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									For Immediate Release                                    Contact:        Yoshiko K. Roth-Hidalgo
                                                                         (212) 228-9601

                            Inspired by Indonesian Botanicals
JUARA Skincare to partner with CEW Foundation’s Cancer & Careers for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

JUARA Skincare is collaborating with Cosmetic Executive Women Foundation’s Cancer and Careers
from October through December 2010. JUARA will be donating 10% of their proceeds from sales of the
Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask on JUARA’s online boutique www.juaraskincare.com to Cancer
and Careers.

Founded by four socially-conscious women in 2004 in New York City, JUARA Skincare combines
Indonesian botanicals and ancient Indonesian health and beauty rituals with the latest skincare technology
to restore the skin’s natural balance while evoking the calming experience of an ancient beauty ritual.

    JUARA is in fact an Indonesian word that means “winner” or “champion”. “As women
    entrepreneurs, we created JUARA to help women “champion” their natural beauty, but also
    because we wanted to take control of our own lives and become champions of our own
    destiny,” says JUARA Co-Founder Yoshiko Roth-Hidalgo, “The notion of empowerment is
    key in the fight against breast cancer, so we are very excited about our partnership with
    CEW Cancer & Careers”.

Cancer and Careers' mission is to empower and educate people with cancer to thrive in their workplace by
providing expert advice, interactive tools and educational events. To learn more visit

JUARA’s Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask is a wet clay mask that strengthens skin’s defenses and
brightens skin with a unique Turmeric complex that acts as a powerful antioxidant and is clinically proven
to be effective. Over time skin will become brighter, stronger, and healthier.

 “We chose this mask for Breast Cancer Awareness Month because Turmeric is such a key ingredient in
Indonesian herbal medicine to maintain health and well-being, says JUARA Co-Founder Metta Murdaya,
a native of Indonesia. “It is drunk in daily tonics and used in beauty rituals to benefit the body in many
ways, including increasing radiance of skin, balancing digestion, detoxifying your circulatory system,
ridding the body of ailments, and helping it to stay strong and protected.”

To purchase JUARA’s Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask and help donate to CEW Foundation’s
Cancer and Careers and help support employees with cancer, visit www.juaraskincare.com.

          JUARA is sold at luxury apothecaries and spas worldwide, as well as online at

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