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					                                                                            Children's National Medical Center - Biomedical Engineering
                                                                                        "Not Fixed Same Day Spreadsheet"
                                                                                           (items currently awaiting repair)

Unit/ Location          Biomed ID # Description                 Date Rcvd     Diagnosis (Explanation of Problem)                          Prognosis (Explanation of what needs to be       Customer Name            WO #
Andrea S.
SG                      35904       MP 50 monitor               7/11/2011     screen remains blank when turned on                         work in progress                                 Layla Sanmartin         1-114284
SG                      28374       VS3                         2/11/2011     membrane key pad over worn                                  replacement                                      Jackie P                1-108749
ASC                     26243       Sterilizer, steam           8/4/2011      jacket guage leak, door cable stretched                     vendor replacing parts 8/5/2011                  Sheila B                1-115014
ASC                     35985       Anesthesia Gas Monitor      7/13/2011     Co2 low, as well as all agents                              return to manufacturer exchange                  Sheila Buergin          1-114365
CNSV                    35982       opthamology console         7/19/2011     led string out                                              awp                                              Kathy Davis             1-114384
ASC                     29091       stretcher                   7/28/2011     iv pole holder issue                                        order nut and IV pole hardware                   Sheila B                1-114499
CNSV                    35492       OR TABLE hand control       8/18/2011     clip snapped off                                            to be determined by vendor working on issue      Linda Ladu              1-115159
ASC                     28140       LIGHT SOURCE                4/8/2011      replacement needed selector L G wheel+set                   awp                                              Sheila B                1-110521

Andy B.
Research 5th floor      33458       DNA sequencer               8/9/2011      Cannot get CPU to boot all the way                          ordered and replaced power supply and the        Dr. Devaney             1-115120
Research 3.5            11789       three VITALSIM control      8/5/2011      three VITAL sim Simulators fail                             sim lab reports all three VITALSIM controllers   Susan Stanley, Janice   1-115121
research 5th floor      32431       Microscope PM               7/5/2011      48 microscopes need PM                                      arranged for alpha and Omega for service         Kenta Umetsu and Dr.    1-114242
research 5th            36445       Pippette calibration        8/16/2011     Nagaraju Lab                                                arranged for Pippettes unlimited to perform      Sree Rayavarap          1-115102

Marc W.
OR                      39287       SDC ultra, Stryker          8/9/2011      cd-drive not working                                        sending in to Stryker Endoscopy                  Beverly Young           1-115051
OR                      34355       C- Arm                      8/24/2011     Not Storing images                                          Waiting on Part                                  Laurie Hogan             115154

Bruce B.
ECMO                    24653       Ecmo consloe                7/3/2011      pump stopping w/o alarming                                  Ordered Pressure module III                      Lisa Williams            115025
Respiratory             32323       Vapotherm Precision Flow    8/10/2011     faulty valve                                                Sent to mgf                                      Tom Scheller             115044
Respiratory             32320       Vapotherm Precision Flow    8/18/2011     damaged front faulty heater                                 Sent to mfg                                      Tom Scheller            1-115135
Respiratory             34054       Servo-I vent                8/15/2011     faulty 1772 PCB                                             Part on order                                    Tom Scheller            1-115116
ECMO                    29397       Clary UPS                   8/19/2011     Alarm fault                                                 contacting Mfg for advice                        Lisa Williams           1-115141
Respiratory             24937       LTV vent                    8/19/2011     batery fault                                                waiting for parts                                Tom Scheller            1-115197

Gene S.
Lab Med                 27065       Slide Stainer               8/4/2011      Pump failure                                                Ordering parts for repair                     Navi                       1-155016
Cath Lab                28264       Mac/Cardio Lab system       8/19/2011     Optical drive failure                                       Determined by GE that a mother board failure Dan                         1-115173
Cardiology              33879       Suresigns VS3               8/24/2011     Device recall on speaker                                    Sending to manufacturer for corrective action Jeanne                     1-115189

Darren R.
MCU                     26726       Midmark Crib                7/13/2011     Side rail damaged                                           repair                                                                   1-114299
4Main                   26593       Hill-Rom Advance 1105 bed   7/29/2011     Blown Fuse Head sections                                    repair                                           Dede                    1-114494
ER                      26652       Midmark Crib                7/29/2011     Side Rail Defective                                         repair                                                                   1-114497

Steve J.
7 EAST                  33899       Kendall Thermometer         06/16/11      internal error                                              Send to Kendall for repair                        Lynette Juluke         115234
NSU                     39964       Olympic Smart Scale         6/27/2011     Broken tray                                                 Order new tray                                   Sharon                  115235

Sheldon B.

