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									Friendship Fifth Grade News
                                       February 28, 2011
                                                                     Important Dates
       Vocabulary Words                            Mar.     st
                                                          1 Vinny’s Pizza
 1.    setting
                                                   Mar.   2nd : Ga. Writing Assessment
 2.    characters
 3.    conflict                                    Mar.   8th : Six Flags Forms due
 4.    plot                                        Mar.   8th : Report Cards
 5.    theme
 6.    tone                                 Writing/ J. Brown:(jana.brown@hallco.org)
                                            Georgia Writing Test Wednesday! Make sure your child eats a good breakfast
 7.    mood
                                            – we will be testing all morning! Thursday and Friday we will be looking at
 8.    foreshadowing                        sentences and identifying the parts of speech.
 9.    flashback
 10.   climax                               Reading/A. Taylor: (annette.taylor@hallco.org
 11.   resolution                           We finished reading Hatchet and will talk about the prequels and sequels to
 12.    imagery                             the book. We will also take some time to study the author, Gary Paulsen, by
 13.   mental image                         looking at his webpage and his other works. We will begin reading “Out of the
                                            Dust”, a historical fiction book set in the Great Depression during the Dust
 14.   visualization
                                            Bowl. READ 20 PAGES A NIGHT MONDAY-THURSDAY NIGHTS. ALL
 15.   comprehension                        STUDENTS MUST HAVE 18 BOOKS READ AND TESTED ON BY
                                            Vocabulary- - Story Elements- Homework due Thursday.
        Kiss a Pig Contest
 Vote for your favorite teachers to         Math/K. Gabrielle; (kim.gabrielle@hallco.org)
                                            percent/fraction/decimal equivalencies. No homework this week. No test this
                kiss a pig                  week. Good luck on the Writing Test!
on March 7 morning announcement.
  Each vote is only a .50₵ donation to      Science/Forbes (julie.forbes@hallco.org) We finished Chapter Five
                                            Wednesday…we will begin Chapter Two Monday – Earth Science. If
Relay for Life (American Cancer Society)    your child signed up for a science project this third weeks, it is now
 You can vote each morning starting         due.
       February 21-March 4.
                                            Social Studies/C. Taylor: (candy.taylor@hallco.org)
 If you have more than one group of
                                            Website: ctaylorfriendship.org. The test over chapter 7 will be
  favorite teachers don’t forget to         postponed to next week due to the Writing Test. They will receive
vote for them, too! Just go to their        the study guide later on this week.
     pod area to place your vote.                                Health Tip of the Week
    You may also write a check to the        Breakfast fills your "empty tank" to get you going after a long
        American Cancer Society.            night without food and it can help you do better in school. Easy
                                             to prepare breakfasts include cold cereal with fruit and low-fat
                                            milk, whole-wheat toast with peanut butter, yogurt with fruit, or
                                                                    whole-grain waffles

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