left uncovered until the new roof is put on.
You see, because your local roofing contractor is in fact licensed, bonded and insured he can
have an entire crew of workers on your home.
Then finally there's always quality of workmanship that has to be taken into consideration,
when anything is done to your home or business, and here again this is just one more reason
why a licensed contractor is the #1 preferred choice.

You see, your local contractor was working as a roofer for years before he became eligible
and applied for his contractor's license, so he for sure brings the most experience to your job.
Also checking up on your local roofing contractor's reputation with previous clients is as easy
as going online and contacting your state contractors licensing board.

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