Ginny A.

Caneisha J.
HKU                     40840       MMS                         8/25/2011     spo2 not being recognized.                                  Sent Module to Mfg                               Simmy Randawa           115221
PICU                    28972       MP30                        8/25/2011     line through screen.                                        Screen cracked - replacement Ordered             Dory Walczak            115321

Hovik M.
Central Supply          37480       VENAFLOW                    8/24/2011     need to send out for repair                                 Waiting on RMA from sales rep                    V. Mganga               115118
Central Supply          39123       VENAFLOW                    8/18/2011     need to send out for repair                                 Waiting on RMA from sales rep                    V. Mganga               115123
Central Supply          36934       Syringe Pump                8/24/2011     Data Set lost - Sent to Mfg                                 Expect return 8/29/2011                          V. Mganga               115145
Central Supply          69398       Syringe Pump                8/24/2011     Data Set lost - Sent to Mfg                                 Expect return 8/29/2011                          V. Mganga               115141
Central Supply          36896       Syringe Pump                8/25/2011     Data Set lost - Sent to Mfg                                 Expect return 8/29/2011                          V. Mganga               115132

Department                  Date Rcvd       Priority    Description                                                (Explanation of what needs to be done)                 Latest Update
Critical Care                               Research    Hemolysis and Platelet Comsuption-ECMO                     In-vitro and in-vivo porcine experiments               Conducted 3 succesful in vitro studies- data being analyzed
Neonatology                                 Research    Neonate heat loss during blood transfusion                 Experiment design                                      Start in early 2010
MR Physics                                  Research    EMU signature of devices in MRI                            Measurements and analysis                              Custom antenna - Ongoing
Neonalogy                                   Research    Inexpensive temp monitor/logger for cooling babies         Design and develop system                              Ongoing
CV Surgery                                  Medium      Elimination of interference during heart arrest            Total elimination of electrostatic source              Method research
CV Surgery                                  Research    Feasibility of technology to eliminate RF int./ECG         Clear pick-up of EEG during electrosurgery             Method research
CV Surgery                  As needed       Medium      Brain TOI technical support                                Technical support to by-pass brain TOI proj.
Telemedicine                As needed       High        Provide grphical instructions for StMary's Hospital        Graphical instructions for proper EEG transfer         Supplied graphical material to telemedicine
Telemedicine                As needed       As needed   Coordinate electronic methods for data transfer            Data transfer from other hospitals                     Repaired Mary Washington Hosp 11/10/09
Anesthesia                                  Research    CO formation during anesthesia                             Identifying source and elimination                     Patent search in progress
Neurology                                   Medium      Brain mapping with current EEG sys                         Assist Dr in developing tools for task                 Designed electrode/montage input
Neurology                   Weekly-Biweekly High        Sys mgt of Neuro EEG electro phys                          Support in all aspects                                 Ongoing
Neurology                                               Automating seizure classification                          Standarization and electronic reporting                Ongoing
Neurology/Critical                          Medium      Do it yourself EEG for PICU fellows                        Method, equipment and training                         Ongoing
Neurosurgery                                Medium      Intergration system in OR-3                                Imaging intergration system                            Ordeirng plastic cable raceways - engineering
Cardiology/CVSurgery                        High        Plan logistics for EXIT procedure in OR                    Plan for logistics for exit procedure to ECMO          Plans completed to be implemented on 1/14/10
                                                                                                                   Researched all revelant published studies and          Made all revelant materials to comm with recommendations. Aquired all
                                                                                                                   regulatory aspects.Seleted systems for presentation    the necessary sample products in preparation for product evaluation -
Perioperative Safety                                                                                               to surgeons and coordination for product               presented to safety comm. Will be making a presentation to the surgeons
committee                   11/9/2009       High        Surgical plume/smoke evacuation. Create a smoke free OR    evaluation and assist with implemetation               at the OR product comm.
                                                                                                                   Work with DrLevy to implement pilot program for
Perioperative Safety                                    Exposure of staff and patients to halogenated anesthetic   personal dosimetry monitoring for exposure to          Selected system to use for project. Presented to comm. Green light to
committee                   12/9/2009       High        agents                                                     agents and determine safe levels and vulnerabilities   proceed
Perioperative Safety                                                                                                                                                      To be coordinated from the OR safety comm- assingment will be made
committee-Safety            10/9/2009       Medium      Hospital Medical Laser Safety Officer                      LSO duties as required                                 official
                                                                                                                   Install and configure amplitude intergrated EEG
                                                        Intergration of amplitude intergrated EEG to NICU EEG      trending. Configure chs for best results from FFT
Neonatology                 12/9/2009       High        systems                                                    and intergrate into NK product                         Plan to install and configure the week of 12/21
Perioperative Safety
committee                   10/9/2009       Medium       Member in general of comm                                 action as needed                                       action as needed
                                                        International ECMO and advances in life support meeting.
Neonatology/ECMO            1/9/1900        Medium      Meeting faculty, presenter and session co-moderator        Plan session and prepare presentations             In-progress
                                                                                                                   work with ecmo and perfusion to define a program
                                                                                                                   to teach users the differences between centrifugal Conducted training sessions for ECMO core members and critical care
ECMO                        10/1/2009       High        Develop a training class for Centrifugal pumps             and roto flow pumps                                physicians. More training to be provided in the future
                                                                                                                   Requery status of testing on Code Blue Buttons
Biomed                      Weekly-Biweekly Low         Update Code Blue & Tracer Tag Matrix                       and Tracer Tag swaps                                   Ongoing
                                                                                                                   Run scripts on RDE server to convert exported
                                                                                                                   data, strip patient information and replace with
Biomed                      Weekly-Biweekly Low         RDE Download                                               Study ID                                               Ongoing

