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Kwik-Way has a Eprom revision avaliable for the Model SBM 100 and 200 wheel
balancers, which simplifies calibrations and elimainates the "chasing weight" problems.

A very simple way to determine eprom version which is in your balancer is to follow
these simple instructions.

1) Enter the code C439E into the display key pad, if all 0's appear in the display enter
C72E. Cal 1 should now appear in the left display. If it does your machine has the
current eprom and no further steps are required.

2) If E00 appears after entering C439E the machine has an earlier version of software
and may be updated to the current eprom.

The update is quick and easy to perform. Simply order a Part Number 504-0421-69
Version 1.08 Eprom, which is provided with installation and new calibration

You may contact GRP Tech Services or your local GRP Service Center for assistance
with the installtion if required

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