                                                                                                                   send reports to NICU, PICU, CICU, HKU, SCU,
Rauland Nurse Call Users Monthly            Medium      Monitor Alarm/Nurse Call Reports                           NSU, HCU, 3MAIN, 4MAIN, 6NORTH, 7EAST                  Ongoing

                                                                                                                   send report comparing the monthly/quarterly use of
NICU                        Monthly         Medium      Code Blue vs. Staff Assist Report                          staff assist versus code blue                        Ongoing
                                                                                                                   send report listing details of every staff assist in
Dr. Angela Wratney          Monthly         Medium      Staff Assist Details Report                                PICU, CICU, 3MAIN and HKU swing rooms                Ongoing

                                                                                                                   send reports to NICU, PICU, CICU, HKU, SCU,
Rauland Nurse Call Users Monthly            Medium      Monitor Outliers Report                                    NSU, HCU, 3MAIN, 4MAIN, 6NORTH, 7EAST                  Ongoing
Alerts Task Force        Monthly            Medium      Alaris Data Report                                         send report on infusion/alert data                     Ongoing
Alerts Task Force        Quarterly          Medium      Smith's Data Report                                        send report on infusion/alert data                     Ongoing
                                                                                                                   Cycle BMDI servers in Cerner, if a non-Prod
                                                                                                                   domain has been refreshed, manually rebuild BMDI
Critical Care               Monthly         High        Cycle BMDI servers, check for non-Prod domain refreshes    locations (they do not copy in a refresh)              Ongoing

Philips Users               11/9/2009       Low         Create Protocol for reloading software                     Step by step instruction on how to reload software Practice on spare PIIC
                                                                                                                   WAR room where every acute care unit can
                                                                                                                   see/control whiteboards, central stations, TSMs,   Cables pulled, TV installed
Monitor Room-7EAST          7/1/2010        Medium      Set-up Monitor Room                                        etc.                                               Need to install KVM, test connections, set up Nurse Call computer

                                                                                                                                                                          Awaiting quote from Emergin - having difficulty acquiring hardware due
                                                                                                                   Upgrade Emergin from s/w v.7 to v.9 and install        to I.T. constraints and Emergin no longer selling hardware. Last e-mail
Rauland Nurse Call Users 10/1/2010         Medium   Upgrade Emergin Server (Install Backup Server)                 backup computer/server                                 sent 5-3-11
                                                                                                                   extract data from Alaris pumps (sorted by acute
                                                                                                                   care units) to study/enhance patient safety and        Dr. Hinds and Janice are pleased with the sample report; awaiting further
Acute Care-Research        3/16/2011       Medium   Research proposal - pump data                                  error reduction                                        instructions or request for new data
                                                                                                                   Create educational pamphlet or slide presentation
                                                    Create teaching points/slide with Dusty on new guidelines      showing correct usage of pads on defibs/AED's for      Rough draft completed (pictures sent to Dusty), awaiting her input on
Housewide-Education        3/16/2011       High     around defib. pads size/joules deliverable                     patient population                                     compiling PPT
                                                                                                                   design/build CareAware (replacing BMDI) for new        Received "Demo" connectivity engine - will work with Hovik to
CICU                       June 2011-ish   High     CareAware                                                      CICU - expansion                                       determine GCX mounting options/placement in current unit setup
                                                                                                                   placement determined locations need wall jack
                                                                                                                   installed, computer imaged by I.R., Display
                                                                                                                   w/mount acquired, wireless keyboard/mouse              Display and data lines being installed 5-6-11, awaiting power outlet for
HemOnc Clinic              3/29/2011       Medium   Install electronic whiteboard                                  ordered                                                display (cannot reach below counter to existing outlets)

Jeff Hooper
                                                                                                                   Opening March 2010 - need to finalize design,
                                                                                                                   equipment and nurse call system. Will ultimately
ER                         6/1/2009        High     New ER at United Medical Center                                need to receive, install and setup equipment           Reviewing equipment specs -
                                                                                                                   Working with Rutgers to add a system to track
Simulation Lab             8/22/2009       High     Adding stereotactic cameras to simulation lab                  movements in sim lab to improve training               Rutgers supplied quote - need to order equipment
                                                                                                                   Maquet Centrifugal pumps accuracy at low flow in
ECMO                       9/22/2009       High     ECMO flow Issues                                               question                                               Bob Tagot from Maquet investigating solutions
                                                                                                                   Research initiative to look at alarms as they relate   Data collected, need to follow up on next steps (Education and futher
CRI                        1/1/2009        High     Monitor Alarm Investigation                                    to Clinically significant events (CSE)                 grant request)

                                                                                                                   Need to review current data sent to CHC to create
                                                                                                                   departmental benchmarks to validate financial and
Administration             9/22/2009       High     Benchmarking Initiative                                        operational perfromance against pier facilities        Need a sample set of biomed benchmarks by 10/15/2009
                                                                                                                   CRI (Kerstin Hildebrandt & Carmen) have
                                                                                                                   requested support from biomedical engineering for
CRI                        7/15/2009       High     Biomedical Resources to support CRI                            the equipment in Research                              Working to prepare a proposal to support this initiaitve
                                                                                                                   Need to specify, purchase, check in and setup all
                                                                                                                   equipment for project - planned opening of
PACU Expansion             12/1/2009       High     Expanding PACU                                                 2/21/2010.                                             Setting up equipment, - finalizing last minute items
                                                                                                                   Need to specify, purchase, check in and setup all      Reviewing quoatations - primary focus on booms, microscope, and
OR Rennovation             12/1/2009       High     Expanding OR's                                                 equipment for project -                                integration equipment at this time
OR                         12/15/2009      High     Steris System 1 Recall                                         Need to replace all 4 steris system 1 units            Waiting on pricing options from CHCA to replace
ED                         1/10/2010       High     Replace Monitoring System ED                                   Replace Welch Allyn System - EOL                       Meeting setup end of February with Mike Knapp to prepare quote
IMAGING                    4/1/2009        High     Create Imaging Project                                         Expand Imaging Suites to add MRI and PET CT            Reviewing equipment specs -
Cardiology                 12/18/2009      High     Cardiology Clinic Expansion                                    Moving cardiology equipment and clinic                 Reviewing equipment specs -
                                                                                                                   Design a system that will alarm when non MRI safe
MRI                        12/22/2009      High     MRI PUMP Alert System                                          equipment goes into MRI                                Meeting setup with vendor
Trauma                     11/1/2009       High     Video Surveilance in Trauma Rooms                              Increase Memory storage space                          Waiting on vendor solution
3 - Blue Icu                               High     New 11 bed ICU
4 - Main                                   High     New 30 bed Acute care

Andrea Steed

Andy Blicharz

                                                                                                                 need to adapt the AD instruments data acquisition        successful operation of the system during 11 surgeries focused on the
                                                                                                                 hardware into a working portable cart-based              porcine model over the last 1.5 years. Dr Moak and Dr. Mercader and
                                                                                                                 system. Need assistance in the operation of the AD       Dr. Trachiotis have received approval to start a new model-Canine.
                                                    research project: Control of Post-operative JET using AV     instruments LABCHART software and various                Funding has been obtained to attampt surgical and stimulation techniques
Research Cardiology        2/20/2009       med      Noddal Fat Pad stimulation" CRI .                            other duties during Operating room animal lab            on this new model. first subject under veterinary observation will be
                                                    support structure for holding various pieces of the          R165 Hui Xie-Zukauskas need addaption table for          measured table location and noted the equipment that needs to be
Research 3.5               5/1/2011        med      experiment.                                                  her cell experiment console                              dsupported.
                                                    Gary Cunningham Dr. Sumner obtained some old equipment need to see if this old equipment is still supported.
research genetics 5th                               they want to potentially put in service. Spectroflourescence Will need data acquisition system. Recommended         I gathered equipment information. I need to contact manufacturers to see
floor                      4/22/2010       low      detector and autosampler                                     LABVIEW and associated DAQ module.                     support level. No further movement on this project.
                                                                                                                                                                        rcvd project from Jeff. Spoke to scientist at Philips for initial information
                                                    new research doctor Dr. Duplessis wants to get raw ECG,                                                             on raw data access. Specifically ECG. Philips has a piece of software they
                                                    EEG, NEARs, and video from multiple vendors to one data        build an interface system and possibly a mobile cart may release to CNMC to convert 8 hour chunks of data from the RDE
                                                    stream or outlet that the doctor can review for his study to   (up to 4) that will allow interconnection to the     data path to a 16- bit integer array containing 2 leads of data and a
Research NICU              10/5/2010       high     determine declining patient condition.                         various data sources and the data storage system     header. we may be able to use this file format to pull into Labview
                                                                                                                   spoke to Dr. Ray. Needs small clear vacuum           Bruce had a plastics company make two sizes of vacuum tubes with leur
                                                                                                                   chambers constructed with a vacuum source            lock connectors to allow connection to a vacuum source. I have
                                                    Dr Ray is doing a skin cellular surface fragility experiment   attached so that they can be applied to the skin of determined a method to use a pulse oximeter to determin O2
Dr. Ray                    8/1/2011        MED      and needs some apperatus devloped and assembled                subjetc and apply a varying vacuum and observe       concentration in the skin inside the chamber. Need to modify the vacuum

                                                                                                               they want to start the study July 1 2011. the        submitted step design to Engineering. Worked with carpenters on safety
                                                                                                               problem is they need a specific height step to use   aspects of the step. The will construct. Step has been constructed by
                                                 Bio-nutrictionists are starting a Queen's College step test   during the test for valid results. Only vendor we    carpenter David and Milton. It has been delivered to Amy Schwitzer.
GCRC Bio-nutritionist 4/1/2011          high     study on a population of GCRC patients                        found is in the UK. I suggested having the CNMC      Step has been successfully been used in a new study in GCRC

Marc Wareing
                                                                                                               CTSI is to install Responder, emergin, & Tracer
Rauland                    21-Jul       high     PO1021867 to install server software in backup CPU's          Server Software
Bruce Baum
Multi                      1-Jun        high     tag all O2 blenders
                                                                                                               A given time set for nurse call shurdown so servers
All                        1-Jun        high     backup nurse call servers                                     can be backed up                                    Equipment has been purchased to do physical backup
Gene Santiago                                                                                                                                                      equipment purchased to do the backup

                                                                                                               Philips required to perform service. Load new
PICU                       11/6/2009    Medium   Upgrade MP 70 monitors to Rev. G                              software G and load specific configuration.

                                                                                                               Philips required to perform service. Load new
CICU                       11/17/2009   Medium   Upgrade MP 70 monitors to Rev. G                              software G and load specific configuration.

Darren Ray
Hemoc Clinic               3/31/2011    Medium   Upgrade Nurse Call System and Whiteboard                      Upgrade Nurse Call System and Whiteboard
4400 Suite                 4/5/2011     Medium   Check up needed for Delphis Urodynamic System                 Clean and Maintence

Steve Jindra


Contact Person                                                                    Notes

Dr Revinis
Dr Freke
Dr Jonas
Molly/Philips/Dr Sable
Molly/Philips/Dr Sable
Dr Levy
Neuro/Dr Galliard
Dr Cabacar
Neuro/Critical Care
Dr, Keating
Dr. Denofrio

OR safety comm

OR safety comm

OR safety comm/Safety

Dr Short

OR safety comm.

Dr Short

Lisa Williams

Jeff Hooper

Jeff Hooper
Akere-Azeez, Michelle; Bostic, Sharon; Cliche, Claire R; Coish, Karen; Cato,
Krista; Craven, Denise; Donovan, Donna; Freiburg, Debbie; Jacobs, Brian; James,
Mary Ann; Juluke, Lynette; Lee, Heidi; Maurano, Maureen; Nelson, Kimberly;
Pacheco, Virginia; Randhawa, Simmy; Stockwell, DAVID; Szeles, Rosemary;
TALLEY, LINDA; Taylor, Tara; Williams, Catherine; Walsh, Heather; Walczak,
Dory; Wratney, Angela
Tara Taylor
Maureen Maurano
Kim Nelson
Denise Craven
Dr. Stone
Dr. Short

Dr. Wratney
Akere-Azeez, Michelle; Bostic, Sharon; Cliche, Claire R; Coish, Karen; Cato,
Krista; Craven, Denise; Donovan, Donna; Freiburg, Debbie; Jacobs, Brian; James,
Mary Ann; Juluke, Lynette; Lee, Heidi; Maurano, Maureen; Nelson, Kimberly;
Pacheco, Virginia; Randhawa, Simmy; Stockwell, DAVID; Szeles, Rosemary;
TALLEY, LINDA; Taylor, Tara; Williams, Catherine; Walsh, Heather; Walczak,
Dory; Wratney, Angela
Sue Young
Sue Young

Clinical Informatics

Jeff Hooper

Heather Walsh
Debbie Freiburg

Jeff Hooper

Janice Mason
Dr. Hinds

Dusty Lynn

Jeff Hooper

Amrita Naipaul

Mike Knapp

Dr Burd

Dr Short

Linda Talley & Dr Jacobs

Dianne Thorgrimson

Kerstin Hildebrand

Mel Coker

Angie Francart
Angie Francart
Mike Knapp
Laurie Hogan
Lee Barton

Stan Fricke
Dr Burd
Jesus Cepero
Dede Coleves


                              over the last year we have introduced several different stimulation
                              technologies into the process. These include constant-current and constant -
                              voltage devices. I have customized several sets of needle electrodes to obtain
Dr. Moak                      better EEGs after the subject has been studied for long periods of time.

Hui Xie-Zukauskas             looked into a metal distributor called 80/20 fro aluminum extrusions

gary cunningham/ Dr. Sumner   they have not decided to utilize these items into a system as yet

Dr Duplessis

Dr. Ray

Amy Schweitzer, Dr. Catherine Klein

                                      on touch